Mid Week Reflection

It feels like a long time since I did this.  I couldn’t write last week as I was in Florida.  It has been 4 decades since I had been in Northern Florida and I was in Southern Florida for a week.  Again that whole story will be posted by the end of the weekend.

Work is pretty much the same as I posted last night.  Just catching up and getting a lot done before the weekend starts again.  Some changes coming should be interesting.

Oh and this month at work is really going to be busy as it is month end next week and FY End all month.  So I am guessing that there is a large push this week especially.

I am looking forward to the Ladies Guild installation dinner tomorrow night.  I will be the chairperson of the nominating committee.  Still do not know what that means actually except I am on the board.  Eventually we will have to merge with another church’s Ladies guild in town.  

As of this writing everyone in the family is still accounted for.   My brother will be stopping by from his trip to ME on Saturday.  He was bringing a friend to the Appalachian Trail.  He will head home the next day.  

I was supposed to see my sister today after the eye doctor but I don’t feel like giving this to her as her immune system is questionable as well.  Besides she has plans this weekend.


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