Well that Sucks

I woke up to yak on the kitchen floor bright and early this morning.  I was relieved it wasn’t on the rug that I just spent money on cleaning on Friday.  Unfortunately that was short lived.  I had gone back to bed on the couch this morning and an hour later heard Sky meowing loudly.  I believe it was his way of alerting me to the next yak on the rug.

I am really disappointed to see the spots returning on the Livingroom rug.  They are not as predominate as before but I can still see them!  This is not right.  You are supposed to get the stains out.  That’s the whole freaking point of your services.  They did a really good job last year and I am not really pleased now.  They had only one service man here to do the job.  WTF?  

Well let’s hope the rest of the day goes better.  I am waiting for grocery delivery to come sometime between 11 and 1.  I just hope it isn’t after 1 because I have to get ready for bingo.  I didn’t get a lot of stuff. 

I am going to see if my Oreck Vacuum cleaner can be repaired.. These things are what I consider to be pricey to start with so I don’t want to have to buy another one.

Well I have laundry to finish…