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A rainy start to the week

As it was reported on the news this weekend the week started off rainy. It rained most of today with a brief respite late this afternoon and starting again around 8. It is supposed to be like this until Wednesday I believe.

The day overall was pretty good. I got to work before 8 and started some of my work. As the usual routine didn't get to finish the lockbox but will in the morning. Part of the reason is I took a late lunch and went walking around 1:30 with Ann then I went to TK's for wings and springs. The rest of the afternoon whizzed by. I did have to call the couriers to come and get the chart box and they did by 2:30 I guess. The sun was out by then.

When I got home Mom was still at her meeting and she came home around 5:30. She hadn't been feeling good all day. I called her around 9 this morning. I noticed she had been coughing before I left. The foods she had didn't agree with her. She is downstairs and will be going to bed soon. She was exhausted. She ran some …

A long time

It has been a rather long time since I wrote. The only place I think I Have written is in my Kate's Diary. The computer had finally died nearly two months ago when Bob took an initial look at it. He then asked me to get a particular harddrive and I did. IT took him a couple of weeks to look at it. When he did we discovered it was the wrong one so I went and got another one. It was another several weeks before Mom and I decided to take it to PCW and get it looked at. While the computer was down I had been using Mom's. I wanted to limit the sites I went to while on her computer. As it was she was having troubles with outlook express.

Anyway, last week I got the computer back but not the printer. Bob got me connected to the wireless internet again on Easter Sunday. Unfortunately, I only have wordpad and none of the other office suite programs. Bob says he will get it for me. Its been officially a week.

Why didn't we pursue this with Bob? Well Mom admittedly made excuses for him…