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Running Behind Schedule?

I had these big plans to be up at dawn get Vlad and Preston all taken care until this afternoon and then head back home to get things done there.   Well I stayed in bed until 6 (I didn’t sleep well) then got the boys taken care of. I almost had anxious moments when Vlad walked out into the outer hallway of the apartment I had to grab him and put him back inside.  He wasn’t pleased but I made sure i made it up to him when I got back from walking Preston.  I did manage to feed the menagerie.
The sun was pretty much risen when I got to the house.  I stopped at DD for some coffee and came here. The kitties were waiting for me on the stairs and came to me when I walked in.
I started working on the cheesecake (setting up the cream cheese ) and then I fed them.  They were very vocal at that point.  I got them fed and then started looking at the ingredients and realized I forgot the lemon.  I ran to the grocery store and got the lemon.
When I got home dove into making the cheesecake.  I think it…

Another "last couple of days" post

As you all know I love rainy nights that I don’t have go out.  I usually get into my pajamas and curl up in bed and watch TV or get on the computer or both.  I got to do it last night.  Leaving lots of stuff to do for today.
The kitties ran around like maniacs again.  They were sleeping on the bed a few times last night.  I think my cough spasm scared them.  They came back later.  After that I fell asleep.
Today I got up around 6 and got the cats fed and relaxed until it was time for my hair appointment. I made a stop to the new Dunkin Donuts that opened up by Citizen’s Bank in Orange got a sandwich and then headed to the salon.  Chatted with Marianne, then Karen got me set up and we began the process.  By noon I was finished.  I Have a couple of pictures that just seem to not post anywhere i want them too.  After that I came to see Preston and Vlad.  Sat with them for twenty minutes and then tried to set up my laptop.  Can’t seem to access their internet so will be using their computer…

Thankful Thursday 2016

1.         I am thankful for my family warts and all. 2.        I am thankful for my kitties 3.        I am thankful for my job 4.        I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health 5.        I am thankful for my neighbors 6.        I am thankful for my home 7.        I am thankful for my friends 8.        I am thankful for the organizations I belong to. 9         I am thankful for the weather. 10.     I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.  
Well here is my last Thankful Thursday for 2016.  I can’t believe (actually I can).  Everyone i know has been saying what a God Awful year it has been.  Evidence of so many celebrity deaths such as Carrie Fisher and now Her Mom died yesterday.  
I am very thankful of my siblings despite some hurtful stuff that my sister seems to say.  She ended up getting bronchitis this week and she in her way says I could have stayed home …

The Last Mid Week Reflection of 2016

Looking at the title of this entry it's awfully long but at 12:30 in the morning I couldn’t think of anything better.  I don’t know how long i will remain awake as I took the meds that should put me into a deep sleep to get rid of this sinus infection.  
I spent the last two days writing about the Christmas Holiday.  Some things I didn’t mention because they didn’t seem as important and I didn’t want to forget anything that meant more to me.
Some of the things i didn’t mention was the kitties.  I finally resolved the issue of kitties getting into the attic.  I put a straight back chair from the dining room set under the doorknob and he can’t open it.  I had to rearrange the furniture and it seems to be working just fine.  I was quite pleased with myself and hopefully he won’t be finding ways to get around it.  I was pleased they both listened to me when I would shoo them away ( from the door) or called them from the door.  They have been sleeping on the bed most of the last two da…

Christmas 2016

Christmas eve Day was getting last minute things done and preparation for the Christmas Eve dinner at my Nephew and Niece’s house in Fairfield.
Unfortunately as I started getting ready for the day  i found out I had no hot water.  I had so much to do but couldn’t do it until the guy came about an hour later.  Luckily he was done by the time I had to meet with my friend Nancy.
I originally was supposed to go to Nancy’s house to pick up the new house keys and get instructions on the menagerie I would be taking care of at the end of the week but because of the water emergency we made arrangements to meet here..  The house was still a mess and I am not sure she was comfortable about that.  Either that I was not comfortable with it.  Anyway she had a two page instructions for each of the Animals.  There are some slightly new things for Preston such as breaking the dog treats in smaller portions because his teeth aren’t as good as they used to be.  Anyway I also got verbal instructions from O…

I went to the Dr. 's yesterday

I have a Sinus infection with bronchial spasms.  So I been put on AMoxicillin with something.  Flonase, Robitussin, and a inhaler.  I have to pick up the inhaler this morning.   Did I call it or what?  I got home about 6.  
When I got home I discovered I didn’t have an oil.  No heat!  So I made a few calls   I got a call back around 9 and said he would be there in 30 minutes...he wasn’t.  He came around 10 or 11 he put some oil in it and will come tomorrow to put more in.  I thought for sure I told him to put me on automatic delivery.  He says I was supposed to call him.  Anyway he fixed it and I am now on automatic.  I did get an oil bill this morning for the rest of delivery and I really surprised at the amount.  Of course I got it ready for payment.
I haven’t done much today.  I have a few things that need to be done like the trip to Hamden to drop the fmla papers off, getting cat food, and financial wizardry.
The kitties are upstairs no  surprise there.  Sky came down a couple of tim…

This Week is about december 21, 2016

This last week was about final preparations and celebrating the Christmas holiday.  I went to a few parties and missed a few parties and did some shopping.   It was about being with family for birthdays and just catching up.  It was also about making others feel the holiday spirit with the Woman’s Club annual gift delivery.  Despite some minor bumps it went pretty well.
This week is also about getting doctor appointments in.  I had my cardiology appointment a couple of days ago and other than BP a concern everything normal.  I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and I see my GP tomorrow for this what I suspect is a sinus infection..  For some reason JK seems to think I could be allergic to the cats (not that I asked her for her opinion today) and that I need to find out by tests
I went and did some more shopping for the kids and I think I am done.  I need to find more little personalized  ornaments for the kids.  Other than that need to my sister’s gift.  I still have to mail out Jim’s …

I knew it

I knew I was going to get sick for recess.  I have  been coughing and sneezing a lot lately and now I feel blah (aka crappy and anything else that matches).  I promised Liz via text I was going to call the dr. at some point and schedule an appointment.  I took some Claritin this morning and had honey and lemon with Earl Grey Tea last night and took some more Robitussin now.  I am not doing much of anything else.
I also knew when I heard something being pushed that I would find both SKy and tiger in the attic-again.  That’s where they were when I left Monday  morning and where they were when i got home from the Dr. later that night.  I tried to bribe them but they just stayed in their spot by the deteriorating insulation.  They came down when I came from Dinner at Liz’s house tonight and both are sitting on the bed with me. Sky resigned himself to the foot of the bed after he discovered there was more than a bench in front of the door.  Tiger is sitting at my side and looks to get a scr…

Sun Came Out

The sun came out for a short time yesterday afternoon on my way home from the gift delivery.  It went back in about ten minutes later.  When I got  home I had been checking some stuff.  
The gift delivery was fine for the most part until we were told socks, toothpaste and combs were not on the okay list. I was so annoyed because it seemed like Telka either ignored the list  because these things ended up in as gifts but we did a bit of retconning.  I have a feeling I was going to get a call on Monday from Natalie.  I am really glad i kept the letter she sent us.  The two of the things she said were on the list were not.  
The rest of the afternoon i was watching TV and did a little laundry.  I have more and will be doing it later.  I had a cheeseburger for lunch and a simplyHealth Smart for dinner.
The kitties both finally came downstairs at two different times and have stayed down and so I have put the chest back firmly.  I had gotten some advice from the cat lovers group that I belong t…

Been a few days

Good snowy morning.  The snow came some time after 1 am and it has been going ever since.  Some people say 5 inches and I would have to concur without getting dressed and going outside with the yardstick.  I even took a picture of it and it looks the exact same as last year.
This week has been so busy I was not able to finish my midweek reflection or my thankful Thursday posts.  Or Do much of anything.
Work was good but busy.  I had been doing mostly refund checks and finally catching up with the mail as my refund persons were both out on Friday.  I had two short days because of dr. appointments so everything seemed to pile up into one day.  We had our holiday in-house party.  It was buffet style and very good.  This year’s gift was  a new insulated lunch bag with the new brand name on it.  We had gotten one a few years back with the old name on it.  This one is much nicer.  Some (mine included) are slightly hard to open at first and to close.  Not sure what that’s about maybe because t…

NOt a lot

The snow for the most part around here didn’t last long.  But it did cause lots of traffic headaches with accidents in different parts of the state.  Luckily I got to work barely on time.  
Work was fine.  Spent the morning working on refunds and the afternoon on the mail.  Will have lots to do for refunds tomorrow.  We have a staff meeting Wednesday morning.  Our holiday party/luncheon on Friday.  There is now ten days until recess begins.
Tonight was the Woman’s Club holiday party.  Everyone brought something luckily it wasn’t all desserts as Dr. t alluded to  the fact that almost everyone was bringing desserts.  We had one of our former Girls club President Nicole F as guest speaker.  She talked about college and being a Veterinarian school person.  She is leaving new Year's eve for Saint Kits to do schooling down there for a few years. Telk loved her UCONN throw and I got a lovely candle.

When I got home I managed to clean the kitchen, do some more laundry and sweep up the bathro…

It's snowing

It came sometime after sundown. My sister called me to see what I wanted earlier today but she was sleeping. She was noticing she was doing a lot of sleeping and I told her there is nothing wrong with that.

I tried to take a picture of the snow from the back room but it came out dark (no flakes showing in the outside light). I checked a time or two and it seemed to subside then I checked in my familiar place. It is the street lamp on New Haven avenue at the end of our street. You can always tell if its raining or snowing in the light.

Today was a normal Sunday. I relaxed and waited for the laptop to finish its update (it hasn't of this writing). I watched TV for sometime and then around 11 I decided I would do the shopping as I kept hearing the news about the "snow event". The sky was turning a light sunny gray and getting cold to boot.

My first stop to get gas but the second was to Wal*Mart. Yes Wal*Mart. I got most of my groceries and cleaning supp…

Uh Boy

My goodness.  It is just seven am and I haven’t been up long.  I got to stay in bed until 6:20 and then got up and did the regular routine.  The litter box and feeding the kitties.  I have been feeding the cats some new to them cat food (but with gravy type).  Tiger doesn’t seem to like the Beef and gravy one as much so i gave her the Turkey or chicken one. It looks like she liked it.
I am trying to decide the things I need at Wal*mart as opposed to the grocery stores.  I can’t believe I am doing that but I am trying to compare prices between the two from online and I am not sure I am doing it right (I am not finding what I want or need).
I have decided I will go to the stores after the sing-a-longs.  This morning however, I am going to do the e-cards and watch the star wars marathon and a little of the NCIS marathon later this afternoon.
I had to pay for the renewal of Homeagain subscription for Tiger.  Trying to get a new password is a pain in the ass.  I decided to have them give it t…

Feeling Accomplished

Despite having the disappointing results from the bake sale yesterday I feel I have accomplished a good deal of work.  The mail was done early.  Still working on the refund checks to be mailed out.  I even cleaned out old emails and old memos (Guardian Angel even encouraged me to to do it).  So I can start fresh very soon.  
I am trying to figure out how to be better organized regarding emails, and alerts  regarding office policies and work procedures that apply to me and all the rest keep a log of it for reference.  I am not sure what else I should keep but I guess that will come in time.
After work I went to my insurance agent to pay for my car insurance.  I think they were waiting for me and that is just really great.  Not only are they my agents  but they are neighbors too.  Actually T grew up on this street before I got here.  He moved to another part of the city after college but came back often for visits with his late parents,  We said goodbye and I took off for LIz’s.
After call…


Well the cheesecake was delivered and I waited anxiously for the bake sale to start.  I took it out of the freezer before I left around 7 and put it in the cooler carrier that I left in the car for the last 11 plus days.  It did the trick for what I needed.  I eventually got it to the drop off point and just as I was taking it out of the cooler the entire cake (crust and all) nearly fell on the floor.  Luckily it fell back into place with little effort.  HR Barbara did contact me to get the name of the cake.  However, By the end of the day I know it wasn’t bought.  :sad:  One of my co-workers says it was priced too high for the bake sale.
I spent the day working on the mail from yesterday and today and just barely touched the refunds. I know what I am going to be doing tomorrow.  At least I left knowing I managed to do a lot of stuff.
My session with Debra went by quickly.  We talked about the events of the last week and we discussed work, health,  and the holidays.  We will have a phon…

Thankful Thursday

1.         I am thankful for my family warts and all. 2.        I am thankful for my kitties 3.        I am thankful for my job 4.        I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health 5.        I am thankful for my neighbors 6.        I am thankful for my home 7.        I am thankful for my friends 8.        I am thankful for the organizations I belong to. 9         I am thankful for the weather. 10.     I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.  
I really had a great time with Liz last Sunday while we went out to dinner and the theater with her friends and of course daughter and daughter in law.  It made for a long night but I enjoyed it.  
I had an opportunity to hear from cousins i hadn’t really talked with in awhile.  I had sent out the e-cards for the Christmas.  I wasn’t sure they would appreciate the type of cards.  My hope is to one day visit them all.
The kitti…