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Things mothers should not do

Well Tuesday is over. Well actually in about 4 hours and 15 minutes Tuesday will be over. It rained for most of the day and is continuing right now. The temperature went to 67 today here in Milford. It is now 65 degrees with light rain

I am just really angry right now. Mom and I were talking about the letter from our cable service informing us we will need to get a cable box if we want the stuff we have been having. Well if she fucking read it right we would still get the stuff we have now we just wouldn’t be getting ESPN. So I looked it up and it gave the pricing and the package and what we have. While I was reading the letter she tells me I look like I put on ten pounds. I mean how god damn insulting is that??? We had finished dinner nearly two fucking hours ago. “Oh don’t go away angry”. I am fucking insulted and you want me to take a look at what we will be doing for cable???? You don’t have enough money to put out for it????? Yet you want to buy fucking rugs????

Now I am …

Not a bad start to the week

I am heading to bed. I am hoping I will be asleep soon. I had a pretty good sleep despite getting a muscle cramp behind my knee early this morning. There are hints of it still flaring up even now.

I got ready for work, moved some clothes around in the machines and got them out and put them in the spare room. It was raining when I left. I didn’t have any problems getting to work.

When I got there worked on the collection letters first and got them done and then got stared on the rest of the mail. Nothing really major happening there. Shirley just reminded me or asked me to make sure that when I get the correspondence to stamp it for that day. I am now just one day behind with the Rejection piles and the bad addresses. I did manage to work on the “redirecting mail”. Still have a long way to go.

I paid one of the birthday clubs today. I have to pay the other one tomorrow. Heidi T wasn’t here today and she is in charge of that one. Unfortunately, I spent part of it on food.


Today was cool

It is almost 2:30 Sunday afternoon; Sunday Afternoon Matinee is playing on the radio. It is raining and has been for most of the day. Mom is at the literary club picnic and won’t be back until later on in the evening. The aroma of Kielbasa and Sauer Kraut is all but left the house.

I had 15 people at bingo today and it went well. I showed everyone my new license picture and they all liked it. I had to think how many years I have had the license. It has been twenty one years since I got it. Sam told me he had his for 70 years. Argh. I can’t imagine me at that age yet.

I talked to Dave today. It was mainly about inviting him and Patrick to Liz’s for my birthday but he will be working that day. We talked about a few family issues that seemed to be bothering me. I sort of got aggravated and loud when I started thinking about how Liz wants to make the world (or her immediate world) acknowledge the wrongs that were done to her. Then we got to talking about the whole thing with T…

It was quiet and chilly today

Hey all it is after 8:30 and I am getting ready to run some errands. I need to renew my license today and that will be before I get my hair done. Mom says I was really cutting the time short with the license. I hate going to the DMV and I highly recommend the AAA travel center. All you have to do is sign a couple of things and pay your $66. Now I don’t have to renew my license until August of 2012

Well I did get an email last Wednesday from CC in Washington and she says she never got the letter. I am certain I sent it. I just replied to her and told her I would get another one out. I think this time so that I know she got it *incase* she is playing me I will get those signature cards attached.

I got a reply from Tina in regards to Marc and Dave. Apparently when Tina asked that Marci send her the magnet as new and not “previously owned” Marci was put off of it. The woman hasn’t returned any of the things she said she would to Tina. Tina also added a rule to the group that when…
Well the weekend has officially started. Today was pretty good even though it was another one of those days where I didn’t get everything finished. We had cake for Jean T who is moving up to Insurance Follow-up.

My wrist has been hurting all day today. Any time I would move it a certain way it was ached and it is still doing it now. I took some Aleve® for it. A couple of times today and no result yet.

I had a good session with Debra today. She gave me a statement for the last two months and she has filled out the HCFA forms. All she needs is the group number and I will call her with that tomorrow. We are both hoping that this will get the insurance company to reimburse me for the sessions.

We talked about the weekends and how aggravated I was with Dave last week for almost missing the schooner ride and his behavior and how I felt when Mom defended him. I also told her that I had been procrastinating about ordering the Welbutrin from Dr. H. I promised her I would call whe…

August 24, 2006

Good morning it is 9:30 and I am working on yesterday’s lock box once again. I just finished sorting Tuesdays and will be delivering that as soon as I finish with the work in front of me. I was reading Linda Lael Miller's Journal and she is truly inspiring. She is the author of a book entitled “Last Chance CafĂ©” in which Kevin Sorbo is starring in. I always think I write lousily in journals by writing every detail of what I am doing and when. For me it sounds like it would be boring.

Work yesterday went okay. There were no major problems to speak of and when it was time for me to leave for the retirement dinner I had no problems getting there. The drive past Fort Nathan Hale Park was lovely.

The entire evening was great. The Restaurant was lovely and the food great. I got to see people I haven’t seen in a long time. We all signed a Message book and address book in case she wanted to contact us. I sat with Paula J, Dottie C, and two other women I had never met but h…


It is after 9 pm and I just finished watching the end of part one of “May we make them Proud episode of Little House on the Prairie”. I had missed the fire part but I had seen it so many times.

Tonight was a quiet night. I was updating my calendar and reading some emails. Mom’s been watching TV. She went out to a Political thing for Dick Roy. He is the State Representative for Milford. She got home a little after 7.

She made some phone calls and got online to check emails. Then she changed into her pajamas and has been watching TV. I am not sure what she has planned for tomorrow. She has work for CPAC and the MHB. She has the wake to go to tomorrow night. She has the Funeral for Ann Marie on Thursday. There are meetings for the rest of the week.

My day went pretty well. I got more accomplished then yesterday and made a concerted effort to not use the computer as much. I still have lots to do though. I have to finish the lockbox from today. The mail from previous day ha…

Monday went by too fast

It is almost 7:20 Monday morning. I have been up for about 40 minutes and have bathed and ironed my pants for work. The radio is on and reports about Kurdish communities that Sadam Hussein had destroyed during his regime. These are accusations that are being hurled at Sadam and he is going to court for these.

It is after 5 and I have been home since 20 of five. Today went by so quickly. I didn’t get everything done either. I had forgotten I had some team stuff to sort and deliver. No not the Rejection/EOBS but correspondence, requests. I haven’t even begun to open the lock bock mail.

I am heading to bed. For some reason the computer is sluggish and it’s starting to piss me off. The other things that are starting to piss me off are the following:

People are continuing to get on CeCe’s back about her not sending out
Letters to her new pen pals and she continues to ask for new pen pals. I haven’t heard from her yet either. It doesn’t bother me

I just found out the Marci and Dave left a group …

My Sunday

It is almost 2:30 on Sunday afternoon. I have done bingo, church, and some ironing, and got into a slight disagreement with Mom about Dave and how he was running later then he had expected to the boat last night. She is so goddamned annoying and disloyal to me. She saw nothing wrong that he and Patrick and Mary showed up nearly 15 minutes before the boat was to leave. He got there didn’t’ he??? If I had done that she would be reading me the fucking riot act.

Anyway, she is doing some paper work, and I am surfing the net. Sorbonut posted that Kevin Sorbo will be attending Megacon 2007 in February. I saw the website promoting it but I didn’t read fully where it was going to bed. He will be there around Valentines Day. I shared the info with a few boards. No one responded yet.

In the pen pal world the first message I see here is from the ladiesplace group and they appointed a new moderator. Her name is Jayne. In the other groups swap partners were announced in several swaps. …

This Weekend

It has been a couple of days since my last entry. In that time I worked and it went well. I helped out at the Oyster fest last night and this morning and I am very tired. I am in the middle of getting ready to meet Dave and Patrick and Mary and Rose and her Mom at Cancun Charlie’s Restaurant so we can take the schooner cruise at five. I am leaving here at 3:30. Mom graciously has offered to drive me to town as far as we can go and then I will walk from there to Factory lane. She plans on dropping me off at the Shelter. I just hope that fucking bitch isn’t there. She threatened to have our car towed from the shelter parking lot if we parked there again. Mom didn’t even tell her she is a board member.

Anyway we got home by 11. I had several messages on the answering machine. One was from Jennie calling to thank me for the pictures and to see her at the Oyster fest. The other three were from Dave. He called to update on where we were going to meet. It was to be at 4:00 in front of Cancun …

Things I won't be sharing with the SF-Fandom Board

Every day I do a search on any journals or things I might see about Kevin Sorbo to share with the SF-Fandom Board. So that I can be a viable member (and not always point out the negative of the fandom. Like when certain fans do the unthinkable (such as stalk) well today I saw this: annalytical - and I did share it with Gemini today and wrote to her "I won't be sharing this with the fandom."

Why do you ask? They would probably and in all likelihood rush to his defense and then say the girl is stupid or give their reasons why Kevin would never do what was reported here. Then perhaps they would say "well he must have been having an off day". In otherwords basically make excuses for him.

Don't get me wrong I do like Kevin and think he is a good actor but I have a slight problem with "want to be a good role model" and yet he does or says things that would not be considered "good role model" mate…

two days now

It has been a couple of days since my last entry. In that time I worked and it went well. I had a lot of stuff going on and managed to make a dent in it. I went to Mrs. Jepson’s wake after work and then over to Liz’s.

While over there we talked about our health, and she asked me questions about the plaquenil. It isn’t working for her too much. We also talked about getting the birthday party organized for Mom. We talked about family stuff. Then one of the discussions came around to me freaking out. I said to her when Mom came home sick that day I freaked out. She started telling me that I should talk about that with my therapist. WTF is she to tell me what I should be talking about to MY therapist. I thought it was really out of line. She said how I will deal with the time that Mom will eventually die. Just make sure you don’t get melodramatic and we will be fine.

I was sort of glad I left there around 6:30. When I got home Mom was waiting for me and we were going to have …

I was so tired today.

It is now after midnight on Monday morning. Mom went to bed a short time ago. I tried to go to sleep unfortunately the three small cups of coffee with lots of milk are keeping me up. The cramps are starting up a little too. I did have a bowl of cereal that I spilled on the floor and rug already.

I am going to surf the net for a bit and then try and go back to sleep. I want to get back up at 5 so I can start my day.

Well it is now after 9:30 Monday night. It took me a long while to get to sleep and I ended up sleeping until 6:30. I rushed around and got ready for work. I left after 7:30. I got to work after 8 and began working on the collection letters. Shirley was out for the day. I didn’t get a lot of those letters done.

I did manage to sort the 9th’s EOB rejection piles and deliver them but didn’t finish current day’s mail. I did manage to do Friday’s bad address pile. Shirley will be back tomorrow while Ann will be at a conference.

I was exhausted all day. I would imagine…

The Birthday party

It is after 7 at night the sun is still out but I suspect within the hour the sun will have set. We have been home from Mike and Cheryl’s for about 45 minutes. Mom got into her pajamas and I was watching TV. We had a great time and had lots to eat.

I got up around 8 I think (its becoming a blur) and got ready for Bingo. I showered dressed and got online and checked some emails. I also joined another list from Nicola. I did notice I got a lot of “can’t deliver your message because” I was bouncing messages. Luckily it was fixed.

Bingo went pretty well had about 16 players but I really wasn’t feeling well. The cramps were starting to get me drained and I was very uncomfortable. I also had one patient that the nurses decided to hand over to me to baby sit... After bingo I went to pick up my medication and some napkins and some lotion. The one thing I forgot was the greeting cards. I went home got freshened up and went to church. I was still feeling crappy.

As I was going to th…

My Day

Good Morning! It is almost 9:30 and I have been out of bed since 8:15. I have been spending the last hour on the computer. I did a windows update (there were 8 high priority ones) and they needed to be done. I also did a long sheet for it too. I also included the Webroot Spy ware update too. Instead of reaching for paper all the time I could just write it out in case Donny wanted to know something. There was a Hardware update for the NEC screen. I did that one too.

I have also been checking emails. I answered some of the QOTD in one of the groups. For example one of the questions was “Is your online personality the same as your RL personality” or something like that and I answered it’s pretty much the same for me. The other one was would you buy a copy of any popular fashion ware (pocketbooks etc). I told them if I really liked it I would. The other question is “What is the most ridiculous argument you and your significant other have had. At first I thought about the pen…

Glad it is Friday

It is almost 10:30. I have been home from work since 4:15. Mom was doing some cooking and I just hung out.

I got to work at a fairly decent hour and started working on the letters. I got a lot done and stayed with it for over an hour.

The rest of the day I worked on lockbox, the regular mail, and the charts with littler or no problem. I still have a lot more letters to do (Heidi L’s) but I can finish those on Monday. I still have to resend t he “personal’ mail out as well. I have the “special project” and the bad addresses to do on Monday.

I will have to finish sorting the EOB’s from the previous days. I had forgotten they needed to be done. I managed to get the 8th done.
I got a phone call here on my phone from Phil’s Pharmacy again for “Irma P” and it was about her prescription and stuff. I called them back telling them they keep calling here and it’s the wrong number. I was really getting aggravated because they are leaving way too much info on the phone. That’ is a clear …
After finally going to bed after midnight I finally got up around 6:30. I woke up to the news that a potential terrorist plot had been stopped at Heathrow Airport in London. That put this country on High Security alert. I Showered and ironed my clothes and got ready to go. Mom was up before me and started getting a little nervous when she didn’t here any noise.

Because of this latest event all the airports have changed security precautions. No liquids can be brought on any planes and trains. The list of liquids includes such things as shampoo, water and anything else that you can imagine.

The reports have been on the radio and TV through out the day and including any traffic reports there were. This heightened security will be for a while (I am guessing). Even Liz was telling me about it when I called her today.

My Day was pretty good. I parked on the tenth level of the parking garage and got to work exactly at 8. I rode the elevator with Sally T and we talked about our fami…

Its been a crazy couple of days

It is almost 9 and I am heading to bed. Yesterday was wild. I left here around 7:20 and made it to the highway a short time later. That’s when the shit hit the fans. There had been an accident that blocked two lanes then it shut down the highway. I was stuck on the highway for nearly an hour and half. I finally got off at exit 43 and took the side roads. I didn’t get to work until shortly before ten. I was livid. Everyone at work was pretty worried about me.

The rest of the day I worked on the mail for the last two days. If only the lockbox that I got. The Post office mail never came because the truck never showed up. I sorted Monday’s rejection piles and delivered them late. I still have Tuesday’s and Today’s. I tried to stay off the internet and I did okay for the most part. I got the bad addresses done but I have a ton of collection letters to fold. I have to get to them tomorrow. Some of them are old.

I left work right on time yesterday and got to Jennie’s right ar…

August 7, 2006

It has been a few days since I wrote. I started to write on Friday but got tired. Saturday Morning the monitor died so I spent the morning looking into getting one. Donny came and checked out the other one. He wanted to see if it had been the computer itself and thankfully no.
So I bought one online from and it should be here in a few days. I almost had a heart attack because they said it couldn’t be processed because the account number was wrong. I had left out a particular number and fixed it yesterday. Now its okay.
The rest of the day Mom and I were going at it. Mom was criticizing me for either not getting money for my excursion to the carnival in Orange or the fact I was going to meet Jennie and Marc up there and not ride with them. Needless to say she let me borrow $20 to go. I had to spend it all. Tickets were one dollar and each ride took four tickets.
We got home by 6:30-7 pm. I spent the rest of the evening watching TV and doing laundry.
Sunday I did bingo, went …

many days

It has been a 3 days since I wrote. I went to work Tuesday and it was hot. Work went well got stuff done. I went to the wake and then came home and made dinner. Yes I said made dinner! We had cheeseburgers on the grill and I did it. J Mom was still pretty weak. It seems she DID have pneumonia.

During dinner it started to thunder and after a while the storm that was predicted came through. Around 6:30 we lost power. We got it back around 12:45 am Wednesday morning. Because it was so hot upstairs and since we really couldn’t do anything we slept downstairs. You should have seen the rain though it literally poured into the windows and then the rain subsided and the sun was coming out.

We talked to Liz and Nelson too. They only lost power for a brief moment. We talked about my weekend with Jim and Liz was saying she talked to Jim after I left on Sunday and she felt he had pneumonia and that Mom gave it to him. I really wanted to tell her off but decided not to. She invited …