May Day 2017

Today is the first day of May and it is also called May Day.  It is a day in which we remember over 200 hundred years ago when Labor Workers fought to have eight hour work days and all that they had to go through  to get these goals met.  Not unlike Local 33 who are continuing their Fasting to slow campaign to get negotiations started.  We have several events we are going to participate this coming week.  I am not sure I will be able to get to them all especially the lunchtime ones.

Today was an early day I got to work about 20 of 8 and worked on the mail for most of the day and readdress mail while waiting for the rest to come.  Near the end of the day mailed some refunds. 

I was disappointed to find out that supervisor B would not be attending the dinner Wednesday night.  I was asking where he was planning on parking and that’s when he told me it wouldn’t be able to go.  I was really hoping to introduce him to Jim that night.  Now I don’t know if SR or anyone else is going but if SR is I just hope Jim and she don’t get into some stupid debate.  I seem to remember a discussion they had at Mom’s wake and that was almost three years ago.

It was pretty overcast for most of the day until I got home from work.  It was definitely warmer so I opened the windows and most of them are still opened.  I turned the heat down again before opening the windows. 

I am really getting discouraged with this whole watering the lawn.  I have the type of sprinkler that is called an impulse sprinkler.  Well every time I get it going I have to keep adjusting it.  It either misses the area completely or it floods the spot, or I am watering the damn walls of the house.  Better yet the minute I adjust it I get soaked.

I just got word that James Jr will be attending American University for Political Science.  He posted it to FB tonight.  I am looking forward to hearing Jim’s thoughts on it.  I was looking at the website for the school so much to look over.

Well I better get to bed I am tired and not feeling great.  Knee has been bothering me for a day or two now.  I have also been feeling light headed.