My PHone Went wonky on me again.

After i posted yesterday morning took a nap and heard my phone make a notification noise but I didn’t hear the phone ring.  It turned out to be Dave returning my phone call from yesterday.  He was waiting to go to work at the airport but it was cancelled so we had a moment to talk.  He answered some of questions when I told him I was going to Florida and when.  I also told him my sister’s concerns.  HE was very supportive.  After that conversation we got to talking about how long my brother has been gone.  I thought it was seven years.  Dave remembered his sister died the same year just two months later.  I was absolutely sure it was's not.
AFter I got off the phone with him Liz texted me that she was home and to come over anytime.  So I got ready and started to go.  As I was driving there it was crazy out on the roads.  People seemed to be in a rush.  Actually that’s the way it usually is on a Saturday but i think it was more because of the holiday.
When I arrived I found her in the back in her garden.  She was replanting and weeding and looked a mess.  I am guessing she is sleeping soundly this morning.  We started to visit then a friend of hers came by and they began to do some gardening.  I watched and at times felt I should be out in my own yard tending to the flower beds.  I discovered that her friend also had lupus and she was getting tired herself.  SHe is very proactive in her illness so Liz says.  I was there for a couple of hours.  It was nearly 3:30
When I got home I finished up the fried chicken from Popeyes and then had a piece of the “cheesecake” from Emerald’s that I had in the freezer from the meeting last week.  Now I just have to be sure I don’t go through it by the beginning of the week.
Well I was expecting this but not so soon.  I received an email last night from Sarah the HS senior who has been helping out at bingo at the nursing home letting me know that she now has a lifeguard job for the summer and won’t be able to help out at bingo.  I thanked her and wished her well.  I am pretty sure after today both Hanna and Chloe will do the same thing since they will be leaving in two weeks for home.
I spent the rest of the evening watching NCIS and This Old house it's almost done for the season with their projects in Detroit.  I would really love to hear about the houses after they have been done.  (I think these two projects were done by the Christmas holidays).  It looks like there is a follow up to the family that ended up buying the house that the city and another organization rebuilt.  I have a feeling that episode will be next week.
I had dinner around 7 and that was steak and salad.  I was going to make baked potatoes but decided on the salad.  Considering I had the fried chicken.  Made sure i was drinking lots of water though.  The ankle is still swollen.
I went to bed by nine and eventually Sky came up and Tiger probably slept under the bed or in the other room.  I could hear her kneading the rug that’s why I am guessing she slept under the bed.    They did their normal routine this morning.  They were very excited to see a rabbit in our front yard they were trying to get through the windows to get to him.  I managed to get a few pictures of him. I was sitting on the porch and as you can see very close to me.  Eventually it hopped off and i came back inside.
Today should be quiet and I probably should start the sauce and the Hamburg patties but I don’t want to.  I know I know it has to be done.  I will.  I have also been going around picking up here and there.  I guess it was something liz said to me (that I took umbrage at).  I don’t know why she said it but it’s that Judgement thing I guess.  It's been weeks since she has been here I think.  Although that’s why I am going around trying to straighten up here and there.  When I do it I feel like I accomplished something.