Not a bad night

Terry's Birthday

One Step Closer

Mondnay Musings

Mom Slept Late

Final entry for the night

This Time last year

Got into the day

Oh Good Grief

I knew it

I am calling the Doctor tomorrow

still working

Woo Whoo Wednesday

managed to get back to sleep

Clearing out

A good night to stay home

It's Monday

my Day jan 21, 2012

Enjoying the snow

We are supposed to get snow

Today Connecticult lost a Weather Icon

Pez Candy Factory

The Saline Solution

This cold seems to come in waves

I am fighting a cold

Early Morning start

Tried to Sleep

I was right

Uh oh

Getting Back to Normal

Sunday was Nice

Long Day

Was really Late today


Minor Aggravations

The Temperatures are dropping

Been home

Relaxing day