Pretty successful afternoon

I am sitting here with The Kratts brothers Wild Alaska Live on in the background.  Part of me is interested and some of it is waiting for the next load of laundry to finish.  

I left here just around 1 chatted with Neighbor ChrisP before taking off for the cleaners to pick up some stuff I left there.  Then I went to the nursing home.  Maria was there doing some paperwork.  We chatted about the activities fo the day.  Reminded me to make sure everyone gets transported either to their room or to  the recreation room.

I had about 17 residents playing and of course some of them were chatting and one woman complained incessantly that I was going too fast.  I was really really wishing the hour would go by faster. Despite that the others enjoyed themselves.  I did have a chance to talk to Chef Phil and he told me what the “atmosphere” in the labor force there.  I didn’t leave there until about 3:30.

Once I left there I headed to my Sister and Brother in law’s.  They were entertaining children and grandchildren.  They were all just getting ready to go but the little ones were being a bit shy.  
I was there for about an hour.  They fed me (cheeseburger and potato salad) Nelson took a nap and Liz and i chatted about a few things on FB and of course church which I was a bit late for.

By the time I got there the gospel was just being read.  Mind you it was Just 4:35.  The mass started at 4:30.  The parking didn’t seem full but by the time I got inside number of attendees it seemed pretty full (I don’t even know if there was anyone in Father Cronin hall).  Near the end the ushers were counting how many parishioners were actually there.  I suspect that if the  numbers aren’t good they will cut some masses.  Then again this is all supposition on my part.

On the way home I heard from Jim.  I was trying to pin him down to a specific time to expect him on Thursday.  In the last texts he says he will be here between 4-5 and we will go to dinner when I get home   (I have a session with Debra).

It looks like I will be attending the trivia game at Scribner's restaurant stag.    Liz will be spending a few days in SC and it will be during the time of the trivia game.  She is really looking forward to it.

Well its time for me to say good night...For those of you in the middle of the wildfires please know i am thinking of you and praying for your safety.  Those in Drought conditions I pray you get the rain...

Good night...