Its happening again

The feeling I get when my schedule starts to get very busy and have so much to do.  The feeling of excitement and the anticipation of being busy to “OMG” I can’t do it.  As it there are a few things that I am going to have to miss like the Meet-up in North Haven that is a woman’s networking.  Well I will have to miss probably only one in September.  Then there will be the volunteering for campaigns and the union activities.

The weather has been lovely not too hot and not too cold.  Even though I did have to climb under the covers last night.  All though that’s supposed to change.  A Nor'easter that has changed course and whatever we were supposed to have is now going to be a light rain for the night.  Tomorrow is just clouds and back to sunshine on Sunday.  Next week will start off with rain and the sunshine.

Right now though I am heading to bed.  I got so tired and can’t keep my eyes open...