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Mother's Day 2017

It is after 4:30 and I have been home a short while.  The sun is out but not for long I fear but I will explain that shortly.  My day started at the normal 5:30. 

I knew the grocery delivery was supposed to come sometime between 6 and 8 and I wanted to be up in time.  I fed the kitties and then heard this Gawd awful noise that turned to be a fox!  IT was behind neighbor Sean’s car.  It came around in front of it and then headed to the marsh/swamp.  Of course my phone was nowhere near me.  I would say I shooed it away but I am not sure it did it all by itself.  I told the neighbors later on in the day and they have seen it from time to time.

After that bit of excitement I went back to sleep for a while.  That’s until I could hear the Delivery truck coming around quarter of 7.  He drove all the way up to the pump station and turned around.  The backing up alarm seemed loud to me (or I was just worried someone would bitch about it-luckily no one has—yet).  It didn’t take long to put stuff away. 

So what else did I do?  Yep went back to bed for a while.  I fell asleep during the Law & Order marathon more than once.  That’s until I got a text from Liz.

Liz actually was replying to my Mother’s Day Message to her and she reminded me to be at her house a little after 11.  So that left me nearly an hour or so to get ready.  I showered, got dressed and straightened here and there.  I left the house a little after 10:30.

Unfortunately it took me longer than expected to get out of the driveway.  I think with all the rain yesterday it somehow got into the system and would not turn over.  I checked everything.  There was plenty of gas and the battery seemed okay (the radio when on in one of the attempts).  The third time was a charm.  I headed to Liz’s with one stop to the Pharmacy to get money out.  In case I had an opportunity to pay her for Ladies Night.  I didn’t but there is always next week.

When I arrived my Nephew rich was there watching Soccer.  Nelson and Liz was busy setting up things for Chris who arrived a short time after me.  We chatted and he started cooking and then Jen and her sister-in-law and niece Amelia arrived.  We all were smitten with Baby Amelia.  She was smiling constantly and barely cried the entire time.

I was there until almost two.  We talked about life in NC and where they live and what is available to them.  They really love it.  They will be returning to NC tomorrow sometime.

AT two I headed to the nursing home to do the bingo.  It was a small crowd today and I discovered that one of the resident’s sons is neighbor.  All this time and I had no clue!  The bingo crowd was small because of the holiday.  I didn’t mind it too much.  Recreation Bob was there and he was doing paper work.  At the end we cleaned up and I headed to the store.

I had a bag of bottles to take to the bottle return and got about $2 and change.  It took about 20 minutes to do.  After that I went to the post office and mailed some things.  I checked the box not expecting much but a newsletter from regional water authority and fundraising stuff from linden hall.

It was nearly 4 when I got home.  The kitties were waiting on me before their afternoon nap.  I have gotten laundry going and watching the TV.  There are a bunch of movies on including “Grease”, and various horror movies, and of course CSI Miami Binge-a-thon.  The one thing I am looking forward to seeing is NCIS: LA season finale.

I was shocked at last week’s episode and found it unnecessary to kill off a character (and if you haven’t seen it yet then don’t read any further).   I have since learned the actress has a gig on Scandal.    There were mixed reviews on that episode (and frankly when haven’t there been?).

This week looks to be fairly busy.  Lots to do at work with mail and refunds, and of course the scanning jobs.  I am hoping that if I finish the mail early in the week I will be able to scan in the afternoons.  As well as the regular days I am scheduled to do. 

We have a few lunch time actions in support of Local 33 this week and one particular one is on Thursday.  It angers me the comments left on some of the articles in newspapers by people who have no comprehension of what is going on.  They don’t believe it is really happening and have called the ladies who were featured in the article horrible names.  Really?  One you must really be shallow and two how about putting yourselves in their place?  Would you allow it to happen and no do anything about it?  If you have problems in your place of employment don’t come crying to me! 

I have a couple of meetings this week as well as Ladies night at church next Friday.  It is a really fun time and the food is usually great.

Well I have to move the laundry around and then watch NCIS.  Have a great night.





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