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Back to reality

I would have written sometime yesterday but by the time I got home I was so tired and not feeling well that I just went to bed early.  
Work was fairly quiet but I had lots to do.  I worked on the refunds for most of the morning and readdress mail for the other part and I did some eob sorting.  Still have lots to do there.
I had my session with the health coach and it went well.  We reviewed the fitness pal site I have been using and what I need to do to tweak it a little bit.  She sent me a holiday package preparation and guidebook for the holidays.
My ride home last night was horrible.  I left the Health plan a little after 5 and drove through the city to my normal route and decided not to get on the highway at all.  I was very close to take this one route but it had been blocked off and so i went down a couple more blocks by the VA hospital and it took FOREVER.  I finally got on the highway and it was still heavy but moving.  It was almost 6 by this time and I was so hungry and tired …

Took Longer than

I have been home Just over 28 hours now and I am glad to be home.  I left just after 10 from Jim’s and then headed to the Highway directly I was supposed to stop for gas before getting on the highway but didn’t until I got to Hellertown PA.  That was 14 miles east of Allentown heading home..  It didn’t take long and I was on my way to my next stop.  Phillipsburg for “brunch”.  I stopped at Perkins and had some pancakes.  I think it may have been sometime near noon when I was on the road again..  I didn’t have any real problems until I almost went the wrong direction I needed to go to Morristown.  I noticed I didn’t have any cars behind me and swung over to the Morristown.  The next issue was around Yonkers.  I somehow missed Hutchinson Pkwy and had to turn around..  At least I know where EMpire City CAsino is..  Then I made my way to the Merritt and headed home.  Unfortunately there were not one but two multiple car accidents within 100 feet from each going both ways.  I was cooling m…

Trying to stay out of trouble

I am currently trying to stay out of trouble while my brother is at work.  I am currently using his laptop as mine is not working.  I believe it is the charging cords.  I think they finally crashed.  I tried using JIm’s but it didn’t work either.  Then my phone needed charging and it did then an update. I have also been doing laundry.  I did watch the Star Wars Prequels.
JIm called me to let me know he would be home around 2.  He will probably want to rest and then has some things to do including a meeting or two.  Then we may go to the movies and dinner.  He did say traffic was bad.  I don’t know if I want to go out in that just yet.
I am hoping this update with the phone will mean I won’t have anymore storage problems.  I have been doing everything i can to deal with.  Who knows maybe not.  As Lorraine said its probably going to be constant.
My intention is to leave here in early morning.  I would like to get home before Noon before the crazy stuff begins-again.  I was also going to st…

Thanksgiving Night

Is currently after 10 o'clock after a long and festive afternoon. Jimmy sleeping because he has to be at work tomorrow by 9 and I'm just trying to get my laptop working.
Dinner at my sister-in-law's was fine a little hectic and someone hyper for me. Civil conversations going at once people talking over each other which makes me very uncomfortable. I guess that's an indication that I need to just sit back and listen and do one-on-one instead.
It was really great to see K RIS and he seems very happy. Talked about living in City of Denver would rather be out in the mountains. He is a dog walker and is learning more and more about it.
Jim had to leave around 4 for meeting but I stayed until 6 and Emily  drove  me back here. Jim was here when I got home. After Emily left we chatted and we decided that we weren't going out to the movies.
I've been on my laptop and I think the Chargers now completely dead. And I made it hit it against something and now it won't even …

Thankful Thursday Thanksgiving 2016 edition

1.         I am thankful for my family warts and all. 2.        I am thankful for my kitties 3.        I am thankful for my job 4.        I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health 5.        I am thankful for my neighbors 6.        I am thankful for my home 7.        I am thankful for my friends 8.        I am thankful for the organizations I belong to. 9         I am thankful for the weather. 10.     I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.  
What better way to start off Thanksgiving Day 2016  then with a Thankful Thursday Edition?  I hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe holiday!
I am really thankful for my siblings.  They both try to encourage me to be the best that I can so that I can feel good about myself and to understand what the consequences of our actions are.  They may lose patience with me and they have to reevaluate what they have to do change …

Made it safely

I made it safely to Allentown despite the fact that I didn’t leave until after 6 and forgetting my suit that I was going to wear tomorrow.    I some how misplaced my eyeglass case with the regular glasses in them and I could have sworn I had them when I left the house. I got to the bank with no problem and headed to the parkway but the GPS insisted I take 95 instead. When I finally got to the merritt it wanted me to take route 8 up to the Northern part of the state into NY.  Once I got to where I was fairly familiar I was fine.  Until the GPS wanted me to take Garden STate Parkway...through the GWB and the other tunnels.  So after a little anxiety sessions I turned back to 287 and started from scratch. Just before I got to the tappan zee bridge I got off at NYack and rt 303 and found the direction I needed to be eventually I was on the way to Jim’s.  I got there about 10 and started unpacking a few minutes later Jim came home.
We relaxed and chatted until I got a phonecall.  IT was Liz…

Yesterday was the last day of work

Yesterday was the last day of the week for me.  I arrived to find a pile of the refunds missing from my desk.  I checked with a few people and figured it was in one place and it was.  It was in Supervisor’s office and he didn’t know about.  So I spent the morning and most of the day working on refunds.  We decided that from now on we wouldn’t leave them out on the desk if I am going to be away for any length of time.  He knew that I have received these piles late in the day and that sometimes it couldn’t be helped.  We put it in a drawer in another area.  They couldn’t fit in my desk drawer (they don’t lock anyway).
We had a union committee meeting that was short.  We talked about the last meeting and rally reactions.  We discussed the next rally which is a week from tonight.  We discussed some of the concessions and withdrawals from the table.
The drive home was horrible.  I left the garage at 4:20 and didn’t get home until after 5.  I didn’t go on the highway at all.  I took the secon…

Man it got Cold out

It went from 60 degree weather to cold rainy, and windy and in some cases snowy  weather.  I didn’t see any snow except the pictures on TV and from friends such as Hawk in in the Northwest part of the state.  Others I talked with said they saw a few flakes here and there.  Some schools had delays of 2 hours.  
My day went by quickly.  I arrived shortly before 8 and had Lauren help deliver the pies and treats to the 6th floor.  Everyone was pleased and I received a late day video from a coworker  who gave her dog a treat and they loved it.
I was in such a rush to get back to the office from parking the car that I left my regular glasses in the car and had to use my prescription sunglasses.  Not very easily either.  I was glad to get my others wehn I returned to the car.
I had my session with Courtney F today and she gave me a link to a calorie counting site.  I can use it on the pc as well as the phone if I choose.  It was after 5 when we left and I stopped by Outback for a sandwich  and …

Another Successful and Long Day

As you know I did the cheesecake bright and early this morning.  In the afternoon I went to my friend Dr. T’s house to make 15 apple pies and watched them make the dog treats.  As usual there were a handful of girls who didn’t show, or didn’t call until last minute.  This is an issue that has been ongoing for quite some time and it will be addressed at the next meeting.
I stayed until six to wait for the treats to cool and get packaged.  It gave me an opportunity to catch up with Dr. T since our last activity and without the girls present.  We even had an opportunity to catch up with our friend Jolyn when she stopped by to pick up her pie order.  She is one busy lady.
I went to Boston Market for dinner and came home and ate it while the beasts continue to sleep.  After I cleaned up and filled the kibble (they came down stairs for a bit).  I did only a fwe things as Livia was coming tomorrow.

I am so tired that I am heading to bed and crashing have a great night.  I am burying myself und…

Huge Success

It is the morning after the Auction and I would have to say it was a huge success.  There were about 90 people in attendance.  The food was great and the auction was fun.  I managed to bid on a few items (such as movie basket, and some other things) I made myself a limit on the bids no higher than $50.  
Liz called me on my way to pick her up (I was going to be early anyway) and said she was running late and she would meet me there.  I really was not surprised but I was a little annoyed.  She doesn’t realize how much she is like Mom in that aspect but there was no reason to make her feel worse about it.  I stopped at Walgreen’s and got money and then headed to the school.
 I was early so I waited for a bit and then voila! Lights on and i went in and took my place.  I found a table for LIz and myself and as time went on noticed it was still empty so by the time Liz came I moved us to another shared table.  Glad we did.  One of the couples there lost their 13 year old son to cancer a few…

Ta DA:

Tonight is the Auction

Tonight is the St Mary’s Ladies Guild Auction.  It's the biggest fundraiser of the year for the guild because it provides funds for the educational scholarships at the end of the year for girls and guys (I am presuming) in the church and perhaps the city.  I  went to the  the school this morning to turn over the book, tickets and the cash on hand  ended up helping unload the cars.   Tonight I will pick up my sister at 5:30.  Actually I think I should drive us because i invited her to this thing. I have looked over the dress and it looks fine.  I am going to wear the other pair of black shoes with it because the ones I normally wear have scuff marks and I don’t think I have shoe polish.
I had to rush to the hair salon because I got out by 10:30 and took the long way to the salon.  I had to stop at the credit union which was useless the sun glare was horrible for the atm.  I couldn’t get the money i needed.  I will have to get it later before I get to Liz’s.  Karen did a great job.  …

The Weekend is almost here

I did mostly refunds and opening the mail and making sure all outgoing mail got where it was supposed to be.  I was late today because I wanted to try a different route well this particular route I ended up going too far and coming down route 63 into New Haven.  Parts of it were really nice and I never knew about and the other not so much.
I heard from Liz, she was running some errands when she called and she was lamenting that her phone somehow only works in the car and nowhere else.  We talked about the dinner and auction and the upcoming holiday and the gifts she wants me to deliver to the kids.  I had gotten a text around 6 tonight asking me not to come by tomorrow after all because she hadn’t wrapped them yet.  I will get them when I go to her to pick her up  for the auction.
I have done some laundry, I went to the stores and got the house key copied, got the ingredients for the cheesecake, and now I am going to curl up and go to bed.  I am going to sleep in the living room tonight…

Thankful Thursday

1.         I am thankful for my family warts and all. 2.        I am thankful for my kitties 3.        I am thankful for my job 4.        I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health 5.        I am thankful for my neighbors 6.        I am thankful for my home 7.        I am thankful for my friends 8.        I am thankful for the organizations I belong to. 9         I am thankful for the weather. 10.     I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times.  
My nephew Kris posted on his facebook page/timeline that he has been taking hormones for 6 months now.  My first thought was okay.  This also brought back the message he left on text that there is much to discuss when we see each other next week.  I did ask someone at work whom I trust why they would be taking hormones (and LS explained)  it could be an imbalance.  You see Kris was born Kristina (actually I don’t remember he…

Mid Week Reflection

This past weekend was about cooking and family.  I finally got to make the chicken loaf x3 (2 small ones that were eaten within 6 hours of being cooked).  On Sunday I had lunch with my sister and her family.  It was quite a lot of fun.
Earlier this week I had my photo shoot for the Long Term Service award yearbook.  I hope to share  them with all of you when I get the opportunity.  
Today is the local 34 membership meeting and rally afterwards.  It sounds like some progress was made and some that needs to be worked on.  Our Union Stewards seem to think that by the next meeting we will be able to approve/and vote on a new contract.  That would be great.  Not have to worry about it during the holidays.
Speaking of which.  I now have to focus on getting ready for my Thanksgiving trip to Allentown.  That means making sure things around here are taken care of.  I need to get baking done, get the car washed so it doesn’t look like crap.  Make sure my outfits I am wearing are ready. All at the …


I was really anxious this morning waiting for 10 am to roll around for the photo shoot.  We had it done in the lobby (the only logical place).  It took the 30 minutes.    I was worried the suit didn’t look that great or the hair just wasn’t right but the photographer took lots of them.  A few people looked at us oddly but it was the only place that was good enough.  She said she would send me a few as soon as she could (she has many people to do before she gets to sending them out).  Once I get them I will post them for you all to see.
It took me a long time to go to sleep last night.  I think it was the regular cup of coffee I had earlier in the day.  I tried everything.   I finally did go to sleep and woke up around 5.
I also had problems with the CPAP. The water reservoir  wouldn’t come out easily and tis not the first time.  I will have to call them when I get home or tomorrow sometime.
I talked with Debra this afternoon.  We are trying to schedule a phone session as this week isn’t …

Monday Musings

It was a beautiful morning.  Sun was shining and chilly.  I had a pretty good sleep last night on the CPAP.  I still woke up around three for my bathroom run.  By then the kitties were gone and didn’t come back until they figured it was time for me to get up.
I did get our routine going and that included me laying on the couch for a good half hour.  That’s when I got up and started getting ready for work.  I did make some time to finish my entries from last night and get them posted.  I did manage get to dressed  and out the door earlier than usual and was able to go the same route I took Friday morning with much better results.  I got here ten minutes early.
A number of people discussed the supermoon around here and it was great to hear the different stories.  We get to do it again tonight.  I may try and get it at the big one instead of the one I got last night.
I have a confession to make.  I have been trying really hard not to think about the next two weeks.  As we all know I have a …

Making myself stay up

After having a morning of not wanting to do anything to an active Sunday afternoon I am forcing myself to stay up long enough to get laundry done and the dishwasher emptied.  
I had a great time at my Sister’s and BIL.  Almost all of my nieces and nephews and their families were there.  We had pork, and vegetables, rice (all stuff I probably shouldn’t have had.  You know when there skin and fat is so crispy that you want to eat it?  Well I did and I suspect that at some point during the night I will have problems.  
After lunch I headed to bingo.  Marnie was there getting the residents and I started setting up.  We had a great time today.  The last game was $2.00 and two family members of a few residents donated.  I said my goodbyes to everyone until after thanksgiving.  
It was a little after 3 and I had almost two hours before going to see Preston and Vlad.  I made a call to my cousins who lived near by but wasn’t able to get a hold of them.  I headed home for at least an hour.
When I g…