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What a Busy Day

Oh what a morning! It was a beautiful 73 degrees in Milford. I had emails from Dave about the picnic, I had a phone call from Debra, and things are pretty much the way I expected for the last day of the fiscal year.

The emails from Dave were about the picnic at Bob’s on Thursday. He wanted to know what time, and what they should bring, and that’s when it dawned on me I never asked Bob or Ethel if I could bring them. I talked with Bob just before 12 and he said it would be fine.

Debra had called from home and wanted to let me know she got the phone message and of course the letters. She wanted to meet earlier in the day tomorrow or even during the week but next week she may be on vacation. I think we left it off as we wouldn’t meet for two weeks because she will be on vacation. I didn’t think I could go any earlier especially with the mail volume this week and of course the short week.

This afternoon we said goodbye to Michele P from Training and software to Best Practices adminis…

June 29, 2008

I fell asleep just as I promised but around 10 I got a phone call from my neighbor Sylvia. Even after all these months I didn’t recognize the phone ringing (since I got a new phone). Anyway when I answered I didn’t recognize Sylvia’s voice when she asked did I wake you. She thought I usually stay up late I used to but not anymore. For a split second I was afraid I hurt her feelings by asking her that question. She called to explain why she didn’t come back out when I saw her earlier in the evening. She was cooking for her grandbaby’s christening today.

This morning I went to go to bingo and face the fact that both Priscilla’s will not be there. It is kind of sad and I feel a bit guilty because I haven’t sent a card or anything. I have the address printed out and will send her one this week.

Bingo went well. Nancy was there for a second week in a row. She wasn’t really feeling all that well. She did one program while I did the bingo. I had oh many 16 or 17 players and we mana…

Not exactly busy

Hey it is been a really humid day. I have had the ac on for most of the afternoon. It looks like we are going to get some rain tonight. Either that or the days are already getting shorter!

I can’t say I was really busy but I did stuff. I am a little pissed the mail guy didn’t come until oh say 5 this afternoon. I had to go to the post office and mail the two intro letters and the letter/payment to Debra.

I was going to go to church but decided to go tomorrow. I came home and watched TV and flopped around. Mom went to dinner with her friend Martha. This is something they do every couple of months.

Mom had bought me some rolls from her trip to Joe’s today. She suggested that for dinner I cook up the salad shrimp and have it in a sandwich. I was really not in the mood to do it. So I had cereal and potato salad.

Now that it is 9 I am going to go to bed.

Didn't get much done today

I was so bad today. I spent a lot of time online and writing a letter to Debra. I have to finish the lockbox on Monday. Next week is going to be a short week and i would think some pressure on me to get a lot done.

JUnior and the pups are doing just fine. The pups were waiting for me when I arrived at the house. I let Missy come in and immediately Junior stood on the stairs to the cellar as she has in the last three days that Missy came in. Missy dutifily waited outside while I fed the cat. I gave the pups their treats making sure they were not full. i get the feeling that Charlie is getting turned off by them.

When I got home Mom was starting dinner. Whiele she was cooking I watched Charmed and reading my letter from Bambi in ME. She sent me some lovely pictures but as is the norm she sent me a one page letter.

Tomorrow one of the girls from the Juniors is coming by to show me her dog. I have no idea why but that's okay. I have a lot to do tomorrow. I need to finish le…

Bad Habits

I am finding myself falling back into old and bad habits. At home I haven’t made my bed in what seems like days. I am leaving clothes on the floor. I am letting the clothes pile up in the laundry basket and in the blue room in where I do my ironing. I am eating food I shouldn’t be. I am also getting online when I should be working and using the credit card when I shouldn’t be either.

As I think about it I get a little agitated. I don’t want to incur high bill for the credit card because I was doing so well. When I eat certain foods I end up gaining the weight I have lost (I have lost some in the last few weeks) and the aches and pains that come when I have salt or something.

When people make mistakes

I wasn't sure I should write this entry but I am going to because its my blog and I can! If any of you have been reading the paper this past week then you know that a certain incident that occoured at Stonebridge Restaurant ended in the result of the mayor asking for the resignation of one commissioner. That's the way it should have been.

This commissioner has obviously some serious issues that need dealing with and he was in a position to guide and help run the police department, a children's home, and has ties to a church. What ever his reasons are he needs help and needs to not bring all of the attention on to all these areas. What I am trying to say is everything he has touched is now tainted and will be brought in to question.

The really sad part is Mom is a friend of this person and I do feel bad for him but he needs to take care of business. I do wish him the best.

Middle of the Week

It is just before 11 am and I just finished opening the lockbox and the post office mail. I am now waiting on stragglers. Then I will able to finish that and move on to readdress mail/personal mail.

It is after 2 and I am doing the labels and the readdress mail/personal mail. I am feeling pretty good about this but I don’t know how long this will last. I could be fooling myself and not realize there might be things around here that need to be done.

Well I got a lot done today. I still have readdress mail but it is more like junk mail and stuff like that. I do have to do the lobby mail tomorrow. Bulk mail is next.

I called Liz today. She wasn’t home yet but I did talk with Nelson he is fine.

Didn't get a lot of sleep last night

I am so tired! I didn’t sleep very well last night. I know it’s because of the coffee, diet soda, and the decaffeinated tea. This morning I got some coffee and this afternoon I had some decaffeinated coffee. I have also been eating little pieces of candy to keep myself from becoming ravenous (it just isn’t working).

My hunger pains left mid afternoon. I know that I will be scoffing up the cookies when I get to Roberta’s later on. I will probably ruin my idnner. Although I am thinking the spaghetti will do fine. Mom won’t want to eat when she gets home either.

The rest of the day went by with out incident. I did not get to finish all of the readdress/personal mail but I can do that tomorrow.

Well it is after 10 and I was in bed trying to sleep but couldn’t. My session with Debra went pretty well. She had gotten both pieces of mail that I sent her. I read the letter and parts of the journal entries from earlier this month. She asked me what I ended up doing about the situation and I to…

A Good Day today

Hey it’s after 9:30 and I am here at my desk opening today’s mail. It is a gray and humid day and it is supposed to be like this for the entire day. Its okay it seems to be nice and cool in here.

All this week is crunch time. It is not only month end but year end in which we get as much money in Accounts receivable as possible. I know I saw some goal set but I don’t remember what it is. I have to remember that it might get stressful around here and not take it to heart.

The post office mail was not too bad and I was done with it early. It is the same way with the lockbox mail. The best part was the charts were done early as well. I had received three and because one of the requestors was out she will have to reorder them.

I talked with Mom a couple of times. The first time she was only up a short time. She has two wakes/Funerals to attend today. One is in Woodbridge for a board member of the Area Agency on Aging and the other is for her friend Ann Butcher. When I called after lunch to se…

Weekend Over

Hey everyone! It is after 4 pm on Sunday and the weekend is coming to an end per se. Friday night was fun. I went to Dave’s place for dinner with him and Rose and we had dinner on the deck during the thunder storm and it was awesome. As usual the storm didn’t last but it great nonetheless. After dinner we sat inside and eventually all dozed off. It was nearly 11 when I left. By then the moon was out and gorgeous.

Saturday was a day of chores and some stress. In the morning I started my chores and was finished by late afternoon. Mom and I went to Church at St John Vianney’s in West Haven. The reason it was somewhat stressful is because Jim called but didn’t want to talk to Mom. He said he was on his way out the door and someone was picking him up. Mom has been very upset because she feels he is avoiding her again. I could have sworn I told her he was being picked up by a guy and had to go out. She says I didn’t. I also paid my bills and mailed them on the way home from bi…


TGIF! So far it has gone pretty well. I am getting a lot done but always have still more to do. Did my shift for the Raffle they are holding for today. I think I sold about 20 or 23 tickets. The rest of the afternoon I will be opening the lockbox and then delivering it.

I am feeling much better than I was. I took my daytime cold medicine and it seems to be working. I will be taking it again in about three hours(before I leave for home).

Still not Feeling well

It is after 9:30 and I am just about to hit the sack again. Despite the fact I was chilled for most of today it was a good day. I got almost everything done again. I am still doing the readdress mail. I managed to get through the Diagnostic mail that was there and found mail that should have been opened and I did.

I had to separate the Diagnostic return mail into a couple of piles ones with addresses and ones with no addresses. Patti will check them on the system (the ones with updated addresses) and I probably will readdress them and send them back out.

I left a little before 4 and brought the mail for the 4th Floor downstairs then I left. I walked with Mary C to her parking garage and then went on to mine.

The traffic was a bit slow and heavy. However I still managed to get home before 4:30.
Mom was home when I got there. She was starting dinner and we had decided earlier in the day I would get into my pajamas and stay home from all the evening activities.

While Mom was grillin…

June 18, 2008

Hey it’s an hour before going home. I am feeling pretty good about work. I still have a lot of readdress mail but I will get it done. Everything else except lobby mail was done.

I have been told its raining out. Happily I have my umbrella and just my pocketbook if I had to carry anything else I would have mucho problemo.

It is almost 9:30 and I am just about to hit the sack. The rest of the day went by nicely. I managed to get a lot done and will be working on the readdress/personal mail to do. I will work on that before I do the charts tomorrow.

I left a little after 4 and met my friend CC downstairs she was waiting for her husband and so I waited with them and they took me to the garage. Once I said goodbye I headed to the car. It was cloudy and had been raining earlier.

The traffic was a bit slow and heavy. As I got off the highway it started raining. I looked off into the distance and saw the clouds. A few of them looked like they were funnels forming. They weren’t though. I…

Getting better

It is after 9 and I am at work opening mail. I slept in today later then I really wanted to but I also woke up earlier as well. The throat still hurts but not as much as it did yesterday. If I don’t talk as much today maybe it will be okay.

I talked with Mom this morning and she is going ahead with plans for the back surgery. She is tentatively scheduled for next month and will be at the Saint Raphael’s hospital.

It is almost 9:30 and I am just about to hit the sack. The rest of the day went by nicely. I managed to get a lot done and will be working on the readdress/personal mail to do. I will work on that before I do the charts tomorrow.

I left the office exactly at 4 and walked over to Debra’s. I could see that things were going on or at least getting ready for the next round of activities slated for on the green for the Arts and Ideas Festival. I was getting tired of walking and my feet were starting to hit the insides of the shoe. I must have gotten to Debra’s a little after ou…

Cloudy monday

Well it’s Monday morning again and I am sitting at my desk trying to finish Friday’s mail and trying to do the personal mail. It is gray and cloudy and expected to be this way for the entire day. It is 64 in New Haven and cloudy and it is 67 in Milford. I feel cold.

Actually I think I may be coming down with something my throat has been bothering me this morning. I will have to take some ibuprofen and cough med when I get home.

I called Mom during the morning she was okay and paying some bills. She has a couple of meetings to go to this afternoon.

I left the office after 4. The computer was giving me a hard time with the mouse and so it delayed me posting the two entries. The sun was shining when I left . I was home a short time later despite the traffic taking its sweet time.

Mom was cooking dinner when I got home so I got into my pajamas and watched TV for a bit. We sat down and ate dinner around 5. We talked about Mom’s activities. She will be seeing her doctor about the stomach …

Emotional Day

It is just a little before 7 and I have been out of bed for a while now. I had been awake longer than that and I could hear Mom moving around I thought she was getting up but her door was closed when I went to the bathroom this morning.

Things are not any better from last night as she was going to bed I went to say good night but she also had an attitude. You know I really don’t care now. I am sick and tired of receiving the blame for things and that’s what it seem to be these days from everyone who has gotten into a fight with me.

It is after 2 and nothing has changed. She is as arrogant and self righteous as ever. I talked with her and had to ask her how long was she going to stay angry with me? Until I change my attitude. What a fucking irresponsible bitch. I have no right to talk to her that way? How about the way you have been talking to me? Telling me how and when to say things as though I am second class citizen? Too goddamned bad you have to be told that you were rude…

People are pissing me off

Hey all! It is afternoon and the house is quiet. Everyone started leaving by 10:30 this morning and I have been trying to figure out what to do next. I am doing the towels and Mom’s mattress cover and my own laundry. I had emptied the garbage and threw out Joe and Ria’s Chinese food from Tuesday. I knew Mom didn’t want me to eat so I figured I would throw it out. Other than that not much is going on.

Even though sun is out the sky is overcast and by the time I get to bed again it will be raining. I am a little warm but I do have my heavy pajamas on.

Joe and Ria came home last night by 11. We talked about family news and (clearing up) misinformation. After that some of us went to bed. I had the dubious task of waking Joe and Ria up by 7:30. I was five minutes late. They showered, ate, got packed up and did odds and ends.

Well I got a nice surprise. I just got my car tax bill and I just have to pay once this year. In the past it’s usually twice a year. The first is usually…

Friday the 13th

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I worked and then went to the pharmacy to pick up some “stuff” that I needed. It was well after 4:30 when I got home. Mom was cooking dinner. Joe and Ria were over Bob’s house. Now this is what pissed me off a little. He asked if we all could eat around 7. Not a problem considering I had a huge lunch. He called back three more times and said that Bob wanted them to stay longer. So they did and we went ahead and ate. They didn’t get back to the house until maybe 9.

Mom had the leftovers from dinner still cooling on the counter. My whole problem with this is that we had two things we could have done if we had known earlier that they were going to stay for dinner at Bob’s. We could have gone to the wake for a third district member. We could have gone to the reception for Gayle Slosberg. I was under the impression that Joe and Ria were going to want to spend time with us last night. Mom had said if I really wanted to I could have gone. Of course I didn’t le…

Cousin Arrives

I am so tired. I didn’t go to sleep until maybe 2. I even tried the warm milk routine and turned off the ac at one point. I think I had maybe three hours of sleep. One of the reasons I was up so late is all Joe’s Fault!!!

Joe and his lovely companion arrived at our house by 9:30 last night and we sat and talked with each other until Midnight. Mom got a call at 5 from them saying they had just crossed into the state. They would be at the house within an hour’s time. They called back later and said 8:30. As a result we didn’t get to bed until midnight.

Today has been a regular work day. Happily I have gotten today’s stuff done but still have a number of readdress mail to do. It will get done eventually.

I talked with Mom today. She won’t be home for dinner she has the meeting in Wethersfield

Another hot day

It is 9:30 and it’s very warm. I was up by 6:30 and got almost everything done. I was sweating up a storm and I wasn’t even dressed yet. Mom was reading the paper by the time I left the house.

The drive to work was fine. As I was driving by the New Haven Register building I took a moment to read the temperature indicator and I could have sworn it read “32 degrees”. I immediately thought obviously was broken. The temperatures are already at 81 or 82 degrees.

Well there is about an hour and half left of the work day. I am working on the lockbox from today. I finished yesterday’s by quarter of 1 or so. I still have a lot of readdress/personal mail to do as well. I also haven’t been to pick up the mail from downstairs in quite some time.

I had music on today and I just turned it off. It was starting to get tiresome. It was the same music over and over again. That’s another reason I enjoy listening to classical music I don’t think they repeat the music evry hour on the hour.

Long Day-AGain

Well it is 80 degrees in Milford (or so it says on and in New Haven it’s just below 80. I am warm but I am also aggravated or at least was. The Medical Records Dept sent me not only the records I ordered for today but the ones they didn’t send Friday. They also sent them in bins not the tubs we have for them. There were 28 charts but some of them had 18 volumes. I told Patty about it and she just looked at me as though she was asking “what do you want me to do about it”.

I was reading a blog where the author questioned or criticized (or giving their opinion) people who wore long sleeves in 90 degree weather. Well since I was diagnosed with Lupus it is an issue for me. It is for health reasons and the risk of UV rays that could cause skin cancer or cause a reaction with certain medications. The sun apparently affects the medication or even the disease. Here you can find what happens with sunburn but I also believe it goes much deeper than that. This discusses what happens w…

June 8, 2008

Good Sunday Morning to you all. It is after 8 and I am just about to get ready for bingo and church. I have a few things to do today including a board meeting for the woman’s club tonight.

Yesterday was a fairly quiet and warm day. It got into the mid 80’s. Mom and I put the fans in the windows and I put the screen in the front door. It was a bit hard at first but I managed to get it done. The rest of the time I was either on line or watching TV.

I got a letter from my pen pal Jeanne in MA yesterday and she is doing well. I will be writing her very soon. Along with everyone else I hope.

My cousin Joe never showed up yesterday and Mom doesn’t know if he will come today or not. To be honest I think this is kind of rude. When you ask someone if you can stay at their home for a night or a few days you should either show up or call and say I am sorry but we also got an invitation to stay at ‘x, y or z.’

That’s like at holiday time. When you are invited to a person’s home for a meal you stay fo…

A rainy Friday

Good Morning it is after 6:30 and it is a rainy Friday. I have been up since quarter of 6. I put some clothes in the dryer and folded some other stuff and that’s in the other room. I love being able to do things in the morning and have time to do what I want. I managed to put on the TV for a few minutes.

Yesterday went pretty well. I didn’t get to finish everything but that’s okay. I will hopefully finish it today. Annette had a little accident. The file cabinet she was filling up fell over and on to her hip and leg. I didn’t actually see it happen but I did hear it from the other room.

I did manage to get a letter written yesterday to my pal Patricia in Texas. It will be mailed out today with Mary Ann G’s. Mary Ann is from New Haven. I hope she wants to be a pal.

Hey everyone it is dinner time now. Mom is downstairs making dinner and I have paid a few bills and watched the end of Charmed. Mom and I decided to have pasta with clam juice for dinner. I actually should be down there help…

A good Day again

It is lunch time and I just had mine a little earlier than I should have. The reason for it is I am leaving here at 2:30 for my eye appointment. I want to make sure I get things done before I leave.

Despite the gloomy weather (it’s been raining all morning and will be through out the day). Today seems to be a good day. I am getting a lot done but still need to do a few things. I am not sure I will be able to get to it.

I talked with Mom today. She was just getting in from a meeting she had this morning. I don’t know what else she has today. I figure paper work and thank you notes are on the agenda.

Well I now have 23 minutes before I leave. I need to clean up and make my way to the eye doctor. I hope I have enough gas. I do this to myself all the time. I knew I should have gotten yesterday!!! AT least this morning.

An excellent Day

Well it is after 9 at night. Mom is downstairs watching PBS no doubt. I have been doing some channel surfing but haven’t really gotten into anything. I also updated my to-do lists and my checkbook.

Today has gone exceedingly well. I didn’t get everything done but that is okay. I am still a day behind but I will be finished with it by tomorrow. I spoke to Jeff today and I found out that he has just been very busy and quiet. It was nothing I did. It made me feel better even thought also made me look a little paranoid. Things were a little bit better by the end of the day with Niamba.

I got a call from Mom today. She called to tell me should took a look at the pictures in question and she said I was right that it was not Dad and Liz in the picture. She could see by the background. She apologized (J) (edited to add: If I didn’t mention it yesterday Mom and I had a disagreement over a picture in the history book the Juniors put together. Mom thought it was Dad and Liz and I kn…

What a week

It has been quite a week! Last weekend as you might recall was the weekend I went to Boston for the wedding. It was a lot of fun and managed to get some city touring done. I had the opportunity to meet Geno Auriemma the UConn Woman’s Basketball coach. We arrived Friday afternoon evening by 5:30 and left on Monday Memorial Day by 1 and were home by 6 that night.

The week seemed long despite the three day weekend. It was month end and we had our monthly goals to meet. I have no idea what we did yet but I suspect I will find out tomorrow. We had a farewell party for a co worker who had retired after 18 or 19 years.

The woman’s club was quiet this week. We will be having our monthly meeting in about ten days. We have a blood drive to sponsor and that should be next week. I have no idea if the Red Cross sent the flyers and posters we were supposed to get. I may have to call them tomorrow.

The Democratic Town Committee had the local Democratic Convention at the Senior Center in town.…