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The weekend has barely started and I am already exhausted! Between work, the DTC Awards night, and today’s activities I am not willing to do too much more.  However, that’s not a great excuse.
So Friday was the last day of the work week.  In the morning I worked on mail for the first hour and half.  From then until the end of the day I did scanning.  Guardian Angel/PITS did the mail.  Actually she took care of certain elements and I have to finish the rest of it Monday.    The scanning was fine until the end of the day when the scanning machine decided it had enough of me and want to mess with me and mess with me good.   Luckily AC was there to help resolve and I was back in the scanning mode until it was time to clean up for the day.  
WHen I got back to the desk I straighten up a little a task I had been neglecting most Friday’s but need to get back into for the week I am off in Florida.  I was going to walk with the girls but both MB and MA were running late and I didn’t want to be late for the DTC dinner so I had to bale on them.
I took off for the car and headed home.  When I got home started getting ready for the dinner.  As I was getting ready realized I didn’t have to be there until 6:30.    So I relaxed a little and dried the dress a couple more times to get the wrinkles out.   I actually started getting ready around 5:30 and then headed out to the atm for money not a lot but enough for the evening and the week.  
I got to Costa Azzura restaurant where a small crowd was in the banquet hall.  I checked in and made my rounds to various tables and to the one I would be sitting at.  Peg K a long time Democrat and friend was at one table and I decided I would sit with her.  We chatted for a bit and then I took a look at the auction items and then made some more rounds.  
Dinner was served at 7 Chairman Rich gave an opening welcome and then we ate.  The attendance was lower than in past years.  I heard it was 77 people.  Some people like to show up at the last minute and I think that’s rude because the restaurant needs to have a count.  THe wait staff left a lot to be desired but the food (of course) and the view from the window was great.  The restaurant looks out to Long Island sound and to the very popular Charles Island.  The water was calm and serene.  The festivities continued with honoring this year’s recipients of Democrat of the year, Lifetime Contribution, and of course Outstanding Community leadership.   
The honoree for Democrat of the Year was CT State Comptroller Kevin Lembo and in his acceptance speech he thanked everyone for their support and mentioned Mom as one of his early supporters (and first to have a fundraiser here in the city for him).  I was touched.   I don’t know why I reacted with surprise and sadness when I saw the ad in the program book of Mom’s picture.  It has been in the book for the last three years.
We had the Auction after the awards presentation and I managed to win a $25 handmade necklace, I also put my name in the cupcake basket and luckily I didn’t win that one as I didn’t bring as much money that was really needed.  AFter the auction it was over.  It was after 9:30 when I left there.  I was glad to be going home.
Once I got home got ready for bed and tried to watch TV but went to bed instead.  Sky followed for a while and Tiger did her own thing.  I think I woke up a few times during the night but felt good once I got up this morning.
This morning was our regular Saturday morning routine including falling asleep on the couch until around 7:30.  I got up and spent the next hour and half doing odds and ends.    I ordered groceries for tomorrow, picked up here and there and, and fixed the flag staff out on the house, then showered and dressed to meet DR. T at the bank.
I left here around around 8:30 and was greeted by a rabbit who chose to hop away when I came out.  THe sun had yet to come out and I wasn’t sure it would.  DR. T arrived after 9 and was annoyed as her exchange student was not cooperating and hasn’t been respectful (in listening to rules, and requests) and being just plain uncooperative.  Once we got started Dr. T did some banking for the club and then we had to get my name on the account so that we could still do the finances and distribution and contributions to various charities etc.  WEll it was a bust as they couldn’t find the file.  So we left and we each went home.
WHile I was waiting for Dr. T I ended up talking to this guy who had these two beautiful dogs (think SHaggy Dog but really smaller) and we had a great time talking about pets.  I never saw this guy before but it was great talking about our pets and i kept thinking if Liz ever saw this she would worry.  Well not more than five minutes passed and i hear the sound of a horn and my sister driving by waving at me.  She was thrilled at the smile I gave (she would tell me later by phone when I called).  
By the time I got home the sun was out and the temperatures had gotten into the 70’s.  There was a beautiful breeze and absolutely beautiful The sky had beautiful clouds.  I relaxed and had something to eat before the next event.
The next event was the Dedication of the new Woodmont Borough Hall. It’s new home is the old Volunteer fire house here in the borough.  It will now be a center of governing and community activities here in Woodmont.  There was music, food, and stories of the borough that I had long forgotten or didn’t know.  It was a time of reconnecting with people i knew and getting to know others.  Also spending time with people I did know (such as the Mayor who brought a proclamation from the city).  It made me want to learn more of this community (even though I have lived here all my life).  A fellow Citizen wrote a book (Post card type of Woodmont of all the historical places (restaurants, inns, shops etc) that made Woodmont the “hot spot of milford in the early 20th century.  I was so excited to share the info with Liz when I called her today.
My siblings have been doing their own thing.  J went to Worcester Ma for Assumption College Reunion Weekend where he has been enjoying his 45th Class reunion.  According to his last text this afternoon he has been having “fun”.  I told him if he needed to make a pit stop on the way home he could stop here.  I don’t know if he will take me up on that offer.  
It may be an opportunity to get him to open up about Nephew J’s graduation situation.  I don’t want to keep jumping to conclusions about.  Yes I realize it isn’t my business really but I am concerned.
As I mentioned I saw Liz in town this morning and she was running errands before she spent time in her garden.  I was hoping to stop and see her on the way home from the bank but at that point she wasn’t home yet.  
Tomorrow she and N are going to one of the newest grand baby christening.  Its supposed to be a small affair and hopefully it won’t make Nelson overtired.  The doctors say he is coming along in the healing process but not to over do it.  Wednesday is her birthday and I want to give her the necklace I won in the auction.  I am also going to show her the picture of Mom they have in the program.
Tomorrow will be fairly busy as well.  I will be waiting for the grocery delivery and then run some errands and then do bingo.  My hope is to start packing for my trip to Florida next week.  I have a packing list and I am thinking of what I am going to wear and get that all ready but at the same time i still have a few things to do and don’t want to lock up the clothes and stuff until Friday.
I did hear from Deb in Florida.  SHe was in the middle of shopping and wanted to know what I would like for breakfast, and to drink and of course snacks.  SHe also told me we will take a trip to Naples and do some window shopping on the saturday before I leave.
Well I think I am going to do a few Crossword puzzles before going to bed so I will see you later..;)


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