Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dear Friends

February 26, 2014

Dear Friends:

    I decided to stay in bed longer than I should have but I managed to get out a little after 7:30.  The ride in wasn’t bad and I managed to get here a little after 8.

    The sky had an interesting dark gray color to it and it made everything look different.  It’s clear the snow they are predicting is coming but it looked pretty to me.  New Haven is supposed to get snow showers later today and I would imagine so is back home.

I spent the first hour working on re=address mail and sending a few emails out to let KB know about my appointments for the next couple of days.  She is in charge of the payroll for now until Judy comes back from ML.  The lockbox I worked on the rest of the morning until the second leg of the mail came.

Well after several years of empty buildings the College Street shopping strip finally was torn down this week.  The shops there cl0sed many years ago and the parking lot was used for the high school across the street and a parking lot for workers.  The parking lot closed before Christmas.  There is a talk of a apartment and store complex going in and all I could think of is from Friends where they see the ugly naked guy all the time.

I had an exasperating day when I got back from my session with Debra today.  Tehre were a couple of things that I send via inter-office/campus mail and they came back.  I put some mail on a table (and it became mountainous) and it fell all over the floor and into the trash can.  Let’s just say the office heard me.  I was made aware of it by CAroline.  On the way home I called Terri to talk about it but I know she just called but left no message.

When I got home saw some neighbors and talked about the weather.  AFter that visit I put the garbage cans out around front.  I put the rest of the garbage out around 7.

Dinner was scallops and leftover vegetables from yesterday.  I cleaned the kitchen and Mom watched TV until about 6:30 or 7.  I also watched TV.  

I also had to do some laundry.

Tomorrow I have an eye Doctor’s appointment in town for 8:30.  I am thinking it should take an eye (it's also a field visual test as well)  Then I will go to work.

Well I better get to the laundry.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dear Friends

February 25, 2014

Dear Friends:

    It has been an unsettling morning.  First I went to get gas and for some reason the transaction was cancelled and it made me very suspicious of the gas station and the clerk.  I may have to think about not going to this particular station again even though its easy access to the highway.  I put up a rather loud stink about it.

    When I got to work I found out that JanetN’s Mom had fallen yesterday.  I remember Janet telling me she called at lunch time and when her mother doesn’t answer she gets annoyed (I would too) and she got anxious too.  So Janet called her sister who in turned called her daughter and the daughter checked on her and found her on the floor.

    I called home at break but there was no answer.  I wasn’t  trying to go to “the dark place” or think the worse.  My hope she was just sleeping.  She may have also been in the bathroom too.  I talked with Liz also.  I just let her know how Mom was and to let her know that I responded to the party invite for the kids.  We also talked about our cousin’s visit this coming weekend.

    The rest of the day went by okay.  I got a lot done and have still a lot of re-address mail to go through.  I made arrangements to get more envelopes with the gargoyle.  She is a trip.  

The girls and I had a nice walk to the car and we didn’t chat long.   We all had something to do at home.  So the drive home wasn’t bad and I got home by quarter of 5.  The sun was still out by then.  

Mom was out in the backroom setting the table and having dinner in the oven.  It was mostly a veggie night. She mixed the spinach dip with a variety of vegetables and made a tomato and potato and cheese dish.  I liked it but she didn’t.   I don’t hink we are having that again anytime soon.

  After dinner I decided that it was time to free the recycle bin from its snow and ice prison and it was heavy and awkward but it is now sitting in front to get filled up.  I was a little anxious about walking across the snow and ice but it wasn’t as bad as before.

Now I am going to watch NCIS then hit the sack.  

Have a great night..:)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dear Friends

February 24, 2014

Dear Friends:

    Today was dragging.  I didn’t really want to get out of bed this morning and besides that I was stiff and sore and limping around for most of the morning even though I did take Tylenol.

Well it looks like I won’t have to be getting the paychecks all the time.  AnthonyL will be doing it for me (when he is here).  He won’t be here for the rest of the week so next week when he comes back I will show him the ropes.

Last week Judy sent an email to Susan suggesting we use the courier to pick up the checks from the mailroom every Thursday instead of sending me.  She said get Anthony to do it.  I have to remind him to do it every thursday and every last day of the month.

The iron infusion went well.  Found out one of the technicians is leaving on Friday.  She cites the commute over the Q-Bridge as one of the reasons.  So we spent some time together before I left and we chatted and I snacked.

I got home by 6 and saw we had a visitor.  It was Kristy B who stopped on her way to a meeting in town.  We chatted about Endicott too.  After that Mom rushed to get dinner going.

We had liver, onions, and bacon for dinner and it was AWESOME.  Mom cooked it in flour and panko crumbs.  After dinner she went upstairs as she wasn’t feeling well.  I finished cleaning and closed down the house.

NOw I am going to bed.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dear Friends

February 23, 2014

Dear Friends:

    Hello from the tropics.  Well it is a heat wave of sorts.  Its been in the 50’s for most of the day  The sun shining for now but I did notice it getting cloudy for a short time.  It looks like we are going to get some precipitation over night after all (wheeee)

    The morning activities went pretty well.  I had 15 residents playing bingo and a few of them won a couple of games each.  Unfortunately all they got was my undying love and gratitude.  There wasn’t any change to play with.  For the most part everyone played well together.  

    I did end up going to church late (I really don’t like that btw).  I was so late that I came in the middle of the homily from Father Aiden.   Then after the homily was the financial reports for the church.  I just don’t think that should have been reported during mass.  I am sure they have meetings for that kind of thing (I found it all boring).

    When I got home I found Liz and Young Nelson 3 visiting Mom.  Nelson was being incredibly shy with me today.  He wouldn’t come near me but he did wave good bye to me when they were leaving.  Mom really had a good time with them despite the fact she was having hard time with the dry mouth.

We had a mid afternoon lunch and then I hung out.  Something Mom didn’t appreciate as we discussed my going to the store.  She got really annoyed with me (it was quarter of four).  I felt she was being unreasonable and started on me about “she can’t do it anymore and that you have to take up the slack”.  WTF do you think I have been doing all these weeks?  So after she said that and then added some stuff to the list I went.

It took me an hour to get it all done and I was back at the house a little after 5.   I let her check out all the stuff and except for a couple of bruises on the vegetables it met with some good approval rating.  We decided to have cube steaks for dinner.

WE worked on it together and was finished eating by six or six thirty.  UNfortunately MOm’s taste buds were not working so she didn’t really enjoy it.  She even tried to eat a piece of chocolate cake but couldn’t finish it.  She gave it to me and then came upstairs for bed.   When I came upstairs I noticed she was not there yet but getting ready.  She couldn’t find the NYTs magazines so I went back down and looked for them.  She had them.  

Mom has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.  When Liz was here she said that Nelson would not mind taking her but MOm said to her that I could do it.  When she asked me while LIz was here I said I could but it was last minute.   So we stayed with Nelson could do it.  THrough out the day I thought about it and I really felt put upon.  If Mom knew she had an appointment she could have told me like a few days ago and I would have put the time in and done it.

I guess it all worked out for the best but it irks me that she does this.  She sometimes acts like everyone else’s schedule is built around her.  For example two weeks ago my cousin calls to ask her if it would be okay if he could change a date for his quick visit.  I had to remind Mom a couple of times to discuss it with me.  She kept putting it of (he wanted to come on March 1 instead of day earlier).  Well I finally sent him a message this morning saying it was fine.  

Well its now late and I am getting tired and even watching the last couple of hours of a Tony DiNozzo/NCIS marathon can keep me up.  Besides my wrist and foot are anxious to rest now as it is.  

Have a great night..

Dear Friends

February 22, 2014

Well the day has ended.  It is nearly 8 pm and of course the laundry isn’t done-completely.  I did manage to go to the store and get a few things but I can do the baby shower gift tomorrow afternoon or so.

I had an early dinner of the beefaroni we had from earlier this week while Mom made braised ribs and cauliflower.  She is still downstairs watching TV and I expect her to come upstairs pretty soon for bed.  

I am so tired myself that I am heading there now...See you in the morning...

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dear Friends

February 22, 2014

Dear Friends:

    Well here it is another Saturday morning again.  I have been up about a couple of hours now.  I have started laundry and had coffee and finally downloaded entries that I have written this week but never got to save to the files.  

    I went to bed very early last night (7 pm) but I kept waking up every couple of hours (mostly to make bathroom runs-yeah I know TMI) but I really had a great sleep.  

    I had gone outside to get the papers for Mom and it was nice out.  Its about 40 degrees right now and supposed to get up to 48.  It says we may get rain later.  I kind of hope so because I would like the snow to go away.  Unfortunately we are supposed to get snow showers mid week.  Yeah I guess I can enjoy this for now.

I told Mom last night that I would like to renew my effort to take over the cleaning of the house.  I know Mom must be doing it as she goes along but only she can do so much.  She was very pleased at the way the kitchen looked after Thursday’s meeting.  That’s what I was striving for despite the fact I was tired and in pain.

Well I am going to clear out the mailbox again.  I will check in later.

Dear Friends

February 21, 2014

Dear Friends:

    Happy Friday!  Its definitely a lot warmer outside.  For how long is a different ball game.  I slept until 6:30 this morning but managed to get out in good time.  I even got the garbage out and put away a few more things that I had left out last night.  Go me!

    I am still limping but not as much.  As I said I had a pretty good sleep with very little pain.  The foot does get stiff and so does my butt when I first get up and then seems normal.  I did promise my friend Ray from the journaling group that I would definitely have it looked at.

I haven’t done any of the weekly journaling prompts or updates from the lists I belong.  I have been putting them off because of one thing or another (no energy or time).  I actually did do the “weekend plans” post today.

Today Lisa S who has been on our HMO team is moving to the Credentialing team down the hall so they had pizza.  She says she will be here daily to visit with Judy but I will still miss her.
I paid some bills for now.  One of them is getting back to a manageable level.  I have to work on the other one.

My hope for tonight is to relax.  I have had a long week and I can feel that I  am getting tired already.

WEll I better go...see you later.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Dear Friends

February 20, 2014

Dear Friends:

    What an icy morning.  There was ice everywhere and it made me very uneasy.  I put some de-icer pellets on the sidewalk so no one would slip throughout the day.

    Livia is supposed to come to clean today.  I tried to pick up my room but ended up having the door closed.  I hope she doesn’t go in.  I don’t feel its bad but Mom and she may have other ideas.  Actually Mom objected when I spoke with her on the phone today.  I even got to meet Livia and she is a lovely person.  I promised her I would be better at the room thing.  I know that I don’t have to do that but it helps me as well.  She actually didn’t leave until 6.

    Diane came home for a quick visit today and she spent time with Mom.  I got the signal that Mom wanted to spend time with her so i had to go upstairs and finish the minutes.

OH the Minutes?  I screwed up big time.  I wasn’t paying attention and I Started to edit last years January 4th District minutes and I didn’t realize it until I printed them out.  I can’t edit those but I was able to get this year’s actually done.  

The Meeting went pretty well.  Mom stayed for a short time (we had to set up for the meeting and by then she was starting to wane).  We had at least 12 people.  We finished by 9 and they helped clean up but when they left I took my time I was so tired and my foot was beginning to throb again.  I have to put the garbage out in the morning.

I can barely keep my eyes open so I am going to crash.  Have a great night and see you tomorrow.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dear Friends

February 19, 2014

Dear Friends:

    I have a feeling my friend/co-worker Terry may be right about me having Gout.  She had me look it up and a few of the symptoms are what I have had.  It started at night and the pain is at best bearable. if I don’t move much.  This prompted me to call Debra so that we could make other arrangements for our session this week.

Debra called me back this morning and agreed that the sidewalks are slippery and suggested we have a phone session and meet in person next week.  She called back for the session by 11:30.

Last night I got a call from Silkies company and it was a collections call.  I was furious they called me on the house phone.  I immediately sent an email asking them to cease and desist all calls.  I informed them and I remember doing this that I wanted to cancel my account that I would not be using their service 2 years ago.  I got an email this morning asking for more information..  I had gotten some flyers awhile back but nothing of the packages I used to get.  I threatened to report them to the FTC and BBB if they continue to harass me over this..  I was getting far too many and not using them all.  Let’s see what they have to say..  They did email me and needed more information.

Well I am going to finish watching the NCIS Ralph Waite Tribute Marathon and then I am going to bed...


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dear Friends

February 18, 2014

Dear Friends:

    I just finished watching NCIS and turned off the lights and had a snack.  Now I am heading to bed.  The foot/toe is still bothering me when I put weight on it.  I did take tylenol so my hope is it will be okay for the night.

    I got home some time after 4:30.  The ride home was surprisingly light of traffic.  I am sure it won’t be that way tomorrow.  The roads around here were pretty clear but the ones in New Haven not so much.

When I got home Mom was making steak...well she was preparing it.  We ate around 5:30-6 and we had potatoes and mixed vegetables.  It was delicious.  Mom cleaned the kitchen (I didn’t think I could stand for long time) and I just rested my foot.  

Sadly I found out that we lost a dear friend this past week.  Her name was Nancy and she was part of the Bible Study Group Mom’s been a part of almost all my life.  Nancy was instrumental in getting me sun fishing sailing lessons  Those were the one man sailing vessels?  I was probably 12 or so.  I never pursued them afterwards but it was fun.  Nancy just lost her husband nine days ago.

Well I am going to get going...have to put the garbage out tomorrow before going to work...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dear Friends

February 17, 2014

Dear Friends:

    It looks like we were all taken by surprise by the snowfall last night.  The small number of people I spoke with were surprised and disgusted.  We are getting more tomorrow.  Whoohoo!! I should have looked at the extended forecast like I usually do.

I was able to get some sleep last night.  I wasn’t in as much pain but a few times it hurt my side.  This morning I took some tylenol and it does hurt a little but hopefully it will kick in soon.  It looks like the site now has a section for measuring aches and pains daily.  

Work was fairly quiet.  I spent the morning working on the mail that came during the weekend and finance.  There wasn’t any official lockbox delivery today but stragglers from the weekend and week before plus any campus stuff.  Because we work for the University we don’t get this holiday.  The next Holiday we do get off is Good Friday.

I talked with Mom this morning.  She seemed a little stronger but not completely better.  She says I am on my own for dinner and I told her I saw something that would be sufficient.

Liz and I checked in with each other to see how Mom was and about our own health and as usual she reminded me to talk to the Lupus Dr. about the aches and pains and alternative meds.

We have a 4th District meeting at the end of the week.  I sent out the reminders last night and have heard from a few people already.  Tonight I have to send out the DTC roster and have them check it out and see what needs to be updated..  I have to also finish the minutes I promised last month.                                                                                                                                      

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dear Friends

February 16, 2014

Dear Friends:

    It is the end of another weekend.  I can imagine it went by as fast for you as it did for me.  Although I admit most of it was a lazy weekend.  I did my regular Sunday morning routine (well except for church) .  I came home when it was too late to go to church.

    Once again I had a slow start to the day.  It took me a while to sleep last night because everything seemed to ache.  I did get up finally and managed to get a few things done like emptying the dishwasher,  making sure Mom’s papers were where she could find them when she got up that sort of thing.  

I didn’t expect to get a phone call  from my cousin Bill.  He wanted to let Mom know there would be a slight change in his visit schedule in a couple of weeks.  I guess there is a UCONN game that weekend and he wanted to see her before that.   I told MOm later but she just wasn’t up to talking about it.

Mom was not feeling well at all today.  She slept for most of it and was only up long enough to chug some ginger ale and meds.  I called Liz this morning to let her know (so she wouldn’t come all the way here for the communion but she came anyway) and again this afternoon.  She was concerned.

I heard from Jim today as well.  It was his bi-weekly check in and so we talked about the cat, weather, and the kids.  He did sound good and everything seems okay with him of course he was concerned about Mom.

I just looked outside and it is snowing again.  I guess its been snowing for an hour or so.  It looks like it is coming down hard too.  It supposed to end shortly.  Sure it is.

Well I am going to get ready for bed.  I will see you tomorrow.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dear Friends

February 15, 2014

Dear Friends:

    Happy Saturday afternoon!  I hope all of you are well.  I can’t believe it is the afternoon already.  I woke up pretty early and was out the door by 9 to run some errands and get my haircut.  I did this in anticipation of more snow.  It had not arrived by the time it originally was supposed to.

    Mom got up round 8 or so and  had her coffee and read her paper and got dressed.  I did ask what she wanted to do about dinner but it was too early to think about it.

I was really hoping my luck would continue today and not have any aches or pains.  It didn’t.  My right arm is giving me a little pain I have to hold it at times.   Its hard for me to explain.  I did take some tylenol so hopefully it will subside for awhile.

I was hoping to spend the rest of the afternoon quietly or lazily not sure what will happen.  I am still doing laundry like I said I didn’t want to do.

I heard from Debbie M today.  I had sent her an email (to the wrong email addy) to tell her about the baby shower on the 8th.  Apparently she had sent me a cute text earlier about the shower.

Around 2 I took a trip to the store down the street for Milk.  Just as I was leaving it started to snow by the time I got back it had stopped.  I guess Mom’s been making bread pudding and puttering around.

Well I am going to chill out so see you all later...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Dear Friends

February 14, 2014

Dear Friends:

    Well Happy Valentine’s Day everyone I hope you get to share it with the one you love.  The atmosphere around the house is still fairly cool even though I did apologize once again.  Of course Mom isn’t going to take responsibility for her side of it and that still annoys me.   I should know that she never will but that shouldn’t be the legacy to leave behind for her family.

    Today was a really warm day it got into the low 40’s by mid afternoon.  It melted a lot of the snow and made for better walking conditions.  IT was starting to melt when I left the house this morning.  It is supposed to drop to mid 20’s tonight and we are supposed to get more snow tomorrow.  If that’s the case then I have to cancel the hair appointment.

Work went well I got a lot done by 3 and worked on some of the re-address mail as well.   Even though I worked on it the pile is starting to get bigger.  I have to work on it on Monday.

We got a Thank you email from the COO this morning for coming in yesterday.  There was no major disruption from the clinics to the offices (well almost none).  The last time there was a storm I missed out on pizza.  We didn’t get anything this time.  I really don’t need pizza.

Tonight is the first night in a few nights that I am not in serious pain. Last night after I had some meds and stuff I was very stiff and in pain.  I couldn’t move my hands very well until mid morning (and I did have tylenol).  I had some more a little while ago and I took the plaquenil so I hope it won’t be the same way.

I have one more load of laundry to do before the weekend starts and when Mom goes to bed (and I am guessing that will be soon) I will get it done.  I don’t want to be spending the weekend doing the laundry.

I also am going to do my annual clearing out the mailbox.  I really have to do the at&T box too but I don’t save any of those.  I really should but I don’t.  Most of them are the same things I get in the outlook.

Well I will check in with you later...have a great one..


Dear Friends

February 13, 2014

Dear  Friends!  

What a day!   The wind is howling blowing hard outside and it is just 7 pm.  I did end up going to work but I got there around 8:20.  I was quite surprised but I had gone slow and used the highway.  I made sure I called both Judy, Susan and Joel and they were all there.

Once I got there I spent the morning finishing yesterday’s mail and delivering it and then working on odds and ends.  The weather turned worse as the midday approached.  All concept of time just seem to disappear.

I left the office around 12:30 and it took me an hour to get home.  The roads were awful.  Only certain areas were plowed.  I almost got stuck about 2 miles from home and then again actually on our street.  Happily neighbors helped me out.  They did an awesome job.  Finn made me nervous because he kept running around the car and there was so much snow I was afraid I would hit him with the car..

I did have to go out and get the garbage can but fell into the snow that covered my legs.  It was a totally unpleasant feeling.  I had a hard time getting up but managed.  I was so thrilled about going inside that I forgot my cell phone in the car.

For the rest of the day I did some laundry and got into it with Mom.  We have both been so angry with each other and I am about to tell her off.  On more than one occasion she has been rude and obnoxious and I have been mumbling under my breath and saying things that are very hurtful.  If  I even write it out I will be opening myself to criticism.

So on that note I am off...


Not doing very much this morning