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Not a bad night

I have to say I am enjoying the evening. I didn’t have any problems getting home from work. The traffic was light and I managed to get home just about 4:30.

Before going in I decided to clean the windows of the car because they seemed dirty and the glare at times can be quite dangerous. I was surprised to find there wasn’t a lot of dirt. That can mean only one thing (or more) and that is the wind shield is pitted. I will check it out tomorrow while driving.

I found Mom in her pajamas and talking on the phone regarding her one of her committees and boards. I think she has to speak and she is still having a hard time with clog ears. I have noticed she is not coughing as much as she was last night or this morning. She did manage to get dinner started.

We had pork chops and mashed potatoes and home made biscuits. She is cleaning up and going to watch TV for a while.

The rest of the work day went okay. I took a walk to city hall to pick up parking vouchers for GC and came back and got us…

Terry's Birthday

Ah today is a very special day.Today is Terry’s Birthday.She was given a breakfast by friends on another team. DK brought in bagels not realizing we had planned on something later on in the week.She is definitely well loved woman by all who know her.
I was annoyed by some incidences today.Apparently when I complained to someone (it was in passing) about the Pit bull regarding coffee.They in turn told SR told GC.First off I thought I could trust the person I was speaking to but GC reminded me that person is still a manager.Two campus mail things I sent out yesterday were back on my desk.It had the right address on (it was going to a particular doctor) but when I have several for that one address I just put the department and address.
Late in the day one of the couriers came back for stuff he was taking back to the Long Wharf.I gave it to him but he was expecting something else.
I called Mom a couple of times and she still feels miserable.She even went back to bed.

One Step Closer

I found one of the 1099 forms waiting for me when I got home from my appointment from Debra tonight. I am waiting to see if I get one more from another bank and then I can start doing the taxes. I have those H&R block programs they send you every year. I have been using them for the last two or three years for a small fee I guess. Last year and the year before I kept putting off doing the taxes for some unexplained reason (probably fear of doing it wrong or taking long) but once I went through the instructions slowly and what ever it wasn’t bad. I can’t even begin to think about how much I would be getting back but what ever it is I will put it in the savings to go to my trip.

Earlier today I talked with JB the financial Admin in the finance office (she handles the tax stuff for the doctors in the Med School/Medical Group) and I asked her about the H&R block programs. Whether or not the update disk goes in first and she explained to me to put the first disk and follow the inst…

Mondnay Musings

I had a great sleep but of course I wanted to stay in bed as much as possible.It was nearly 6:30 when I finally got up.I showered, dressed, and got on line for a short time.Mom got up shortly after I did.She is still not feeling well but she had to be some where this morning.
The drive into work was fine until I got close to the garage.The exit ramp was full and blocked.There was a truck parked on the N Frontage RD behind the office and another car parked behind it.We had to go around them.Time was of the essence.
Work is fine.Finished the lockbox early and got some readdress mail done.At first impression the US Mail seems to be heavy.It usually ends up not being heavy.I was able to get almost everything done.
We had a surprise visit from CD…she was in training here and stopped by for a visit.I also found out that JH was relieved of duties last week.Some people knew last week.

Mom Slept Late

I was quite surprised to find Mom still sleeping when I left for bingo this morning. I knew she wasn’t feeling well so I let her sleep. All the while I felt weird about it. I was beginning to let my imagination go wild. She didn’t get up until noon. She wasn’t feeling good either.

I will go to Costco shortly for some things Mom wanted. She had a couple of coupons she wanted to use before they expired.

Bingo went well we had about ten people and JV came to help. I had been visiting a resident and she was telling me about her life here in Milford. It was quite interesting but I was there longer than I should have been.

Oh and I don’t have a meeting tonight but on February 19th. We may have dinner together too. I got a late night email from Telka and she suggested we have dinner. I called Roberta when I gto home and we talked about it.

I cleared out some more emails this morning over 100 of them. I received an email alert for Joseph A. Foran High School this morning. It was part of desc…

Final entry for the night

I was just heading to bed but I thought I would do a quick update. The kitchen faucet is fixed after Bob had to run to the store and get some more washers. He was chastising himself for not having the right materials for the repair so he had to go to the store. It seems to me that happens a lot. Well at least it’s done.

Jim called tonight just as I was leaving for church and told Mom he went to the doctor and it looks like he has skin cancer on his face. He told her he was going to have it taken care of I think Monday. When I returned from church I asked Mom about the phone conversation. I also told her that I would go see Jim and take care of him during his recovery. She put a kybosh that suggestion completely. I am surprised she didn’t even ask how I knew.

I am not sure if we are having a Board meeting tomorrow or not. Roberta and I haven’t heard from Telka since earlier in the week. She did have an agenda but no actual date confirmed. I left a phone message for her so I am waiting …

This Time last year

I have wanted to write this entry for the last two days but something else came up. So now here it is:

This time last year we were digging out from the biggest snow storm in a long time. The actual storm started on the 26th. There was small storm that morning that no one was focused on but later the other one came down hard. It was also the day I got to meet Nelson 3. The state was still shut down on Thursday. The neighbors helped with the snow removal. That Friday I had gone to work and caught up on stuff. Mom had gone to a seminar that day. Commuting was a pain as well.

This year has been a total different story. There has been very little snow and the temperatures have been in the 40s and 50s. The sun is shining. The forecast for the next ten days is sun with clouds. There is some chance of rain (nothing about snow) but a lot to make a big difference.

Mom got home from grocery shopping and the library and some how she threw out her back. She was moaning a little bit ago. She is pro…

Got into the day

I have not been up long but I got right into the day by doing laundry and paying some bills and doing some banking. I really don’t have much planned in the way of activities today. If the weather holds out (and I am expecting it to) I am planning on cleaning out the crap n my car.

Mom is in full cold mode so she isn’t feeling great. I don’t know what she has planned but it may not be much. I am going to make sure to help out as much as she needs me to.

Bob is supposed to be coming sometime this morning to fix the faucet. It will be good to see him.

Well I am going to get dressed and finish up the laundry part.

Oh Good Grief

Well guess what I found this evening? After Looking in Mom’s car and mine for the second time and in both the spare room and my room I looked in my pocketbook in the center pocket and it was among some personal stuff. No I know I looked there earlier and I couldn’t find it.

It looks like Mom is having fun on her Facebook page. She has both my cousins ganging up on her:

I don’t think she is mad at them per se but it’s the kind of thinking she has dealt with being a Democrat. I pretty much know to stay out of it. She probably will tell my brother about it tomorrow when he comes to fix the faucet.

We are all having dinner together on February 3, 2012 for the birthdays next week. That’s good. I am not sure what restaurant we are going to either. I am guessing its Stonebridge.

Dinner was left over Chicken and Dumplings while Mom had egg and pepper sandwich. It looked good. I was almost wishing it was what I had.

I am in my pajamas for the night. The rain has s…

I knew it

I had a feeling today was going to be a long day.I had no problems waking up at 6:30 the alarm was set for it and it was relaxing but I still manage to leave the house late.I finished posting and writing last night’s entry and then I got dressed.
Before I left the house the coat stand fell over knocked the pictures and lamp off the top of the desk next to it.Mom didn’t help me with it and it made me later then I wanted.
The commute to work obviously sucked when everyone was going 20-30 miles an hour.I didn’t see anything but there was a state trooper on the side of the road.Apparently it caused quite a back up after because I really didn’t see anything.
When I got to work I discovered that my little ID holder was not in the pocketbook.That really sucks because I parked the car already in the garage.If it isn’t in the car I don’t know what to do.I can’t go to the bank because they need ID.I have been depending on others to let me in to the area.
I also found out I left one of my glove…

I am calling the Doctor tomorrow

My coughing fits were very prevalent during the DTC meeting and we had a speaker tonight. I was very afraid it was getting disruptive but both Mom and Tessa said it wasn’t. Tessa wrote in an email that she was going to suggest I go home because it was making me stressed and distressed. I had emailed her to thank her for helping get my stuff. As it was I was stressed out before I got there.

Mom drove to the DTC and before even getting there I swore she was going to hit a truck in front of us. I think we were on New Haven Avenue near Roberta’s house and the truck was preparing to turn and I had to tell Mom to watch the truck. I told her I really think I should drive. She told me to keep still and sit there. That’s when I should have gotten out of the car and called the police. I was steaming the entire ride to meeting. We tried to find a parking space and it was near a light post. Her exact words were I don’t want to hit the lamp post. Guess what she did? I told a few people. I was hand…

still working

I am still working on my entry from yesterday.I fell asleep early again and then woke up in the middle of the night.Mom was in bed and told me that Olivia is coming today.I am not looking forward to that.I am not sure but I think today she is going to organize my room.I was all gung-ho at the beginning of the month.I am not feeling it right now.I have visions of Mom helping and going through all the stuff and trying to see what’s on my desk and on the floor.I will hear all about it probably later.At least I took down the two cups and the plastic container so that Mom doesn’t have a complete frosting.I realize I may be worrying over nothing.
My pay check came to $600 and change today.I need to pay some bills.I didn’t have very much in this particular account but from there I put some of it in three different accounts (if I can).Then a second account I do the entire bill paying from.The other 2 accounts are savings.
I talked with Mom she was getting ready for her Dr. Appointment.She fi…

Woo Whoo Wednesday

I really had a good nights sleep last night so much so that I stayed in bed longer than I should have (note to self been doing that a lot lately). I managed to get ready for work and read emails and surf the net a short time.

I had a great day at work. Got to the office on time and got most of the daily stuff done (the lobby mail can be done tomorrow along with today’s postage tallies)

I talked with Jim today after my email attempt failed last night. He still is waiting for the insurance company to finish investigating the break-in and theft from last autumn. He is doing okay. He tells me that he is going to have to start preparing for a new surgery. This surgery is for things that couldn’t be taken care of during the Cancer episode. Now he apparently has known this since September but has been putting it off. He promised he would schedule it once we got off the phone. I would have liked it much better if he told MOM!!!! I can’t even begin to imagine exactly what he meant but things t…

managed to get back to sleep

I managed to fall asleep sometime between 1 and 2.The next thing I heard was the alarm going off.I stayed longer than I should have.Mom got up even before me!When I heard her get up I jumped into the shower and started getting ready.I decided to lie across the bed before getting dressed.I figured I still had plenty of time.So I thought.I managed to read a couple of emails and got dressed all before 7:30.When I left Mom was in the shower.
Mom has a meeting at Bridges today and a dentist appointment to fix a broken tooth she got last week.I don’t think she has anything else today.
I asked her about the funeral arrangements for the husband of the bible study companion and she tells me they are not having a funeral.They will have a memorial down the road.
My stomach has been rather queasy.It started at home and so I took some milk.When I got to the office I had coffee.Around mid morning I had ginger ale and mountain dew.
I took a walk with DK to the hospital and got some lunch.Both of the…

Clearing out

It’s almost 12:30 and I tried to sleep. I woke up when I heard Mom go to bed and decided to get back online and clear out some emails and update my Computer blog. It’s amazing how original I can be when the last two entries have the same title.

Speaking of clearing out the rain has pretty much washed away all the snow we got from the weekend snow fall. The temperature is still hovering at 48 degrees. It’s supposed to be this way for the next couple of days. It looks like the weekend will have showers. That’s not bad I don’t think we have any big plans for the weekend anyway. I may clean the room then (unless Olivia has done it by then).

Well I am going to try and get back to sleep…if I don’t I will be useless again…

A good night to stay home

Well got a late call from Debra asking to move the appointment time back to 4:30 as she was running late. That was great because I could stay a few more moments to work on some of the bad addresses from Friday. I still have today’s to work on. I was so happy to have the daily work done. All that I need to do is the lobby mail tomorrow and the readdress mail.

The session went well. I told her all the stuff that went on the past week within five minutes of sitting down. I then said okay it was good talking see you next week. A little spiel from NCIS (yeah I have it on the brain). I was really tired but managed to talk about the week a little more detail. We talked about woman stuff, my headache experience yesterday. We talked about the plans for the next week and the weekend. I told her about the birthday dinner we are having for Mom and Bob. She asked if Jim and the kids were coming up and I didn’t know. We got the discussion of periods. She wanted to know when I got mine (I explained …

It's Monday

Yep it is Monday.  Admittedly I am still not feeling well.  I still had a small headache this morning.  I am not sure why because everything was on the bed correctly (no judgments please).  My stomach has been “meh”.  I am still coughing despite the fact I have had cough medicine.  I managed to have some toast and coffee and the stomach hasn’t erupted.  I bought some juice for later and yogurt.
I was pleasantly surprised that I got a few things done and still managed to leave the house by 7:30.  The drive in wasn’t bad.  It is over cast and we are expecting some rain.  It’s supposed to go into the 50’s today and tomorrow. 
Hey Congratulations to all the Patriot and Giant Fans across the country.  On to Victory!!!  I didn’t see Steve Tyler’s rendition of the National Anthem but if it was anything like Roseanne Barr’s version I am glad I didn’t.  The radio Station was going to play it and I just turned it off.  Apparently he was been tweeted about all night.
Congresswoman Gabrielle Gif…

my Day jan 21, 2012

Well my day started some time after 3. I started getting a headache. I had to get up to take care of a few other things but not the headache. I went back to bed and got some sleep but still had the headache.

I know the reason I got the headache. My bed wasn’t made-and I was lying on the bed with out sheets just blankets and that usually gives me a headache. Around 7 I got up took a shower and the headache continued. I spent the next hour and half dry heaving and lying down. Mom could tell I was dragging my feet. I finally told her what happened. I did finally take some aspirin before leaving for the nursing home.

I was about a mile and half from the house when I started gagging. I felt really dizzy (I called it my Linda Blair impression) I pulled over and put the flashers on opened the door and then checked the car to see if I put in park-I hadn’t but fixed that. Five minutes later the headache was gone after vomiting. I waited a few minutes then took off again.

I got to the nursing …

Enjoying the snow

Well it is now after 12 Mom is making stuffed peppers and I am bopping between my NCIS fandom forums, watching TV, and trying to motivate myself to do laundry. The snow is coming down hard and fast. The temperature is 19 degrees. It is supposed to end later tonight (I am really hoping it doesn’t it).

The cable guy came out to see the phones. The phone jack wasn’t in the wall. Trying to get Mom to check the phones was frustrating. She finally got it. Now all is well. It must have been knocked out some time last weekend. Only one phone was ringing the others were not but still registering on the TV. We were trying to figure out how it came out I figured someone (either Mom or Mike) knocked it out-very easy to do.

Mom got some bad news today. A friend’s husband from the bible study group she is part of past away this morning from Cancer. I am sure the funeral arrangements are for early next week.

I don’t think Mom is going out to lunch with Martha today. I think it would be wise if she d…

We are supposed to get snow

I should say we should be getting more snow tonight and most of tomorrow. The weather reports say most of the state is slated to get 4-6 inches. We got a dusting last night and it didn’t last long (time wise and temperature wise).

The meeting went to 9 and there were ten of us there. I have minutes to write up and I can do that tomorrow during the storm. We had cake for Phil for his birthday. After the meeting Mom and I talked with AB about housing and stuff. Mom suggested that she would clean up from the meeting and that I go to bed.

I don’t think it took that long fro me to go to sleep. However, I know I woke up a few times from a cough now and then. When it was time for me to get up I did and got ready for work. I had to make a call to the restaurant for the breakfast order for Cami’s breakfast and by 7 then I left after 7:30 and got to the office on time.

Terry helped me set up the table and Evette helped collect money (we were really short at one point) and I know I messed up so…

Today Connecticult lost a Weather Icon

Memorials are going out tonight via Facebook, Twitter and every imaginable venue on the internet for the wonderful and most loved Weatherman Dr. Mel Goldstein. He died this morning of Multiple Myeloma. WTNH announced it mid day today that he had passed away at the age of 66. The Governor’s Office released a statement that he was an icon and will be missed. I always remembered him as being very informative in his weather reports. I am not sure when he became a full time member of WTNH but you can read the story in the link above. I don’t think I have ever met him but many others including Dave did. Dr. Mel retired last November.

Today was pretty busy. Lockbox was high in volume (well more than yesterday’s) and I was still working on it when I left work this afternoon. I thought the regular post office mail was heavy but I was wrong. I still haven’t gone downstairs to the lobby mail. The readdress mail is still hanging over my head as well but I can’t keep worrying about that.

At Break…

Pez Candy Factory

For the last several weeks I have been noticing a billboard promoting Pez Candy Factory and wondered what was going on. Until I saw this over the weekend the company is expanding their visitor’s center. I have always known that Pez was in West Haven for years but never visited there. Through the years bought their candy and managed to get a few dispensers. I have one for my car (the Teddy bear that Telka gave all of us one year). I might take some time one day and take a visit to the company and have a tour.

Today was a messy start to the day. We finally got some white stuff but it was barely left by the end of the day. I think most people got up to two inches every where. It caused some traffic snafus as well. It also seemed like many staff members had to take the day off because many schools either delayed or closed.

I spent most of the morning working on the postage and bad address tallies until I got lockbox. Surprisingly I didn’t get very much lockbox either. The regular post off…

The Saline Solution

I am really beginning to think the Saline solution really doesn’t work for me. Every time I use it-it either goes down the back of my throat or runs out of my nose like the runny nose I have had all week. Then I also have to blow my nose right after. Then my nose feels stuffed all over again

I also am thinking the Nyquil didn’t work either. I barely slept since I took it last night. However, it must have kicked in at some point because it was quarter of six when I got up. I did get up once to get some juice.

This morning I have been watching the NCIS marathon and wishing my nose would stop doing what ever it is doing. Mom is making some dishes for her lunch with the bible study group.

I am not sure how long the bible study group is going for probably a couple of hours hence the reason for the lunch foods. Personally I hope it’s for hours because right now I am really annoyed at Mom’s attitude.

A few times I told her what I was going to do. I will empty the garbage and or try something…

This cold seems to come in waves

What I mean by that is I woke up and was able to breathe okay with a few coughs. After a while the nose is half stuffed and a few coughs continue. I tried the saline solution. Mom had an extra one and I am not sure if I did it right but my nose seems to be clear.

Mom has been doing various things. She has been doing paper work and doing some cooking and later on attending the Martin Luther King service at the City Hall.

We are going to have dinner later. There is left over cream chicken and Mom suggested I put it over toast. It sounds good. I am not sure what Mom’s going to have but she is making stuffed mushrooms. She says she is also making something else as well.

I got a call from DM around 4 didn’t hear the phone at all. Of course I was downstairs during that time. I also didn’t notice it flashing when I came up a few times before I finally answered. She called back again after 7 but I was eating. I had just taken my Nyquil and really wanted to go to bed.

That being said hitting …

I am fighting a cold

For the last two days I have been fighting a cold. Actually I think all week I have been fighting a cold. Almost every day I have come to work with a runny nose. It went full blown yesterday with the nose bleeds and full on runny nose. The throat started hurting and I have felt miserable. My intention this three-day weekend is to get as much sleep as possible. I am not sure Mom is keen on that idea but hey it’s my weekend so there!

Work for the last two days has been hectic. In between the nose bleeds and the nose wiping I managed to get the mail opened and delivered. I still have a lot of the readdress mail and the return mail/postage tallies to do. I caught up with the lobby mail (except for today’s-I can do that Tuesday).

We said goodbye to a couple of co-workers as they moved on to other departments. KG who had only been in AR/Patient SVCS a short time is moving on to Reimbursement. TD who has in Reimbursement for 9 years is moving over to Surgery department. Cami is leaving next …

Early Morning start

As usual I woke up around 3 for my first bathroom run of the day. I did notice that there was rain drops spattered all over the window pane. I am not sure how long it’s been raining or if it has stopped or not. The last I heard it was starting after midnight. I decided to get up and attempt to do some things.

I actually picked up some papers I threw on the floor last night and threw them out. I had butter biscuit cookies from Dave that I finally tossed. I paid some bills and did some early morning banking and then went back to bed until 6:15.

I showered dressed and watched a few moments of TV and then put the garbage out. My hope was to get to work early. UNfortunaely I stayed online a little to long.

I have the democratic Caucus tonight at 6:30. I hope it won’t be a long one as I will probably be tired from the day.

My intention for today is to stay off the net unless its work related.

Tried to Sleep

I tried to sleep last night but it just hasn’t worked. I have gotten up a few times for the bathroom. I have been on line for about 25 minutes moving emails and updating the other blogs. One or two yawns but that’s it. I finally did get to sleep by one. It was a light sleep because the computer did a security update and rebooted.

I have been home now for about 20 minutes. I put the garbage out and talked with Don and Lulu for a bit and then Mom came home to make dinner for me.

I spent time watching a little of the NCIS Marathon and now I am going to surf the net before dinner. I have to save the entries I wrote at work.

I called Natalie and got the dates and time for the Valentine’s Delivery and the Mardi Gra carnival we are planning. I have to give the dates to the club tonight and we will pick them and I can tell Natalie on Sunday.

The drive home was uneventful. Instead of taking my normal rout I went out to Ella Grasso BLVD from Frontage Road and then on to the highway by the VA H…

I was right

As I suspected my email didn’t go through.I resent it this morning but deleted later as all I had to do was to paste and copy from here.I guess the server was having “issues’.
I called Liz and Nelson around 10 this morning-no answer.Something tells me they were still sleeping.I probably expect a call back during one of those times I am home sleeping.
It was cold out this morning.I had to clear the frost off the car.I also found it to be cold in the office too.Despite all that I am still chanting “snow” or doing a snow dance.People have objected.They have suggested I go north.It’s just about 40 to mid 40’s right now.
I heard from RAH.It was one word-Thanks.IT makes me think he is still annoyed with my Faux Pau at the wake last week.Time will tell.
I talked with Mom at Noon she was working on prescription stuff.She had a good morning and had some time to do stuff before her next meeting at 3.
I tried to get the lockbox done for the last two days.It hasn’t worked.

Uh oh

Earlier today I had written an entry for today and I thought I sent it to my Gmail account but I can’t seem to see it. I am hoping it wasn’t sent to my work email. That would be stupid. Maybe the outlook program at work wasn’t working and it will wait a day.

I have been home nearly 45 minutes. I had an opportunity to chat with Chris down the street. He says there has been a guy with a small dog walking around the end of the street at the same time every day and it was starting to freak him out. Apparently he tried to pet one of the boys and his finger got nipped by Simon. He asked if Mom has noticed him or anything and I told him I would ask.

I would have been in a lot of trouble if it had not been for a phone call from D next door. He let me know I left the headlights on the car. I wouldn’t have been able to go any where tomorrow.

I got an invitation from Senator Gayle Slosberg and her husband David to attend a meet and greet with Congressman Chris Murphy who is running for US Senate…

Getting Back to Normal

Things here and at home are getting back to “Normal”.Normal being my desk filled with mail (the postage tallies, mail to be opened and sorted and delivered, and readdress mail).The file cabinet behind me brimmed with dishes to be washed that I have used over the last few days.
At home there are clothes all over the floor in my bedroom.Dishes on my desk and the top of my dresser all a skewed with things.The bed hasn’t been made really since the kids left last month.This is something I really didn’t want especially for the work area.The home part doesn’t bother me as much because Olivia will be organizing my room some time over the next few months.
I was exhausted by the time I got home yesterday.I woke up around 3 and started writing yesterday’s entry and surfing the net.I did put one load of laundry in the wash and totally forgot it.That wasn’t pleasing to Mom and she said so when I called later on.She had dinner with Sophie K yesterday.
Who is Sophie K you ask?She was the home health ai…

Sunday was Nice

I was in bed until 8 and then got online before heading into the shower. I answered some emails from Telka and surfed the net for a short time. I got a late start to the shower and to getting to the nursing home.

Some of the protesters were outside when I arrived. I talked with Phil for a short time and now I can’t tell if they are winning or what. I went in and made coffee for a few of the residents and had some myself. I managed to get everything set up and ready to start playing on time for a change. WE also ended on time and I made it to church sort of on time. I managed to get here before the liturgy started. I found out the new pastor (or priest) will be arriving on Tuesday to begin his assignment at St Mary’s.

After Mass I came home and did some chores. When I arrived Mom was cleaning in the bathroom. When I arrived she must not have heard me at least twice she jumped. I did some laundry and did some vacuuming downstairs.

Around 4 Dave came and picked me up and we along with R…

Long Day

I don’t have much time to write today. In about an hour or so Mom and I will be leaving and driving up with Bob and Ethel to the funeral mass for my cousin Judy. I have already picked the outfit I am wearing and it’s lying on the bed to put on after my shower. After the funeral Mass we probably will be going to some restaurant.

I am struggling with some issues I brought on myself. I went to the wake last night and the lines were out the door. Mom who had been there earlier was walking out and suggested that I go in (aka cut in the line) and sit with he family. I did that. I also somehow managed to cut the ENTIRE line and I have a feeling (that I expressed several times to the family) that Robbie was a little annoyed with me. I also found myself complaining about things to my cousin Chuck (the oldest of the three “H” Boys). So I am going to make sure I don’t do that today. As for the “cutting in line” and “RAH” being annoyed everyone kept telling me to “not worry about it”. That’s eas…

Was really Late today

Today was a really stressful point this morning. I woke up around 6 and started getting ready for work. However I let myself get distracted by other things. I got online a few times, I watched TV a little bit, had to iron my clothes, showered late, and got the garbage out and went to the store to get groceries. Do you want to know what time I got to work? 8:15.

I finished up the mail from yesterday and was able to work on Lockbox early. Apparently Joel and or Linda had a discussion with the people from BOA and asked that they bring the stuff or send the lockbox early so that we can work on it as soon as we can. Happily it was light in volume. The POST office mail threw me for a loop. I forgot that I would be getting the monthly Connecticut Medicine magazines that come out. I still have a lot there to send out but got a small amount out for tomorrow’s run. I do have to get the lobby mail done haven’t touched it since Friday.

I was able to get my haircut today after work. Mom “thinks” i…


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This "person" wants me to follow them?  Not likely.  BE…

Minor Aggravations

It is nearly 11 at night and I am tired. The day was good even though there were some stressful moments. The first stressful moment was the large amount of mail. Then again if I think about it since the lockbox office was moved the volume for each day has moved. So technically this would have been mail for yesterday!

The other stressful moment was when the guys at the courier service neglected to pick up mail-the interoffice mail that had been there since yesterday morning. I even told Jack twice that it had to be done. He still didn’t take it. (He really has a knack for pissing me off.) I told my friend Dottie in Credentialing and she told her boss. The reason for telling credentialing is they had important applications that needed to go to the departments. Claudia M came down and asked questions about it and then came down again with Joni. In the end the courier service was called and someone came and picked it up. When I told Gayle this she suggested that from now on I make sure I…

The Temperatures are dropping

It was very cold this morning. I believe it was in the 40’s and lower. There were even some flurries as I walked to the office from the garage this morning. It was just as cold coming home tonight too. Right now the thermostat is reading 15 degrees. I am so glad I am inside.

I spent a good part of the morning doing readdress mail until lockbox box came. It was light so I got it done before the US mail. The US mail was a bit heavy and had more return mail then normal. I was working on the return mail before leaving the office today.

We got some bad news tonight. My cousin RAH lost his best friend and wife Judy on Monday. The last time I saw her was at the family reunion and she looked good. I have known her most of my life as they have been life long friends and got married probably 10 years ago.

Been home

I have been home a while now and I am already tired. I hauled everything in from the car and have put it in the spare room. Mom needed me to fix her stapler that jammed but haven’t been able to.

Nancy called from Westchester around 6 they were just getting into the car for the drive home. I hope they had a key to get into the house. I offered to go back to the house and wait for them. They declined. That’s okay too because I was tired.

We had roast beef sandwiches for dinner and they were good. I really didn’t feel like eating much else.

I took a nice relaxing shower and watched TV and think I am going to bed.