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It's Friday again

Another Friday has come and is quickly leaving  and may day consisted of finishing yesterday’s mail and scanning.  I was not feeling particularly successful today as the scanner stopped scanning at least three times.  I had to re-scan at least few batches a few times.

The weather wasn’t  too bad all though the weather people were sounding the alarms this morning.  Severe weather is coming in.  Well I believed it until I saw the sun this afternoon.   Although now I hear it will not be so great this weekend.  

Speaking of weather.  Do you have a favorite weatherman?  Well there are a few of them here in CT. Such as Geoff Fox,  Gil Simmons, and Brad Field to name a few.  Well Geoff Fox has been filling in for the night time crew at WTNH as they had to shift to fill in for Gil Simmons the morning Weatherperson who has been dealing with a very scary health issue.  He has been keeping viewers and fans updated on a fairly regular basis thanks to his colleagues and social media.   He is still on the mend and doesn’t know when he will be returning.  

Now this morning I learned that Meteorologist Brad Field over at the NBC affiliate (Hartford) announced his retirement.  He had been with the Channel for 34 years I believe.  I have to admit I don’t always watch that newscast.

Jim came in last night by 7.  He hit traffic in Norwalk.  We chatted for about 30 minutes about life in Milford, and back home and then kids.  Some of it was sad.  He doesn’t always get to see the kids or talk with them.  He is not going to flail about it but it does make him sad.    They are now flipping adults.  They should not have be told they need to call their father.  

My Brother and Sister attended the funeral of their former neighbor today.  Apparently I forgot to tell Jim that Liz would be there.  When I asked LIz about it she said she told him off in a way he got the message.  He didn’t call her last night when he arrived neither did he call to say let’s get coffee.  Now I am just waiting for him to ask response probably will be “go talk to her”.  At least it should be.

Connecticut lost another of their TV channels.  It was one of the Public bRoadcasting one.  I suspect it was rebranded from CPTV4u (which included sports) to CPTV Spirit.  ACcording to their blog CPTV spirit “will provide a more edgy journalism and documentaries, action, to get the viewers curiosity” ramped up..  

My sister and cousin have asked for  Mom’s old recipe files for bread pudding I found some tonight but I don’t think that’s the one she is looking for....I think what I will have to do is bring all these notebooks to her and let her find them herself.

Well I am tired and need to get to bed....


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