Moved Slowly

This is a definite slow day.  This morning did our regular routine for a Saturday.  The kitties have been fed, and have been let down into the cellar,  I cleaned out the litter boxes, and went back to sleep with the TV watching me...get the picture?

Peapod arrive just after 9:30.  I didn’t need to see them as Sky was running up the stairs.  The driver pulled into the neighbor’s (Hockey guy’s) driveway.  I asked her not to do it she explained it wouldn’t be for long and she figured it was mine.  I just shrugged my shoulders and resigned myself to the fact she will do it.   Please for the love of all that’s right next time listen to me.  BEsides there was plenty of room in front of the house!  I got every thing that I ordered and put it all away.  Another list is already started for next week.

The weather sites got it wrong again.  One of them said we were supposed to get rain this morning.  It was supposed to start sometime after 8:30.  Need I have to tell you it never came?  The sun finally poked out around 4:30. The strong winds died down around 4.

I spent part of the day trying to finish my letter to my Pen pal Debi in FL.  The laptop decided to do an upgrade so I did some surfing on the PC upstairs.   I am not sure I will finish it tonight either.

My stomach started to bother me so I showered got into a nightgown (heavy as it was still a bit chilly) and had a late lunch early supper and then fell asleep.  Late in the day I felt better even taking some tea.

In one of my forays outside I talked with Neighbor Don.  He tells me there is a bunny nursery in the garage. We should be seeing babies in a month or so.  If the Coyotes (haven’t seen them around lately), and foxes leave them alone.  We also had a chat about neighborhood news.  

The kitties are just coming out of the PC room.  They were there since I started working on the letter.  The door slammed a few times while I was sleeping and all I could think of is they were too frightened to come out.

Checked in with siblings.  They are fine...

Now I am going to finish watching the marathon and sleep some more...