Memorial Day 2017

Good Morning and Happy Memorial Day to everyone!  For those who have served and currently serve thank you for your Service to keeping us safe.  We will never forget.

It is starting out to be a very rainy Memorial Day which has already caused a few towns and cities to cancel their parades and make alternate plans for the day.  I am going to take it easy for the most part.  I put the sauce in the slow cooker and it should be ready in ten hours.  I may make spaghetti or pizza and have the steak and baked potato for another night as i have had a lot of beef this weekend.

So how was the rest of my day yesterday.  Well I had a good session at BIngo.  Despite some angry visitors who thought we cheated her relative/friend out 15 cents.  Luckily Maria was there to help squash it. IT's only a game.  I did catch up with Natalie.  THey are having a FAther’s Day activity on Father’s day so I won’t have to come.  That’s good because I get home that day from my trip.  I was planning on doing bingo the day I leave for FLorida but as i am sitting here that’s not going to work.

When I left i was tempted to get take out and decided not to. I came home and made lamb chops.  I did end up making the burgers it didn’t take long.  I did the way I usually do.  LIke meat loaf but I added worcestershire sauce, ketchup and mustard and eggs and bread crumbs.  I still have more pork in the freezer to use and of course the stew meat.

The rest of the night was quiet.  Until I went to bed.  I went up and SKy followed sometime later.  I heard TIger meow sadly so I decided to come down and sleep on the couch.  SKy again followed then throughout the night they were running around and chasing each other.  At least Tiger wasn’t meowing.  Hissing maybe but not meowing.  Things settled down way after midnight.  Sky slept above me and Tiger I am not so sure.  I just know that about 4 they started to wake me up.  

I did find some hairballs around the downstairs and this time it wasn’t Tiger.  It was sky.  He has been chewing and eating the plastic bag on the water bottles.  I think I am going to have to put them all away.  I also ordered Muse cat food for them.  Not too many about 24 cans.  I want to see if they like it. It should be here Wednesday or so.

I discovered that my nephew’s School Blair Academy had its commencement last week.  However James was not with them.  I asked Jim about it and he was cryptic.  All he did say was he would be Graduating from Emmaus High School (Where Kris and Emily attended and graduated) next week.  I did ask James before Jim replied but never heard from him.    My huge plan was to write him once he started American University in DC but the truth is I barely wrote him the entire time he was at Blair.  He barely responded either but that’s okay.

DId I mention I heard from my Nephew Mike?  Yeah he suggested i check the washer and filter and see if it needed cleaning out so I did and the water pressure much better.  I may have to get a new one.  Not today though...

I am however going to have to get on the stick and start wardrobe shopping for my trip in June.  I am starting to cut it close to the deadline for delivery.

Have a great day and be safe...