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I don't like it

I don’t like when I haven’t written all week.  I usually start forgetting what had transpired in the previous week and it could be important or significant things that have impact on me or to the thought process I have used.

The week started with a close encounter (or 2) with nature.  I noticed something in the grass towards the back of the yard and took a look through the binoculars and found a sleeping fox.  It stayed there for quite some time and when I checked after my shower it was gone.  As I was leaving a Mama and kit came out of the woods near my garage they stopped mid step and watched me.  They turned around and headed back to what I can only guess is their den.  I haven’t seen them since but neighbor D’Arcy shared videos of her pack in her yard on FB.  I have seen rabbits lately.

Work has been its usual busy stuff. I was able to get more days of scanning done except for Friday.  On Thursday Supervisor asked me to take care of the mail for this past Friday as the girl who was supposed to do it didn’t.  I suspect she refused and I had warned him before he had his long weekend. ;0  I told him I would have to tighten my time management and get it all done.  Well as much as possible.  That’s including mailing the refunds out. 

Midweek several of us went and did a lunchtime march for the grad students over at the med school.  In the 80 plus degree weather.  Many didn’t stay because they wanted to get their lunch and it was too hot.  Admittedly I did the same thing especially when my voice kept cracking and coughing. I don’t know what that was about.  I did stop and get Chinese food for lunch from one of vendors there.  Tomorrow is the silent vigil at the commencement.  I asked for time off for the morning. Yes I realize it is going to be raining.

AT least we have a long weekend next weekend.  I hadn’t planned to take an extra day off because I want to be able to get the work done and since I will be out for the vigil on Monday.  I know this will be a lot to do. 

There is going to be a campus wide Employee appreciation celebration at Phelps gate in June.  I hope will get to see Siduri.  We had one last year and it was quite nice.

 I had dinner with Dr. T last week at a financial planning seminar she invited me to a week before.  Of course I got there before her and got to know the staff and other attendees.   We did have an opportunity to talk about the last days of school (she had another friend there as well) and when she is heading to FL.  WE did have a brief discussion about the Creative writing contest tomorrow night.

She did share news that we were featured in the AIEP Host families’ newsletter.  The AIEP is the organization that is for International students’ placement with families here in the US and of course we have ten of the girls in our club.  Truth is I don’t know much about it except the website and the mailings I get and the huge bill board I saw on the highway once.  Dr. T has been doing this for two years with this organization.

As I said tomorrow is the Creative writing Contest Reception at City Hall.  WE have to be there by 5:30 and set up and have everything ready and done by 8.  Dr. T says we should have 200 people attending.  A part of me can’t believe this may be the last one unless another organization takes it up. 

WE may have a few more things to do before the end of the year.  Most of the girls may be gone by the next meeting (all the girls from China that is).

I don’t know if I told you this last time but at the last Ladies guild meeting I volunteered to chair the Nomination committee.  That means I am on the board as well.  Our installation dinner is at the end of June and will be at the Yacht Club in town.  Which may conflict with a possible trip to FL.  Any way I think the last meeting of the season is the installation and then we start up in September again.

WE had the 4th District here last week.  I managed to get the minutes done and out by the weekend and there was so real uproar.  Two people asked me to make revisions and about distribution and the fact we were discussing a particular rep who hasn’t been doing her job as an elected official.  WE have been accused by a few of bashing the person.  We weren’t.   We expressed concerns that the person hasn’t been doing what she was elected for.  Not to mention as part of the entire “party”.  I have made the appropriate revisions but these people should know that one you don’t call or email the secretary to make revisions or changes until the next meeting.  This should be interesting.

The kitties are pretty good.  They seem to be returning to their old hangouts around the house for sleeping.  They are thrilled I have opened the windows so they can sit on the ledges.  On more than one occasion this week have been very cuddly.  

Spoke to Sis via text this morning…Her AC died late last week and was fixed by the time I saw her at Ladies night.  Yesterday a water pipe burst into the crawl space and damaged the insulation where they found rat poop and dead rats.  Not real happy about that she is.  Today she is going to her granddaughter’s recital.  It should be starting by the time I post this.

Spoke to Jim via text.  He plans on meeting our Cousin Joe when he comes down the Erie Canal with Floyd his boat.  HE wants to get together for dinner.  I would like to but I still have things to do at the beginning of June.   My cousin used to have a blog but he hasn’t updated it in a while.

This weekend was fairly quiet for me.  I didn’t do very much but that will change when I get back from Bingo.






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