Friday, January 31, 2014

Dear Friends

January 31, 2014

Dear Friends:

    I hope all of you are well.  Today is a anniversary of sorts.  It was 25 years ago this morning that we lost my Dad to kidney failure and other related illnesses.  Mostly it was the kidney but those last two months were horrible.  He was in the hospital for two months.  Family relations with everyone wasn’t good. Not sure if they ever will be between my remaining siblings.   I miss him but I haven’t been to his grave in a long time.  I don’t think I went to see him when we buried Bob two years ago.  I don’t feel the need to.  I have my memories of him and a ton of pictures of him around the house.

    What makes this also special is that at one time we thought Mom would not make it past the holidays.  Well right now she is sleeping in her room after having a day of visitors come in and out after being in the hospital for the one day surgery.  After having a visit from Tess and after I did some more quick shopping for half & Half we had our dinner.  It was chicken Tortellini soup from Nel & Liz. 

Unfortunately while eating that part of my implant broke off ( the caps if you will) so I quickly called the dentist and left a message.  I won’t know if they will hear it tomorrow or Monday.  I don’t consider it an emergency really so Monday or Tuesday will be just fine.

Work went okay.  It actually started off very well, I managed to get to work early and managed to work on re-address mail.  The mail volume for the month end was a little low but it allowed me to get stuff done.  We said farewell to Ms Joan from Patient Services.  She starts her retirement.  Her official dinner is next month.  I also had an opportunity to Chat with our COO today.  I guess his office is now in our building and he was walking around saying good night to everyone.  It was very nice.  It was also nice because my office was half way decent looking as well.

The only downside is two of our supervisors have been given their lay off notices.  One has been here for five years the other two years.  They were told yesterday and apparently everyone else knew except for a few of us.  This was a total shock to us.  We have some idea who we will be reporting to in three months but we are not sure.  Now it is even more important to make sure things are done right.

I am starting to fade here so I am going to get some sleep.  I have shopping in the morning and a little more laundry to do but I have several letters I need to write tomorrow.  Its just that important.

Have a great night.

Dear Friends

January 30, 2014

Dear Friends:

    Well its been a busy couple of days.  The meeting with the Head Admins yesterday went very well especially after we learned yesterday morning the layoffs would be rescinded and and couple of other things as well.  The meeting itself ran over time so I wasn’t able to finish the mail until this morning.  

    The house was filled with people yesterday.  It was basically continuing the funeral preparations.  Everyone left about an hour after I got home and from what I guess more things were decided on and some changes were made as well.  

    Mom was exhausted but had the souffle and Jim and I had chinese food.  She went to bed a short time after that and so did Jim in order to prepare for today.

I know I was tired and achy and during the night I cried out and woke Jim up (and he wasn’t happy about it).  I did take tylenol but I don’t think it helped much and the heating pad too.

This morning I was the first one up and then so was Mom and then I think Jim was as well.  They left by 7 and I followed suit.  

I was still late into the office by five minutes. I went to work on the mail from yesterday and then around 9 I went to pick up the checks.  The rest of the day I worked on the mail and got it done by 2 and then spent the afternoon working on the re-address and the postage tallies.  

I had gotten phone calls and text messages between all of us on Mom’s surgery throughout the morning and by the time I left for the day she was home and sleeping.  I had called and she answered and had been sleeping.  When I got home later I found them both asleep.  I ended up sleeping for a half hour.  

Jim and I got our own dinner from  Scribner's Restaurant.  He got one for Mom but she never came down.  

I did manage some laundry but now I am exhausted so I am going to bed.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dear Friends

January 28, 2014

Dear Friends:

    I started to write another entry last night bemoaning that I had not finished the minutes and that I was so tired.  It never got finished because I put my head down for what I thought would be a few minutes and it turned out for the whole night.  The sleep was a little better but I still had some moments of discomfort.  I still say its part of the Lupus but If I say it out loud someone will say “go to the Doctor”.

We had  a caucus today  between 12-2 at work. IT was basically to go over what will happen in the meeting tomorrow and who is being picked to speak for us.  They chose some great people.  My session will be from 3-4.

I was able to get all the daily stuff done.  My re-address pile is getting bigger again but I am hoping that lockbox will be light tomorrow and I will get that pile back down to nothing.

Ethel and Diane came over to visit and to discuss the music.  I got the impression that Diane seemed to think that Mom would survive the cancer and Mom kept telling her no.  Ethel was telling us how someone was going through her trash and she was saying some really naive things.  Overall it was a good visit.

After they left Mom got something to eat and watched TV until 7:30 or so. I watched TV and then put a small load of laundry in.   It was just about then I had an open face grilled cheese.  I know I shouldn’t have had it but it was convenient and easy.-

Now I am going to bed.

Have a great one...

Monday, January 27, 2014

Dear Friends

January 27, 2014

Dear Friends:

    Oy i had a hard time sleeping last night.  Anytime I moved during the night it felt very uncomfortable.  My left finger is still a little stiff but I did take tylenol.   Actually my hand by the knuckles were swollen for most of the day.  The knee hurt for most of it and even though I took tylenol a few times it is starting to hurt again.

    Despite the aches and pains and discomfort I had a pretty good day at work.  SR gave me the okay to get rid of the outdated junk mail that I had been trying to work on.  I just had to make sure no checks or things like that were there.  That took about 20 minutes which I did in between lockbox and US mail that came late.  More junk mail came but I will deal with it tomorrow.  Its stuff that needs to be sent on to the people its addressed to.  I also was able to clear out some of my files too.

I spoke to Mom around lunch time and she had been cleaning the bathrooms.  She commented that livia had a lot on her mind.  She didn’t do a good job this month cleaning.  She asked me to say nothing to her but I am here to tell you that Livia is gone after this.  As far as I am concerned she needs to go.  When Mom is gone I won’t be paying that woman any $$ for the shit she has pulled lately.

Anyway, Mom was completely wiped out and probably didn’t do very much except laundry.   She thought the washing machine was broken but when three of us looked at it there was nothing really wrong.

Tessa came over with some food for Mom to eat and she looked inside our refrigerator and commented on there wasn’t a lot of food in there.  Mos of the food we have is freaking frozen.  She suggested we have the pizza for dinner.  

The frozen pizza was from Trader Joe’s and Mom didn’t like it and even though I finished it all it wasn’t great.  Mom had a bowl of cereal and we cleaned up the kitchen.  I came upstairs and split my time between the TV,  surfing the net, and writing this entry.  I have to get on the ball with the minutes and my letters to Mary in Australia.

So I will close out for now.

Take care everyone.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dear Friends

January 26, 2014

Dear Friends:

          Greetings on this chilly and cloudy Sunday!  It has been a really busy morning and some what emotional.  When I left here I was rather late getting to the nursing home but no one seemed to mind.  Angela was there and inundated with paper work from Natalie.  She brought me up to speed on some things.  I was quite surprised by some of the news (two staff members were suspended for arguing).

I started bingo earlier than usual.  St Peter’s Episcopal Church was coming for their monthly service at 11 and so I wanted to be finished by then.  I stopped to talk to Claudia at the front desk and I really shouldn’t have.  I was really late for church.

By the time I got to church Fr. Donahue was already giving the homily.  How could I be THAT late??? I finally sat day in the pew (legs were starting to bother me) and after communion I took off for home.

When I arrived my Nephew Chris and Mom were discussing more arrangements of the funeral.   I actually participated in this one.  She finally showed me the poem I will be reading during the wake.  They talked about the readings that will be read and they touched on the music and they showed me what will be on the prayer card.

Chris urged me to not be strong for everyone else and that although it will tough at times I will be okay.  I love this guy.  After some more details were being ironed out Chris left to spend the afternoon with his kids.    Chris and Diane will essentially be in charge of the funeral.

My cousin Bob and his wife Donna stopped by with flowers and for a visit.  It was a lovely visit.  We talked about family, technology, and of course Mom’s health a little.  While they were still here it started to snow.

After they left Mom and I did our own stuff.  I have been trying to work on the minutes but found myself surfing the net, watching TV and taking a nap.

Later on in the afternoon a friend of ours came by to pick up the old heater she lent us to use.  We got caught up with her life and new job.  It was a great visit.

Now Mom is watching TV and having some dinner.  I have feeling she will be heading to bed soon.

I have some things to do so I better get to them (been watching TV) and really need to get things done.

Have a great night.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dear Friends

January 25, 2014

Dear Friends:

It is getting late and I am tired.  The snow stopped about five hours ago and it was just about then when Mom had gone to bed.  I had dinner and watched TV until about 10.  I didn’t get much done in the laundry the second load is drying now. 

I did spend some time on the net at the various entertainment sites and various blogs I follow and it was pretty good.  I also tried to move some emails but I just didn’t have a lot of energy to do that.

In the morning I will do the volunteering and go to church.  In the afternoon I will be writing up the minutes and paying some more bills and getting ready for Jim’s visit later this week.

It is time to crash…


Dear Friends

January 25, 2014

Dear Friends:

    Well its after 1 and I managed to get the shopping done by Noon but got home just a little before 1.    I really didn’t have to get much and that was a plus but the people at a couple of the stores were slow moving.  Ack!!!

Part of the reason why it took me so long to get home is while I was still in the parking lot of Shop Rite I called Liz and we chatted about what/who else? Mom. 

We talked about the visit with Father Callahan yesterday and what was done (anointing of the sick vs. last rites).  Apparently they both cover it but we won’t get into long discussions with Mom over it.    WE talked about giving the eulogy.  Mom wants all three of us to do.  She only asked Liz and perhaps Jim about it but she hasn’t said anything to me-yet!  Jim and Liz discussed it last night on the phone.  Apparently I am supposed to read a poem.

  I told Liz I feel very stupid being in the same house and not knowing what is going on.  Liz pointed out that Mom doesn’t always tell everything either or she tells one thinking we will all know.

I totally forgot that Mom’s stint removal is this week.  She is going in on the 30th.  Jim will be up on Wednesday.  (That should be fun).  When I got home I asked Mom if there is anything I can do for that.  She says not yet and she said if I want to I could take the time off to be there but waiting is not really a strong suit of mine.

While I was cleaning up from lunch I asked Mom how the funeral arrangements were going and she said slow.  I asked if there was anything I could do (my way of giving her an opening to tell me about the poem) and she said no.  She said that Fr. Callahan for got a book and then got another one that wasn’t the one she needed so now Mom is going over the readings.

Tessa brought some stuff over earlier so Mom will be eating that for dinner tonight.  I have no idea what I want yet but like I said I just finished lunch.  I still have time.   I just had a thought.  Spaghetti!!!

Well I have a mound of clothes to go through for laundry ( how the heck is that possible?) so I am going to do it. 

Have a great one.

Dear Friends

January 25, 2014

Dear Friends:

    Its just before 8:30 and I am the only one up right now.  I have been awake since 5:30 but I decided I would doze for a bit and finally got up by 8.  I just posted yesterday’s entry and then surfed the net. 

    I am excited to see I have another letter from Mary in Victoria.  I will be writing her this afternoon.  I think I have another one from last week as well.  I will have lots to tell her I think.

    I was really glad I went to bed early last night.  I did have a little bit of aches and pains but they were more like strains mostly.  I have them a little now but I will take some Tylenol shortly.

    This morning I am going to pick up the car and then go shopping and then do other things.  The snow that is predicted for today isn’t due until this afternoon but we all know how that can change.  It is fairly cloudy now.  It’s also very windy.  Yikes.  I am told the snow won’t be a huge accumulation.

    Well I better take off…see you later.

Dear Friends

January 24,  2014

Dear Friends:

     Sorry for not getting back to you yesterday but it got busy and I wanted to make sure stuff was all done before I left.  I wasn’t sure if I would get it all done and delivered but I did.

    I got to see Grandma Mary she came back after a couple of days off.  Her new grandbaby arrived over the weekend and she hasn’t seen him yet because she got a cold.  She was very disappointed but she is anxious to hold him.

    When we got to the garage I took a few minutes and cleaned out the car.  I headed to Tim’s and apparently they were expecting me yesterday morning.  Great.  So they took me home and said they would call me and tell me the news.

    MOm was sitting in the back.  She wasn’t feeling great but she did manage to put the coffee together for the meeting.  I started getting ready for the meeting.  I even finished the minutes as best as I could.  Mike and Tess came with some stuff to warm up and Tess and I talked about ways to improve the minutes for the future.  

    Eventually people started arriving we had ten members including a new 4th District member and a dear family friend who brought her beautiful 1 year old.  MOm got to see the baby.  We sent them upstairs.  The meeting lasted until 9 and we then had refreshments and cleaned up.  I stopped to relax for a bit and then got back to cleaning the kitchen.  It was nearly ten when that was done.  

I closed down the house and then went upstairs did some surfing and then went to bed around 11.  I think I had a pretty good sleep until the alarm went off this morning.  THen I didn’t want to get up but I did.

I was late for work but the day was busy I had gotten a lot done and we had a farewell party for the Ex Director.  She has been here for 15 years.  She gave a speech and we had cake.  She will be VP at UCONN Health.  

After work I headed home.  Mom was upstairs and in her office.  She wasn’t really feeling great.  She was irritable.  She was commenting on an email I sent out to the 4th District that the only people I sent it to was her and Phil.  I explained that I use the BBC when its a lot.   She doesn’t want me to do that she wants to see who it was sent out to.  I have a problem with that.  First of all I don’t think she is doing it because she is a committee member but doing it as “Mom”.  She does this from time to time and I feel it's inappropriate.  I told her I would do it but I resent it very much.

She did help with my dinner.  We had cooked it in the Brevillle oven.  We should have defrosted the lamb chops first but started to cook them and then defrosted them.  Once the got to cooking and once Mom felt they were okay she went up to bed.

I ate and watched TV for a bit and then went upstairs.  My arms and legs are hurting tonight and so I don’t feel like going back downstairs much but I did.

Now I am going to bed.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

DEar Friends

January 23, 2014

Dear Friends:

    It is brutally cold again.  It isn’t as windy as yesterday and that’s a good thing.  It is currently 12*F. I have been up since 5:30.  I actually got up and got outside to put the rest of the garbage out and to clear off the steps for visitors.  I hope the rock salt works.

I managed to get my bed made and left the note I wrote for Olivia three days ago back on my bed. She is supposed to come this afternoon.   I hope she doesn’t take  offense to the note because I wrote it in Spanish.  I think the room is in fairly good shape but that could be open to interpretation.

    I am dropping the car off after work and hopefully the guys can give me a ride home.  From that point i have to get ready for the meeting tonight.  Mom may or may not sit in on the meeting tonight.  I still have to get some soda for the meeting.  I also have to finish the minutes.

We signed a petition today to request that the Head administration meet with us regarding the layoffs and budgetary cuts.  I guess there was some question to when it would be done and they (Admin) was faltering on the scheduling part.  I am not sure when they will present it but I hope soon.

Well I have more mail to open up...see you later...stay warm.

Thankful Thursday

1.      I am thankful that Mom is still here  to live her life the way she wants
2.      I am thankful for my family warts and all
3.      I am thankful for a job I love.
4.      I am thankful for a home I love
5.      I am thankful for the volunteer organizations I belong to.
6.      I am thankful for the changing seasons
7.      I am thankful for the friends I have.
8.      I am thankful the weekend is almost here.
9.      I am Thankful today is Pay day!
10.  I am thankful people got home safely from the winter storm that hit the northeast.   

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DEar Friends

January 22, 2014

Dear Friends:

    The snow ended overnight and I could hear and see the snow plows out last night around 9.  They did an excellent job.  It made getting out easier and so did the school cancellations in town.  IT definitely was cold as the snow kept blowing back into my face when I cleared off the car.  I did manage to measure the snow and it was indeed six inches of snow.

The drive in was fine.  Very little traffic and the roads were not that bad. My hat rolled blew off and into the street near the office.  LUckily someone was kind enough to catch it for me.  Another co-worker stopped me from getting killed.  It was at that moment I wished I had Paige Matthews-Hallowell’s power to call things to her.

The office was quiet but my supervisor was here and so were others.  I had gotten an email from SR from yesterday so I asked her how her ride was going home.  Before I left for Debra’s TMJ came in.  

The Session with Debra seemed to go by quick.  We hadn’t seen each for two weeks even though we had the phone session last week.  We talked about the incident with Jim and we agreed that we talk about everything and that there will be good times and not so good times in the relations with Mom.
I got back to the office around 12:30.  I found the mail waiting for me and there really wasn’t that much to start with.  So between that and the stuff from downstairs it wasn’t a lot.  I did manage to get “some” lockbox but that was low as well.  I still have that to work on tomorrow as well.

JB reminded me about the paycheck pickup tomorrow but she suggested that I should call to see if they are ready since Monday was a holiday.  I will do that.

Liz and I got an email from Mom’s friend Maureen.  She was concerned that Mom didn’t answer the phone when she called.  Mom called her back later.  The same thing happened to me.  I did have a momentary panic feeling but I figured she was in the shower.

When I left for the day I walked with Ann.  She had to go the 4th level of the garage while I was on our regular floor.  I was home a short time later.  The sun glare was atrocious.  

MOm was in the back dozing.  I turned around and went out to pick the car up at the garage.  I stopped and talked with Neighbor Chris.  While I was there LIz drove up (I didn't notice until something drew my attention to it) and for the second time I wasn’t sure if it was her car or not.

So I said goodbye to Chris and headed to the garage.  I made it safely if not an icicle. When I got inside Frank said he would have come and picked me up.  Aw now he tells me!!!  I made arrangements to drop off the car tomorrow night.  I am going to take him up on the offer to drive me home.

When I got back I found Liz and Mom out back talking.  I put the garbage out front and then came in.  Liz apparently brought some smoothies for Mom only one never made it because LIz fell and dropped it.  She bruised her knee.  I came in  the middle of a discussion about funeral stuff.  

Liz is going to get her friend who is a musician/organist at church to play at MOm’s.  They also talked about Father Callahan coming tomorrow for prayers for the sick.  

I also found that MOm is going wear a white ruffled blouse and a black jacket.  I am guessing she will have a skirt of some sort.  I really didn’t want to ask the question but I am guessing.

Despite the fact MOm wasn’t feeling great she managed to make us baked potatoes and creamed tuna for her self.  She couldn’t finish all of it but she is saving it for tomorrow.

Well I have another long day tomorrow.  Happily it won’t include the LUpus Doctor.  THey called to cancel and reschedule it for March.  I admitted to the woman that i haven’t gotten the blood work done.  So now I have a few more weeks to do it.

I am getting tired so I better go...

Be Well!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dear Friends

January 21, 2014

Dear Friends:

    Work was pretty good.  The mail volume wasn’t bad for after a holiday (so SR was right about that).  I was hopeful to get a lot done and I think I did.  Especially when I received an email indicating there would be used campus envelopes heading my way in the next couple of days.

    The Snow started around 11:30 this morning.  Some of us were already discussing early dismissal and snow day for tomorrow.  People began leaving around 1.  I left around 3:30.  The daily stuff was done and some of the re-address tackled.  I felt it was good time to go home.  It took me an hour to get to the house.  I decided to take the highway and go 5 or 10 miles an hour.  It was coming down pretty heavy by then.  Some of the side roads were not that great but our street wasn’t bad.  

    Mom was sitting in her chair when I finally got in the house.  Her stomach was giving her grief today so she wasn’t really going to eat much.  We decided that we would have the Trader Joe Chicken Pot pie for dinner.

    Little did I know that it was enough for 4 people and that it took longer to cook than it says on the box.  I think we finally ate some time after 6.  Mom couldn’t eat all that I had given her but she managed to have some cereal afterwards.  I had to throw away what I had on my plate.  Next time I am going to be a little more wary about that.

While we watched the news cover the snowstorm I told Mom that I probably will go in to work around noon time.  She just said “see what it is like in the morning”.  The forecast calls for it to all end by 9 or 10 in the morning.  

I am so happy for Mardi’s Parents.  They have a new edition to the family...her name is Mad Dee.  She became a recent edition to the family when their previous dog passed away over the weekend.  This little princess is so adorable that you can’t help but want to snuggle with it.  Congratulations to everyone.

For some reason LJ wouldn’t let me post an entry in my NCIS Blog due to content.  I tried several times so I ended up linking it to the other blogs that allowed it.  I am going to keep an eye on that one and see if it continues.

Well I am going to go watch NCIS even though its a repeat from season 10.  Then I am going to bed....

Be safe and warm.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Dear Friends

January 20, 2014

Dear Friends:

    I can’t believe how quickly this day off went by.  I woke up around 6 or 7 and watched TV and then got dressed in preparation for Mom to get up for the trip to the Lab.  It was some time before she got up so watched more TV until she did.  We left around 10 and we were back a little after 10:30.

    The waiting room was crowded with people who had previously made appointments with the walk-ins.  But the staff was proficient and professional and moved it all along.  

    When we got home Mom got back into her pajamas and  read her paper and had coffee.  I stripped my bed to wash the sheets and I have picked up the room-a little.  Mom was saying she isn’t sure exactly when Olivia is coming or not.  All she knew was it was going to be before the meeting this Thursday.

    Despite the temperatures in the low 40’s it was cold and cloudy.  The weather forecast is calling for a winter storm sometime in the next two days. (Fist pump)

We had visits from Neighbor Don and Neighbor Sean today and that was so sweet of them.  They wanted to see how Mom was doing.  After their visit I spent time playing with Lilly.

Some time later Mom and I decided I would get a few things she needed at the store (like gas for her car) and perhaps use gift cards and refunds that she wanted.  Well It was decided that we didn’t need anything at costco except gas.  While we were still getting the list together Jim called and they talked about V8 juice.  I would later discover that my brother got pissed at me for arguing with Mom over V8...she wanted the vegetable juice well I was trying to explain to her there are different varieties...with fruit juice.  When I called Jim as I was leaving for the store he and I talked about it and he got pissed.  He even suggested I discuss it with Debra.  I Find this to be the height of rudeness and inappropriateness.  To have some uninformed person suggest i discuss something with MY Therapist.  My brother or anyone else for that matter who think they are going to pass judgement on something that lasted not more than five goddamn minutes from wherever they are better go find a therapist of their own and leave me the fuck alone. He started getting snotty with me.  So I told him I need to go shopping.  

I was sort of thinking about it while driving MOm’s car  and managed to calm down before getting to the gas station at Costco.  The lines were long but moving.  I got my gas and headed to the next grocery store.  

I don’t think I was at Shoprite all that long and when I got back to the car it wouldn’t start!  I tried everything.  I even checked the headlights.  When I called MOm to tell her but she she couldn’t hear everything I said. That’s frustrating. I ended up calling the garage.  

The guy came and tried to boost it and noticed a few things and it wouldn’t turn over until he decided to tow it.  He says its the starter.  He had me drive it to the garage and he would follow and then take me back to the house.  What I couldn’t understand was why they would drive me back in the car that needs to be serviced?

So I got home and showed MOm the stuff I got and explained to her what they would do (call me etc and let me know what was going on).  The rest of the afternoon was fairly quiet.  We talked about dinner, she relaxed out back and I watched TV.

I had a small quiche for dinner and Mom had a bowl of cereal and went to bed around 7.  I am heading to bed myself too.  

I just don’t feel like making the bed right now..

Dear Friends

January 19, 2014

Dear Friends:

    Well I am just heading to bed now but I wanted to let you know the spaghetti dinner came out just fine.  Mom guided me through the sauce making and got tired and she gave me instructions for the pasta and we ate around 6 or 6:30 and finished by 7.  Mom went to bed about then and I took my time cleaning the kitchen.  I watched TV and finally by 9 finished the kitchen.  There wasn’t a lot that’s why I took my time.

I got an email from Debbie in Wallingford inviting me and others to another Boomers concert in April.  It is just before Easter.  I am going to tentatively plan on it for now and see what happens then.  It all depends on what’s going on with Mom.  She always tells me to do the fun stuff but we will see what happens.

Tomorrow Mom and I will go to the lab and get her lab work done and then get home.  Olivia will be here some time.  I will work on my room while she does the rest of the house.

Have a great night..

Not doing very much this morning