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18 years ago today

Well it is now morning and I am feeling better. There is no snow on the ground. I am a little disappointed but that’s the way it’s been going of late.

Today is the anniversary of Dad’s passing. I usually just look at the calendar and say notice it. This week however, because Mom is turning 80 it’s been on my mind more. I have talked more about it with people. At least the people at work! We buried him two days before Mom’s birthday. This year the anniversary of his burial is on the day of the party. I was also reminded of it this week when I saw an episode of Star Trek: TNG when a young boy lost his mother on a planet. The alien entity was trying to provide a fantasy lifestyle for the boy so he wouldn’t suffer.

It is now after 5 and the sun is just setting but it isn’t really dark yet. I haven’t been home long from work. I went to the wake for Dottie’s Aunt. I was probably one of a few that outside the family. I listened to the reading from this wonderful deacon from St Francis. I am go…

I am not feeling well.

I am not staying up much longer tonight. I Have headache. It was brought on by eating nothing but a muffin and candy. I had Snapple and wore my boots all day. I did have dinner when Mom came home but it hasn’t gone away. My hands hurt and had a nosebleed today. I am not worried about the nosebleed and there really isn’t any cause to.

Work went okay. It was pretty much the same stuff but different day. Dottie lost her Aunt this morning. I still have a lot of letters to fold and lots of mail to open and readdress. I also have the bad addresses to do.

I need to send a complaint letter to Lord & Taylor they sent me a bill for six dollars because they couldn’t read the check I wrote out for $25. I am going to print out the check and send it to them.

It is supposed to snow tonight. I am not sure what to expect.

Oh better go to bed…feel sick.

I have a feeling

Something tells me I am going to have a very strange week. Last night I was checking emails and I noticed I got one nearly a week ago from Telka asking me not to tell anyone about her recent Health scares. I was sitting at my desk trying to think if I told anyone in the club. I can’t remember if I did. I am wondering if anyone said anything to her.

I reset all my groups that I have assigned to the AT&T email back on individual emails. I posted the entry and I had a great reply from Mardi. J They had snow flurries and would melt away. The same way it has done down here. She also told me the radio station she listens to. Unfortunately when I responded I got an error message which was pissing me off. I hope this doesn’t keep happening.

I got a message informing me that Jennie left my group. I sent her a short message asking her if she is okay. I don’t know if she got it I might have to check the site to see what’s going on. Well it seems she is having prob…

House cleaning

Well it is a beautiful day here in Milford. I am listening to a radio station in Danbury CT online. It is 98.3 Q. I am wondering if this is one that Mary G or Mardi listens to when they are home.

The current temperature is 40. It apparently it rained during the night because the street and pavement and car were wet. I think it is supposed to stay this way for today. In some areas there was black ice.

I got to bingo early and found that Bunny was there today. She was working with out Chilly because there were some problems because she was docked because she was late one day. Natalie came in as well. I had seventeen residents for bingo. That was a lot of people.

I came straight home and got changed and started to set up my radio and then decided to start vacuuming so I did and now I need to get back down there.

I took a couple of breaks and managed to go talk to Sylvia. We talked about the party. I told her about Claire D and how she made her seating request. When I finished…

January 27, 2007

Well my plans to get up at 6 am to start chores didn’t work. I stayed in bed until 8 and then started my laundry. I did some straightening downstairs but the bulk of it will be done later.

I was just checking out my journals and someone replied to my journal entry here It was to a 2003 post entitled “Sunday Morning”. It was at I printed out the reply and now have to find that entry (if I have printed it out which I don’t think I did). Nope I didn’t print that one out but I bet it is from the other one. I just was at the Yahoo 360 page and had an invitation to connect from someone by the name of sugar. A 42 year old who wants to discreetly meet women. Not a chance. Ignored and deleted that one very quickly.

It is almost 11:30 and I have bathed and still doing laundry. I got some nice mail. I got a letter from my pal Jeanette Viers. Oh of course some bills. I need to take care of one like yesterday. I also got a letter from Human Resources at Yale. It was…

A Cold January Friday

It is after 7:30 on a chilly Friday night. It is about 15 degrees F outside. The sky was clear and I thought I saw some stars. The clouds are supposed to move in and get colder over night.

The day started out a little shaky. I got out of bed and slid to the floor. It is nothing serious just slid on a pile of clothes (clearly its time for me to clean my room!). I went to the Pilot Gas Station and of course the cold was apparently affecting the gas pumps because it took some time to use them. By the time I finally got on the highway it was closer to 8 then I would have liked. A truck was too close for comfort and a car swerved into my lane near West Haven/New Haven border.

I ended up being late for work. I got the mail from the lobby and brought it up and started working on it. Then when the charts came I worked on them and then my normal stuff. Around 10 Shirley came to me and said we would have to do the letters that were on the cabinet because they had the 24th on it. So …

January 25, 2007

There is about an hour before midnight. I am really tired and the wrist is just starting to hurt. I am not feeling well right now stomach or something. Today was fulfilling.

Work went well despite the fact that a few charts got left behind and I had to go and take them to medical records. On the plus side I was able to get home a little earlier than normal.

Mom was shopping and setting up for the CPAC meeting when I got home. She got back around 6 and got dressed for the meeting. She got back after 10:30. I am not sure what she is doing now.

I had dinner and watched Charmed. The second episode I didn’t watch because it was the one where Phoebe calls on her past and future self when she questions if she should marry cole (who we find out is now the beginning of the source and the beginning of the end of Cole and the exit of the actor Julian McMahon).

I got online for a bit and then got ready for the meeting(s). It was nearly 7 when I got to the club. I sat with Antoinette Carey…

The Dentist Appointment

I made it to the dentist office in pretty good time. I just had to review the paperwork on file and sign it. I went in saw the hygienist. They have a new “toy” in the shape of a new tooth cleaner. It uses water. Then I had an exam from Dr. Chris. I have to go in again on the 15th to fend off a small cavity. My next appointment is in July. It was after 5:30 when I left.

When I got home I checked the mail and started on Dinner. Mom had left me soup but didn’t want it. I threw some hot dogs in the micro and had them. Watched TV and made a couple of calls.

I have printed out the letters for Jennie. I hope she won’t mind if I bring them first thing in the morning. I just got to busy and tired this afternoon.

I am going to check the emails and some forums.

January 23, 2007

It is after 6:30 and my wrist is hurting. I suspect it has to do with eating salt and using it a lot today. I will be taking my med soon and some Aleve®. It is a quiet night right now. Mom is at a meeting and I will be printing out the rest of Jennie’s letters for her. There are four more left I should be able to do it tonight.

The day started out a little shaky. I left in a fair amount of time but someone who was apparently in a rush at Saw Mill Road wanted me to turn on Red (there is no sign indicating either way) but I ignored them. Then some guy pulled up beside me and gave me some looks and gave me the finger. As I was walking from the garage to the office I was waiting for the crosswalk to change and some ding bat told me to go across (there was no traffic) and I told her that was rude and that if she wanted to get hit by a car to go for it. I apologized to her a short while later as we rode up in the elevator together.

Shirley told me there were more collection letters …

Its been a long day

Well it is the end of the long day. I can’t even remember what time I got up this morning but I do know I got to work at a fairly decent hour. I saw the remains of the coliseum and it felt weird seeing it that way. For a moment it felt like (at least to me) the moment when your eyes have just been dilated for tests (or you don’t your glasses on).

I took the time to make the various contributions to the birthday clubs and to the collection for Gayle R. I also managed to talk to everyone I knew about the implosion. Some did say they could feel the vibration and hear the implosion. In some areas it was a delayed reaction. There were others who didn’t and lived a short distance from it and could care less about it.

I started on my work right after I got some coffee. I was going to start on the letters but instead had to work on the charts and then lockbox. It was pretty high in volume. I also stopped to work on readdressing and the collection letters. I also had sorted the pre…

I sometimes wonder

I have noticed when I am obsessing about things or I should say when I am worrying over things such as work, family, or relationships I tend to find me in moments where things happen or explode for little or no reason. For example Mom and I were getting ready this morning and I was shredding an envelope and trying to clear out some of the remnants of the shreds and she got exasperated and she was wondering what I was doing and why wasn’t I getting ready. I told her and then under my breath I told her she isn’t to talk to me like that again. Then I try to figure out what it was that I contributed to a situation. I guess it is something I need to work on and it is continuous.

Bingo went well I got there around 9:30 or so. I had actually stopped at the Dunkin Doughnuts for coffee. We had 14 players for the games. There was a little confusion for one resident who though she had won two games when she didn’t.

I got home around noon and finished yesterday’s laundry. I watched some …

New Haven Coliseum

Today is Demolition Day. At 7:30 am the New Haven Coliseum (what’s left of it) will be demolished. I was up at 10 of 6 this morning and saw the first 10 minutes of Channel 8’s coverage. There were some live pictures of it still up and Kent Pierce on the 9th Level of the Temple Garage and he reported 200 people were there waiting for it to happen. He asked a couple of people what their memories of the coliseum were and what it was they saw there. One said he saw Alice Cooper (which I remember that happening) and the Knights Hockey Game. The last event held at the Coliseum was the WWF Wrestling match. They also showed the perimeter of streets that would be blocked off for safety. It encompasses the entire area of the coliseum (From Temple North Frontage road Union Street and George I believe.

I didn’t want to sit through the entire newscast just to see it so I went back downstairs to watch it around 7:15.

While I was waiting for the demolition I checked emails and answered and sent some e…

I am exhausted

I can’t sleep yet. I tried but I can’t. I even tried warm milk and there isn’t enough milk left. I had to remind Mom about it. We’ll probably get it later on today or Saturday.

I guess the reason I am sleepless is I have a ton of things going through my head. The list of bills that I need to pay this week, the thank you notes that are not written yet from Christmas (particularly to Claudia and the kids). The letter to Marian in Stony Creek I have wanted to write. The 4th District minutes I haven’t written up. I have so much going on that I do get a little overwhelmed. When I get overwhelmed I start to organize my time by putting up a schedule. As I start that I get disgusted because I realize that’s wasting time when I could be doing the activity.

Well I better at least try and get some sleep. Good Night.

It is quarter of nine now and I have been home for an hour. It seems much later but then again I am exhausted. As soon as I finish paying some bills I am going straight t…
It is quarter of 7 and there is a light rain coming down. It has been raining since I left the office around 4 today. The temperature is 38 degrees. My plans for tonight changed. I got to Jennie’s house to find that she was in her pajamas and not feeling well. She tried to call me but my answer machine is still not functioning. I told her I would give her my work email and my office number. Nicole also couldn’t make it.

When I got home I recognized tomato sauce. Mom had cooked it before going off to her meeting and it was still warm when I peeked in at it. I had cereal for dinner and watched TV.

After I ate my dinner I went upstairs and checked emails. I got an email from a classmate from Linden hall. She thanked me for the letter and said she would be at the reunion with her sister. She asked me if I had heard from another classmate and I told her no but that I would pass on the info to Missy at the School.

I also checked other emails. Some of them were from Levonne in By …

I am getting a little anxious

I had an okay day today. I did finish yesterday’s mail but I still have today’s to do. I had put off doing today’s until I finished yesterday’s and did some of the other stuff. I am getting anxious over the collection letters. I still have some from the 11th that I got on Friday and of course I have some of Friday’s and received more today and I am just worried that Shirley will see them. I did try working on them for a total of an hour. There really isn’t a lot to do except fold them in threes and then stuff them. I did manage to get some readdress mail done but it was most for internal (the immediate staff and some for other departments and Doctors). I am hoping to get into the office as early as possible and work on it.

We got word today that Gayle R’s Father died last night. When I talked to Shirley about it later she told me that Gayle was planning on going down today anyway. Gayle’s father’s health had been failing for quite some time. Rhona is doing a collection.

The Y…

Zoomed By

As I was clearing out my mailbox last night I found 11 emails. That’s the most I have had in a few days at one time. Most of them were from Jenny Jones (no not THAT JJ). She was inviting me to join Hi5 and I had to ask her not to send me invites to that site. I know it was one of those sites that people linked to me with rather risqué pictures.

I also got a note from some site from a pen pal and I didn’t recognize the name it was a very nice note from (or some site). I am not sure who sent it. I am sure I will find out soon.

It is now after 6 pm Tuesday night. I have been home since 4:30. The day didn’t go exactly the way I had planned but it turned out okay. I wanted to get up early and be out of the house before 7. That didn’t happen. I woke up around 4 and stayed awake until 5:30 and then fell asleep. Needless to say I was very tired for a while this morning.

I got to work late so that threw my planned schedule off a quite a lot. I wanted to be able to ge…


It is after 9 and I have been up an hour. It felt really good to sleep in on a Monday. I have been just checking emails and forums. There haven’t been any responses to the viewer alerts I made on the IMDB for Sam or Kevin and the one I did on the Kevin forum was removed (they are such assholes). They do the “Happy Christmas Kevin” and Sam” or “cute pictures of the kids” but anything else is taken away.

I also read and answered some emails on the pen pal lists. The only discussion on one list is about Britney Spears. Who the hell wants to talk about her? I replied I don’t really care about the woman. I also told them she needs parenting classes and human relation classes.

Of course I got rid of some of the Wish emails. I really hate those. I know I don’t have to actually fulfill them but they are bound to get out of hand.

I did my usual blog search for Kevin Sorbo related blogs today and found this article about multi-talented Andrew Duncan’s close celebrity encounter with Kevin for the f…

Not a quiet Day

I can’t believe I left the computer on all night. It was 11 and I was doing a virus scan because there was a message on one of the pen pal groups warning people that there was a virus sent to the group. Luckily I didn’t get it (or so it flashed on my screen this morning). I had everything just the way I did before going to bed.

I also can’t believe I am still seeing dark skies. It is now getting lighter. I just checked the weather site and for the next couple of days it will be rain or showers. There will be some sun midweek but it will be cold. The temperatures will be in the 30’s and 40’s. I see there is snow in the forecast for the start of next week.

Today I am going to do bingo and Church and then pick Jennie to go grocery shopping. After that I am dropping off some of the pictures to Liz for the collage. Mom will be out for the afternoon.

I will probably do some letter writing. I found a reminder email from Missy Anderson last night it was a few days old just …

Jan 13, 2007

It has been several hours now since I posted and in that time I managed to get some sleep. I did wake up around 6:30 to rain and clouds. I stayed in bed until maybe 8. I got online and checked emails. I am clearing out the msn mailbox. I did manage to get some of Jennie’s emails so I can print out the pictures.

I finished the letter to Marian South. I got an email from her this morning or yesterday in response to an email hug I sent her. I hope to get it out to her today. If not tomorrow I will get it out tomorrow.

Okay didn’t get it out but that’s okay. I did get my insurance bill for this month it is due on the 28th.

It has been several hours and I am tired. I really didn’t do very much today which is okay. Mom and I went to Costco and got some stuff and then to Trader Joe’s for some bread. It rained for a while but was warm. Low 50’s.

We got back to the house by 5 or 6 and had dinner. Mom grilled steak on the grill outside and we had sandwiches and watched the News. On…

Glad its Saturday

Yesterday was a some what frustrating day. It started off by not being able to find my ID folder. That is until I got to work. It was in the bag just where I had put it the night before. I was very frustrated.

Ouida had brought in breakfast for her staff and invited me to have some breakfast. I got on line and got my plate. As I was walking past Marquita she made a comment to me. She had said I shouldn’t be eating the food because I eat over “there” referring to the Customer Service. Well Elia and Marta were standing right with her. I looked at her and said “Excuse Me?” I walked away and vented in my office and told Daphne. She said not to worry about it. Marquita wasn’t paying for it. I even told Ann who suggested I tell Ouida about it. Daphne suggested I talk to Marquita about it. Marquita played it off as talking junk. She says she knew Ouida invited me. She also said I am too sensitive. The arrogance of this woman was appalling.

By the time I left for Debra’s I got …

A Better Day

Today was pretty good. I got most of the work done but still have stuff to do. The bulk mail and the readdress mail seem to be building up again. Dean Alpern sent a message about the death of a doctor. He was an Urologist and has offices through out the southern Connecticut.

I got some more emails from Liz today in regards to the count and still trying to get the address for Ken Fellumbaum. I told her I would look online and I would get back to her. She says that there were 160 people invited and she looked at caterers. I wish I was with her I would have enjoyed that. She did get a menu. It included porketta and potatoes and some other side dishes. She said that 15 people have said yes. Whoohoo! There were a few names that she couldn’t get a hold of from the literary club.

Now all that has to be done is getting pictures of her. I have to see where she is going to be at all next week or this weekend. Liz said she would help but that I have to keep my excitement down or Mo…

A Short entry

This is going to be a short entry. I really am not feeling that well. It’s a headache returning from earlier this afternoon.

When I left here this morning I couldn’t find my ID stuff I thought maybe in the car. It wasn’t. I thought perhaps I left it in the office. It wasn’t. I looked all over the room but didn’t check the one place it was. It was in the pocket of the pants I had on last night. I found it this afternoon when I came home.

Donny from next door approached me this morning before I left and gave me his and Pam’s acceptance for the party. I emailed Liz later on in the day to let her know. She emailed me asking for A Jagoe’s address and so I found it and emailed it back to her. All the invitations have been sent out.

The rest of the day was fine. That is until I started getting a headache. I got some news both good and bad. Evelyn F and her husband adopted a baby girl in December. All are doing fine. Dottie/Mom got an emergency phone call about her aunt. She fe…
Wow I can’t believe it took me two days to write. I was just so tired last night and not making much sense that it would have been torture for anyone to read it.

I dropped the car off at the Garage to get checked out. I headed to work in the rain. I met up with some of my old bus buddies including Chris V who was really an arrogant idiot. He hasn’t changed much. I didn’t see Cousin Danny on the bus so I suspect he got a ride from his co worker or went in earlier.

I mailed the Publishers Clearing house entry form, the Lord and Taylor payment and the letter to Debra. They should all get it with in a few days. I hope. I have no illusions that I will even win the sweepstakes but it would be fun trying. It would help in so many ways. I will keep you posted on that.

When I got to work I started working on my stuff. We got socked with the mail yesterday. So much so I was still working on it today. It’s been all opened and waiting for me to sort it and deliver it. Shirley was…


Yesterday was another busy day. I went to church first then to bingo. After that I went to Dave’s party for a few hours. Last night I had the board meeting.

The party was a lot of fun and of course lots of food. Mom didn’t get to the party until after 2. It really pisses me off when she does this but I can’t say anything. (The party started at 1). She did have a great time and everyone enjoyed the entire party. At one point I started not feeling good. By the time I was ready to leave (which was around 5) I was feeling better.

Dave was his normal self and trying to be the good host. To the point of annoying me but what can I say?

When I got home Mom was in the back room watching TV and told me Telka called on her phone. Mom couldn’t understand why Telka called there instead of mine. I did find a message form her. Anyway, Telka wanted me to bring the phone squad list. The only I had was the one for Roberta and me. I chatted with Telka for a bit and then got ready to go out…

Today was summer

It feels like more summer than it does winter. It is so warm out that Mom has the back door open (or the screen it at least). I checked for Milford and it has 58 degrees listed for the town. Well to me it seems more like sixty. The sun is shining and there are some clouds but not too many.

I have been up since 9. Mom was up earlier. I have been doing some laundry, paying bills and surfing the net all morning. I hope to get the class letters written and mailed out today.

John and Mom’s picture are in the newspaper today. It was on the local section of the Register. Page B1. Mom was embarrassed that her picture was taken and not that of his parents. They were in the Mayors office and a woman was thanking and saying goodbye to John. Mom says it was a really nice event.

Well I am not sure but I think I am getting a cold. I have been sneezing and blowing my nose for a good part of the day. I did take the Costco Version of Dayquil and it seems to be okay. I haven’t…

I know

I know when I am over tired. Every little thing gets to me. Whether it be the slowness of people in the cars in front of me when driving home from Liz’s house or the traffic lights seem to be slow. When the outlook express is loading up and takes what seems forever to get to the messages I am looking for. That’s when I need to go to bed.

Today went pretty well. I got most everything done (need to sort the rejection piles on Monday). I have to finish the readdress mail. Again that can be done next week. Everything was in order when I left.

It was raining pretty steadily today. Luckily there was a brief respite from it while I walked to Debra’s today. The session went well. I had to sign a couple of the HFCA Forms for September and October so she could submit them. I read the letter I sent to her. She had just gotten it and I wanted her to read it and hear it. We went into further detail about it. The session was over and I headed back to the car.

My right ankle was startin…

A Hum Dinger of A Day

Oh I had another hum dinger of a day. Actually it did start off really cool. There is a tree at the edge of our yard. It looked like a cat frozen in mid air. It was like that picture you see with a small kitten hanging on to some limb for dear life.

Now here is the story how my day got a little hairy. As I was getting to the office Irma R was holding the door. I asked her about her birthday “Don’t you have a birthday coming up?” Well she looked at me like I had broken some freaking law. She asked how I knew about it. I told her I remembered from last year. She informed me she had them remove it from “the birthday list”. Well I certainly didn’t want to tell her I have my own private list. I just looked at her and told her I would never mention it again and as I walked away I said out lout “that was rude”. She is a god dammed bitch. I told Ann and Shirley and a few others about it. Both Ann and Shirley gave me good advice. Let it go.

Later on in the Day Diane G gave me…

Wow What a Day

Wow what a day. I finally got to sleep around 1:30 or so after watching part of the M*A*S*H Finale on TVLand last night. I also had some warm milk. I had some really wild dreams to but I can’t remember them clearly. I got up around 6 and got ready for work.

I was on time for work but left the house late. There was a pretty good coating of frost on the car and Mom said she would look to see if we have the de-icing cans around. She forgot to look since then but will when she goes out tomorrow or soon.

Work went well got things done. The readdress mail is a work in progress. The mail really wasn’t heavy as was expected. I even told Shirley this and she said it will probably come when we least expect it. She reminded me that Insurance companies may not have been open during Christmas either.

I called Tim’s Auto to schedule a service check and that will be next Monday. I told them about the light and stuff and they will look at it. I called the UPS store and told them I would be t…

Back to Work

It is almost 9:30 and I am just about to sack out. I had a pretty good day. I got up showered and managed to get online for a short time. Mom was up when I left she got my lunch ready for me and reminded me to get my coat to the cleaners.

I was on the road by quarter of 8 and some guy was leaning on his horn to get me to turn on red to the highway entrance. In my loving and caring way I told him to shove it up his royal ass. I got to the office by 8.

I made my rounds for greetings and checked the trays for outgoing mail. Even though we wouldn’t be getting a lot of mail because of President Fords Funeral (I was silly enough to think it was because of the New Years Holiday). I got started on various things. I did some collection letters and then had to re-stamp the correspondence for Joan. I took care of the lockbox and managed to get a lot of stuff done.

The day went pretty fast though. I made sure I stayed busy with a few moments on line but sticking to my resolve that I would…

New Years Day 2007

Happy New Year! I have been up since 9 and awake since oh say 5 or 6. I just felt like staying in bed and dozed. It has been raining and will continue all day. I watched CSI Miami in its entirety on A&E it was pretty good.

Mom woke up around 10 and had her meds and coffee and read her paper. She did ask me when Jim was short with me. I told her it was with the crumbs on the table and just his whole demeanor. I really didn’t want to talk about it with her because I felt she would think I was out of line. I told her I thought he seemed tense and stuff. We agreed it was because Claudia criticized him for not planning better. The restaurant he wanted was no longer there.

Anyway, I spent some time online and reading some of my journals. I went on to IMDB forum for Kevin and someone asked if Kevin Sorbo was in rehab because he had seen a preview of VH1’s show (can’t remember the name) and he surmised it was at a rehab. I posted “no” as a reply. I thought I would share the in…