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Halloween 2012

Dear Milford Residents due to the recent Hurricane and its aftermath Halloween will be postponed until Wednesday November 7, 2012.This will be so that our future generations will be safe as we clean up and get Milford back in order.According to Milford city officials surveyed the hardest hit and canceled school for the rest of the week.
Work was as I pretty much expected.Busy and hectic the volume of the mail was heavy but I was expecting more lockbox.The lockbox wasn’t handed to me until 11 just about the same time as the second wave arrived.I spent the hours before its arrival doing re-address mail and chatting with others over storm stories..
I saw Liz and Nelson today.Their street had wires down (and dead for now) and the fire department was trying to remove their neighbors’ tree from the house.It really cut a huge hole in the roof.She tells me that Nephew Chris lost everything in his basement apartment.He will be staying with his girl friend but the weekends he has the ki…

Getting back to Normal

It is now 9 pm in the evening.The road way heading towards West Haven has opened to traffic for nearly eight hours now.People are cleaning up their yards, and cooking foods they may have lost during the power outage.Mom just finished for now.She even defrosted the freezer in the cellar.
We had meatloaf sandwiches and I thought they were good.Mom is trying to take it easy on food as she got sick this morning.I had no idea.I think she is done with the cooking for the night.
She had been working on reports as the storm hit and when we lost power she lost the document or so she thought.She got it back earlier today.I think she is going to work on it some more.Either that or she is going to relax.
I called Roberta & Mike and they have their power back but she doesn’t have to go to work tomorrow.She only has a couple more days until she leaves for Arizona.She isn’t sure if there will be service out of JFK.
The City has canceled Halloween for tomorrow night and moved it to November 7, 2012.…

Hurricane Aftermath Updates

Well I am back online with my own computer.Neighbor Don came over and we looked over and discovered the router password info was on Mom’s computer and is now in my possession.
I took a look around outside.The dumpster I spoke about last night is now three and across the marsh in the reeds.We have no idea how they are going to get out of there.One of our neighbors tree is in half.Luckily no one lives there.I spoke to Neighbor Sylvia and she said that the Beach Avenue area is very bad.Rocks, sand and destroyed sidewalks all over the place.She also said the trip from her sisters in Derby was harrowing.
Mom and I took a walk to the end of the street and saw the piles of sand the city of West Haven was making to clear the roads of the sand.We had to get back because Mom had to do some cooking.She went downstairs and found the door to the freezer ajar so along with the power outage we lost some food.She had an appointment after 1 with the Hematologist.

While she was out I went out to see why e…

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Personally we lost power sometime after I went to bed. I heard the printer restart. Unfortunately I can’t access the internet because the Cisco Router now wants me to log on. I don’t know the password so now I have to use Mom’s computer until we have it straightened out.

Neighbor Kim has lost part of their fence. I am not sure about everyone else. We got an early phone call from BarryK at Bridges and his house was flooded. Our friend SusanS had her newly repaired house almost destroyed.

I have been watching the news on and off. Mass Transit will be starting up later on in the day. I am going to check Facebook for my friends and family.

Hurricane Sandy 750-11:55 pm

Well shortly after I posted the last entry I looked out my window and saw the moon.The clouds were moving and it peaked out a few times after that.
It was then I decided that I would go out for a short walk.Neighbor Don and Neighbor Pam came a long too.We saw the road being blocked off by the beach.TV station Channel 30 was filming the waves coming over the wall onto the street.As we walked back to our houses we saw a flash of light.We think it was a transformer.We took a look at the river out back and it is just below our street.We also noticed something floating along the river.It was the Dollar store’s dumpster.
I checked several times entries on Facebook, and almost twitter.More and more people in my area are losing their power.Other friends of mine across town have been evacuated.Just a short while ago we got another reverse 911 call.
My friend Debbie in Wallingford (Mexican Train team-mate) called to see how we were doing.She told me Roberta & Mike doesn’t have power.A tree fel…

Hurricane Sandy 3:38-7:30 pm

Just checked the UI site and for my city the number of outages have increased.I don’t know the pin point locations (I am thinking the beach areas).Neighbors except for one or two are staying.I mean on our street at least.The Chris couple is currently on a cruise to the tropics Other city-wide friends and neighbors still seem to have the power.
Neighbor Don and I took a look at Oyster River and it is high but not as high as it could be and it looks like the water level is receding for now until the next high tide.Don just shared a surge map for the hurricane and I am not sure I understand it very much.It looks interesting.
My family is hunkering down in safety.As I mentioned Mom and I here and she is cooking and baking (making muffins).She is also talking to Brother Jim in PA.Liz and Nelson are at their house.Their kids are all at their homes settled in.Ethel is with friends here in Milford.Her children are fairly safe.Diane is in the City, Rob is Wallingford I think.I think he needs o be…

We has Rain

It started raining some time during the night.It is windy but not like its whistling pitch.We still have our power while many others have not I can’t tell by this map for CL&P.United Illuminating is our power supplier.It looks like there is an outage in Bridgeport but no one is affected?
Union meeting for tomorrow was cancelled!Yay!So I can come home right after work if there is no OT.That’s also if we are actually working. I think that day we will have to use our time on that one.
Liz called nothing new there.I went to see them when I finished with my INR check-up.They were not home.So I came home.
I had gotten a call from IMM asking me to come in earlier than scheduled as they were closing at 11:30.I did and happily the level is 2.2 I have to stay at 20mg of warfarin and come back Thursday.I actually have to call the oral surgeon and find out what the Coumadin level he wants it at.
I did end up calling the Oral surgeon and they want it at 2.8.I have been trying to get IMM through th…

Still No Rain

It is just about 6:20 and there is still no rain but the wind certainly has picked up.I was talking with one of Burgesses of Woodmont and he gave us an update.The low lying areas will be evacuated and those who are above the flood zone are okay.Neighbor Don put away our grill and garbage cans later.
Yale has initiated their closing today so that means we don’t go in…YMG should be sending out emails for confirmation later.It also said we won’t have to use any of our time.
I think Sandy has been downgraded to a Nor’easter for us and not a hurricane.
I do have a headache now so I am going to watch TV and then eat some more.
We did go to the meet and greet and it was a lovely home but they had finger foodsWe stayed until quarter of 6.

No rain yet

It is after 7 am and the rain hasn’t arrived yet.The clouds are here and there was a tinge of redness in the sky where I would normally see the sun rising.It brings to mind the children’s rhyme:
Red Sky at Night Sailors Delight Red sky in the morning Sailors take warning
I did a search on it and found this article (or website) explaining the weather proverb.It is very interesting.
The news reports are covering the storm preparations and providing lists of shelter locations, schools and businesses that will be closed and the length they will be closed.
I am checking all the networking sites to see how the others are dealing with it.They don’t seem to be in a panic-well maybe one or two.They are going on with life.
The news continues to share the possible scenarios that Sandy could take.When Mom got up I had told her that many schools already announced they were canceling school.She was confused to hear this as it isn’t supposed to hit until a day or two.She says she may have to eat her words …

Calm before the storm

Despite almost getting into an accident this morning the day went pretty well.I was coming around the bend on a street and a car was coming from the opposite direction and we nearly collided.I swerved and avoided the car.I lookd back and the car was just sitting there.They were just as much at fault as I was.
I talked with Sis this morning and they are fine.She reminded me that if it gets bad that we could stay with them (nice offer).I thanked her and told her we should be okay.We were not really worried about the storm.
Governor Malloy issued a state of Emergency for the state (it’s not for another two days guy) in preparation for the storm.I still say they are over-reacting to this but maybe they have to in lieu of what happened last year.
Work went well.I got to the office around 11:30 and worked for two and half hours.Mama Joanie, JanetN, and AnnetteC were there along with many others.I think I got over 400 pages scanned and all in all did about ten batches.They all complemented me …

It's Saturday

Well good morning!
I had a few moments before getting the day started.I just finished yesterday’s entry and posted it to the sites.I have been up an hour and feel pretty good.I had a restful night even though I had a dream that (luckily) I can’t remember.I woke up with a start and that feeling of fright is still with me.
The dark clouds are out right now.It looks like there is a slight breeze and it is warm out.No rain yet but I am not expecting any.I just did a search of blogs pertaining to Hurricane Sandy and most of them are from the Weather centers, and TV stations, and newspapers.There are no what I call personal accounts.Well we still go on with our day.
My day will consist of the hair salon fro my hair cut.Then I go to work for a few hours and then when I get home chores.I probably won’t be in the mood to do it but this week that’s not an option.Tomorrow is another full day and preps for the storm or a main idea.
Mom is officiating a wedding today and then is going to the Opera wi…

Things will be okay

Despite my anger and frustration of the last day or two I think things will turn out okay.I think it helped a lot to talk to Debra.When I came home from the Dr. Mom was sitting in her office.She wasn’t sure what time she should be expecting me and I told her that quarter of five was about right.WE talked about her day and what we were going to have for dinner.
We had a nice dinner left over baked Ziti.It was from the meals from the meet and greet earlier this month.God Bless our freezer.I had a small caramel nut bar for dessert.It was delicious.
Neighbor Don came over to let Mom know about Bose radio system (it may have been the speakers too).IT was to help her hear better or even have better reception there is a radio that isn’t that great downstairs.She doesn’t understand why some stations don’t come in well.We explained that one is because of the aluminum siding and the other is the radio station was bought out or sold to another station that has weaker or signals.
We also talked abou…

Thankful Friday

I am thankful it is Friday.It is pretty quiet around the office.I am not sure if it is the weather or it has been a long week for everyone.I know that I am awake (sort of) and been here since 7:30.I had just shy of 90 pieces of mail for lockbox.I can work on the readdress mail until the next wave of mail arrives.
I have to say I am really anxious for this election season to come to a close.It’s not because of the campaign ads (they are a factor but not a big one) but because of the emails I have had to send out almost on daily basis to get people to go and volunteer.I know there is usually a small number of the 4th that go and volunteer at these things.I guess the other districts do have large number of people volunteering but I don’t know for sure.
How about this Hurricane?They are saying we may get it by the beginning of next week towards the middle.They are expecting lots of damage, heavy weather patterns.Then again it may not be anything.
The second wave of mail was fairly light …

Night In

I was home from work by 6:30. I decided to relax and by the time it was time for the meeting I decided I wasn’t going out. Mom left me a note about dinner location. I was expecting her to be home soon. She wasn’t she didn’t come home until after the DTC.
I acted like the incident from this morning hadn’t been a big deal. It apparently was to her because she has been rather aloof. Well every time I think about it my blood starts to boil. Yet again I have to defend myself to her. I asked her just exactly what did Sylvia say to her yesterday. “Oh that’s not her key”. Well guess what numnuts. It is and you best start thinking about how you come off! OH well she gave two stories. NO your perception of the story was wrong and it’s about time you started thinking about how you treat people.
You think because you are elderly you can say and do what ever you want? That you don’t have to apologize for it?Do you really think that there are no consequences to your actions?There are and people are …

Great Night Sleep

Even though I had a great sleep I didn’t want to get out of bed.I slept through the snoozer and was sort of rushing around getting ready.I had to send out emails for the 4th.Some of them are repeats of things that were sent out earlier.
As I was leaving I saw Neighbor Sylvia.We were chatting about critters, keys, and metaphysics, and Mom.It came to an abrupt halt when she came to the door and motioned the time.
I called her later and talked about the key she was insisting that Sylvia was looking for something else on the key ring.She wasn’t and I told her so.She was rude and said we talk later.NO we are not. This is the final straw.
The police have released photos of the suspect that has been robbing local restaurants and businesses in the Milford area.I don’t recognize him but he apparently has been doing the same thing in Ansonia.
Work is going okay today.The volume seems light and I think I will be able to work on more of the readdress later.Tonight I am staying for OT and the sca…

Mid Week REflections

I can’t believe it is Wednesday night already.I have been wishing the week away and it is moving quickly to the weekend.As I have mentioned this week I have been pretty tired both in the morning and late night.I have been trying to go to bed at a decent hour but there are shows I like to watch or do things before going to bed that takes up the time.I have been trying to get up and out of the hose by 7 most of the week and have met with mixed results.As I mentioned in the last entry OT is going to be stopped but I am hoping that I will be able to come in early and work on the readdress mail and what ever else type mail is needed.
At some point today I was giving a status report to Judy and her words were “I know”.She has probably been keeping an eye on me every time she walks by my office.She can see the progress I am making and I do feel good about it but as I am writing this now I can’t help but think she was channeling Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
The drive home was a little agit…

I am so groggy

I am so groggy.  I woke up early from some really weird dreams.  It was dark so I got ready for work.  I managed to leave before 7.  There was light rain coming down and it stopped by the time I got to the parking garage.
The ride in was okay but in places like Old Lyme there were a few accidents in the early morning hours causing delays.  As I said I got to the garage at decent hour to be at work.
After weeks of waiting for the announcement for Cousin Phil’s memorial I found it here.   Unfortunately I can’t go because it is the same day as the oral surgery.   It prompted me to email and call Sis and ask her if she could give me a ride to the oral surgeon the same day.  I haven’t heard from her on either side.
The mail volume was light and the second wave seemed pretty heavy to me.   As always once I got into it-it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  In between opening the mail I did the re-address mail.  It felt pretty good that I may have gotten a lot of it done.  The…

I reallly need to go to bed

First of all for the last part of the day I kept thinking it was Wednesday already.I must have been actually wishing it.When I got home Mom left me a note telling me my printer was disabled and left me instructions and one of the drivers.I was really very annoyed.My computer and my printer had nothing wrong with it.I thought it was an excuse to get in here.I was fuming.I was thinking that first of all my computer is not linked with hers except the internet.That’s what I told her when she came home by 9.I did try my printer and it is fine.
They need to only focus on the problems of her computer and printer.Nothing more!She claims he didn’t want to be in here with out me around and if I have problems (which I shouldn’t unless he screwed it up) I could call him.IN all likelihood she once again got it screwed up.I felt like my privacy was invaded and it didn’t sit well with me.
I had dinner and watched TV for most of the night.I didn’t do any thing else as I was so frustrated and aggravated…