Long Day

This week has been very emotional and busy for me.  As you may remember we found out over the weekend that a lovely lady and coworker passed away unexpectedly.  It has been discussed for a few days now including asking the union to approach Administration here to begin a protocol that Administration acknowledges staff members that pass away.  Currently it is word of mouth and by flyers for collections.  Of course it was via text and FB this time.  One of the better  uses of  of FB in my opinion.  The funeral is tomorrow.  

Today was the infusion and from time to time the veins don’t cooperate.  Today was one of those days.  Luckily it worked on the third try.  I was able to catch up on sleep.  THeir computer  systems having glitches  so I didn’t get out of their until after 4.  

I got to the house by my usual  time.  I did the normal stuff.  I had dinner, put the garbage out and the promptly fell asleep.  Not sure if was the  allergy med they had me on or just plain exhaustion.  I did wake up around 9 and watched the end of Independence day.    

Now I am going back to bed...night.