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Jan 31, 2008

It is after 11:30 Thursday morning. The sun is shining but it’s cold. It is supposed to get rainy later on tonight. I am hoping it will be later on tonight like when I am home.

I have two introduction letters ready to be mailed as well as Alice Wolfe’s letter ready. When I get home tonight I will write some more out as Tami has sent another list out. She sent it to my G-mail account but I am not sure if she sent one to my other address. I will wait until I get home to find that out.

I spent most of the morning finishing up the mail from the last two days and opening and sorting today’s mail. As I am writing this I have yesterdays and it should be done fairly quickly.

We also are celebrating Terry J’s birthday today. There is a veritable feast of bagels, cake and muffins on the cabinet. It is also Jean T’s birthday, and John H’s birthday. I sang to each of them the birthday song and did quite well if I do say so myself.

I just talked with Mom a few minutes ago. She said she was…

Early Morning

It is 10 of 7 and I am not quite ready for work. I got up around 5:30 and showered. It was a quick shower as the water turned cold quickly. I laid across the bed for a bit after the shower and then when I realized it was after 6 I got up and got Mom up. I have been surfing the net and wrote a letter to Debra. I won’t mail it until the weekend though.

As I mentioned yesterday Mom has an early morning breakfast (I think she said it’s a legislative breakfast) to attend so I got her up after 6 and now she is in the shower. She will be leaving once she is all ready. She has the other meeting at dinner time so won’t be home for that.

I haven’t heard from the two ladies that I sent pen pal inquiries to but it is still early. I have their files all set up. I hope they answer. One is from Iowa and the other I think is from MA.

Well it is 7 am and I need to get going…

Hey everyone thought I would pop in. I decided to print out all the entries I have written for the past two weeks for the Current Ev…

Tuesday January 29, 2008

Afternoon everyone! I am working on yesterday’s mail still. I did get today’s and I should be able to finish that one tomorrow sometime. I have already worked on the bad addresses for today and shortly I will be doing the charts for tomorrow.

There is some news I didn’t tell you yesterday. My fellow coworker Lorraine M is retiring in 76 days. She is so excited. I think she has been here twice as long as I have been here.

I just took a look outside and it is cloudy. I have heard different reports for today and tomorrow as far as the weather is concerned. Here is in New Haven it is 37 degrees and in Milford it is 38 degrees.

I decided I wanted to read up on some of the boards and commissions here in Milford. To better understand how things worked. Do you know the first place I went to was some an assessment review board? I guess it had to do with vehicle and property assessments.

Well it is almost 10 at night. Johnny Cash is playing on the radio from MN. Mom is answering some emails in he…

Busy Monday again

Hey all it is just before midnight and I was heading to bed. Today was a very long day. I got to work at a good time but jumped right into work. I did make a few stops on the internet highway but managed to get stuff going.

I finished Friday’s mail and sorted it and delivered it as well as Thursday. I wasn’t able to open today’s lockbox but I did get the post office started. One of the reasons for that was because I had so much individual readdress mail to get delivered that I spent a good part of the day doing it. I was having a hard time concentrating on the bad addresses too.

I did manage to make calls for the club. I got a hold of the Beth El shelter and scheduled a dinner for February 7th but as I thought about it and when I got an email from Telka realized it wasn’t a good date. She suggested that I make it for March between the 13th and 20th. I will have to call him back tomorrow.

I am still waiting on the ARC person to call me back and set up the club to sponsor a blood drive. I …

A busy few Days

It is after 11 on Sunday. I have one of the Native American stations playing on the media player. I can’t believe I haven’t written in my journal since Thursday. Unfortunately it’s true though.

Friday is becoming a blur but I worked, and relaxed Friday. Mom went to Sylvia’s for the Jewelry show. I just didn’t feel like going. I don’t have the money and I don’t know of anyone I would be giving jewelry to. Mom was there until maybe 11. I didn’t get any mail that day.

Saturday started off okay until Mom saw the room. She was mighty pissed. She was mostly pissed at my attitude about it. I didn’t particularly care for her mouth but let’s just say by 7:30 it was better then it was. I was supposed to have dinner with Dave that night but he was still in the Dominican Republic. I didn’t know he had sent me an email earlier in the week. He did call me and reminded me about it. Mom went out to dinner. When she came home it was a bit contentious but I apologized to her for the day.


Today was long

It is almost 11 pm. I was just heading to bed. Today was a good day despite the fact that mom drove me to distraction. As you remember I set up an appointment to me with a TIAA Cref representative to go over and review my retirement and any other possible programs. Mom wanted to come. Today was that appointment. It was for 2 pm and the final meeting place was to be the patient services confidentiality room in Shirley’s area. Joel told me about it around Noon time. I called Mom around 1:30 a half hour before she was to arrive and told her the update. I had called the security desk and told Mike to call me when she arrived.

When it got to be 2 pm the representative came and I took him to the office we would be using. Mom hadn’t arrived. She arrived at 2:05 pm. She was waiting on me to come and get her. She was just about to go and put the coin in the meter. I waited for her and while I was waiting Marianne walked by me. Now I had come down a little earlier to see if Mom ar…

Still not feeling completely well

Well its noon time here and I am still working on yesterday’s mail. I am taking it slow. I haven’t been feeling well all day. It started yesterday sometime. I would get these pains as though someone was kicking me in the stomach and probably the rib cage. I had a few “spells” earlier but it seems to be fine.

When I went home yesterday I didn’t have to see Kitty. Roberta and Mike had just come home. Roberta had called and talked with Mom while I was sitting in the TV room watching TV. I told Mom what my problem was. I didn’t eat dinner.

Around 6 I had learned of the drug overdose/death of actor Heath Ledger. I was so surprised. I had come in half way through and they were listing his credits and his bio and then I saw the picture with his dates on it.

Today there are more stories and speculation about how and why he died. Some say its accidental over dose. He had so much going for him.

Well it is almost 11:30. I have been taking it slow. When I left the office I was still having those pa…

jan 22, 08

I have been here five hours now. I can’t remember what time I got up but I managed to leave a little after 7 and still get to feed the cat and see the pups again. The ride in was fine. I think I got on at the Marsh Hill Lane/Road entrance.

January 21, 2008

I cant’ believe it. Monday night has arrived. Where did the time go? Yesterday was a lovely and enjoyable day. It was cold too. I fed the cat. Then I went to bingo. Bingo went well. I had twenty one players. Sam got a little feisty and said shut up and I just walked up to him and in his good ear said we are not using that word again.

After bingo I went to church. I was late so I slipped into the crying room next to the altar. I left right after communion. I went to the post office after that and then came home. Mom was already home.

Over the next few hours I did some laundry, worked on the pen pal files. However, I didn’t do what I was supposed to do. I haven’t done any writing in the journals I was supposed to be mailing out today. I am really upset. I have been procrastinating about it for the last two days.

I got a call late in the day from Dave. He had to make himself scarce so that Patrick could entertain a guest. So we were going to run some errands and then go t…

A cold January

It is after 11:30 on this cold January Saturday. Mom is in bed reading the newspaper from today. I have been watching TV. I have to say I just can’t get into this season’s L&O. It just doesn’t feel right.

I am getting tired again and I should go to bed. I just have more things to do for my address book for outlook and I should be writing in my journals for the swap. I just haven’t done that.

Things with Mom are settling down after an argument I had with her Thursday. I think it was Thursday. It was over Personal Hygiene. She was being incredibly rude about it I am not stupid I know hygiene is important but she was going beyond trying to prove a point.

The argument got very intense. I was about to throw in the towel and tell her do what ever she wanted to do with the house. Anyway the next morning I apologized to her and she said the apology was accepted (but she clearly had a tone and attitude about it). When I talked to her about it later on in the day she said she was st…

To Sandi V

Sandi V Please remove my blog as one of your favorites. You are no longer welcomed to this blog. when you think you can criticize or judge others in your blog and no one can of you in theirs its hypocritical.

January 17, 2008

Well it is after 9 on Thursday night. The last time I looked it was sleeting outside. Mom was out at her ethics meeting and came home about 20 to 25 minutes ago. I have been reading emails and a letter I got from my pen pal Amy S in Florida.

I have already bathed and did watch some TV for a bit too. Nothing too particular either. There doesn’t seem to be anything on of interest. The Bird Cage with Robin Williams I have seen before many times.

I wasn’t feeling too well earlier I had to take some Tums®. I am not really feeling that well still.

The work day went well. I have a lot of readdressing to do plus sort and deliver the EOBS.

Today was Gayle’s birthday there was breakfast stuff and cake to celebrate. I also had chips and I know that was stupid. I really wasn’t feeling well this morning either.

Crazy week

This week has been crazy for me. The mail Volume from the post office was high and the lockbox seemed semi heavy. I spent way too much time online and that’s probably what got me backed up.

The snow storm we had was not bad around here but further north was a different story. One person told me he had 6 inches of snow where he lived. Boston was hit hard as well.

The only writing I did was part of the journal pals that I have. I still don’t think I totally understand what I have to do but I did start writing. I haven’t done the recipe one yet and I am a little apprehensive about that.

The caucus last night went very well. Rich spoke on what was needed to be done and what will be done in March when the new Town Committee starts. It was snowing a little when we arrived and when we left too. We couldn’t find the room at first but we finally did after 10 or fifteen minutes.

It was 8:30 when we got back to the house. We got into our pajamas and did our own thing. I was still having pr…

This Weekend

This weekend has been eventful. Yesterday Mom and I went to the Knights of Columbus Museum in New Haven. Mom asked me to join her and I went. We had fun. We left here around 11 and by 11:30 we were at the Museum. We saw the Christmas Exhibit that has been there since November of last year. We also saw the Seventh Annual Christmas Tree Festival . Two churches from Milford participated. They were St Ann’s and St Mary’s Church. For some reason (and not altogether surprising) St Agnes didn’t participate. The other reason we were there is to read up on Dad’s Uncle. John J Phelan was one of the earlier members of the Knights. There was even a picture of him that Bob has in his house. It used to be here but Bob wanted it so Mom let him have it.

We were there until about 1 and then came home. The rest of the afternoon I finished laundry that I had started in the morning and did a lot of introduction letters that can be found at my pen pal blog.

Mom worked on her stuff on the com…


Do you remember last year when I mentioned a favorite wings place closed? It was called TK's Restaurant? Well this morning the building was demolished. All that is left is a big pile of rubble. IT took almost three long trash carting trucks to take away some of the stuff. Some of us would look out the window through out the day.

Some of us thought it was really silly for them to do it in the rain but it was pointed out that it was a good thing because of Asbestos and dust. We found out that it was also a gas station and a car rental place.

There is one more building to be torn down and then I think in the next few months construction on the 14 story Condo will begin after that. Traffic is really tough around the office building and the neighborhood and now with the School being built and the condo going in it will be interesting to see what happens.

Work went really well. I got a lot done. All that needs to be done is the bulk mail. I am going to try and get some of it don…

I am tired

I am home and I am tired. It is the same story different night. Work went well even though I still have individual name to still do as well as the bulk mail. I was online again today. It seemed like a lot. I felt since I was on top of things that it would be okay. Well it wasn’t.

After work I headed to my friend CC’s house. She has been on medical leave and I was asked to take her Avon order to her. Lee Ann asked me during the day. I was there until 5. I called Mom from her house and told her what was going on. The visit was fun. Their dog Heddie was all over me. A little after 5 I was home.

Mom was making leftover macaroni and sauce. It would be around 5:30 before we had dinner so I got changed and watched TV. The news was on and I can’t remember most of what was on… The weather mostly its going to change.

Mom asked me if I sent the gift cards to the kids yet. I told her I did and she said they thanked us both for the cards from Justice. I lied to her and said I sent a…

January 9, 2008

It is almost 2 in the afternoon. I am just finishing up today’s lockbox. The mail volume was very light. I managed to get online a lot today. I also joined another penpal/journalpal list. Actually it is the same one from yesterday. I am a little nervous about doing this because of postage but I think it would be fun.

I have another concern. This one would be with Jocelyn. She is my coworker and sometimes she borrows money from me to get food or whatever. Sometimes when either of us has lunch or breakfast we either share it or get it for both. She wanted to borrow $25 the other day I and I just couldn’t do it. She then said any thing you can give. Well I thought $10 would be okay. She borrowed $20 about a month ago and paid me back but I just can’t keep doing it especially with my own finances in such a mess. I am afraid that she may be taking advantage of me. However, I don’t mind the fact that if she gets food or extra’s she gives some time me.

Well it is almost 9 pm and I have been ho…

Its been two days

Good Morning I am at work. I am listening to MNR in Monroe on the computer. Yesterday was busy but I managed to get on line. More than I wanted to be. As a result I am just finishing up yesterday’s mail. I did get online this morning but not long.

Aside from getting online yesterday it wasn’t a bad day. We had a visit from our co worker Marquita P who was injured when her second floor porch collapsed under her. It happened nearly 2 years ago it seems. Oh and I got only a fraction of the charts that I ordered for yesterday. I called the Supervisor/Manager and we discussed it and she said she would talk with the night time supervisor. I was supposed to call her myself but I just got way to busy.

Mom wasn’t feeling well yesterday. She said her stomach was queasy. Luckily today she seems better. She made dinner for me and sat with me for a bit but had some phone calls to make and answer and to work on the computer.

When I got home I found a pen pal letter from Marijean in OH. It was written …

A wonderful Sunday

Good Morning it is almost 8:30. The sun is trying to come out from behind the clouds but it is losing the battle (again). I just finished showering and reading an email from my pen pal Claudia. Actually we haven’t written each other in quite some time but she feels that we can refresh because things are so crazy and that it would not be right to promise to write and not do it.

It is almost 3 pm. I am just starting to do some pen pal stuff. I have been home from bingo and church since 12:30. Mom was already home and working on the computer. I was really feeling energized and decided to vacuum and dust the downstairs. I will do the upstairs when Mom is not in her office.

Bingo went really well. Virginia was on duty today and was starting the coffee. I helped serve the coffee and we started bingo a little after 10. We played until 11:15 and then I got ready for church. I stopped and talked with Claudia at the front desk. It was sprinkling as I left for St Mary’s.

Mass was goo…

Today was a lazy day

Good Morning. The sun is shining and coming through the trees in the backyard. It makes the yard and marsh look pretty. Mom is downstairs reading the paper and we were just talking about our cold, the room and board, and the cold air coming through the air conditioner.

It is now after 8 pm Saturday night Mom is getting into her pajamas and going to watch the debate from New Hampshire. I am just starting to fizzle out. I have not been doing very much today. I sent the laundry through and then watched TV and spent time online.

I got the insufficient fund notice from Webster today Mom just looked at me. She didn’t say anything but I think she has had an attitude about it. She is claiming she was tired. I have not really liked her attitude today but didn’t get into it with her. When I would talk to her it would be clear and distinctly and loud enough to hear me. Yet she still said what?

Well we just got word tonight that the DTC caucus is for Jan 15th at 7:30. I have to be ther…

January 4, 2008

Well it is after 7 Friday night. I have been home from work since 4:30. I am already in my pajamas and updating my checkbook, pen pal files. I have taken some more meds but I will take the night time stuff closer to 11.

Work went pretty well. I still have to finish today’s post office mail. Jim came with it late (the second run) and I was working on a few other things. I will just have to finish Monday.

I really had some anxious moments. I looked at my checkbook this morning online and I was really overdrawn. Well according to the bank I was but not with mine. I was overdraft by one. I hope nothing more comes in. I just have to adjust a payment to the credit card company and do okay with Mom.

When I told my co worker Carol on the way home she reminded me that we get paid three times in February and our pay raise at the end of February. She also told me not to worry about it. I told a couple of people of the problems and they all told me everyone has done it at one time. I …

It is really cold out

It is almost 10 in the morning and I am doing the lockbox for today. I have been here since 10 after 8 and I really want to go back to bed. I really didn’t sleep well last night. I really have to make my bed when I get home. It was very cold in my room during the night and the AC cover isn’t helping it at all.

Well it is close to Noon time. I am still working on regular mail right now. I will be finished shortly and then I will do a list.

It is after 3 in the afternoon. I got everything done except the bulk mail. I didn’t get the chart request done until 1:30 or so. It feels pretty good to know that I got everything done.

I am not sure when I will be able to get the bulk mail done probably tomorrow.

I talked with Mom and she is fine she is at a meeting now and should be home by 4:30.

I also talked with Liz and she has a cold. She says she is giving a dinner for all the birthday’s she missed this past two months. That sounds like it is going to be fun. If not frantic.

Hey everyone. I am jus…

It's Wednesday again

Well it is mid week and back to normal around here. Almost everyone is here. I am still not feeling all that well myself. Everyone is just so busy around here. I did get into my work. I did get online for a short time. I was looking for postal holidays for the 2008. These guys didn’t have the list ready so I did a search. I did read some other emails too. I checked some forums too. I even checked the Lee Majors one on IMDB. The reason for that is I had seen him on a show last night and was wondering if it was rebroadcast .Then I got off.

Around 11 I got back on for a bit. Just checking emails and stuff and seeing if there were any Federal Holiday lists from the Post Office. At lunch time I put the internet radio and my headset on and continued opening mail.

I talked with Mom earlier in the day. She was just getting up and having her coffee. I reminded her that I wouldn’t be home until 5:30. I am not sure what her day is going to be like.

Ann gave me back the rest of her gift to me (the h…

New Year's Day 2008

Good Morning and Happy New Year. It is after 9 and Mom and I getting ready for 10 AM Mass. It is the Feast of Solemnity. I am afraid I don’t know much about it but being raised in a Catholic home I should. It is considered a feast day and it honors both Mary and Jesus.

After mass we will come back here and do our own thing until about 1 when we will leave for Mike JRS birthday party. We will be there for a few hours and then come back to Milford for Tessa and Mike’s Party. I am sure we will be home by 9 at least. I have to be at work by 8 in the morning.

I would like to say I won’t be inundated by mail but who knows. Lately after a few holidays it hasn’t been that bad.

Well it is now 1:15 we will be leaving in a while for Cheryl and Mike’s. After church I went over to Mike and Tessa’s to drop off the desserts because I asked Mom if we should be bringing anything. So we decided it would be the Greek desserts. I think I gave Tessa a heart attack because I was REALLY early. I t…