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September 29, 2005

It is after 9:30 at night and I am heading to bed. I have Aunt Helen’s funeral to go to and Mom wants to leave here by 8 am to be at the funeral home by 9. Then we will go to the church from there and then to the cemetery then Mom needs to come home and take Ann to meet a friend for lunch. Then I would imagine Mom has things she needs to take care for the social hour with the Candidate and then of course the literary club tomorrow night. I am meeting Jennie for Dinner at Olive garden tomorrow night.

Today was a good day. I got up around 9 spent most of the day on the computer making slow progress of emptying out the Yahoo folders. To at least get some of those main folders organized. I am including the pen pal one and the inbox and journal.

It was an incredibly cloudy and windy day and by mid afternoon it was raining. The rain and the clouds cleared out by 3 but the wind was still strong even by dusk.

Mom and I left around 4 for Helen’s wake. We stayed for about 45 minutes and w…

September 28, 2005

It is nearly 10 in the morning and I have only been out of bed since 9. Mom was quite surprised that I had slept that late. I had been dozing since 7. I had heard Ann go out this morning with her friends.

As I suspected the two cups of tea did indeed keep me up. That’s the reason for sleeping late. I got up a few times and I even got online. I did some solitaire games and put away some of the dishes I had up here. I finally went to sleep sometime after 3:30.

I have already updated the birthday list and finally finished the letter to Debra. I told her about the first week of vacation and what I have been doing so far this week. The next big decision is to decide which Journal envelope I should put my copy of the letter. I started the letter back in late August and finished it today.

Right now though I am going to check emails and move stuff around. I have a couple of washes going and hopefully will get that finished soon. Mom is going to do some cooking and then paperwork (or…

september 27, 2005

Good evening, it is nearly 11 and the house is quiet except for the crickets and the noises of the computer. Mom and Ann are in bed. I will be following suit soon. This entry might be a little short but that’s okay. Sometimes it happens.

I had a great day today. I got up around 8 or so and Mom and Ann were already up. Mom was getting ready for her dentist appointment and Ann was just reading her book. While Mom was at the dentist I did laundry and visited forums and checked emails. I was trying to find that solution for the negative comments but the moderators can’t do anything about the personal attacks. The reasons were basically because the person isn’t on the list.

Timiarah replied to my post this morning as well unfortunately the computer was giving me a hard time so it was hard for me to reply to her. After rebooting the computer for the third or 4th time it seemed to cooperate.

Mom came home by 11 and I was starting to get ready for my afternoon with Mardi. I showered…

September 26, 2005

It is after 10:30 and Mom and I waiting for the arrival of Ann and her niece. They were scheduled to arrive just about this time. I have been up since 8 or so and did some surfing.

Yesterday went pretty well even though the weather was cold and cloudy. Bingo went well and so did the baby contest time. I was telling Dottie about the Friendship Books and well not criticizing but doubting the use of that and applauding the Internet.

Joe Dudding came as well and noticed it wasn’t very crowded or busy but surmised that maybe next week or the week after it will be. I got home around 4 and had late lunch/dinner and then started doing the cabinets in the kitchen. I did those until maybe 7 or 8.

After I had done that watched some TV like Charmed (I wasn’t impressed with that new episode but there is time yet. I also called Ellen A and told her about the incident with Margaret from Florida and the lists. She really understood me and knew how I felt. She doesn’t think I will get anything …

September 24, 2005

It is after 6 p.m. Saturday evening. I haven’t been home long and I am bout to get on line again... I am not sure what the temperature but I will be checking I was over Liz’s house from 2 p.m. until 5:30. Liz was having an end of Season party for some of Nelson’s friends and coworkers at the train station and a few of our family members.

There was lots of food that I ate. I started off with spicy pork roast and then a cheeseburger and cold slaw (which I don’t normally like) I had chips and soda and several different desserts all the while chatting with Dan and his wife Sheila and saying hello to Cheryl and Brian who later went to a wedding in Fairfield.

I spent the morning online and checking emails and chatting with some friends online. Catherine B and Dawn Davis and I know have a couple more pen pals. I also got some emails from Mardi who offered me a place to spend the weekend but I told her things were okay. After that I did change sheets on the bed got the bed made and…

September 23,2005

It is after 8 p.m. Friday night. Mom and I have been sparring all day and I am just so angry with her. I can’t even begin to tell you what I am thinking because she is a hypocrite and a liar and vindictive little bitch. She hasn’t liked my attitude and basically came out and told me I am not entitled to tell her I am angry with her or tell her off. Well believe this is war.

I am still getting the support from some people on the lists regarding the situation yesterday (which were about someone sending me religious literature without sending an introduction letter first...). I am so damn sick and tired of it all. Unfortunately, Holly left the RSNMA list because of all the other emails. Her Aunt had reassured me it wasn’t because of me. Holly felt it was better if she had left. If anyone wants to know about it you can go here KateP's musings and it will explain pretty much where I am coming from.

I went to pick up the baby contest materials from the banks. The one in the Wood…

September 22, 2005

It is almost 1:30 in the morning Thursday. Shortly after I posted yesterday’s entry I received an email from Holly B the one who I was arguing with on the RSMLA list. It looks like things will be okay from now on.

I have spent the last hour watching TV. Yes Dear, Dallas, and various other programs. I also had some yogurt. Now I am going to bed.

It is now after 12 in the afternoon. I have been up since 7 or 8 and been potting around. Mom had an appointment at 11:30 and she thought it was 9:30 (stupid fuck) and so she did some paperwork and I answered some emails until maybe 9. I got some from Holly’s Aunt explaining some background of Holly. Dawn D emailed me and wished me a better day.

After I answered some emails and read some replies from Rhonda defending Kevin’s position about calling some of congressmen Bozo’s. I haven’t replied to her yet but I am here to tell you I am not in the best mood again.

Just before Mom left she some how scratched my car! It’s parked out in the fr…

September 21, 2005

It is 20 of 11 and I am still in my pajamas. Mom is off picking up Gerald and then taking him to Bridgeport. Then she is going to the Housatonic College for Club day. Then back to Middletown.

I have been watching Charmed and reading emails and the forums. I just downloaded a video from the Toronto Q&A with Kevin and he is got to be arrogant man sometimes. He was talking about the After school program that he is now a part of and the activities that he is doing and he talked about speaking in front of congress and then calls them BOZOS? That’s got to be one of if not THE Dumbest acts he could do. Insult those you are asking help from. I can hardly wait to see what else he has to say in the remaining two videos up at Kevin's official site.

Oh and on Liz C's list the discussion about long letters is going on. I got really cranky and posted a message that I thought their “demands” were getting a little rude. Telling us what they want us to write or not write about or h…

september 20, 2005

It has been 4 days since the last entry. On Saturday Dave and Patrick stopped at the house and invited me to go to the Big E with them and Mary Grening. That was about 10:30. I quickly got dressed and left a note for Mom and laundry in the machines. By Noon we were at Mary’s house and we chatted for about 20 minutes then we headed out on the back roads to the Big E. As I look back on it I wished I hadn’t gone.

Dave was a bit aggressive on the driving and Patrick was criticizing him for it (rightfully so I believe). We got there by 2 and paid for the tickets to get in which were $15. We stood around first to decide what we wanted to do. The three of us (Mary Patrick and I) wanted to eat. Dave didn’t and he complained that we didn’t have to eat then. For the next several hours we walked around and watched Dave do his thing. Then when we wanted to do something he was finished and asked us to move on. Mary and I both told him in our own way to knock it off.

Around 4:30 we had dinner and the…

September 16, 2005

It is the end of the day now. It was a long one at that. I got up this morning showered and went back to bed for ten minutes. It was not the best idea. I ironed my clothes and got dressed got my lunch and chatted with Mom and then headed out the door. To be met by Sylvia and my little God Son. (It was Boppie).

The drive was pretty much uneventful. The traffic was heavy but I managed to get to the garage. There was a problem at the entrance on North frontage road of the garage so I had to go in via Temple. I walked to the office with David S we chatted about being late and we both managed to get in a few minutes before 8.

I got right to work and started on yesterday’s mail. The rest of the day I did the tasks I needed to (exception: the bulk FYI mail). I got the charts and delivered them and later on in the day I ordered them for Monday. I delivered the rejection piles to the teams by 4. The only thing that brought it down was an awkward moment.

I had my lunch for breakfast a…

September 15, 2005

It is 9:30 Thursday night. It has been two days since I wrote. I have been keeping busy and experiencing some weird stuff. Mom is doing okay and I will be talking about that soon.

Mom is downstairs watching TV and talking on the phone. Someone with an IQ of a pea decides to call at this hour. I suspect it’s to arrange dates for Aunt Ann to come up. Mom is planning on picking her up. Anyway, Mom had the laser surgery yesterday and is very happy with it. She has been attending meetings making meals and preparing for our new refrigerator and freezer to come tomorrow.

Everyone else in the family is doing okay. Liz took an extra day off because she was tired and so she is relaxing. We haven’t heard from Jim in a few days now but I am not worried.

The GFWC MYWC season has begun. We had our first meeting last night and it went well. We made plans to give $200 to a family that Ronnie adopted from the hurricane. Roberta went to the Shopping at the Mall meeting at the Milford Mall. Th…

September 13, 2005

It is nearly 7 in the morning the sun is still rising. I have been up since five. I checked the net a bit and answered some emails. I also read the continuing saga of the three days of Kevin. I can say it is very interesting and the whole “can’t tell you all because it’s in the newsletter” is happening again. They were jokingly saying some stuff that I found rather awkward. Which I really think can lead to some stuff that just isn’t appropriate.

I am still concerned as to what will happen with Gloria if anything. She could say I was spending a lot of time on the internet and I can’t have that. She may not say anything but she is going to have a huge problem when I am on vacation for two weeks and those bad addresses don’t get done.

Well I better get going. I want to be at work by 7:30….

It is after 8 and I have been home since before 5. The day went exceedingly well. I managed to get most of the mail done. Still have to open todays and that can be done early in the morning. …

September 12, 2005

It is almost 5 and I have been home for thirty minutes. Mom was in the kitchen having some tea and straightening the kitchen. She hadn’t really been home long she had gone to get her car serviced. She tells me that she had gone to the doctor today and he was pretty sure that the dizziness doesn’t have anything to do with the heart and that she needs to go slow when that happens. He also says everything that has happened to her (the problems with the legs) was a very rare occurrence in his 2 decade old career. She will have to see a pulmonary specialist in October.

Work went well. I did manage to do my work and I think the amount of time spent on the net was down considerably. There were no problems with the charts and it is expected to be light tomorrow. Yale and its employees (at least Yale Medical group) are fundraising for the Katrina relief fund.

Gloria is really getting on my nerves. She pitched another fit to Ann about the bad addresses. Ann had called me and asked when…

September 11, 2005

Good Morning it is after 8 in the morning on another beautiful Sunny Summer morning Today is the day we remember the day 4 years ago that the US was attacked by terrorists and all those people on the planes, and Towers were taken from us. As the priest said in his homily it is now time to forgive and to be forgiven.

Today is also Ralph N’s Birthday. He is the MYWC adopted veteran. He is about 80 years old deaf and cranky. You may have remembered that I wrote he had fallen and broke his arm. I will be bringing him is monthly dinner and a card for his birthday.

I haven’t been up long. It has been an hour now. I have showered and played a few rounds of solitaire. In a short while I will be getting ready for the bingo session and the drop the dinner off to him. It will be macaroni with meet sauce that Mom made and a baked apple. After that visit I am heading over to Madison to visit with Aunt Helen. As I mentioned yesterday it has been a few weeks since I was there.

I think I …

September 10, 2005

Good Morning it is after 8 in the morning on a beautiful Sunny Summer morning (yep I said summer). Autumn doesn’t officially start until the 22nd of this month (: p). It has been two days since I wrote.

Friday was busy but I also didn’t feel that well (nausea) and didn’t want to do most of my work. Yes I did spend a lot of time surfing the net while I was at work but I think I made up for it near the end of the day when I concentrated on doing the bad addresses that were piling up on me from the last week. I managed to get the biggest day done (the 6th) and I believe the count was 480. (Oh my aching head).

I plan on going into work early all next week so that everything is done by the time I leave for my two week vacation on Friday. I warned Ann that I would be doing that and she asked me why and I told her I was getting a little anxious about some things. Then I looked at the calendar I realized the vacation was coming up!!!!

I spent a lot of time reading the emails from the pen …

September 8, 2005

It has been three days since I wrote anywhere. Things are pretty good overall. Work has been a busy time for me. People returned to the office after vacations and a LOA while others left for other jobs. It is really great to See Barbara Vereen. She was the one on LOA for the union and would like to return to that job eventually. Dottie came back from a week’s vacation and she told they worked on the houses the whole time. Jean Tamborini returned from Scotland before the Labor Day holiday and she loved it. Wanda B’s Daughter was seriously hurt over the weekend and a collection is currently going on. I haven’t contributed anything yet but I hope to tomorrow. Shirley C started her vacation today and will be back just about the time I leave for my vacation on the 19th. I am slowly catching up stuff. I finally caught up with opening and delivering the rejections and correspondence. I think part of the problem (besides being high volume) was the fact I spent a lot of tmie on …

September 5, 2005

It is 8:30 in the morning and I have been up for a while. I watched TV for a bit. There is nothing of great excitement on really. The Michael Landon Marathon is still going on this morning it is Bonanza. I saw a few more minutes of the MDA Telethon.

I updated my mileage log to reflect from September to July and printed out the one I had been using previously. I traveled over 5800 miles from the time period. That’s a lot of driving. It will be interesting to see how this works in the next few months.

I have to replace the black ink cartridge it just ran out! I will have to get more on another day. I can’t right now because I know I will use the CC and I don’t want to it is really getting up there in amount.

I am going to check my emails and journals and forums before starting on the letter to Heather Vore. I really hope she won’t be offended by what I wrote.

It is almost 10:30. I spent the last hour and half I would say having breakfast watching Charmed and taking a bath. Mom sa…

September 4, 2005

It is nearly 9 in the morning. I have been up nearly an hour and online as well. My KateP's musings has been spammed again. This time I had two comments on it yesterday which has prompted me to add the word verification to the blog.

Nona left a wonderful comment on my Yahoo! 360° - My Page Blog. It was in regards to the spam. I guess I don’t have to capitalize the word spam (or shout it). I haven’t checked the journaling lists at all this morning or the msn mailbox but I will when I get back from church.

Today Natalie will be at Mediplex so that if I have any problems then she can handle them. She may not want me to allow everyone to help each other but I guess I can do that when she is not there. We will see what happens when I get there.

Today will be letter writing day. I really need to move along with some of these letters. The pile never seems to get smaller and I get more overwhelmed as it grows.

It is now after 1:30 I am chatting with Peter (I think) AKA Highguard.…

September 3, 2005

It is almost 5 on Saturday afternoon. It is absolutely beautiful. I got up fairly early. Did some internet surfing and then folded clothes and then vacuumed the basement for an hour or so.

The rest of the day I was online and reading my emails. The journaling lists are discussing new blogs. I posted to my Kate’s Musings and twice I was posted a message about coming to see their blog which in essence was SPAM. Some others basically told them to stop the SPAM.

It is after 8:30 now. Mom was outside talking with Donny when she got home from church and when she came in I told her I had a headache and I did take some Aleve ® (still have it a little now) so I slept which was good.

We had pot roast and stuffed peppers and a delicious cake Mom made earlier today it was a peach type cobbler. We watched repeats of This Old House. It was about 7:30 when we sat down to eat.

Sylvia came over today to ask me to park in her driveway tonight. She was going to Jennifer’s house for the wedding. Sylvia was t…

September 2, 2005

It is 9 p.m. Friday night. It has been two days since I wrote. I actually wrote my Birthday entry yesterday and posted it yesterday. I was too tired to do it Wednesday.

Yesterday was pretty good. I had kept busy all day long. I had received a few birthday cards and Ann Treated me to lunch. I had quesadillas.

Last night I was with Liz and Nelson for Dinner we went to Lassie’s Restaurant on Bridgeport Avenue. Before going to dinner Liz checked stuff on line and I looked at pictures from the reunion. We started off with potato skins and Mozzarella sticks. I had fillet mignon while Liz and nelson had turkey and roast beef. WE had dessert. The conversation ranged from family news, to health issues, and neighborhood stuff.

It was after 8 when I got home and Mom was in the other room watching TV I think. Now I can’t remember.

Today was a good day. Got stuff done but still have much to do for next week. Traffic was horrific. An accident this morning backed traffic up for three exits making me lat…

August 31, 2005-My Birthday

I woke up around 7:15, showered, ironed my cloths and dressed. I spent time online checking emails and watching TV and having breakfast. Dave called to let me know what time he was picking me up. It was going to be ten. Mom gave me money as birthday present. I spent an hour relaxing until Dave came. We left a little after 10 we talked about work, family, and the weather and the upcoming TV season.

We arrived at Newport at Noon and went to the Red Parrot Restaurant for lunch. On the way there we stopped at the post office so I could mail my letter to Shannon Hutton in TX. I had Firecracker Shrimp Salad. It was teriyaki shrimp on a salad with mandarin oranges and pineapple and Chinese dried noodles topped off with Root beer and water. Dave had a Massive Lobster BLT on Focachia bread and some fruit drink.

Afterwards we took a tour on the Amazing Grace. We took the tour of the bay and the harbor. We saw Fort Adams and the beautiful Mansions, bridges, and past winners of the Am…