Monday, April 24, 2006

A rainy start to the week

As it was reported on the news this weekend the week started off rainy. It rained most of today with a brief respite late this afternoon and starting again around 8. It is supposed to be like this until Wednesday I believe.

The day overall was pretty good. I got to work before 8 and started some of my work. As the usual routine didn't get to finish the lockbox but will in the morning. Part of the reason is I took a late lunch and went walking around 1:30 with Ann then I went to TK's for wings and springs. The rest of the afternoon whizzed by. I did have to call the couriers to come and get the chart box and they did by 2:30 I guess. The sun was out by then.

When I got home Mom was still at her meeting and she came home around 5:30. She hadn't been feeling good all day. I called her around 9 this morning. I noticed she had been coughing before I left. The foods she had didn't agree with her. She is downstairs and will be going to bed soon. She was exhausted. She ran some errands when she did get home from the meeting.

I was able to catch up with a few people today. I made calls pertaining to the dinner on Wednesday. I really should have done it on Friday. I talked to Adam today he was calling Mom back about a trip he got from Costco for signing up.

I finally heard from Dave tonight. He was eating dinner when I called so he called me later on. We talked about work and family and stuff like that. He is leaving tomorrow for another round of flights. He will be back next Tuesday.

On the pen pal front. I got some more introductions out this week as well as joining some more lists. There is an uproar becuase Yahoo was supposedly closing down groups with full physical addresses in the databases. Some seem to feel it has to do with the bad swappers list and some feel just because they didn't hear about it-isn't true. Some groups are insisting that we have to put our full addresses in the databases or be removed. I almost got into an argument over but the owner was generous and allowing me to express my opinions. M South along with a few others think that bad swappers lists are needed and feels the rules that yahoo is giving out is mixed up. Why give databases if we can't use them.

On the entertainment front. Kevin Sorbo fans got to see him in two and half men tonight and it was a little goofy but the overall episode was humourous. Some people got to see him at collectors convention this weekend. Found out some stuff about WT and other projects that wll be happening.

The big news this week: Tom and Kate have a baby girl. Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen are divorcing and it is getting UGLY.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

A long time

It has been a rather long time since I wrote. The only place I think I Have written is in my Kate's Diary. The computer had finally died nearly two months ago when Bob took an initial look at it. He then asked me to get a particular harddrive and I did. IT took him a couple of weeks to look at it. When he did we discovered it was the wrong one so I went and got another one. It was another several weeks before Mom and I decided to take it to PCW and get it looked at. While the computer was down I had been using Mom's. I wanted to limit the sites I went to while on her computer. As it was she was having troubles with outlook express.

Anyway, last week I got the computer back but not the printer. Bob got me connected to the wireless internet again on Easter Sunday. Unfortunately, I only have wordpad and none of the other office suite programs. Bob says he will get it for me. Its been officially a week.

Why didn't we pursue this with Bob? Well Mom admittedly made excuses for him. He is overworked, john just came home and they needed to spend time, yada yada. I was getting frustrated. I Had been waiting a long time. Diane was a concern with her voice and she was also performing at Lincoln center. You name it-it was excused. He did apologize for not following through when he was here for Easter and I told him I understood. I mean what could you do? I can't wait to get th office suite becasue wordpad and notepad do not have spell check!

Work is going well. Like I said I had my vacation the end of march and the first few days of april. When I got back I found out that several people were moving around to other departments and some had left and are currently finishing up their services at Yale. Mary L did a massive cleaning in the office and got rid of a lot of stuff including the Correspondance logbook. SHe had to make a new one.

I am keeping up on my promise to not let anything get put aside. Well I haven't done anything with the bulk mail but I am still working on the bad addresses and I am working on the first week of April.

The new courier crew started the week I got back. It was a bit shakey and nerve wracking (like it always is with anything new) but it is working out now.

Not doing very much this morning