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Last night before I went to bed I decided to search for recent reviews to the South Pacific Performance in Lansing MI and the reviewer found it Un-enchanting, I sent the review to Mom. She sent me an email earlier today saying that she felt the same way as the reviewer did.

Late yesterday afternoon the Dean of Medical School Dr. Alpern sent out a memoriam email for the Dr. who was killed earlier this week in Branford. It had been in the news all week long and I never made the connection. Mom says she told me that one of them was from Yale but I don’t remember.

Apparently the Doctor whom I had never met (or had anything with his name on cross my desk) worked with the other man at another job. The other man who was originally China lived in Marietta GA. Wang’s wife found out via the news media down in GA. Apparently someone with a lot of class and decorum must have dropped it on her like a bomb. That’s the vibe I am getting via the headlines from the search on this subject.

On a…

The Moon last night

Did you see that Moon last night? OMG! It was huge! I wish I knew how to upload pictures or I would have taken one but it was just behind the trees over the Long Island Sound. As the night progressed it lit up the entire sky.

Aside from a fight online (and it was pointed out I was the attacker) over NCIS and some aches and pains. The day went pretty well.

I had my Mammogram in the morning. I will find out if there is anything to be worried about in a couple of days or so. I have to tell you it was a mite uncomfortable. I was at the office by nine. I had some more coffee and then some breakfast.

The rest of the day went by without major incident. The mail came and was done at good pace. I spent the rest of the time readdressing stuff that had to go to the doctors or departments.

At five Lee Ann came and picked me up for the walk to the church where the Union Business meeting was held. I met up with Local 35 President Bob Proto, Local 34 President Laura Smith. They are awesom…

I had a dream

I had a dream last night that really scared me. I dreamt that people were having a hard time getting their cars started and we couldn’t use the credit cards we had. Yes I am aware this sounds an awful lot like those futuristic movies such as “The Last Chase” with Lee Majors but it still got me all anxious about my finances again. I am not in debt but it got me to thinking how am I going to be able to do things in the future. Will I have enough money to do the things I want and still be able to take care of the house or have enough food? I still haven’t finished updating the Quicken Accounts that I have. I am afraid I will mess them up even more.

I did finally get some sleep again until about 6:30. I got up quickly and got ready for work. Mom got up around 7 and we talked about what time to pick me up again for the appointment. I watched TV while waiting for Dolette. She picked me up around quarter of eight. We had a good ride in. We got to the office around 8:15.

Donna Gros…

I almost Forgot

Oh man. I was so busy today that I didn’t look at my calendar. That is until I was talking with Debra. I had forgotten that I have my appointment with Dr. Martin and I had already asked Carol earlier today for a ride. Mom says she will pick me up tomorrow before four for the appointment. I will call Carol when I get to work and tell her.

Today seemed hectic. Dolette picked me up at quarter of 8 and we got to work by 8:15. Donna G had sorted the campus mail already so I started on the readdress mail. I worked on it until lockbox came. That was fairly heavy. I was able to get it all opened by the time I left for my session with Debra. It does need to be sorted and counted first.

Because there were only two couriers today the post office mail didn’t get to me until 11 in the morning. I was able to get it done by 2. I hope tomorrow it won’t happen again. This entire week is considered month end and I want to get it all done by the time I leave each day.

I do have to make sure …

We had a pretty good time yesterday

Just have some time to write before getting ready for bed. Today was rather busy with everyone getting ready to leave for the trip back to Allentown and me off to bingo and church.

Mom and I went to the Shiva for Senator Gayle Slosberg’s Father this afternoon. We had missed the mini service but we stayed until 8 and to me felt like a wake. Mom will probably go tomorrow for the Tessa had given us a little insight at the district meeting as to what to expect. I also remembered what Donna Grossman said to me earlier in the week.

I got a call from the garage yesterday. The water hose is leaking and the timing belt needed to be replaced as well. The labor is what is going to kill me I think. In total it will be $650.00. He said that it would be Monday or Tuesday by the time it was ready. I called Dolette and asked her for a ride and she said she would pick me up but wasn’t sure what time.

In between waiting for everyone to get ready and to arrive for the convoy I spent a lot of time…

Show Time

It is just before 7 am. Joe, Jim, and Mom were downstairs and the kids are sleeping still. Mom has been awake since 5 and that will be a bummer for her I think for later. Emily spent most of the night in my room and left just about 6:30 this morning. Kristina stayed in Mom’s room and Jamie slept on the mini sofa near Mom. He had fallen asleep in the chair in the backroom while watching TV last night.

I am waiting on some clothes in the dryer. I will put them away as soon as they are done. I have another load of stuff in the dryer I will need to send through again as they have been there all night.

We will probably start getting ready for the show in about two hours. We are all going to meet here (all fifteen) and drive up to the Bushnell for the show. Mom told me last night she made reservations at some restaurant but I can’t remember what they were. I am not sure what time because the kids want to meet the cast of the show.

I talked with Dave last night. I had to give him the…

What A Day

It is after 6:30 now and we are just waiting on Jim, Joe and the kids to arrive from Allentown. They were supposed to call us at some point but they haven’t so far. While we are waiting I am doing laundry and ironing my suit for tomorrow. Mom is working on her computer.

She spent most of the day cleaning, shopping and getting her haircut. She got it cut a couple of days ago from our regular hair salon and the woman destroyed it. Carmen has now lost two customers and from what Mom said she was completely unprofessional. She best not come to me for anything or her ass is grass.

Okay the crew called it will be another hour before they get here. Mom is trying to figure out what they want on the pizza. It sounds like she will have them call again to let us know when they get closer so she can order the pizza.

Work went well got a lot done. Bob and Cece picked me up after 7:30 and we were at the office just before 8. We laughed and joked about a lot of stuff. My godchild Heddie was…

Thankful Thursday

My Thankful Thursday list:

1) That I have my car in the shop to be repaired.
2) That I have friends who are willing to pick me up or take me home for the next coup of days.
3) That I have a job that I love and do well in.
4) That I got the Ultra Sound done and over with.
5) I am thankful that said Ultra sound wasn’t very long.
6) I am thankful the week is almost over
7) I am glad to have gotten paid this week.
8) I am thankful for my family (although Mom is pushing her luck right now).
9) I am thankful to have my family and friends together this weekend.
10) I am thankful that I won’t have to do OT this week.

Today went really well. I got everything done. I do have readdress mail and the authorizations to send to the departments but there is a lot so each day I get them out.

I called the garage today. Frank said he would try and look at it this afternoon. He has been busy. I won’t call again until they actually work on it. I hope it won’t be a lot of money. I have rides all lined up for tomorrow.…

I got the car into the shop

I had another great day at work. Got all the mail done except the lobby mail. I will do that in the morning. The office is still in good shape and I even showed Sally T and she thought it looked great.

I called the garage today. I spoke to Frank and asked him if I could bring the car in after work. He told me he was expecting me yesterday. Gulp. Anyway, after arranging some rides for what could be the next few days I got the car to the garage. Dolette will be picking me up tomorrow (and I am a little apprehensive about this) around quarter of 8. I am hoping she will be giving me a ride home tomorrow too. I asked CC for a ride in on Friday and Carol H a ride home on Friday. Carol asked me for a ride home today so I gave it to her.

When I got home I relaxed for a while then had dinner. Finished putting the sweater I was soaking from last night through the wash and I think it’s finished drying now but I am too tired to go look. I tried to clear out some emails from the mailbo…

I am feeling pretty good tonight

I have to say I am feeling pretty good tonight. Things at work are going well. I was able to finish with the mail. I have readdress mail to do as well as sending out approvals and other things for the doctors to see. The office was looking very organized when I left.

I was doing OT and got almost 60 pages of refund letters done. I almost done with the one date and probably will start on another date by tomorrow. I will probably be doing OT for the rest of the week until Thursday. Friday everyone is coming in for the weekend family gathering.

I managed to get some bills paid tonight. I still have to mail some stuff to the credit union. That will be mailed tomorrow. I will have my car insurance mailed off tomorrow as well.

The thermostat continues to go to the top but there isn’t any bad smell like there was last October. I called last week but he couldn’t see me until this week sometime. Unfortunately I have been pretty busy and needed the car. I will have to call tomorrow.

I …

Diane Comes to Town

Sometime today Diane (my niece) along with the rest of the cast and crew of South Pacific arrived in the state to prepare for their five day performances at the Bushnell. I don’t know if she is going to be stopping in West Haven to see her parents or if she will be staying at the hotels near the theater.

Had a pretty good day despite the fact I nearly knocked my manager into some cubicle walls. I didn’t realize how hard but I was just turning around from talking to Toni D and nearly ran into Susan. I felt awful. I asked her later if she was alright and she just said to me “gotta watch where you going…” my response was absolutely. When I told some others they rolled their eyes at me and some said I should have tried harder.

Now to the best news! Toni D returned to work after a 6 week absence. She had some health issues and it was taken care of. Happily she looked great. She is back to her old self again.

The new mail shelves for my desk arrived and they looked great. My desk l…

A satisfying Sunday

I forgot to mention that I found an email from an old Pen pal friend of mine Abby C. I believe she is still in AZ. Anyway she wrote it and sent it Thursday. She was sending it to several of her friends she had not heard from and was checking to see if the email was still working. I thanked her and explained that I was out of pen paling. I did invite her to email me when she could.

Jim called yesterday. He wanted to let Mom know he had gone to the Doctors as she asked. Apparently they spoke earlier in the week and he sounded horrible. The doctor thought at first he had pneumonia but he didn’t but he is on Antibiotics. He says that having Joe there is really been a big help to him. Jim told me that Emily’s play is this weekend.

This morning I got up watched some TV watched Lydia’s Italian Kitchen on Create TV (aka Long Islands Public Television) and she was making stuffed Veal? Cima something. I suspect it will be on Channel 13 tonight.

I spent some time catching up with my f…

No Pirate Festival Today

All Week long I had thought the Pirate Festival that I had received an invitation to was for this week. I found out it is next month. It is on June 12, 2010. However, I may have a conflict with that day. I think Jolyn’s sun’s Graduation party is the same day at her church.

After a few phone calls to Liz I told her I would stop by and see her and the kids for a bit. After work I left there and headed to her house. The traffic was pretty slow going. When I told her this she started accusing me of having no patience. I told her I was fine (she thought I was giving the finger to traffic). That really annoyed me because she was wrong and I told her so. She smugly laughed. This is what really annoys the daylights out of me. She is so quick to judge either the family or people she feels have victimized her that she doesn’t realize she comes off really arrogant. Luckily my annoyance didn’t last long because the kids were playing and making me laugh.

Unfortunately the next door nei…

An Early Night

I am calling it an early night tonight. I have a little bit of a headache and I hope it goes away soon. I had one earlier today as well. It was in the back of the head and I am not sure why. Although finishing the Turkey Hill Party Cake Ice Cream is not helping much but it is delicious.

Today was very cold out for an April day. It is supposed to be this way for the rest of the weekend. Cold and Rainy! I don’t mind it much but Milford is having the Pirate Festival in town. It’s mainly for kids (or so I am gathering but) it is also to encompass the little known fact that Captain Kidd during one of his runs buried his treasure on Charles Island. I am not really sure if it is true but what ever they have planned for tomorrow may get rained out.

Work is going well. I have a few things that need to be finished on Monday before the regular Monday stuff comes but I am pretty sure I will get it done. I am now able to use all the scanners. For quite some time now I could use only thre…

Tax Day 2010

Today is the day where people across the country race to file their taxes. I did mine the other day and mailed my state taxes this morning. I hope it gets there by midnight. I am confident there won’t be a problem with it. H&R Block sent me an email the other day or this morning to let me know it was accepted.

Apparently it was also the day that the “Tea Party” made an appearance in the New Haven Area. There was a large gathering at Long Wharf around 12:30 and I saw them when I was driving back from the Dentist.

The rest of my day was okay. I didn’t get to finish the lockbox for today because of my schedule getting mucked up. I had the dentist appointment that took longer than planned. I will have to finish it tomorrow.

I spent some time with Telka and her family tonight. I had left my ID holder with other cards at her house on Wednesday. I went over and got it and then we chatted. I was back her after 8.

Now I am going to bed.

I did it

Well I did it! Just about 15 minutes ago I finished up doing my taxes. It only took an hour. I downloaded or installed and purchased the program and let it do its thing. It probably took more than an hour. I installed it and then did the step by step for both the federal which was e-filed and the state income tax. I have to mail the state income tax tomorrow morning. I don’t think it will take that long to get up there. Either that I will have to do the DSL thing and do it over night. I think I will be getting just about $2k back.

I also saw Dr. Becker today. The entire visit was over an hour and fifteen minutes. She did the exams and said I did well but she would like me to have an ultrasound. She wants me to take the multi-vitamin with D. Get more exercise (and told me ways in which to do it). She encouraged me not to think of eating right as “a diet” but as a change. She wants me to get the mammogram too. Do things for exercise. Walk, do some thing in between the co…

Time is running out

Oh man. There is less then two days left until the Tax Deadline is here. I haven’t done anything with it and I am starting to get a little anxious. I have already gotten my W-2 form on Saturday. I Have the H&R Block packet to do this online. I just don’t want to do it tonight. I got tired and I guess lazy. I could put the program in and then do it tomorrow night. Aw who am I kidding!

Overall had a good day at work-we got a thank you email from Gayle for the fruit basket. She did tell us that she is going in for surgery tomorrow and will be out for a few weeks. Both Cami and I wrote back and offered our help for anything.

I got almost everything done but two things. I just ran out of time. I can do those in the morning. I have to no other choice. I am really hoping the volume tomorrow will be light because of my doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I did call that office and expressed some concern over my visitor and she said there shouldn't be any problem. I also let them know I may h…

April 11, 2010

I had a pretty good morning. I woke up around 7 and spent time on line. Around 8 I got ready for Bingo. I left shortly before 9 and was at the nursing home a short time later. I wasn’t even in the Door and Roger was already asking me for his soda and coffee. Julia was next.

Natalie came in about 10 am and I was coming back from the kitchen after getting I think milk or something and I also had a plate of bacon. My first reaction was to do something with the bacon but that thought passed quickly as she doesn’t have a problem with me having their ginger ale so why this? I finished the bacon despite a couple of aids saying “good breakfast”. One of them pissed me off later on in the morning. I was returning a patient to her room after bingo and several of us on the floor heard this noise and saw another patient (some one I knew for a long time) on the floor. The aide I mentioned earlier was leaning on the patients chair and laughing!!! Others came around her to help the patient …

Going to be a busy day

Today is going to be just like the last few days. Busy. This morning I will be working until 2 at the office scanning and then afterwards I will be with the women’s club helping out with the environmental project at the Boys and Girls Village.

The rest of the week was busy. I had no problems with work. I did overtime for the rest of the week. I visited Gayle one more time before she was released from the hospital on Friday. We sent a fruit basket to her home and it should have gotten there some time today.

I heard from Dave yesterday. I had sent him to invitations/reminders actually for two events I thought he might enjoy. One of them was the Newfane Heritage Festival in October during the Columbus Day weekend and the other is to the CT-FAAN Food Allergy walk-a-thon that Genovese Salvatore invited me to via Facebook. He said he would be interested in doing both. I sent him the email I got from Genovese today about what we have to do exactly for the event. We decided to get to…

April 7, 2010

I ended up sleeping the entire night across the bed in the blue room until 4 this morning. I got up just as I heard Mom coming to the bathroom. I had left my light on and quickly got into bed again. I stayed in bed until 6.

I got ready while Mom got herself up for the day. I can’t remember what time I left here but it was enough time to get to work. I stopped at the Dunkin doughnuts at the Adams center for coffee. There had been a serious and fatal accident on the highway. I took an alternate route. I had no problems getting to work.

When I arrived I found the courier stuff had arrived. I got them all checked in and opened the black box. I was shocked to find 2 sheets of paper in it. The original request form and my requisition list in. I couldn’t believe the stupidity of the situation. Once that was taken care of I worked on the mail from yesterday. I can’t remember when I finished it but I did get all of yesterdays and today’s mail done (well sort of). I didn’t pick up …

Tonight was the Beth El Shelter dinner

Tonight was our Beth El shelter dinner and I have to tell you I am highly disappointed in the administration there. They didn’t let any of the residents know that we were coming. Telka had called them twice to remind them I had been playing telephone tag with Mr. Mercurio to schedule it. For the last two days I was playing telephone tag with the counselors. Neither of them was in the office. We ended up having two or three of the residents show up. One didn’t stay because of a headache. I said the blessing and the rest of the time it was the girls from the club and it was Roberta, Telka, Donna, and I. The food was excellent. As usual I ate too much. We had a lovely discussion with one man from Stratford about the Ryder Park, about historical stuff, the restaurants, and various other subjects.

The work day went okay. I finished yesterday’s mail but not today’s. I have to sort it still. Claudia measured my desk for the measurements of the mail sorter and I saw a picture of it…

April 5, 2010

Hey everyone….its Monday night and I am exhausted. I got up finally by 6 and was ready to go by 7. Cousin Joe was lying in bed channel surfing and I had a moment to chat with him before going. It was really cursory actually “love your job?” “Absolutely!" Go Get em!

I stopped at the Dunkin Doughnuts by the highway and got coffee. The same clerk waited on me from Sunday. We chatted about our holiday and we agreed it was wonderful.

I got to work at a decent hour. I started working on stuff that I didn’t finish on Thursday. I dropped it off and when I got back Lou from the courier service was dropping off the stuff. We talked about our holidays and the next time he would be back. After I took care of the new stuff and got Claudia to send me a new spreadsheet I did some more stuff.

I did some dishwashing and rearranged my desk to see how the new mail sorter will look and I think it will do just fine. Claudia couldn’t measure it today as she wasn’t feeling well and decided to …

Easter 2010

Easter Morning started out cloudy and foggy and temperatures in the mid 40’s. It got better by 9 and was sunny for the rest of the day and just touching 70 degrees by the end of the day.

I had some breakfast and watched Law & Order Mom came down around 8 and got her coffee going and reading the paper. She says she was extremely tired.

I got ready for Bingo and church around 8:15. I made my stop at Dunkin Doughnuts. It’s been a while since I did that. I usually get coffee or some of the potato medallions.

The morning was eventful. PJ was on duty but was elsewhere in the building and the coffee was delayed because not enough pots. One of the residents spilled tea all over herself. We also had to keep the door closed for a period of time so that one of the residents who expired could be moved to the morgue. Annie who plows right through anyone and everyone was getting excited and wanted to leave the room. It was really frustrating at times.

Because I started bingo late (yet aga…

My To Do List for Today

I had already had this written up and after the computer sneezed I accidently deleted it. I was not pleased but that’s life.

My to do list:

Ø Change sheets on bed and wash
Ø Vacuum and dust room
Ø Vacuum downstairs
Ø Going shopping

Mom talked with Jim last night they were discussing sleeping arrangements and Mom is insisting she will take the couch. While the boys decide where they will sleep, I am betting Jim will take Mom’s room as he is her son. J. I did offer my room for Mom but she declined.

Mom slept until 9 this morning. Apparently she is fighting a cold and didn’t sleep until later on. I spent time on the computer and emptying the dishwasher. Once she got up I started on the “list”.

It was well after 12 when I finished cleaning. Mom washed the floors in the kitchen and bathroom and I took a shower and got dressed. It was even later when I went shopping. I had to come back to the house to pick up my wallet that I left behind. You can probably imagine my a…

Good Friday

After a short sleep (I went to sleep sometime after 2) I got up around 7:30 and started on some chores. I got some ironing done did some laundry and vacuumed the blue room in preparation for the visit from Jim and Joe Easter Morning.

I did manage to watch some of charmed and Angel. Well we all know I watch Angel while I get dressed for work most mornings but I don’t always have an opportunity to see Charmed unless I am on vacation or sick.

Mid morning I ran to the bank and did some errands for Mom. They didn’t take long as I had to be at the hair dressers by 1. Mom spent some time baking and I hung out waiting for the bed sheets from the blue room to dry.

Around 12:30 I left for the appointment forgetting to tell Mom that afterwards I would be going to the store and then going to see Liz. I got to my appointment and it too about 45 minutes. I filled out a 3x5 card and then we talked about the style I was looking for. I am not good about taking pictures and posting them to the web…

Still Not Feeling Great

I hope all of you had a wonderful April Fools Day and had a huge successful prank Day. I can think of about three Prank Kings who must have had a great day today. I wasn’t one of those people. My one and only joke everyone rolled their eyes and said “yeah okay”.

I have to say I am still not feeling all that well. My stomach is still kind of squishy from last night. It didn’t stop me from eating though. The upset stomach returned after I ate. A full Explanation can be found here.

Work went well. The atmosphere seemed to be upbeat and happy (and that makes sense) to be the last day of the week. It was also pay day. Awesome! Claudia is ordering a mail sorter for me to use on my desk. One with slots and it will be again t the wail but n my desk It is going to be 15 inches tall and so many inches wide. This will mean reorganizing the top of my desk to have it all fit. I have a metal slatted filer organizer that has files (and scrap paper) that will be moved to the top of my file…