Monday, April 29, 2013

I couldn't get warm

No matter how hard I tried I could not get warm.  I had coffee (free coffee from D&D thanks guys), I kept my windbreaker jacket on for most of the day.  I just couldn’t get warm.  Even now I have a sweatshirt jacket on.  My hands are cold.  I am going to have to get into my pajamas soon.

The weather has been meh.  The sun didn’t come out to play at all  The temperatures were in the mid to upper 50’s and never got any warmer.  We are supposed to get showers overnight but it is supposed to be sunny and in the low 60’s tomorrow.

I was really busy at work.This week is month end so everyone was working really hard.  I got a lot done and did some OT.  I will probably work until 6 tomorrow too.   

The ride home was pretty uneventful.  So I got home around 6:30 and chatted with a neighbor until the police came.  Apparently my neighbors house was almost broken into a week or two ago.  I found out this past weekend.  I guess they were doing follow up.  

The sewer project is moving along.  A few of my my fellow drivers and neighbors had to move their cars or park down the street because some of the equipment and tools are sort of being set up for more digging and mess.

Mom was waiting for me to have dinner.  She made corned beef hash and had asparagus with cheese on it. It was delicious.  Unfortunately I am paying for it.  I am really achy. I took the meds needed now I am just going to get ready for bed.

Mom has very busy day tomorrow a friend of hers passed away and her wake is tomorrow.  Later on in the day Mom has a forum to attend.  It is really a big one and she has been getting ready for  it for weeks now.

Another weekend gone

ACtually my weekend was fine.  Despite some misgivings I had regarding a decision I had made on behalf of my woman’s club.  Saturday I had my hair cut and in the afternoon it was quiet.  Mom had some of her own events to attend as it was the National turn in your drugs day and she was there for a couple of hours in the morning.

Sunday was fine active but fine.  I did the bingo and church.  I was a little apprehensive about meeting up with the Recreation Director because I knew we would discuss the fashion show.  I explained that i had to cancel the show because we felt the two options for the dressing rooms were unacceptable.   She wanted us to use either the storage closet in the recreation room which was the size of a small office or the bathroom also considered the size of a small office.    There would be 8 girls with two sets of clothes, costumes, etc and there wasn’t enough room.  We wanted to use the private dining room and use easels to cover the doors.  Nat made two good points.  One too many windows in that area and most weekends the private dining room is reserved by families for private parties.  Unfortunately my president when I tell her would not believe that for a moment.

In the afternoon we had a visit from some friends we haven’t seen in awhile.  I actually saw them Thursday at our DTC meeting.  They spent about two hours with us talking and having a good time.

Sunday night Mom and I watched Call the Midwife on PBS .  We have been enjoying this for a few weeks now.  MOm watched it when it was on before.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I had a lazy afternoon

It was nearly 11:30  when I came home.  Mom had not yet returned from  the Turn in your drugs event yet  and so I decided to eat some cookies (realize this may have been the cause of my aches tonight) and watch TV.    The rest of the day we did our own thing.  Mom did laundry while I surfed the net.  I had a late lunch .  Mom did some shopping and  then went to church.

I was still waiting for the  nice cable guy.  He had called  just before 4 and said he would be here soon.  He checked stuff out and while he did that I had gotten some calls and watched TV.  He had to give us an updated  Samsung  Cable box.  It is really cool.  The graphics are cool and the  on screen info and channel guide is much different.  

Debbie M called to  talk  among  other things our train game next week.  Who  attendee’s would be or not be.  She also  is bringing a guest.  a gentlemen  she met online and had a first date today.    WE talked about menu and drinks.

When  Mom  came home  she started getting dinner ready.  We were going to grill but there wasn’t  enough  gas in one tank and the other one I was having a hard time latching on to the bottom of the grill.  So we just  cooked in  the  fryer pan.  It was good.  

Been watching  NCIS marathon, Charmed Mini-marathon.  We TV has been showing Charmed  for the last two saturdays.  They  slimmed their weekday airings to one hour a day.  They did that last year too.  Probably  for the summer schedule..

I talked with JIm today.  First this morning  when Mom was in the shower and then again when she was in the bathroom  getting into her pajamas.  We talked about James and school and how I have  now been actively  following the  Blair Academy in  news feed and facebook.

I am not really looking forward to  tomorrow ‘s encounter with Natalie.  She is going to ask why we cancelled the fashion show.  I don’t want to tell her it was because it  not enough room.   

Well I am going to bed I will see you later.

Woke Up Early

I was awake by 7:30 this morning.  Mom had already been off to get her bloodwork done and I did some channel surfing.  I have the radio streaming on the computer.  I always seem to have problems with it on some level.  It sounds like it is dying at times and others it doesn’t work.   It is frustrating.

Mom will be leaving in about an hour to go to the Prevention Council’s Turn in your drug program at the Senior Center in town.  I guess this is a nationwide program.  I had some warfarin and other anti-biotics I have used that I don’t take anymore.  It is just gathering dust so I gave it to Mom to take today.  I checked here for our area and there are four places to go here in my area.  All you have to do is put your zip code for your area and you have until 2 pm today to turn them in.

I have to leave here just about then to go to the bank and get my haircut.  When I get back I have to wait for the cable guy.  I hope it doesn’t take a long time.  I am not exactly sure what’s wrong with it.  Every so often the box would shut off and you have to keep resetting it.  Now the channel doesn’t change but it turns on and off with the remote.

Well Mom is getting ready for her morning and I need to get ready too.  Mom needs to know if the Keurigs downstairs can do tea.  She doesn’t want to use the tea k-cups but just allow water to got through and make tea.  She needs it for a program on Tuesday.  Well I joined one K-Cup list and posted a question.  I hope it gets answered.  It looks like a swap type of list.  It also includes brewing tips and comparison shopping list.  By the time I left for my errands I had gotten two answers.  I told Mom of the first one but not sure she is completely comfortable with it.

Okay gotta go...see you later.

Friday, April 26, 2013

May have made a mistake

If you recall in earlier posts that the woman’s club/girls club was going to do a fashion show this month at the nursing home. Dr. T wanted me to see if we could try this year to  be able to use the private dining room for a changing area as using the recreation room and the bathroom near the dining room was a little awkward.  At first N the director seemed okay with it if they had a screen as a suggestion but they didn’t have one that would do it justice..  THen she said we could only use the Bathroom or the Recreation Room closet.  When I told Dr. T this she was offended that N would even suggest the closet (there are metal shelves and cabinets and refrigerator in there).  

From the conversation we had in the last couple of days she said they all had agreed last year that neither the closet or the bathroom would be feasible.  So she suggested that I ask them if it would be okay to use the private dining room with Dr. T’s easels and if it wasn’t that we would have to cancel.  Well today I did that.  I spoke to PJ about it before she left the home.  She said the only two places they could do it are either the bathroom (they usually keep it looked because one of the residents uses it and shouldn’t be) or the closet and let two girls go in the closet at a time.  Well I said well something along the lines of we can’t acquiesce to.  Well when I told T about it she asked about the bathroom.   I thought she said the bathroom wasn’t going to work?  So I cancelled the fashion show for tomorrow.  Dr. T announced it on Facebook tonight.

Happy news my neighbors daughter Senior prom was tonight and she was beautiful.  All of her friends gathered at their home tonight.  The street was crowded especially with all the construction equipment at the end of the street.

Work was busy got a lot done but more needs to be finished Monday.  The day seemed to get away from me.  It usually does when I have appointments away from the office.  I won’t be going in this weekend though.  I have things here to do and want to get them done.  

OH and that moon?!!!  It isn’t as huge as last night but it is still big and beautiful.  I know I didn’t mention it yesterday but Oh my God.  I almost drove off the road on the way home from the meeting last night.

Well Its getting late and I am tired so I need to get to bed.  Mom had quite the evening.  SHe had dinner with a friend and then went to some event for another friend and got home just around 9.  She is downstairs now relaxing.  She has another full morning tomorrow.  She has to get blood work done and then the Prevention council is having turn your drugs in (both prescription and other stuff you don’t use anymore) session tomorrow.  In the afternoon the cable company is coming to repair the downstairs box and tv.  The box has been acting weird lately.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I am going to bed soon

I don’t know how long I can keep my head up and my eyes opened.  Today has been a very long day.  I left here exactly at 7:30.  The construction crew were well into getting their day started.  I wasn’t sure I would be able to get off the street.  It is the first time since this project started that I actually am complaining about it.   LOL.   

I got to work shortly before 8 and started working on the lock-box.  All day the volume of mail was light so I was able to work on the junk mail piles.  i also helped out scanning as well.  

We had a retirement party for Linda B today.  THere were some really wonderful speeches and half of the room was in tears.  The cake was delicious and made by our local bakery.

.By the time I got home I was beginning to get achy again.  I knew it would happen as I had a hotdog for lunch.  I haven’t had one in quite some time for this very reason.  .  I also had some pasta salad as well.  

It was 6:30 by the time I got home and I was really relieved to be home as I embarrassed myself by calling my boss’s son the wrong name.  I know this is not a big deal but really I felt stupid tonight..  I watched TV for a little until it was time to go to the meeting.

The meeting started around quarter of 8 and unfortunately by 8:30 I couldn’t keep awake.  I was feeling tired and my leg was bothering me.  I was home a short tme later.  While I was watching TV I got a call from Dr. T.

We were basically discussing the plans for friday.  She suggested that we can use three easels to help with the privacy issue (of changing for the models). SHe felt the ideas of changing in the closet to be rather insulting.  I agree with that but didn’t want to say anything to the recreation director.  Anyway, she says that if Natalie objects then we cancel it right then and there.

I also brought her up to speed about Mom’s current health status.  She did agree with the technology we have today the doctor should have sent the reports earlier then he did..  Mom came home just about then so we hung up.

Mom was exhausted but said the forum was very good.  Now that she is home I am heading to bed.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Weather

The weather started off a little windy this morning and got warmer by the end of the day.    By the end of the day it was sunny and within a short time later the clouds moved in.  The forecast is calling for rain during the night into tomorrow.   It will be sunny and some clouds.    I was checking out my cousin Tim’s weather in Dexter MI and they are still getting snow!

Today went really well.  I managed to get up early enough to be able to leave the house and get coffee before getting to the office.  I got to work by 7:15 and jumped in to getting the rest of the work finished from yesterday.    I think it helped to get 2 very large cups of coffee.  That I managed to spill on my desk.    LUckily very little damage done to the work.  In the end I managed to get a lot done and off my desk.  

I had a lunch time local 34 caucus they scheduled to update members on the various aspects of the contract and labor/management relationships.  I wasn’t able to stay for the entire meeting but I get the gist of the updates.

I managed to get home before my dentist appointment.  MOm was getting ready for her supper meeting with Barry and then to appear before the budget hearings tonight at the Aldermanic Budget meetings.    I relaxed for a short time and surfed the net.

The entire appointment lasted an hour and fifteen minutes.  I had my cleaning and exam and it looks like I have several cavities(insert shocked face).  I have to go back in the first week of May for the fillings and then he will do the caps to the implants a little later.

When I got home I was exhausted.  I had the stew we discussed having earlier.  I watched TV and then put the garbage and recycle stuff out.  I really don’t like doing it in the morning because usually I miss  putting something out and they also come early.

I watched TV for a while.  I noticed there are some really great movies on like Independence Day with Jeff Goldblum and  Queen of the Damned.  I have seen each of these movies at least half dozen times between them.  I just can’t tonight.

As it is I am tired and for some reason I have a backache.  When I get up from chairs or even turn to one side it hurts.    My left pinky had a paper cut I guess (I don't  how I would usually feel it but it ) still hurts.   I need to get to sleep.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Felt like Winter

It is so cold today.  I had to turn the heat up before I left the house and I had to put on my fleece jacket.  I had to put the heat on in the car too.   It was a misting rain driving into work today.  I won’t be going out today if I don’t have to.

I got an early morning email from a friend in the DTC letting me know that our friend Dick R was on vacation and became ill.  I have sent an email to our chairman and shortly I will tell the DTC chairman.  When I called Mom this morning I told her the news.  In subsequent emails she gave more reports that he will have to stay at the hospital for at least a month.  Granted this is all second hand news from a friend of her DIL.  I passed this information on to the district chair and DTC and Vice Chair.

Work went fine.  I was swamped with mail because well the mail was delivered from Boston.  The lockbox is headquartered there.  Since the entire city was on lockdown until Saturday there was going to be a backlog of  mail.  Happily I had help near the end of the day and I have gained permission to come in early (if I get to bed early enough).

I went to the Lupus Doctor today.  She saw my legs and wrists and hands swollen she wants me to take some blood tests especially the protein level checked.  Despite the fact of the joint swelling I was able to move them around.  What she did tell me is she is leaving.  I had a premonition about this weeks ago.  Anyway she gave me the name of my new Doctor.  I meet her at the end of July.  

Mom was in her office when I got home.  I told her about the appointment and then we talked about dinner.  It was to be steak and rice.  Mom was going to get potatoes but I pointed out that we have baked potatoes for three days now.

WE had a great talk about family, work, and the family reunion.  One of the topics that was brought up was about the house.  Had I given anymore thought to getting my own place.  I told her yes that I want to stay here.  I want to be able to stay in the house where I was born and raised.  She pointed out she hasn’t made any other arrangements for anyone else.  I urged her to do that before any problems rose up.  

She even asked me what I thought about having Jim move back up here once the kids were older.  I would welcome that.  We talked about “what ifs”.  I told her my intentions were to have family meetings to discuss things such as repairs or etc.  I also asked questions about paying the bills I would like to see how you use your schedule and would amounts change etc.
All in all this should be very interesting

Oh and Dr. Cauldwell called today and asked her to schedule an appoint for a couple of months.  Mom seems to think this means its not urgent and it should be fine.

Well listen I need to get to bed...Have a great night.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day peeps.  This is the day we are to help find ways to protect the earth from us basically.  All the years of abusing it have created problems for us.  Here is what I found out about Earth Day.  I have over the years helped in cleaning areas up such as the  riverbank by the great River walk area along the Housatonic River   There are lots of articles and pictures and reports on TV and elsewhere on how people have been trying to treat the earth better.  I am guessing it is not enough.

Work was fine.  I got a lot done despite the volume of mail.  I didn’t stay for OT as the scanning is at this moment up to date.  I was glad to come home at my normal time today.  I was able to relax before dinner.

Mom and I had leftovers for dinner.  We ate around 6:30 tonight.  It was okay as I wasn’t hungry yet.  I also wanted to watch TV for a bit.  After dinner I put a small load of wash in and it should be finished by 9:30 or so.

It was very cold and windy today.  For some reason I didn’t bring my coat with me so I was colder than everyone else.  Tonight is windy and I can hear the wind.   Mom says we are supposed to get some rain.  Despite the cold wind it was 52 degrees out.  Now its just low forties.    I guess the rain is supposed to come tomorrow.

Mom is doing fine.  She is downstairs watching TV.  She spent most of the day running errands and stuff like that.  

It would seem we both have some active schedules this week.  Between doctor’s appointments and meetings and get togethers with classmates.  

 I think I am going to go to bed soon.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I am a Tad Fuzzy

It is not what you think.  I had a great time last night I even did some dancing.  It is just by the time I got home I was achy (it has become a regular occurrence lately).  Mom was just getting ready to go up to bed and when she went to bed I took the Kirkland/Costco equivalent of Tylenol PM.  I stayed in bed closed to 8:30.  I was sort of rushing around getting ready for bingo.

I had to drop off the papers to our neighbors before I got off the street and when I did that I headed straight for the nursing home.  I got there at the same time as Matthew.  We both really needed coffee. 

We had 15 people for bingo.  I had missed the receiving communion from my friend Helen but I had to look after a resident who was heading back to his room to pee.  Happily Angela was there and she went with him.

I started to go to church and I was fine up until I locked myself out of the car-again.  I found someone who had a phone and called home.  Mom said she would bring me a set of keys.  Luckily I had left a set in the kitchen on the key wall.    She wasn’t going to try going into my room.  It was close to noon when she arrived.  I thanked her and told her I would see her at home.  It was really too late to attend mass.

When I got home a short time later Liz was up in the attic looking at old photos and taking them.  I think she did this for about an hour or so while I watched for a short time.  It was fun looking at some of them.  I went off to check emails and do some work.

After Liz was finished and I did some stuff at Mom’s insistence (when she found out I hadn’t sent the February minutes out to the committee) we sat and went over some of the pictures and it was fun.  Liz shared her recent adventures with her grandchildren.  She also shared some of her vacation plans with us.  WE also discussed Mom’s health, the recent ankle trauma, and then we talked about the rest of the family’s plans.

It seems if we are going to have another family reunion.  Liz said she sent out the general emails to pick dates and times (it will most likely be in June and at her house).  I foresee lots of activity. I don’t see the email yet but I am sure she will tell me everything.

I had a late lunch of toast and jam while Mom did some preparing.  After wards I went shopping and came back around 4 or 5.   I have been watching a little TV and surfing the net and updating files.  I am trying to get the room organized as I was a little frustrated with it lately anyway.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

should be getting ready

I feel as though I should be getting ready for the dance now.  Mike and Roberta will be here by 7:30 (or shortly after that ) to pick me up to go to Meriden.  I have just to iron my black pants I will be wearing with the blue top that Cousin Donna gave me last week.  I hope it fits!  I am having doubts right now.  It is sleeveless as well.  I will wear my windbreaker jacket as there isn’t anything else to go with it.

I have been writing up the minutes to Thursday’s minutes and have sent them off to Chairman Phil to approve or revise.  It has been a rather long time since I got them out this quickly.  There have been periods of time where I would get them out quickly and there have been times where it was weeks or not at all.

I have also been watching the NCIS Ziva David Marathon on USA.  I am not sure how USA network picked these episodes but I am glad they did.  Some of them I will have to miss obviously..  But I will leave that for my NCIS blogs.

I wrote a long email to James this morning and later find out he won’t see it until he gets home sunday.  He is away at Boy Scouts with his Dad.  After I sent him the email I realized I should be emailing the girls as well.  All of them being teenagers I shouldn’t expect a reply anytime soon.

Mom asked me to help her read over the Mayor’s Youth Award nominations with her.  I couldn’t decide which ones were the best.  They all seemed like wonderful candidates.  I Have more to look over but that will be for later.

I think I better have dinner as my stomach is rumbling-again.

Turning into a lovely day

It is turning into a lovely day as promised.   According to  the weather page it is 51 degrees and heading up to mid 50’s.   it is cloudy right now but the sun will be out later.

Mom told me today that James has applied to and has been accepted to Blair Academy in NJ.  She was astounded at the tuition.   Mom also says that he is really happy about going.  I took a look at some pictures and they look like its an old school (but maintained well).  I just friend-ed the school (hope that doesn’t sound weird).  I plan on sending an email to him soon.

I can’t believe he is going into high school already.  It seems just yesterday he came into our lives and attached himself to my leg when he felt scared.  It took only a  few tries at first.    He is smart and funny and so at tentative to his Dad (and I imagine to his Mom too).

I have been doing some laundry  and will be finished with it soon-I hope.  I don’t want to be doing it all day as I would like to be relaxed and refreshed for tonight’s dance.

Hey I signed up for Google+ today and I hope I am not sorry for it.  I should probably find out what Google+ is and what it is suppose to do.  Does it share everything with your friends and acquaintances? 

Well enough watching TV  and watching for the laundry machines to finish for now I have things I need to do .   

The Nightmare is over

Well the nightmare for Boston and its suburbs is over.  The second Bomber was captured tonight hiding in a boat in the back yard of a home in Watertown MA.  The news has been following it all night long.  The city and state and FBI have been diligently and as safely as possible got this guy.    People on Facebook and Twitter are sending messages of thanks and praise that this is over.  Some feel that this guy should be killed and others need to know if there are more people involved.  I hope that this guy realizes he needs to do the right thing and give the information and then get his ass fried.    I don’t usually condone killing for killing but this was horrible tragedy.

On Much happier news my niece Diane announced that she and Rogier were engaged while in Puerto Rico.  She announced it on Facebook today and I am very happy.  I would like to think that Bob is looking down and smiling like crazy.    I don’t know much of the details but I knew of the engagement on Sunday.

I was not really feeling well last night.  My hands were swollen despite taking the meds.   I spent a lot of time in the bathroom with the runs.  I am not sure what that is about either.

Apparently people in various towns heard a loud noise last night.  It was mentioned on Facebook postings.  I asked Mom if she had heard anything and I explained to her it was on Facebook.  She wanted to know who was asking.  I said people on Facebook.  I don’t need to give her names.  I got really frustrated with her about this.  She has been saying things like this and annoying me on and off all week.

Well as predicted the rain must have started over night and pretty much stopped now.  I have more laundry to work on so I am going to do that and have my stuff ready for tonight.

Friday, April 19, 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes

What a difference a day makes.  Today has been rather cloudy overcast and predictions of thunderstorms tonight.  Yesterday totally different.  It was beautiful the entire time.  At least what I could see of it.  Tonight’s rain  is supposed to last until tomorrow morning.  Happily I don’t have to go anywhere tonight so its laundry for me.

The city was pretty active traffic wise for the last couple of days.  Part of the reason is the construction work around College Street.  THe other part was the SHubert had a matinee of Les Mis.  It got out just as we were getting out of work.  I am thinking that now that the school year is winding down and there are lots of things planned for the City.  Graduations, Reunions,  The arts festival, The tennis tourney that yesterday was only a miniscule view of what is to come.  I am wondering if it wouldn’t be prudent for me to start taking the bus to work until the West Haven Train station opens this summer.

The 4th district was fine.  A little stressful prepping for it but I managed to get the minutes written up for the meeting and will be sending them out to the committee with last nights as well.  Mom was getting agitated as we were trying to get ready.  I had to run out for sweetener because we didn’t have enough.  The meeting didn’t officially start until sometime around 8:30.  As the meeting drew to a close Mom got up and lost her balance and nearly headed for the door.  She landed in the sofa where Phil was.  It happened two more times but she refused medical attention.  It was a little frightening.  

Work has been good.  Getting a lot done every day.  I didn’t stay for OT tonight but I probbly will on Monday.  There is OT this weekend but I am too tired to do it this weekend and i have a lot of extra curricular activities this weekend.

I called Mom this morning.  Her ankle continued to bother her throughout the day but she seemed okay this evening.   She has been cooking and making dinner and I am letting her do it on her own. She is already in the middle of it and I am a little tired now anyway.

This whole Boston Marathon Bombing is turning out even more frightening.  The younger of the two men is still on the loose after a firefight in Watertown MA.   The cities were in lockdown at one point and I believe its been lifted now.

Dinner is ready so I am going to go eat it.  

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Warm Wednesday

The weather was beautiful.  Well when I was out at 6 tonight it was.  According to the weather report it was nearly 70 degrees out after 3:30.  I really didn’t go out once I got into work.  I could feel the warmth in the wind when I left the office at 6.

Work was okay.  I had gotten a lot done and managed to work until 6.  Sadly we learned that a former colleague had died rather unexpectedly.  She was a lovely young lady and she will be missed.

We also learned that one my other colleagues are retiring at the end of this month.  She has been here for 18 years and is ready for a change.  There will be a party for her on the 28th.

I stopped to talk to some neighbors and visit with my four-legged god children. Unfortunately I was late for dinner.  They were leftovers.  It was still good.

Mom had a busy day she had meetings and appointments and now is relaxing downstairs watching TV.  I am watching TV upstairs.  I think I am going to bed early again.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A short day

It was a short work day for me as I took the afternoon off to be at Mom’s doctor’s appointment.  It was with the same Hematologist/oncologist I have.  I wish I could tell you what the Doctor said.  For me and Liz (at least I think) we are confused and Mom is hopeful.  One thing was clear he did say that Mom needs to talk to the Gastroenterologist who found the growth.  She did when she got home today.  One doctor is calling the growth cancer and this one wasn’t.  Anyway the Gastro doc hasn’t received the surgeon’s report yet (doesn’t feel he should do surgery).  After the appointment Mom headed home and I dropped Liz off at her house. 

I stayed for a short time at Liz and Nel’s because their grandchildren were there.  I love seeing them.  They had the last couple of days off from school and were spending it with them.  They hugged me when I saw them.  Audrey even jumped into my arms and let me hold her for a bit.  She doesn’t always do that.

It was nearly 4 when I got home.  I watched TV and was getting a headache.  I tried to eat a bowl of cereal and was really expecting it to turn into a migraine.  I went to lie down for a while and tried to eat dinner but couldn’t until I felt better.  I was cold and needed to get warmed up.  I can say I feel much better now.  The roast lamb and potatoes were delicious.

It got into the sixties temperature wise today.  It was a little windy and we had a shower on the way home.  It stopped and happily the sun came out until sunset.  Now it’s about 55 degrees and cloudy.  If I heard right we are getting more showers.

The Boston Marathon bombings continue to dominate the news all day.  Most of the radio programs discussed what happened and was speculating.  There was one blog that discussed the media speculation and how awful it can be.  Among the speculation there are also reports and features of recovery and how the support and love is being shared by all of world.  Flags are at half mast until the end of the week.  My continuous prayers for the Bostonians, the first responders and all those charged with the care and safety of the city.

Okay it’s now 10:30 and I need to get to bed.  After last night’s fiasco of sleep depravation I hope to get enough sleep tonight.  Despite the fact I took a late day nap.

Why am I still up?

It is after 3 in the morning and I have been awake since 1:30.  I should be sleeping.  I was exhausted at 9:30 and I went straight to sleep.  I was achy and took the appropriate steps to getting comfortable.  Next thing I know its 1:30 and I am hotter than hell..  I had to put some lotion on as I was itchy too.

When I get up I notice Mom is still up and reading her book in the back room downstairs.   She was trying to finish her book. .  I don’t know if she did or not because she came up to bed and her light is still on.

I haven’t been feeling well either.  I think I ate something that is affecting me and hopefully this little deal will end soon.

I did manage to go on Facebook while sitting here.  There is so much shock and outrage from people (and rightfully so).  I am happy to say that my family that lives near there are safe.  Some of my co-workers spent the day up there and are safe as well.  The white house security has been tightened (I wanted to say on lockdown but that would be overkill).  I hope who ever is in charge of getting these people do their job right.

Well I am going to try and sleep now…see you in a few hours.

Not doing very much this morning