Dreary start to the day

The day started out dark and dreary but by mid morning the sun shined and the temps rose.   It remained like this until 7 when thunderstorms flew in.  There were not many clapping thunder and just a little rain but I could see the sun at different vantage points.

The first few hours of the work day was spent on the re-address mail and the daily mail dispersed in between and then before lunch i started the refund batch to be notated and mailed.  I won’t get to mail them all out until they have all had notations on them.  I Hope to have them done before Thursday.

Chairman Phil emailed me today apologizing for messing up on the appointed time but his previous appointment took longer than he expected.  He had a fundraiser (for State Comptroller and Future Candidate for Governor Kevin Lembo so he said it got rained out (and it hasn’t) he would call me.  At this rate I will just have to hand it to him on Thursday.

I stopped at the post office today and found someone else’s mail in my box.  Someone must have been in a hurry. I returned it and came home to find junk mail and ads.  Yesterday I got my tax bills to pay to the city.  I will take care of that in the next two days.

Laptop started to act up again and is rebooting.  I would like to give it the boot myself.  Admittedly it is almost three years old.  My sister and I bought it before she came home from the nursing home when she broke her hip.  The PC in the bedroom is slow and annoying.

I had lamb chops for dinner with baked potato.  I had butter and shredded cheese on and later finished the bag of shredded cheese.  I had some oj and dove candies.  Earlier today I had a salad (Cobb) and orange soda.  I Had coffee and 2 jellie beans.

Now I am going to have some tea and go to bed.


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