It may be beautiful

When I left the house it was absolutely beautiful but when I got into the office it's like an icebox. Team leader Lauren and Supervisor Bob are in the middle of it.  Both of their offices exhume cold air and it seems to come out into the aisle.

Today is pretty much the same thing i did yesterday...refunds, and the hope is to finish the refund pile that I have here by the end of the day if not I will do it before scanning tomorrow.

Last week was the final activity for the Ladies Guild for the summer.  I am really missing it right now but look forward to the next season including the Nominations committee.   I have had some say start it in September others say March...this maybe one of those “conflicts between the clicks.

We had some conflict in the DTC 4th committee meeting on Friday night and hopefully it will be resolved by the next meeting both with information and decisions revoked.  I believe some of the conflict will never end when it comes to personalities and goals.  I still have to finish the minutes to give to members by tomorrow.

My cold I had been fighting all week finally kicked my but so I came home on Thursday and stayed home on Friday and did as much sleeping as possible.  I thought I was feeling better but some moments make me think otherwise.

We lost my cousin to Cancer this past weekend.  He was 73 and by all the messages on his own FB page and the condolences on mine he will be missed.  Memorial Service this Saturday.


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