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June 28, 2005

Good Morning, I haven’t been up long but I have had my shower and will be getting dressed shortly. I just wanted to write a little before going to work.

Yesterday was a great day. I got in before 8 and went to see Shirley. She told me she almost called me in on Friday because V didn’t come in. V left a lot of work around and so that’s what we did most of and then yesterday’s stuff. Shirley did as much of it as possible. I was feeling pretty good because I made sure stuff got to people right away. I talked about it with Mardi and Lee Ann too. V helped me until Noon. I hope to have it all caught up before today’s stuff comes but I don’t know if that’s possible.

I received some news yesterday there is going to a retirement in a couple of days and two people lost family members to death this past week. I know that one was due to illness and I am not sure what the other one was.

Oh and I spent a lot of time during the day and most of last night reassigning stuff to my email addresses. Yahoo w…

June 26, 2005

I haven’t been up long. I am getting ready to go to bingo and then to Mardi’s. I hope she is home. I called and emailed her yesterday and Friday. I haven’t heard from her about our afternoon.

I did check some emails from the lists. Chelsie posted a few times saying that the whole mess was over and everything is fine. Little does she know it might be for the list but not her?

Mary from the new list explained what happened with Nikki’s lists and apparently someone hijacked Nikki’s ID and took over her groups.

Chelsi apologized to me during the night or this morning. Not sure what to make of it. I replied I appreciate it. I asked her about her kids. She told me in an email later she has a two-year old and 15-month old little girl. They are both a handful. I can only imagine.

It is now after 9 and I have had a wonderful day. Even if it did start off a little rocky with Mom but it turned out fine. I left for bingo and stopped at the Dunkin Doughnut and got coffee. Then I got to…

June 25, 2005

It is almost 12:30 and the emails have quieted down. I am still unable to sleep. Luckily the emails on the RSML have quieted down. I haven’t decided yet whether or not to drop out of that list or not. CR still accused me of sending an email to her and that it pissed her off. I sent it to the list. She then admitted she lost a family member. Like I flipping care. I am proud that not once did I swear at her or cuss her out. When she did finally calm down she said to disregard the emails about coming to find me and the address. Oh no.

Well I finally got some sleep last night. It was after 3 or so or at dawn. I got up around quarter of 9 and Mom was already up. I checked emails and JF from the journaling list suggested that CR be removed from the group and reported to the group administrator and either Yahoo or what ever. She encouraged me to stay with the journaling list. I explained it was the pen pal list and it has no administrator or owner.

Since I have been up I have had the “runs” ag…

June 24, 2005

I got up around 7:30 and started paying some bills. Mom got up after a while. I had the feeling she was disappointed we hadn’t heard from Jim at that point. Mom sent him an email yesterday letting him know that we want to come today. He had discussed this with Mom earlier in the week. He wanted us to come down.

I had twenty emails this morning. Three of them were in regards to the Entertainment and Kevin world. I got a SF-Fandom Board notification for the "Charmed” TV Show board. There was a user group notification as well. They haven’t been talking much about the show (Andromeda) but other stuff.

Mardi got a wonderful early birthday present last night. It was a call from Kevin Sorbo. She had won the contest in which you got a phone call from Kevin through the OKSFC. They were able to talk for 20 minutes. There will be an article in the official news letter next month.

Mom and I talked about what we could do today she asked me to think about what we could do instead of going to PA. …

June 23, 2005

It is after 12:30 in the afternoon. I just got home a little bit ago from seeing Debra. Mom asked me for help in removing the names of people from an email she wants to send out and I was telling her how to do. “Oh I don’t think so”. Oh Really? Then do not flipping ask me. That’s how it is done you idiot.

I am afraid I got so exasperated yesterday when Dave was taking longer then he should have (at least I thought so) that I started screaming. Sylvia heard me. She asked me went wrong and I told her Dave wasn’t here by a certain time. I was getting aggravated and he wasn’t listening to me. She said it is both of our faults because we didn’t communicate.

Dave came while was still at Sylvia’s and he came speeding down the road. I called to him. He came over and we talked with her for a bit then it was getting late.

We headed to the pharmacy and then to the bank. We went to get his car oiled and while we waited we went to Johnny’s Apizza I had a small pizza. We both had soda to drink. While …

June 22, 2005

Good Morning,

It is a beautiful morning and it will be for a while until the thunderstorms come in. It’s time for me to do more laundry which I will do shortly. I think it is also time I worked on the checkbook.

Oh something I forgot to mention but DM posted on the SF-Fandom Board that Kevin might have been in TN for a Golf Tourney and there was no coverage at all. They were expressing their disappointment but hoping he had a good time.

The journal discussion was about the canned spam. It is a very popular item in Hawaii. I seem to remember us having that stuff but not for long.

Around 9 or so I had breakfast and took my med and then watched TV. As I was flipping through the channels I noticed that “The Outsiders” was on. It has been many years since I had seen it. I remember when we had to read it in school.

When I finished breakfast I came upstairs and emptied out my journal folder on the email part to save them.

I took it upon myself to look up hotels in the Allentown area that …

June 21, 2005

It is after 8 in the morning. I have been up a short time. Mom is downstairs reading the paper and after awhile will be getting ready for her MD appointment. While she is gone I will iron the clothes I will be wearing this afternoon and take a shower and make the bed. We are not leaving here until 1.

I was just checking my emails and Robin and WWW’s and few others have still giving me input. I wasn’t too pleased at the way WWW expressed it. She says I was getting bent out of shape. I really hate it when people say it like that. It makes me think I am over reacting. I told her I thought it was insulting. I felt I had a right to say something.

I guess I am just going to have to learn that people are going to take advantage of the rest of the world and it isn’t up to me to point it out to them.

Well Mom went to her appointment around 9:30. Before she left though she told me she got an email from Jim. She said we would talk more about it when she got back but at this point it looks like we w…

June 20, 2005

It is another beautiful morning, the sun is out and I am not sure of the temperature. I have been awake since 7 and have already written a 1-page letter to Debra and it is ready to be mailed. I will be doing the bed soon and getting the rest of 2004 into the binders.

Well I am going to check my 32 emails. I have a funny feeling in my stomach. Well I just checked them and there was nothing from JKB. Victoria M came back after a computer meltdown and on the journaling lists not much.

I had breakfast shortly before nine and watched the end of Angel the episode was where Angeles is fighting Faith. Then I watched a few minutes of Charmed. After that I came back upstairs and checked emails.

That’s when I received a reminder that today is Robert’s birthday. I told Mom that it was his birthday. I just found a card and had to transfer money into the account because it won’t cover his gift or Debra’s payments.

I don’t believe what I am seeing. I am not sure if these people know that I am getting an…

June 19, 2005

It is after 2 in the afternoon and is a quiet afternoon. I woke up around 6:30 and got up around 7. Mom had been up since then too. She slept hard but just got up early.

I really had a few weird dreams before waking and getting up. I dreamt that I was with Jim somewhere, I was in a train station and trying to get somewhere and then I was in a car with Telka Vechitto and we were driving and this huge wall of water came at us and we were surrounded by water.

I decided to get online and check emails and found discussions on the journaling lists. Everyone was complementing Jennifer which prompted me to send her an email this afternoon regarding HJ. I don’t know if she got it yet but I hope she is not offended by it. I also told her I felt some of the Monday Wishes were a little outlandish and out of line.

I went to church at St Mary’s today. There is this woman who apparently is “special”. She was standing above me in the pew I was sitting and didn’t say anything. I looked up and there she w…

June 18, 2005

It is almost 9 in the morning and I have been up since quarter of 8. I have the sheets in the wash and I am putting stuff in my binders. I just did October through December (but with the knowledge there is more coming along) and I am updating the anthem file. I will have one for the CT General insurance later.

Mom just got up a little while ago as well. She couldn’t believe she slept so late. I didn’t realize it was that late either.

I am going to check emails and the forums and then go through the binders and see what I want to toss and what to keep.

It is after 11:30 and Mom and I working at each end of the house. She is washing the windows in the “sun” room both in and out and I am vacuuming the upstairs. I have already cleaned the bathroom. I just usually vacuum the room but today I washed everything. I think this is anticipation of Jim and the kids coming but more importantly Mom feels the house is in real need of cleaning. (Yuck)

The renovations on the house across the street are co…

June 17, 2005

Good Morning! It is after 2:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep. I just finished posting my Thursday entry at my Kate P’s Musings Blog. I am not sure what the day will bring for me.

I might just have to break down and go and get some ink. I can’t write letters without the ink. I can’t do anything without the ink.

I have been trying to organize stuff this week and get rid of papers I don’t need and that includes making log sheets of documents that I have for insurances, paid bills, so incase someone says hey Kate what did you do with last months’ statement. Oh I tossed it last week.

Some would say I probably have too much time on my hands but I don’t mind it helps me to be organized and not have a ton of papers around that aren’t needed.

If the weather is good I might go to the festival again. If not I am staying right here.

Well I am going to check the emails and then try going back to sleep again.
Well I finally got some more sleep today. It wasn’t until five though. I had a really intere…

June 16 2005

It was another cool and showery morning. I got up around 8 and finished emptying the garbage and watched TV. I watched a little of the Beastmaster marathon on the SCI FI channel. Mom had gotten a call from Dr Coclin. Mom later said I could have said she was sleeping and now I wish I had.

I checked my emails. I got reply from LaShanda during the night and then we played email tag. I will reply to her last email later. I have to start getting ready for my day. First I am going to Debra’s and then to a lunch time concert on the green and then around 1:30 I am going to the Knights of Columbus museum.

I called Mardi Thursday night. I knew she had been online and wanted to say hi. We talked about the weather and about the shooting in Middletown yesterday morning. (A Former state trooper shot his ex wife and her lawyer and himself). Mardi says her Mom is having surgery right after the Fourth of July holiday. The kids will b there until then. After that the family will be going to Maine for a w…

June 15, 2005

It is a cool summer morning I don’t know what the temp is but it could be high sixty’s. The sun is hiding behind the clouds and Mom is downstairs doing stuff.

Right now I am checking emails. On the international list they are still discussing holidays in June. I believe they are discussing St Jean’s Fires. I will have to read it later.

The other discussions were about writing prompts and stuff like that and greyhounds and dogs in general. It was a discussion started from my journal entry from Friday.

I helped Mom make her bed and it didn’t take long. Now she is in her room on the computer.

I sent an email to Mary G in Torrington. She had sent one of her joke emails and so I thought I would email her and just say hi. I asked her about her trip to Ireland. I didn’t mention Dave at all but I am expecting her to ask me.

Kelly from MDD is now home in the states. She got home yesterday and is getting acclimated to being home. Peacock from MDD is having a good week it seems too. He h…

June 14, 2005

Good Morning,

It is after 8:30 and I have been out of bed for only 10 minutes. I liked staying in bed longer then I usually do. However, I do have things to do. However, the temperature is rising already and I don’t know if I want to go out in it. I do have things I can do here like the papers organization and of course the pen pal letters.

As I was going to bed last night I realized I shared last night’s entry with JKB’s group. Hjoanne is in that one as well. I am not so sure what to expect when I get on line and read the emails.

Mom is downstairs reading the paper and fully awake and she says she is doing well. I am not sure what she has planned in the morning but I do know she has meetings this afternoon and again tomorrow.

Well had some experience with the computer. I had problems with the answering machine beeping again and so I unplugged it and must have disconnected some of the computer connections because the computer had to reboot and went to some menu.

There didn’t seem to be a…

June 13, 2005

It is after 7:30 and I have been up since 6:15. I have showered and checked my emails and answered some of them and moved them to their folders. I woke Mom up at 7 and now she is just getting started. She can’t eat or drink anything for this procedure so she will be reading the paper and getting dressed. We will leave at 8. I am trying really hard not to worry but as the time approaches I get a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I did manage to write out a few checks. They were for Dr. Adams and Debra Gregory I will mail them out on the way home. I will go to the bank here and then pay the phone bill. I tried getting the address for them but the website is down. I will check it out later and see if it is working.

Well I better get a move on..

Okay I have been home about two hours and everything went well. Even though Mom didn't like the unironed t-shirt. She loved the way the car looked and she did try to tell me how to drive. Of course it did get kind of scary when I came up ve…

June 12, 2005

Good morning, It is after 8 and I am about ready to hop in the bathtub and start my day. I do need to find a card for Michael for his party this afternoon before I go off to bingo and Aunt Helen's.

Something weird happened earlier today. The answering machine started beeping as though it was counting something. This isn't the first time it has happened. I told Mom and she says we will need to look at the instructions.

I am looking forward to the party at the Coulombes. I am going to try very hard not to have a lot to eat. I am thinking just one serving of what ever it is they are serving. Of course lots of water. Well I better get going.

12:38 p.m.

Well I Have had an interesting morning. My car battery is dead and being recharged (I hope). I had left the key in the ignition and it was partially on. It had been this way since Friday night.

I had to use Mom's car to go to bingo. I Have been home since 20 after 11. Donny next door is charging it for me and will hopefully be ready …

June 13, 2005

It is nearly 12:30. I couldn't sleep so I have been reading some emails and sending one to Liz. I told her about the procedure for Mom that's in about 9 hours. I can't help feel that she is pissed at me. When I wouldn't let manuel hold Jason that day. maybe Joanne told her of the face I made when he did the stupid version of the birthday song.

Well I just chatted with Peter. He got the email from Stripe to contact Dixie at the sf-fandom board. I hope he will be able to access the site.

I have been using another map site from microsoft for some of the addresses I have. Its pretty good. ALthough it has me using 1-95 all the way t JIm's. NOt that I would be seeing him anytime soon. He is busy getting trained for Mediators position.

I better get to bed.

June 11, 2005

I finally went to bed around 2 not before writing at I got up at 8:30. I had the feeling it was pms day. I decided I am not going to the concert tonight it will a long night and I just don't want to go.

The Tomlinson's left bright and early this morning. Kim and her girls and Sylvia were taking some of the stuff that they left behind. Kim was saying the Tomlinson's never did any cleaning or what ever it was "disgusting". Jack (can't remember his last name) came and perused the situation.

Mom left around 10 this morning for the wedding she said she was going to the reception and then coming home for the knitwits party this afternoon.

I spent the day online, chatting with neighbors; watching TV and getting frustrated with the cd player.

Well I think its time for me to go to bed. I haven't done much except do some writing and most watch TV and for the past hour avoided chatting with Highguard.

I am tired and I don't feel g…

June 10, 2005

It is after 8:30 and I have been home since 5:30. I left here this morning before 7:30 and headed to get gas. I headed to work and was there by quarter of I think. I was in a pretty good mood and I was getting stuff done but by the end of the day I had some extreme concerns because the personal mail still had to be done. I could be in trouble when I get back. I found a check the Maryann Alberino had been looking for and I brought it to her and she said not to worry it will be between us. Then I found a few other things that had dates from April on it. Those were behind the desk. One of them was for Joan partridge. I Hope to God she doesn't say anything to Shirley on Monday. There was junk mail that was old so I threw that out.

I was so anxious to get home. Traffic was bad because of the festival that started today. I plan on going to the concerts tomorrow afternoon around 4:30. I am going to have to bring money though. At least for water.

When I got home tonight I apologized to Mom …

June 9, 2005

It is nearly 11 at night. I am heading to bed soon. I have laundry in the dryer. I can't wait for it and Mom will just have to get over it.

I got up around 6:15 and had my bath. I had clothes all over the place and Mom saw it while she was going to the bathroom. From that point on she had an attitude. I think she still does. I almost left with out getting the rest of the garbage put out. I had to come back and do it.

I got to work around 20 of 8. I started working on the personal mail that needed to be taken care of. I got the mail done and really got annoyed with DC. She was taking the bulk mail that I gave to Kellie and redistibuting it. I know I hurt her feelings but how about asking me first? Don't just assume. I think before I left it was okay.

I saw Debra today and the session was filled with anxiety. I told hre about what happened with Mom and what happened at work.

It was very hot out. It was in the mid 80's and oppressive. MOm and I had dinner Ste…

JUne 8, 2005

Good evening. It is after 8:30 and I have been home since 5. Mom is at her last Mental Health Association Meeting. SHe told me she chose to ..well I forget what she called it but she basically opted to get off the board for awhile.

I am so tired. I finally got to sleep aroud 2 this morning after doing everything I could think of. I finally got up at 6:15 and started getting ready for work. I left after 7 as I had lately. I did get online and moved emails but I will get them out of their folders before it gets to be too much.

I got a lot done the volume of the mail was light and was able to finally get the Bulk FYI mail out this afternoon. It will be going by campus mail tomorrow. Now all that's left is the next two days of mail, the bad addresses, and the personal mail that needs to be redirected. I did have some rough spots. For example mail that I sent to what I believe is their correct address coming back to me. I really hate that.

I was really glad to be going hom…

June 7, 2005

Today was another long day. I got to work after a rather annoying start to the day. Things seem to get my annoyed. Including the way others were driving.

I got to work by 7:30 like I did yesterday. I was talking to Shirley and Sue C came in and asked about hybrids. She "said Hey Shirley"...And I ended up answering. Shirley embarrassed me by saying "gee I didn't know I couldn't talk". So I apologized and left ( joking around with at the same time). I later apologized to Sue and she said it was before work and Shirley shouldn't have done that. She likes having center stage.

The rest of the day I worked on the mail and did the charts. The mail volume was thankfully light as well as the requisition list. I managed to get the office looking a little better and will be working on the bulk mail tomorrow.

I got a call from Mom around lunch time letting me know that in all probability she wouldn't be going in for the bladder procedure tomorrow. She had taken A…

June 6, 2005

It has been a long and busy day and it started around 6:15 this morning. I got up then and got ready for work. I managed to read my emails and put them in their folders so I would be able to move them tonight. One of the most important ones is from Telka it was phone squad messages for the club. I will get them out tonight.

I got to work at 7:30 and started working on the bad addresses it took me nearly an hour and half. I am caught u p with that. I spent the day opening the mail and it isn’t completely finished yet because I spent an hour or so doing personal mail for the MD’s and other departments.

Shirley approached me again about the letter that Sally T got and it was stamped with a May 3rd date and she didn’t get until the end of the month. She told me that Sally is asking what had happened to make it late. Hello?? What part of I would have given to you right away. It could have been mixed up in other papers etc. Get a new hobby!

The drive home was okay. Well that wasn’t exactly tru…