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The Weekend

Saturday we had a celebration/memorial service for my cousin Rah who was 73 and had died of lung cancer the previous week.   I had expected it to be very crowded as it will include his students, colleagues, friends, and of course family.  It will also be a chance for us to remember those who left us in the past as well.  My cousins Celia, and Lee Jr lost their brother Paul a year ago  yesterday when he died in an old van in a parking lot at a NJ Train station.  I think they were celebrating Paul’s birthday which ironically was July 1.  It is one of those moments of “where were you when..” I was in NC.  

I was really taking my time to get ready Saturday morning.  Partially because I was waiting on my brother .  Well I did while I was showering.  He had decided to not come up after all!   He said we would talk later.  I texted Liz and told her.  She offered me a ride up.  I grabbed the chance.  I really didn’t want to drive my car up as it looked like I had been living in it.  So I drove to their house and while she got ready asked if he was “using”.  That’s the first thing she goes to when he breaks promises.  She felt this was the second time he broke a promise (the other one was stopping over last month).  Anyway we picked up my cousin and had a nice drive to Wallingford.

When we arrived there were  a lot of people.  People that were his colleagues students and people from his theater groups.  Our cousins were there and eventually the rest of them arrived.  Cousin Joe showed up and amused us all as he looked like the quintessential Beach Boy Band member.  Some of our Georgia clan couldn’t make it, and NJ, and Florida and Texas.  So Jim wasn’t the only one of Mom’s side who couldn't make it.  

The bereavement reception was held at Tradition Golf Course at their Season’s Restaurant.  IT was a basic buffett.  Chicken, fish, beef, pasta and bread and salad with ice cream for dessert.  We left around 2 I think and I was back at the house by 3.  

I spent some time with the kitties before taking off for my cousin’s house on the other side of town.  It is really beautiful.  I can’t tell you what type of house it is but it's big enough for all of them and the yard is great.  I stayed there until 7 visiting with those of the clan I didn’t get to speak with at the reception.

By the time I got home I was exhausted.  I was entertaining the thought of going to the Fireworks display but decided against it.  In the end I could hear it in between the claps of thunder that came through.
So I watched the rest of the NCIS Independence Day weekend marathon.  Day two is tomorrow.  I also finished off the Twinkie Ice Cream.

Sunday was a really warm day.  I tried to sleep more (I found myself very tired this weekend) as my head was still hurting ( a little less than the beginning of the weekend).  I did some laundry, updated addresses for a pen pal, and went to bingo.

After Bingo I had supper at IHOP.  It was the crepes with strawberry and cheese and of course I had to have sausage, and hash browns.  I decided to have ice tea instead of some shake.

It was about that time I was sending text messages to Jim (after I got home).  He called me back when he had read a former neighbor and classmate of his (and Bob’s) died.  I knew the family name as her mother and ours traveled in the same circle from Freemont Ave.  (It was their neighborhood before coming to Grove).  I told Liz about her this morning.

I ordered peapod for Wednesday morning.  Both Monday and Tuesday were unavailable.  I have it scheduled for  8 am-10 delivery.  I really hope it comes closer to 8:30.  I was happy to learn I saved $14 on the order and got free shipping this time.

I heard from Dr. T this weekend.  She has been unpacking her new home and bike riding and swimming.  :(  I sent her a two long emails of updates in response.  I need to keep doing that.

Last night I spoke to Mama Roberta.  It's just as hot and humid down there as it is here.  I told her about the new bike ordinance in town as well as the news about my neighbor moving.

Work has been good.  I finished Friday’s mail early in the morning and today’s mail was delivered by 10:30 and all that part has been taken care of and delivered.  Now I am going to work on readdress mail.  Since there is nearly an hour and half left until I go home.  

We have tomorrow off (yeah I know most people do) but I also have Wednesday off for a couple of appointments (besides the peapod delivery).  I am pretty sure I will be working on mail on Thursday and then the scanning for the next two days.  This week already seems to be going by quick but it will change I am sure.

Got to finish some stuff before I leave for the day...

I am thinking I will have fish for dinner.


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