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Friday Feelings

I feel tired now.  Despite SKy’s best efforts to get me up when I wanted to be up I stayed in bed until 6.  From that point on I dawdled but got some things done before feeding the kitties who made it well known they were hungry.

It’s been snowing since early this morning and its a light snow now.  It is supposed to stop by the afternoon.  I say supposed to but it won’t.  The snow showers are supposed to keep going well into the night along with strong winds.  Saturday is supposed to be sunny.

The kiddies seemed to have a semi quiet night.  They started stirring around 2 and nothing seemed broken.  They got to some places I didn’t want them to so I sprayed them.  They seem to have an interest in the bag of crap I had in the waste paper basket so I collected it and took it downstairs and put it under the sink until I could get rid of it.

I talked with Liz this morning.  As usual it was too early.  Anyway we talked about cats and their antics, The house insurance and she gave me some good …

It was cold Today

It was cold today and my arms and knees felt it.  Any time I moved a certain way especially in the knee area it would hurt.  Even last night the knees hurt and I had taken the meds.  I took some more tylenol later on in the day too.
There is more snow predicted for tonight  and in the morning that may cause problems on the morning commute.  I wasn’t planning on going out much tonight anyway.  Apparently another storm is coming in on Sunday or Monday.  Not sure how that is going to affect work, and activities.  If it is really bad we may have to reschedule the  Mexican train Game.
After work I headed to Ethel’s and spent about an hour there.  I am feeling a little guilty as I spent most of that hour with Rob and a friend of his.  They were setting up a  game (the adult version of Apples to Apples).  We talked of memories of growing up and past pets.  Ethel was working on something.  I told her i would call again soon.
It was after 5:30 when I got home and the kitties were hanging out.  TH…

Pajama Day

Yesterday I spent most of the day in my pajamas.  That’s because of the blizzard that was a dud (at least for the Western part of the state).  Although I don’t think eight inches is anything to sneeze at.  In the end it was nine after the snow returned for a while last night.  But as you progressed towards the eastern part of the state they got close to 2 feet of snow.  I did a few things such as laundry, some cleaning, and finished cooking the pork roast.  

I even got a chance to catch up with Mardi.  It was great hearing her voice and catching up with her on everything.  We chat online almost weekly in our blogs but its good to hear the voices

I had my phone session with Debra and we discussed everything from the day off to the weekend activities and she wanted to know how I was dealing with things in general.  We made plans to meet next Tuesday with Liz.  Unless there is inclement weather.

The kitties spend most of the day sleeping with an occasional walk around the house yesterday an…

Monday Musings

It was an early morning for me as the kittens were stirring by 3 or 4.  I found them in the bathtub a number of times playing with the drain thing.  I am not going to bother doing much about it.  Right now though they are under the least I think they are I heard a noise moment ago.

I got to work with no problems this morning but shortly after I got there it began to snow.  I worked on the readdress/doctor mail and the regular mail.  We received many emails regarding inclement weather and the choices we had.  The mail arrived around noon time so I left after 12:30.

The afternoon was spent watching TV, having lunch, and a nap and a lot of time online.  I made a few calls and when the kittens woke up from their prospective naps watched them play a little bit.

As the snow continued to fall I did a load of laundry, made dinner, and sent a load of dishes through the washer.  The kittens played some more and ate some more kibble.  I decided to shower and get into my jammies.

I have to a…

The next Storm

The next storm is being billed as a blizzard and its going to spread over a two day period.  WTNH-CH8 posted tips for preparing and dealing with the blizzard and I have to admit there are things I haven’t done but I don’t think they have to be done.  Maybe next time I can do it.  As of right now if it is really bad come TUesday not going in.  At the same token the “play it by ear” also applies to the situation.

Liz and Nelson will be right in the middle of it as they are leaving for LI for a few days.  THey are visiting historical Estates.  They are supposed to be back by Wednesday but they might not until Thursday.  

I sent an email to Jim to see if he is prepared for it.  He says they haven’t gotten anything so I checked for his town and they aren’t getting it as bad as the rest of us.  Again it doesn’t seem bad to me.

I had a good time at Bingo.  Joanne was there and we had a full house.  She had to get residents w/Brendan by themselves.   We didn’t have all the volunteers…

storm over

We got about three inches or so.  The temperatures were in the mid 30’s for the rest of teh day.  THere is black ice predicted for the night and it is supposed to get very cold again.   Sunday is supposed to be sunny and a little warmer.  There is another snow storm predicted for Monday.  Not sure what to expect for that one.  I don’t remember if it is for early in the day or by the time I get home.  It will be determined when I get up Monday but in the mean time.

My intention is to go to bingo in the morning and then come home and wash the floors in the kitchen and the bathroom.  It is time for them to get done again.  Now I have to do it as one of them must have been constipated because they dragged some poop across the bathroom floor.  I checked both of them when I could and they look okay right now.  I checked various other areas but they seem okay.

I got a text message w/picture of snow angels.  Apparently Liz met my Snow Angel challenge and she did it.  They were awesome.  However…

We are settled in for the weekend

Last night in preparation of the snowstorm that was predicted for the weekend I picked up the 40lb bag of rock salt that I ordered Thursday from Lowe’s and then went to Stop and Shop and picked up some last minute things such as bread and non essentials.  I ran into Roberta while there and found out that the Mexican Train was rescheduled for next week.  After our shopping spree (and it was so crazy in that store) I headed to Liz and Nelson’s.

When I arrived their previous guest was just leaving.  I got in and noticed they were getting ready for the dinner.  I stayed with them until they were done.  We talked about Liz’s Day and of estate stuff and family stuff.  It included the story that Chris arrived in South Carolina for his regular visit to the kids.  They will be back by Monday.  Nelson wasn’t feeling to well so I left a short time later.

When I got home I emptied the car and settled in for the night.  I had dinner and the kittens played for a bit and then spent the rest of the nig…

Going to bed early

I am really tired and need to get up early to catch a bus.  I put the car in for service after the engine light went on Monday.  I called the garage earlier in the week and have an appointment for tomorrow.  It was time to get an oil change as well.

My week at work got much better after the last entry.  I have gotten a lot done and have been keeping up.  The only thing is I ran out of campus envelopes but Gargoyle ordered more and they should arrive tomorrow.  She thought it would be today but I managed to get few from others.  

There is an in-house retirement party for Mama Dottie on her last day.  It basically will be cake and gift.  It will be in the board room.  Her last day is on January 30.  That’s literally eight days away.  I am going to really miss her.  My hope is to keep in touch with her and have lunch now and then.  There have been others that I haven’t “kept in touch” with.

The union is having a 35th anniversary party on January 30th at Anthony’s Oceanview the same day of t…


Guess who got up on the mantle at 3 in the morning?  That’s right Ms. Hellion.  It was her second time but this time she knocked over stuff like Bob’s picture from his wake, gifts that belonged to Mom that  are now broken or chipped.  I put them on the kitchen counter I don’t know what to do with them now.  I also moved the ceramic basket with Mom’s get well cards on to the kitchen counter.  Hopefully they will stay away from the mantle.  (Yeah Right)

Work is going pretty good.  We have a returning co-worker.  She worked in Registration and was a source of annoyance for me at one time now she works under Patti. Gargoyle is pushing me again and it is starting to annoy me.  I am doing what I am supposed to do and I am tired of her saying “X wants this done”.  I did let Susan know what I was doing and she seemed to understand.  I got most of it done but there is a pile there that needs to be done.  

I had a good session with Debra tonight.  I told her how work is going.  I told her how I s…


The kitties have discovered the chains to the cuckoo clock and have been playing with it.  They have finding new places to look as well.  I did manage to close off the spare room again.  I stuck paper in the door by the handle.  I had to try it a few times.

The minute I woke up I got the sheets into the wash and have been folding clothes I left there from last night.  I watched Charmed and then did some chores.

The sun took its time coming out today but I took the opportunity to do some vacuuming and straightening up because it will be a few days before I can do it again I think.  

I got an email from Telka regarding club activities.  SHe asked me to to book a date for the carnival at the nursing home (Who knows what the new name will be if and when they change it) and the Shelter Dinner at Beth-El.  I told her I could do it this afternoon.

Once those phone calls were done I relaxed for a bit before getting a call from Liz.  We made tentative plans for me to drop some mail off that needed…

The Long Weekend

I was so happy to realize late last week that it was a long weekend.  I was having a bad start to the week at least I thought so but it turned out okay. Sue had Mary help my office back to shape.   THe rest of the week went better.  I was getting support from an unexpected source.  I am able to keep up now.

Friday I was supposed to take a certain little girl to the vet and wasn’t cooperating.  So I cancelled the appointment.  The vet was not upset but understanding.  I not sure how many times they will be.  The rest of that night was fairly quiet.  Did some vacuuming.

Saturday I ran some errands and spent time with Liz and got to spend time with Adam and Olga and young James who just had a haircut.  That afternoon I checked in on the pups.  Yeah them.  That night was Telka’s party, it was a lot of fun.  Telka gave me a surprise gift a note pad from animal planet about cats.  The picture looked a lot like Tiger.  I had to make one more check on the pups and then I got home right to bed.


A matter of time

I knew it would only be a matter of time before the kittens got to the lamp in the spare bedroom.  I was in the shower yesterday morning and I heard this loud thud.  I didn’t run immediately to find out I figured I would see it when I got upstairs.  When I went to clean the litter box I notice the lamp was missing.  It was upside down.  The base of the lamp that’s made of glass and shells inside wasn’t broken.  But the frame of the shade was.  That was the moment I decided I would move the litter box and close off the room to them.  So when I got home last night I moved it and they seemed to find it easily.  They hadn’t the gumption to push it open until recently.  I can’t be bothered to keep closing it.  The door is old and not fit the frame.

Oh Good

The kiddies got their energy going.  They have been running around here for the last hour or so.  I wonder if they will do this all night?  I would rather not close the door on them but I may have to but at the same time this is their bedroom too,  

This evening was family night.  I called my Aunt Betty in Texas and I also friended her son-in-law (his wife is my cousin) but she isn’t on FAcebook.,  Betty’s son Tom isn’t on Facebook but his wife Ashley is.  I don’t know if they will want me to be friended.  Anyway we spoke on the phone about 20 minutes,  We talked about family, health, and work

Well not much else to say I am going to have some herbal tea and then watch TV for a while..  I thought I heard someone hacking.  I couldn’t find anything but I will look again tomorrow,

Not doing much this afternoon

Since I had woken up early this morning I decided to stay in bed until 7.  It was fun..the kitties were not opposed to that idea but eventually they were.  I got them them fed after I had started my coffee and watched TV for a bit.

I started getting ready for bingo late and got even later when I received a call from Dr. T.  She wanted to let me know the meeting for WEdnesday has to be moved back a week because she has a lot of stuff to do for work. We talked about family, the kitties and how fun they are.

After the conversation I headed out to the nursing home.  THEre was one HS Volunteer and Natalie was there in her office.  I talked with Natalie for a bit and found out her 3 month old puppy was there.  I told her about my new babies.  She was doing paperwork.  I chatted up with the volunteer and eventually more came.

Bingo went well we had about 12 residents today but no coin. I had some unhappy residents but they acquiesced. I was able to finish by 1l.  Just in time for ST Peter’s se…

I am exhausted

Today was the day I had in house cooking lessons from this talented lady.  She and I started cooking around 10:30 this morning we started off preparing BBQ Ribs, corn muffins, mashed potatoes and the pasta salad that I have been wanting to make for months.  For dessert we made chocolate chip cookies.  She even helped me clear out the old and stale stuff (such as the spices and stuff.  We even organized the counter and cleaned up stuff.  She even gave me advice on substitutions when I didn’t have something like cilantro.  We finished up around 3 and ate everything.  We do have leftover salad, muffins, and cookies.

While Maureen and I were cooking Liz cleaned out the rest of the closets and the papers in the office.  She found some stuff that looks great (waterford Crystal things that I know I am not interested in and I didn’t want to sell them).  We emptied the stuff from under the beds.  She had so many bags stuff for the garbage, good will, and the shredding project.  It will be a lot…

Crazy Hectic Week

Sunday night got crazy for me.  I was trying to get the cats into the bathroom so that i could be able to put them in the carriers for their big surgery come monday morning.  Well I was eventually successful.  Sky spent the night there Tiger-lily did not.  I spent most of that night into Monday morning tryhing to catch her.  It was a stressful to say the least and i felt inadequate.   Around 5 am I managed to get Sky in his and an hour later after three tries Tiger got into hers.  The door to her carrier seemed to be unsecure.  SKy kept pushing (started to think it was bionic) and tried escaping.  It eventually worked by the time Liz got there with a new one.   The ride over they were both crying.  

The clinic was very busy but well maintained and they were pleasant.  The parking limited to street parking.  I cried because I didn’t want to leave them.  They spent the night there and I got some sleep.  They did notice that tiger’s eye had some “ick”.  Made vet appointment that Tuesday f…

The Weekend

I can’t believe the weekend is almost over.  Its been a fairly busy one I think.  Friday was return to work.  I was busy for most of it.  I had my appointment with Anita.  It was also my last few hours of taking care of the dogs.  I walked and fed them.  It was my first night back home with the kittens.   They spent some time playing that night and they went to hiding.

During midnight hours sky gave me a claw message.  Its exactly what it sounds like.  HE did lay on the pillow and used his claws to playe with my head.  I am not sure where TIger was.  It was funny,

Saturday Mike and Roberta came over and was introduced  to the kitties in the closet.  THey refused to come down.  Roberta suggested I keep the closet doors closed and not let them in it.  So they spent most of the day under my bed.  While they did that I spent a couple of hours talking with  them and we talked about the holidays, movies, and watched TV.  It started snowing around 2 and kept on snowing until about 5 when it tu…

New Years Day 2015

Good Morning and Happy New Year!  I hope 2015 is healthy and all that you hoped for.  I have been up since 7.  I woke up to puppy poop.  I am not sure which of the two of them did it this time but I got them out as soon as i woke up.  I am pretty sure I will find some more when I go back.
I got back to the house by 8:30 this morning and the kitties were doing what they normally do (Sky came downstairs and greeted me) and Tiger was in her in spot.  I got them fed and then worked on the litter boxes.  I sat down and sky came to me...While the kitties ate I grabbed Tiger and held her she wasn’t thrilled but it lasted longer than usual.  Right now they are both cuddled up in the closet.  I was glad because for a brief moment I thought Tiger got into the laundry closet as I left it open to empty dryer.  I also took the opportunity to close the bedroom door and vacuumed upstairs and managed to get the litter that was all over the floor in the spare room picked up.  I also managed to get the …