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Something Weird

I got a message sometime today from My cousin Jeremy through twitter saying someone posted a nasty blog about me.  I signed out to twitter saw the message and tried to access the link but was knocked out of twitter and had to confirm the log on.  So I went to the facebook and sent a message to Jeremy asking if he sent me one through twitter.  I don’t feel comfortable clicking on the link if screws this up.  This being the computer.  I tried doing a search but couldn’t find anything under any of my usernames to the sites.  
I heard from Jeremy and he says yes he has one but doesn’t use it.  So I told him it might have been hacked.  A few seconds later he sent me another one saying it was hacked.  I am really glad that i checked it out.
I got to the nursing home after 9:30.  I kept procrastinating this morning from getting up and doing some chores, to getting ready for bingo.  Somehow I managed to start bingo on time and finish on time.  However, I didn’t leave the facilit…

The High School REunion

If you have been following my blog you know today is the Milford HS All Class Reunion.  I was planning on attending with Mom today.  However when we realized it would be $20 Mom thought it was too much.  Mom also kept saying it is up to me.  I decided not to go.  Yes I realize that $20 may not be all that much but the way I messed up my finances this week I do need to be careful.  
Mom never liked being one of the first to attend any events and this is no exception. She left the house some time before  11  and spent about 3 hours there.  It was about 73 degrees this morning and cloudy.  There were predictions of thunderstorms and I really was nervous about her being out there.   After hearing about the boy scout Troop that was struck by lightning last week.  LUckily I worried for nothing it was sunny the whole afternoon and no rain clouds around.
While Mom was at the Reunion I did chores.  I got laundry started and straighten up rooms.  That would be the guest/room TV room t…

Fighting something

I don’t know what it is exactly but I have had sniffles, runny nose, scratchy throat the works.  I have taken the rest of my alka-seltzer cold med from last night (it was in the water bottle still) and started dozing already I am going to finish this much before I have to take it again later.  Even though i find it gross this time.  I am going to bed early so that I can attend Mom’s reunion with her tomorrow.  For some reason I am interested in how this will go.  
I had a good day at work.  Even though we had a mid-morning fire evacuation.  We were not told where it was (or if even was real or fire drill).  Let’s just say I had my exercise for the day.  The mail volume on all levels was light.  THis allowed me to continue working on the re-address mail and help out with the scanning.  I even surpassed my goal from two days ago.  Yay me.
The weather was humid today it reached low to mid 80’s in New Haven and here. It was cloudy most of the day and they are expecting thunde…

Not what I was expecting

I got to the Dentist about 1:30.  The sign on it said lunch until 2.  I was concerned because they had called me and asked to come earlier than originally scheduled.  So I sat in my car for 10 more minutes and then went in and the door was opened.  I went in and they took me quickly.  Well I had to make a pit stop then I went into the room they wanted me to be in.
The Dentist started setting things up taking out the screws and working on it.  He even took x-rays and making molds of my mouth.  It took nearly an hour or so.  I was out of there by 3.  I forgot that this was to be the next step in the process and it wouldn’t be the implant insertion.  That won’t be for another three weeks.  If I am not mistaken its the same day as SM’s retirement party.  
I was sort of home a short time later.  I was about a block from the house when I realized it was still blocked so I had to all the way around into West Haven and on to Jones Hill Road then to my street.  
The guys were just…

Hump Day

Now every time I think of Hump Day I think of that ridiculous Geico Commercial of the camel walking through office asking everyone what day it is.  I have to admit it does bring a grin to the face.
I had a great sleep and got up fairly early and managed to get everything done including some quick banking.  I somehow paid Mom from my second account instead of the one I normally do and it caused a real depletion of funds.  I really was wondering why the other one didn’t register the check.  I know this isn’t a big deal to anyone but  for me it is because if the others found out this would more evidence that I can’t take care of things properly.
Work went well.  It was fairly quiet but busy.  The mail volume was light enough so i could get the other stuff that’s been plaguing me this week.  I didn’t go out at lunch time because the weather seemed to be changing (again).  I bought a pasta salad and an oreo cookie bar that was simply delicious.
The temperatures rose to the Hig…

It is still hot

It  continues to be dangerously hot for some people today.  Here in Milford it reached 90 degrees late in the day and High 80’s in New Haven.  The clouds rolled in just about then but no rain in sight.  Although the forecast does call for Isolated Thunderstorms I would like for them to happen soon in Milford.  
Work went well despite my more than a few anxious moments.  I have been telling you about the re-address mail and keeping on top of it right?  Well I got a lot more of it today and I am at that point again where I don’t know how I am going to get it all done.  I seem to get an onslaught of it at FYE all the time.  I have told a few people about it but not the one or two people I should have said something to.  When it gets this heavy volume wise I try to do some in between the regular mail  It seems to take for ever.  I worked until 6 to help with scanning.  I did get a lot done.  When I said goodnight to SR I told her I would be working until 6 tomorrow too.  She…

Precarious Position

I absolutely forgot to get gas this morning.  I was having anxious moments all the way into work.  I was sure that I could be stuck somewhere with no access to gas.  I managed to get to the parking garage but I made a promise to myself that I would have it taken care of before getting to Dr. Lu.  I asked an available supervisor and he was okay with it.  I left early from work and managed to get the gas.
Work otherwise was fine.  It is the FY end and so everyone was hard at work.  I managed to get a lot done and was able to do some 5 minute training.  PM came to me and asked me to do it.  I really thought she was going to stand over me and watch me do it.  This is one of the things that I have been putting off for weeks.  I asked her about the other stuff and she said not a priority.
At lunchtime I took a quick walk to a salon with DK to get some stuff she needed.  She had lots on her mind and I just listened.  It felt good that I could just listen to what she had to say. …

It got hot early

Omigod It was already getting hot when I left here this morning.  I managed to visit some neighbors before heading out to bingo.  WE all noticed it and agreed it was beautiful but it would be really humid later.  When I got back into the car I threw on the AC full throttle.  It felt good.
A short time later I got to the nursing home where I found a few of the residents waiting for me and Angela in the office getting stuff done.  Around 10 I started getting stuff out and set up while more people came.  I made the announcement but I really didn’t make a full attempt at getting residents.  As a result we didn’t have our normal number of players.  I had to help one resident with finding her numbers on the board.  When  it was time leave I kept leaving things I needed behind.  THe last one was my Yale hat.  THere was no freaking way I was going to back in for it.  I called the front desk and asked them to let Angela know and to put in the office for me for next week.  As a res…

Going to Bingo

I am just getting ready for Bingo and church and wanted to check in.  I have already answered some emails from the different lists and one of them was the Journal writing bi-weekly check in.   THe other one was from the Lupies list I posted a question to yesterday about the picnic.  It basically asked what to say when people might insist I take the long shirt I had on off.  Someone gave me a late response but I didn’t see it until this morning.  
The picnic was good even though it didn’t go as expected.  R and I got there after 12:30 and there were only a few people there at first.  Then eight or nine girls came later with some of their foods.  Ten girls didn’t show up (that annoyed the living daylights out of me) and our guests from Somers had car trouble and was very late.   Roberta and I needed to leave by four.   When the girls came (he woman had to stay with her car) I tried to get our girls to interact with them and they did after a while.  I even talked with the t…

I am beginning to think

I was reading over the last entry that I wrote and thought about how much I am not the writer I thought I was.  On many occasion I will say the same thing several times in one entry.  That’s probably why I really haven’t been writing every day.  I even tried to write an outline so that I could be  witty and interesting.  It didn’t work.  I didn’t even answer the weekly “prompts” from the lists I belong to either.  I was pretty negative in one reply and I had the feeling no one wanted to hear from me.  Yes I realize that’s a little self-serving.
Work is going well for me. I continue to be busy.  The re-address mail is keeping me busy as well right now.  Some of it is junk mail some of it is stuff that is non-priority but it gets done daily. Sometimes I get a lot done and some not so much because the daily stuff is priority.  I also help out with the scanning.  I was asked yesterday to help with scanning as two of my buds are sick.  Mama Joanie has a rotator cuff problem a…

Didn't feel good today

Really didn’t feel very well today.  My despite the fact it was warm out I was chilled.  I had a stomach ache and even though I had some food I just didn’t feel like myself.  I came home by 4:30 and watched TV and watched the rain come down hard.   After awhile I fell asleep until Mom came home.
I kept busy despite the fact I wasn’t feeling well.  I got a lot done but still have more stuff to do.  I will be finishing up what I couldn’t do today tomorrow
Mom had her annual Region II MH Board dinner tonight she looked great but she said she didn’t eat much there.  I am going to check on her before I go to bed again.
Congratulations to my neighbor Shannon who graduated from Middle school today.  I have a card ready for her but she wasn’t home and by the time they got home I was already in my jammies.

The Rest of the weekend

Hey all Happy Monday to everyone.  I hope it was a great one.  I had a good day.  I was doing the regularly scheduled Monday stuff.  I worked until 6  Mom had bridges until 9.
This weekend turned out alright. I was the first to arrive at M&R’s and we watched Mannequin until the others arrived.   As it got time for the cooking I got in the middle of something and Mike yelled at me in front of people.  It made me uncomfortable.  We finally ate and then played for a while.  We took a break so that the guys could do a  road trip for the car.  I called home to see if Mom was home and she was.  I also mentioned the  awkward moment and the girls thought he overreacted but I apologized to Mike before I left for the evening.  The game lasted until 8 and we all started leaving around 9.  The food was good.
When I got home Mom was in her pajamas and watching TV.  SHe was tired but had a good time.  I would later find out that Emily was persona non grata at dinner.  She apparentl…

Rushing Around

For the last couple of days I have been rushing around.  I overslept on Thursday and was caught in traffic getting off the street and coming home for the last two days.
Work has been busy but good got a lot done but as always still have lots to do.  The retirement party for Hyacinth was wonderful saw many people I haven’t seen in a long while.  
The weather has been chilly and had more rain.  It rained a little while I was at the retirement party but I was trying to remember if it rained earlier in the day  For some reason I couldn’t.
I have also been preoccupied with some stuff here at home.  Mom has been disappointed in my housekeeping skills lately.  I have been pretty angry with her attitude and I am really tired of the crap.  I told her I am doing the best that I can and if she wants me to do something she needs to ask. I am not a mind reader despite what anyone else might think.
So while I have the house to myself for the next several hours I am  trying to get stuff …