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Something Weird happened yesterday

Earlier today some woman who was going to the neighbors Open House walked into this house thinking it was the house that was having the open house.  At first I thought it was my sister but when I realized it wasn’t I got up and we talked and corrected her.  I mean really does the house look like it was ready for an open house?  Actually I can see the confusion the Garage next door had the for sale sign and it does look like should go to mine.  I pointed her in the right direction.  I told a few neighbors and we had  good giggle.  A part of me thought she should have knocked but then again who knows.

The rest of the afternoon was fairly quiet.  I did manage to get the kitten supplies.  I did get the kitty litter that DL was telling me about when she was visiting me.  It will be interesting to see if it works well or not.

The rest of the night I did some laundry and surfed the net and posted some pictures of the kitties.  I talked with Liz and she recommended I call in sick until the cyli…

Taking it Easy today

It is just after 9 in the morning and we just had a thunderstorm that left quickly as it came.  It’s still raining though.  I have been up since six and got the kitties fed.    They have been ambling around and ate.  Sky is now calling for Tiger.  I am not sure where she is at the moment.  She has clearly gotten over yesterday’s traumatic experience.

Anyway, as the title says I am taking it easy today.  My stomach is feeling a little queasy.  So I called the nursing home and told them I wasn’t coming in today.   The only thing I might do is go and get kitty food and litter.  

I talked with Liz around 9 last night about a few things among them the oxygen tanks.  She suggested that we ask questions about ways to maximize the tanks.  She feels I should stay home tomorrow until the tanks come.  I told her I called but had to leave a message.  She had a few suggestions about maybe taking an extra one to the office (and leaving it in the car) and change it off after one is finished.

I think I…

Its the Weekend-Again

I can’t believe it's the weekend-again.  The last few days were incredibly long and now I am tired and just want to sleep.

My brother came Wednesday night around 8 we went out to dinner to a local and very popular diner/restaurant near the house.  We talked about his trip to GA (the same one our sister went to) and what he liked about it and we talked about stuff I was interested in.  

I was quite pleased the kitties didn’t go into hiding very long with Jim around.  HE brought them some gifts (toys and the laser beam thing everyone raves about).  I do think they stayed downstairs for a while like usual when we went to bed but they came up later.  

Thursday morning was the consult with the Thoracic Surgeon.  He asked me a lot of Questions after looking at the CT Scan from the hospital I gave.  He basically said this was autoimmune problem and its random.  He wants me to get another ct-scan in August and then see him right after.  That’s when we will schedule the biopsy.  He explained …

Mid Week Reflection

This week has been incredibly busy and at times scary.  The Beginning of the weekend I found out I had Restrictive Lung Disease (the definition or explanation can be found at WebMD) and I see the Thoracic Surgeon on Thursday.  Luckily My Brother is coming up to be with me as Liz is going through some stuff right now.
My BIL came home from the hospital on Friday from the surgery to the spine and neck.  He was having a fairly rough weekend and it got real scary on Sunday when he went into cardiac arrest and has been in the hospital since then.  I am waiting to be updated by my Sister as I write this.  He has had some tests and he is stable for now.  However, it will be a long road to recovery.  There is much more to come I think.
On Saturday I went to the baby shower for Niece Ashley and Nephew Mike.  Liz opted to stay home with Nelson and take care of him.  The trip up wasn’t bad just missed one exit but still got there on time.  Had some rain and then it cleared up.  Had lots of fun, fo…

The Crazy Weekend

I had my pulmonary follow up visit and got some rather scary news on Friday.  I have a form of lung disease called Restrictive Lung Disease.  Dr. R wants me on O2 (after repeating the six minute retest and it showed that my Oxygen saturation would drop from 97 percent (at rest) to 84 percent *exertion*).  I see the Thoracic Surgeon on Thursday for a consult.  Then some time afterwards I will have a biopsy.  Dr. R says we will get through this.  It was scary.  I Talked with Liz Friday night for a bit.  She brought up getting a second opinion and the disability retirement.  Neither I am ready for.

Saturday was the Baby Shower for Ashley.  The weather started off in showers and at times in downpours.  I stopped by my sister’s house to pick up their gift as Liz was unable to attend because she had a full plate for herself and Nel who came home the night before.  I got there okay (with one minor problem-I missed the exit they wanted me to go off).  The food was great and the company fun.  T…

Thankful Thursday July 16, 2015

I am thankful for my family warts and all. I am thankful for the medical profession who strived to help me on the road to recovery.  I continue to get better but have had some detours... I am thankful for my job and coworkers for their support and love. (yes I said love too) they are my extended family. I am thankful for the home I have. I am thankful for the friends who are in my life. I am thankful for the two kitties that have brought so much to my life. I am thankful my bil  got through latest surgery.  Having some struggles but the goal is to get him home soon. I am thankful the weather we have been getting. I am thankful for the organizations I am involved with as it keeps me busy.

  10.  I am thankful for the cleaning lady I have...

Well you know I had to have been  not myself not to be able to do this last week. Its been so busy this week with work, and Dr.’s Appointments by the time I get home I am tired.  I did manage to get some pen pal letters and files updated.  I haven’t heard fr…

Three Busy Days

The last few days got very busy for me.  As you may remember i had bingo Sunday morning.  We were full capacity and we entertained the thought of getting a bigger room.  It may come to the point that I may change my times of bingo.  I have to think about and call in the next few days.  After Bingo I went to Sis’s.

They were just getting into the house when I arrived.  I got in and we were going to have coffee but soon after it became grand central station.  First it was Rich, the Cousin Donna, some phone calls and then Liz’s Friend Rick.  There was a lot of joking and laughing.  AFter a while Rich and Donna left and then so did I. I headed to the mall.

My first stop was Buy Buy BAby.  I have to tell you it is a great place.  I had no trouble getting there because I moved slowly.  They helped me find the gift and they wrapped it for me.  After that I headed to Carrabba's..  

It was kind of quiet but the service was quite good. I had the Tuscan Pork Skewers with a salad and bread.  It …

Saturday Activities

I woke up early to a beautiful day but I heard the weather was supposed to be changing.  It never did.  I spent the better part of the morning doing laundry, panicking over the laptop that nearly fell to the floor and wasn’t working for me.   I made the kitties Physical appoints for July 25, 2015.  I straightened up a little bit more too.

My plans to go shopping for baby shower gifts, a new phone have been put on hold for a little while (at least until today) Sis was just so tired by 7 that she couldn’t do it.  I did manage to go shopping for the kittie supplies late last evening.  I did entertain the thought of going to Buy Buy Baby but I got tired myself.

I did manage to get one letter written to a pen pal and I am going to print it out now before I get ready for BIngo.

I had pasta ordered from Dominoes for dinner and the rest of the night I straightened up alittle and then went to bed and tried to watch TV I fell asleep eventually.    The kitties did their own thing too.  Sky fell asl…

A Lovely Evening

Thursday was a really lovely evening.  It had much cooler than the last couple of days.  Actually the entire day was lovely (from an insider’s perspective).  I believe the rain they were calling for at 7 started a short while ago.  It will make for good sleeping weather.  I know I have had to get under the blankets both on the couch and in the bed.  

Work was very hectic and busy.  Nothing that extraordinary going on.  Well a number of people asked why I was there if I had it off.  I explained the week has been crazy got the days mixed.  The courier and I discussed yesterday Faux Pas.  He gave excuses about why he he left the mail.  He would have spent the time straightening out the mail trays (they were not properly sorted) before hauling them to the distribution center .  I said if next time it happens just tell us and we will get it fixed.  He said if his fellow couriers had seen they would have also just left it and I pointed out they also have to tell us before they left.

AFter wor…

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for my family warts and all. I am thankful for the medical profession who strived to help me on the road to recovery.  I continue to get stronger and better every day. I am thankful for my job and coworkers for their support and love. (yes I said love too) they are my extended family. I am thankful for the home I have. I am thankful for the friends who are in my life. I am thankful for the two kitties that have brought so much to my life. I am thankful my bil continues to recover and get better from his fall last  month.. I am thankful the weather is changing for the better again.  We did need the rain though. I am thankful for the organizations I am involved with as it keeps me busy.

  10.  I am thankful for the cleaning lady I have...

   11. I am thankful for the wonderful mechanics who fixed my car.

Well you know I had to have been  not myself not to be able to do this last week. As you know it was the long awaited Long Holiday Weekend for me.  I had my car in for service and …

Not Feeling that Great tonight

I have been feeling like crap for most of the day.  At some point I started getting “the poops”. and it seemed to slow down until mid afternoon and anytime I would go to blow my nose.  I ended up canceling my appointment with the health coach.  It's been rescheduled for later on in the month.  I was glad to be going home.

We had rain mid afternoon but it had stopped by the time we left the office but it started up again on the way home.  AGain didn’t last long but both times made it humid.  Its okay now.  

I believe my babies started to greet me at the door today.  As I was walking in they were walking towards the door and stopped as far as the chairs in the livingroom.  I can understand It was really oppressive in here.  I decided to open as many windows and doors as possible including the so called forbidden room.  Like I said it got better.

I made sure I laid on the floor to play with them (petting them mostly) for some reason Sky was slow to respond TL was very happy for the atte…

Mid Week Reflection

I just returned to work yesterday from an extended holiday weekend.  I was quite busy and it felt odd to start my week after-well almost everyone else and it felt like I was intruding at first.  I say almost because I was one of many in my aisle who took the extended and much needed weekend.
Monday’s MYWC Club picnic was fun.  Seven of the girls were able to attend while we were able to get a lovely time with Janet R.  She works with an orchestra as an Oboist.  She has told me the name a few times but I can’t remember it right now.
I was very pleased to get my 13 year old car back from the shop.  Everything has been repaired and updated for $1,000 plus and I may have to start thinking of getting this one replace eventually.  The Struts had to be replaced and aligned and tires had to be also replaced among the other things.
The rest of this short week sees my Pulmonary Test tomorrow.  I have decided to take the whole day off and do some errands like paying the freaking house taxes.  I hav…

My Car is in the shop

As you may remember I took the last part of  last week off for the holiday and I had dropped off my car Wednesday night expecting it to be finished by Thursday and returned.  Well that didn’t happen.  There is more than oil change needed for the car.  THey told me what needs to be done including alignment.  It is going to cost 2 grand.  Something my sister thinks is too much when she called me to find out what happened.  Nelson either called her or LIz  called to check in. (THat was Thursday night).  So I Have been without a car of my own or relying on Mama Roberta, and Papa Mike. for a few trips..

Thursday night Milford had a fantastic fireworks display and music.  The food truck lines were a little chaotic so we went to subway for our dinner.  THe crowds were huge.  When I talked with Chairman Phil a couple of days later he told me he saw me but I didn’t see him   He did say that many of the DTC were there..  I only saw VC Charlie and his wife.  We managed to get home by 10.  

Friday …

I have been tired

I haven’t written since Sunday Afternoon.  I was pretty achy and stiff by Sunday night.  So I laid down for a while and watched TV until Nancy and her family came home.  I got back here by 7:30 but spent time with neighbor Don while he showed me his new addition room.  He is really excited about the changes.  Don was telling me who showed up for the open house (1 person).   

I talked with Chris down the street and he said he and his partner went to the open house and a few people from down the street came but that not many came.  When I told him the story about the request to get the lawn done he was shocked at the same time he offered to do it.  He reiterated the offer around 6 or 7 tonight and did it.  

Monday and tuesday were busy at work.  Being it was Year end deadlines and all.  It went okay until I screwed up.  I didn’t bring some checks into finance on Monday and they really needed to be there I didn’t bring them in until Tuesday.  I was spoken to by SR w/ RB there.  I made a pr…