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It is another beautiful autumn like day. I so wanted to sleep in and I did but I also rushed around the house to make sure things were done. I put the rest of toilet paper in the cellar, emptied the dehumidifier, showered and dressed and got the cat fed. IT made me late.

LG finally grace us with her presence. She was doing some work but talking about the storm and getting on the phone talking about it to whom ever. I think she may have made comments about CD not being here.

I was supposed to start to train Anthony this morning but he is a no show. He may be in the room at the end of the hallway scanning. He should have just come to me-I should not have to find him.

I have had a many birthday wishes on Facebook. Mom wished me a happy birthday and says she would pay for the jeans when I go shopping. Liz says we will have dinner some time next week. Jim wanted to wish me a happy birthday but I was at the store when he called.

I got home by 4:30 last night and Mom also just got home from …

Almost like Autumn

It is another beautiful autumn like day.I so wanted to sleep in and I did but I also rushed around the house to make sure things were done.I put the rest of toilet paper in the cellar, emptied the dehumidifier, showered and dressed and got the cat fed.IT made me late.
LG finally grace us with her presence.She was doing some work but talking about the storm and getting on the phone talking about it to whom ever.I think she may have made comments about CD not being here.
I was supposed to start to train Anthony this morning but he is a no show.He may be in the room at the end of the hallway scanning.He should have just come to me-I should not have to find him.
I have had a many birthday wishes on Facebook.Mom wished me a happy birthday and says she would pay for the jeans when I go shopping.Liz says we will have dinner some time next week.Jim wanted to wish me a happy birthday but I was at the store when he called.
I got home by 4:30 last night and Mom also just got home from the Doctors.Sh…


Last night was charming.Liz was at the house when I arrived.Mom was sitting in her pajamas in the back.They both seemed to have attitudes with me.I was not pleased.Liz apparently cleaned the house or vacuumed.Later on Mom said she was ashamed to have people here with the house so messy.
Mom got on me for eating the wrong foods and yet in the next breath she tells me to finish the soup that Liz brought from her house.Um does that make sense?
Mom went to bed very early (probably around 6 or 7) she had been having stomach issues and so she slept the entire night.She did get up a couple of times between midnight and the time I left.I got up a couple of times to make sure she was alright.She griped about some thing.I am just getting so tired of the quick and short answers.
Today she is having the home care nurse and a Doctor’s appointment.I was under the impression that OT was coming today.As long as she has it written down then I am not freaking worrying about it.I just hope she is in a bett…

The after effects of the storm

This was one of area hit by the flooding of the storm It is about 8 to ten minute drive west of my house. It is just North West of where our friends Mike and Tess and a number of our DTC members live. You could probably see better videos here

The area down the street from me heading towards Bob’s place is getting back to normal. State DOT workers and city workers were clearing up the sand that had washed up to the street from the cove and into parking lot back to the beach.

Residents through out the area were starting clean up activity as much as they could before nightfall and before the winds started up again. There has been one argument between neighbors over a tree. Three guesses as to who it might be? I have resolved to stay out of it and wish them all well.

I called my friend Joanie in Oxford. She is safe and with power. Her daughter didn’t have power and she won’t for several days as will be the case for many people around the state.

Bob came by during the middle of the after…

Irene still coming

It is 9 am and we haven’t had the full brunt of Irene or so I am told. The wind picked up during the night and it is still pretty strong. The news says it hasn’t hit land fall for NYC (Brooklyn) yet but it is a weak Category 1 hurricane. I have been looking around there is parts of trees in the front yard of the neighbors house. There is a tree down in the back yard of said neighbor.

I watched people drive by on the main road. When I watched an earlier report the reporter said since daylight people have been driving around. I was tempted to go see Junior but I am not going to even try. Oh the weatherman says the storm will get here earlier and be over earlier than planned.

Mom is still lying on the couch. She isn’t feeling well. She thinks that the hamburger she cooked yesterday was too much on her stomach. I am remembering what the PT said yesterday or was it Telka? They said that with all the stuff that’s done to the digestive system it needs time to heal.

Been getting updates from …

Hurricane Irene

Well it is 8 am and it is cloudy. That is clear the Hurricane is not that far away. There is still some debate as to how bad it will be. Some are saying it will only be a category 1 maybe 2. Wouldn’t know what that meant anyway.

I have to go see Junior and I will feed her. I am thinking to leave out an extra Dry bowl for her in case it does get too bad tonight. Then I will go and see her in the morning.

Mom was exhausted last night. She was asleep in her chair out back when I came home from the social. It was about 9 and by 9:15 she was on the couch and sleeping. I cleaned up her dinner dishes. She did an excellent job at making her own dinner. It was just that all of her activities yesterday wiped her out. She got up and used the bathroom instead of the commode. She is sitting in the back room and reading the paper. She had her breakfast. She got a little snippy with me.

The nurse is supposed to come around quarter of 10. While she is with the nurse I am going to try and get some sho…

Getting Discouraged

I am finding my self getting discouraged by things.All this time I have been telling people around me that my reactions to things that on a whole been better.Apparently that isn’t as true as I would like.
Today I was calling Mom and it was clear the Uniden Phone we have SUCKS.I could hear the static in the background.We got disconnected at least three times.Each time I was cussing loudly and the others in the office could hear me.
When ever Mom is talking she has to take a few moments and think about what she is saying (at least I think) and it takes far too long.She reminded me that the garbage needed emptying and why didn’t I put it out with yesterday’s garbage pick up.I did you stupid fuck.This is a new stuff. She will give me instructions and then I think I would follow them and then she would say “and now do this”…um I already fucking did.No I don’t think she has dementia or anything else.
I have been finding that people don’t listen to me when I tell stories (I think I know how NCI…

Thursday August 25, 2011

Well it is almost noon and I have been here since 8:15.Mom was just waking up when I was getting ready.She apparently used the commode on her own during the night.I made sure that was cleared out before taking a shower.Liz came around 8:45.I called around 7:25 to see where she was.That was something that annoyed me.As I was leaving I told her we would take her up on the suggestion to get the garbage cans and recycle can in the garage before Hurricane Irene comes.
Now there is some question as to whether or not this is going to be a really bad hurricane or is it going to be a spit in the bucket.Some say its going to hit Milford, Bridgeport, and Stratford others say it won’t.Nelson is concerned so he went and checked our houses.I am still going to get flashlights but no candles.Mom doesn’t think we need them.
The skies are over cast and humidity is high.There are some showers predicted between now and Saturday.
I called home a couple of times.Mom sounded good.They were looking through the …

Have been up a while

In a short while the alarms will be going off for five. I don’t know what time I actually woke up but I have been online surfing the net and watching TV. I am going to try and lie down again for a short while.

Then I am going to work and then to see Mom again and see if she needs anything. I think part of the reason I was up so early is because I wanted to be up to see if I could do anything (other than watch TV). I managed to get the guest bedroom made up. I also was now getting upset by an incident yesterday.

I called Liz and Nelson and Nelson answers the phone and tells me that Mom snapped at Liz and Liz left and ended up crying in the car. Nelson talked her through it but when he was telling me about it he was saying Mom is nasty. My problem is I know Liz She tends to be controlling and cutting in her comments, and is judgmental. I also know Mom she is impatient and controlling as well. Neither of them (Liz and Nelson) are willing to see what they bring to a situation. Hopefully L…

Mom is coming Home

Well there will be no TV watching for me tonight. Liz tells me that Mom is petitioning the doctors at Gaylord to have discharged tomorrow. There are two rooms that need doing. Mom’s room and the guest room of course my room is always needed cleaning.

The only thing is I have my session with Debra and then I was going to see Mom. That means I won’t be home until 7 or 8 at least. I will be tired by then.

I called Mom around Noon and she says Wednesday is the day she is coming home. I am taking that day off to be there for her. I have to take plants home tonight.

The Family Reunion

I had a great time yesterday. The Coulombe family reunion was yesterday. There were about 50 of us. Aunt Rosalie was there. Most of the Heberts were there. Robbie and Judy H from the Harris branch and Joan Slavin-Rice were there. Sadly they avoided each other. The New Jersey Branch of the Coulombes could not attend. Donna B-Hall was there helping out. Bill Coulombe sans wife (her flight cancelled and she would have missed it all) was there. His Brother Bob and his family were there. Their brothers Joe and Frank couldn’t attend. Jim and the kids were there. Bob and Ethel and John were there. Of course the Rivera clan were in attendance and it was great.

The food was catered by Lassie’s restaurant in Milford. They really did a great job. They had Eggplant, a chicken dish, ziti, salad and I can’t remember what else. Hours later if you were hungry there was hot dogs and hamburgers. I had only one hamburger and potato salad as my ankle was becoming swollen and I had to ice it.

In between t…

This Week

I am heading to bed soon. I am exhausted and it has been few days. I have some good news as far as Mom is concerned.

Monday Night despite the torrential down pour we had was a good night. I took my time getting to Gaylord and had no problems. Mom was sitting up in bed trying to eat her dinner. I spent about 45 minutes and of course talked about the house and about the garage. It looks as though Mom is gaining back her strength and it looks as though she will be coming home by Friday August 26.

I got to the Board Meeting on Time and we had a good meeting. The Club is going to be busy the end of the week. Our summer activities are drawing to a close but we have lots to do for the first half of autumn.

The rest of the week is now a blur. Tuesday through Friday I worked, went to some meetings and saw Mom. I brought over some boxes of pictures for the family reunion this weekend to Liz.

All this Rain

All this rain is causing havoc along the East Coast but especially here in CT.The Westfield Mall which is about 5 minutes from the house was flooded inside the mall last night and the streets around it were blocked.The parking lot around the Train Station in Milford was flooded.That’s where Adam and Olga live.Over in Derby on Route 34 before heading to where route 8 is was flooded as well.Liz’s Basement is flooded too.I am not sure how much of it is but she said it is flooded.
I got a call from Bob this morning asking me to keep the door unlocked so he can come and take a look at things regarding the garage.I told him the proposal would be by the computer.When I called Liz this morning I told her about that and the garage and what Don said.There was a side of me getting agitated because everyone is jumping into things and overlapping each other and that’s wasting resources and time and energy.I even told this to Liz this when I talked with her.
I have a club meeting tonight after work.I…

Olga's Bridal Shower

Today was Olga’s bridal shower. It was held at the whinstone tavern at Stanley golf course in New Britain Connecticut. It was a lovely place and the food was great. Olga’s family and friends were wonderful. Liz and I sat with the Rivera Clan (Nelson’s sisters and Sister in Law) while Stacey (Rich’s Girlfriend) sat with Cheryl’s friends from Southington.

Of course there were the obligatory shower games. Questions about the groom the bride had to answer. We had to match ours with theirs. It reminded me of the newlywed game of the 60’s. We left there about 5 (we ended up near Gaylord but didn’t stop) or so and I was home maybe an hour later.

When I arrived I found Neighbor Don coming from the house. He saw Mom and thought she looked great. He told me that he talked about the garage with Mom and pretty much gave his view points on it. He also told her he would go over the contract and see what she said about the doors being included or what ever. He called her back at Gaylord and said th…

Left Behind for august 13, 2011

I thought left a couple of things back at the office. They were the cell phone and one of my credit cards. I know for sure my cell phone is there. It wasn’t in the car. I had to use Mom’s alarm clock for last night. I could have sworn I checked every where for it. It turns out the CC was right where I put it (in my wallet). The phone is another story. It was definitely on the desk.

I left for the Rehab center by 10:30. The ride this time took me via I-91 to the Merritt. It was just as nice as the other route I had been taking. Mom was happy to see me and asked questions about the garage, finances, the street, and stuff like that. After a while I came home.

A beautiful night

I got home around 4:30. I chatted with DB before he ate then came in and checked mail and a few other things. I called Sis to discuss phone calls from bank. She was with Mom and they asked me to do a few things (such as ask DB his opinion on garage he will share it with Mom on Sunday).

While waiting for Sis did some vacuuming and laundry and TV watching. I got as far as the back room and the kitchen. Will do the rest tomorrow in between hair cut and Visit to Mom. Don’t think I will be doing much more tonight.

Brother #1’s son came home this week from Korea and he made a visit to see his grandma. She was thrilled. I will see him next week I am sure.

Sis is having trouble balancing checkbook. Says she will take it home with her and figure out. I have mixed feelings about that.

Things have been hectic

Things have been hectic.   I helped EH with the signature and lit drop Tuesday in the pouring rain.  I had to leave by 7:30.  I still had to see Mom before meeting M&T.
I got to Gaylord by 8.  Mom was watching NCIS and was relieved to see me.  We spent about half an hour. Never did get to meet with M&T.  We both had things to do.
I was home by 9:30, exhausted and not so hungry.  I didn’t do much except watch TV and then go to bed.
Wednesday work was hectic.  We had a party for EH.  After work I was so tired I went home.  I found BC working on the roof.  Short time his son came and did the lawn.  HE had some questions about the door so we called Brother #2 and worked out what the results would be.  Later on he made a request that the final payment for the “project” be paid
Sis stopped by after having a dodgy phone conversation with her.  Partially I was having the conversation with BC and the other is the service on the phones are crappy.  Have I ever said I hate cell phones?  We …


LiveJournal is on the fritz again.I was able to post but that’s it.It’s very frustrating. I am probably going to have to use Wordpress during work time and the other at night.I told my DTC friend about the issues of blogs with my family. She explained that it could be that generation.She said that her family objected to what she posted on her own blog.I guess what I am saying that I am not alone in this “skirmish”.
I talked with L this morning.She has some stuff to do before going to see Mom.She did tell me that Mom had PT and OT sessions yesterday.We talked about slippers and if they are not the right ones we jus take them back home.
We talked about rides to the bridal shower on Sunday.We will be riding up with R’s girlfriend.I am really looking forward to that.L is still waiting on a couple of things for that day.She isn’t sure if she is going up early to help O’s Mom out.
I heard from a couple of friends from DTC this morning.They wanted to help out with the plumbing situation.They fi…

The Weekend

This Weekend flew by but it was a good one. Despite my misgivings in the previous entry things have a way of working out.

Saturday I worked and went to the party with Mike and Roberta. I checked on Lulu Saturday night. Jim and the kids arrived at the house after making a stop off for dinner by 9. Jim was annoyed at the way the yard looked and wanted Colandrea’s number. I told him I would find it. They were all ready to be on their own and falling asleep.

Sunday was raining and raining hard. I went to check on Lulu and was drenched. I went to the Nursing home and relaxed a while. Then started getting ready for bingo the bingo squad came and helped. By the time I left the sun was out.

Liz called me and asked me to do a few things. Like pick up a bathrobe and slippers and some stuff for Mom’s feet and the phone. Later I would find out the bathrobe wasn’t needed. She asked about Jim and I explained that he was going or on his way to drop Kristina off at the tennis camp and he would see …

I think I am being played

I got a call from Liz last night. She was just leaving Gaylord with Nelson and she was telling me that the Doctor isn’t pleased with Mom’s current condition. She is still not eating much and doesn’t seem to be better. Liz seems to think this is really serious.

We got around to the bills and she asked me if I had to would I be able to pay Mom’s household bills with my money. She didn’t want me to “get angry”. I told her we could but I feel we should use the money that is in Mom’s accounts until otherwise told. When I went to pay for Mom’s additional minutes for her cell phone I couldn’t find Mom’s wallet with the Cards in them. Liz has them. I asked her for the American Express card security number to fill in for the order and it was not the right one. She asked me the amount and she suggested since I owe that much for Gas that I pay that with my money. When I said no I explained that Money goes into a savings for the taxes. I am getting the feeling she thinks the savings account is f…

August 5

I talked with Liz after 9 this morning.She sounded exhausted but was very pleased at the decision for Mom’s rehab at Gaylord.She was telling me what time Mom got there, what the inside was like.They were very attentive to her needs.Mom will start PT on Monday.Liz has asked that if we could let some of the friends know that they need to hold off visiting until after the weekend.
Oh and the reason Liz didn’t call back was her phone died and so did her GPS.Liz says she will go up later this afternoon after she does some things for Mom.I had told her I locked the door if she needed to get anything from there.
This morning Cami brought coffee and doughnuts for us.This afternoon Gayle has pizza coming for us.This is great won’t have to spend that much money today.
Liz and I have been calling some people to cancel and update them on Mom’s current status.(I can’t say condition.)We have asked that they don’t visit until after Monday.Hopefully Mom will understand.
I have volunteered to help my co-w…

We Got Bunnies

I got home around 4:30 and found one bunny hopping around the back yard. When he sensed me coming to the back yard he took off until I was gone. I told a few neighbors. The rabbit came back later. It’s been about three years since they were here.

Neighbors Pat and John J’s Daughter came up for a weekend visit. She came up with her father. There is another meeting about the Sewer house at the end of the street. Any way we spent some time talking and then she headed back to her house.

Since I have been home the phone has been ringing off the hook. I had to check some phone messages as Liz said she couldn’t answer the phone. Anyway I had to cancel an appointment for tomorrow. The others were friends of hers and I gave them an update.

I know I wrote earlier today there was a change in plans for Mom’s Rehab. I may have written she would be sent to West River Health Care Center in Milford. It’s the place I volunteer at every Sunday. It would be very convenient for Liz, and I and the boys …
Well I was going to update last night but I got tired and had a few phone calls to answer (and of course bills to pay).
Mom is pretty much clear on all the infections. They are eying the Thrush she has now.They will be transferring her to Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford either today or tomorrow.Liz will go there by 10 this morning and see what the Doctor has to say.She also will be stopping by the house to pick up the bills that Mom needs to sign some checks for and to take the picture of the flowers that Congresswoman DeLauro sent.
Last night I received a phone call from friends in the DTC checking in on me.It was so cool.Tessa sent an email this morning or last night letting me know how Mom was doing and the fact that Congresswoman DeLauro couldn’t get her phone call through.
Jim called Last night too.He says if Kristina still is going to the tennis camp in MA he will be driving and he will spend the night.So I guess that it is still up in the air as to whether or not he is coming or n…

Low Key Day

Oy it is going to be a long day.I woke up early again.I tried to watch TV and got online for a short time.I did fall back to sleep until quarter of 7.I ran around like you know what.I did get coffee and left by 7:40.
I think the reason I was up so early is I was a tad worried about the credit card I left at work yesterday.I wasn’t sure if I left it out on the desk or I had it in the drawer.I realized I had left it at work as I was paying for the parking yesterday.
The drive in seemed normal for that time but it was a little heavy over the new Flyer over.I was able to see not one but 2 red tail hawks sitting on the light posts.I usually see at least one.It was so cool.
Last night was good.I got home by 4:30.I started vacuuming and got the light changed before Liz came.We looked over the bills including the one for the Oil Company.Liz balanced Mom’s checkbook while I watched.
When we finished we headed back over to her house for meatloaf.I answered a phone call from Tess.She had informed u…


Just came from seeing Mom.She was having a biopsy done on her thyroid so she was getting that done and Liz was waiting in the room.We talked about stuff and what she was doing.So Liz and I chatted until she got back.That was around noon.Mom was cold but we couldn’t finder her shawl.She had nothing but praises for the nursing staff.She was not up to eating at that point she wanted to sleep.We got the check signed and she and Liz got the thing with the bank all straightened out.I just can’t check the bank site from my computer.
When I called Liz mom was getting blood drawn and it just wasn’t working.However, the pancreatitis is almost gone and the blockage completely gone.The Fluid around the lungs is not so good.Mom is going to rest for the afternoon.
Liz and I are going to meet around 5 and finish the rest of the bills.Liz is hoping it won’t take as long.It wasn’t my fault it took so long last night. You had to stop and talk to a friend on the phone plus Mom’s friends.
I need to make sur…

Woke Up Early

Good Morning everyone it is about 10 of 5 and I have been awake an hour now. I had gotten up for the bathroom run and haven’t gone back since. I think part of the reason is the fact Liz and I will have to face Mom’s ire when Liz tells her we can’t access her bank account online to make sure we can pay the bills. The other part was from a dream I had that I can’t remember.

So to get my self back to sleep at least for a short time I have updated my folders and my birthday list for August. It isn’t complete by a long short but it got started. Oh Bryan’s Birthday party on Sunday was cancelled because of his shingles. Did I mention that already??? I can’t remember.

I took the time to read this entry from last year. I think I will read more and see what was going at those times. I also read one from .2009 Then it got me to thinking I need to clear out my inbox from 2010. I did that for twenty minutes and then started getting ready for the day.

I checked Mom’s emails. I answered a couple of …
It is after 10:30. I should be heading to bed but I suspect the extra cups of coffee will keep me up. The session with Debra went well. I updated her on the situation with Mom and she gave me some tips on how or when to let people know when things bother me and when not to. First assess the situation if it is worth to not let it go then calmly tell that person that I get upset when you do that and I would appreciate it if you would stop.

I did pay Debra and we planned our next session. She will be away next week and so we will meet on the 19th of August I think. We may be moving our sessions to Wednesday for several weeks in the fall.

After the session I called Liz she was still at the hospital waiting for Mom to come back from tests. It was apparently two hours prior. I told her I would go home first and get some lights on in case it got dark.

When I got home I got the computer area set up. I got my clothes changed and called Nelson. He said we should be eating around 6:30.

I guess…

Summer Flying by

Wow Storm N Norman was right this summer has flown by.  In another Month will be September and the kids are back at school and I go on vacation.  We however, still have a lot to go through with Mom. 
I just started another folder in my Journal file and I am usually a month ahead with that.  I did manage to start for July 2012.  I will finish them both when I have a moment tonight.
I saw Mom for an hour with Liz.  I had her sign some checks and will get them mailed as I go to Debra’s.  Liz and I need to go over the rest of her bills tonight.  For Some reason every time she tells us where to find her online banking and accounts I get agitated she has it so cluttered its ridiculous!  I told her I paid for the trip and before Dave and Rose.  She didn’t miss a beat.  She asked me about my cards.
Liz invited me for dinner tonight so when I finish with Debra I am going to her house and then we will come back home to take care of the bills.  Tomorrow I need to bring the English Tea bags.
I star…