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Today was the day

Today was the day I see the OB/GYN Doc for the consult. Mom was very snarly and grumpy the entire time. She was the same way when I got home but once the issue of a stained blouse was discussed she seems to be fine. Liz was a few minutes late but we managed to get there on time.

We were kept waiting for nearly an hour and half in total. Dr. Speranza finally came and talked with us and did a minor exam. The final out come is nothing is really necessary. Eventually do Anti-hormonal Therapy. I have to take care of the other stuff first (getting off the Coumadin) see if I have anti-phospholipids syndrome or not. It was nearly 10:30 or so when we finished and I headed to the office.

There was a lot of stress in the office. I had a ton of work to do. At one point G had to ask me to leave the scanners to their work and get back to mine. She was right too. She apologized but I told her I understood. I tried very hard to stay in my seat. I have two small piles of mail from lockbox (that was a…

Still No Car

Well I took the bus home tonight it was much later than I remembered but I suspect that several routes and schedules were changed recently. I stopped at TC’s and he said it he had been testing it through out the day hot VS cold and driving it around and it started up fine. He said he was going to try again tonight (before he went home) their schedule got all shifted because of the holiday. I can understand. He said he would call me. I haven’t heard from him yet. I had told him I was going out but that changed by the time I got home.

After I told Mom the update on the car she said you will need a ride (ya think?). She also felt bad she didn’t come and get me but I called earlier to tell her I was taking the bus. As of this writing still no word. Anyway Mom said Liz will be picking us up at 8:15 in the morning. So much for sleeping in!

Mom was making cooking the ham and made some side dishes (potatoes, creamed onions, and cole slaw) for dinner. We ate about 5:30. Unfortunately the huge…

Car Trouble

I can’t believe it.The car stalled out on me in the parking garage this morning.I got there by 7:34 and all of a sudden it stalled.It wouldn’t turn over and I was causing a back up.I yelled so loud (the security guard heard me below).She even tried to get it to turn over and it wouldn’t.Finally it did while I was calling the garage to come and get it.Actually I was playing volley ball calling to the garage.Anyway TC is coming to look at it or tow it.I just can’t afford the expense right now.I have to find a ride home this afternoon.I did call Mom a couple of times excluding the yelling and screaming part from the story.
Well like I mentioned earlier the mail was light which is a good thing because I can work on the re-address mail stuff.I am not sure what the US mail is going to be like.
TC got the car.There was a bit of a delay because they didn’t want him to take it illegally.I had to go and pay for the time it was in there.My Good friend Betty the cashier mentioned I had a melt do…

going to be very hectic

I usually expect lots of mail the day after a holiday and quite often I am surprised to find it not the case. Some times the mail is heavy and some times I think the volume of mail shifts to the next day.

I am meeting with Debra at lunch time instead of our regular time and I am glad about that because we have the 118th and Registrar of Voters convention at City Hall tonight.

I must have been very tired last night because I don’t remember what time I fell asleep. I did wake up around 5 this morning. I even got up before the alarm. I watched a little bit of the TV. I have updated my health blog to reflect the last couple of days.

Well I better go and join the masses of people returning to work from the holiday.

A fairly quiet holiday

Good Morning! Since today is the actual Memorial Day holiday it probably will be a day of preparing for the week. Getting laundry and chores done that were avoided like the plague during the rest of the three day weekend. It sounds like my neighbors are doing yard work at the ripe hour of 8:30. That should go over well with those who wanted to sleep. My intention was to sleep late. Technically I slept until 7. I missed the first hour and 15 minutes of the NCIS holiday marathon. I don’t think I will be watching all of it though.

We are supposed to get more thunderstorms sometime today. I was just telling Mom that I like it at night because then no one’s picnics get washed out. It really poured last night. I just found out that Cousin Carol and her family is in the middle of Tropical Storm Beryl. They have lost power so far. For here it is supposed to get cloudy and get into the 80’s. Tonight it’s going below 70 and cloudy.

Around noon time Mom went to Talbot’s outlet store to look for …

We finally got Chucky

After four long weeks of waiting and capturing every other creature known to man including two raccoons we finally got chucky the woodchuck. It happened sometime this afternoon while Mom and I were at our neighbor’s pot luck. I was never so excited. I urged Mom to call the lawn guy so hopefully he will be here soon. I hope he doesn’t take all afternoon. I am sure there is a mate some where around here. I emailed Neighbor Don and told him (I suspect he saw it when he got back from the potluck as well). Chucky seems to be calm.

Before leaving for Liz’s I saw Neighbor Don and he hadn’t seen the email but he couldn’t actually see Chucky from his vantage point. When I called home while at Dave’s Chucky was taken away.

Today has been really beautiful. It is a sunny and warm 77 degrees out in Milford (at least this part of Milford). I got up early enough to get to church for 8:30. I spent some time on line and found I have some ‘chores’ to do for Chairman Phil.

He did feel bad to be always…

i am so happy its the weekend

It has been a long week with meetings, work, Dr. Appointments, conventions, taking care of Junior and the reception at the beginning of the week.

Don’t get me wrong I love taking care of Junior. She is very easy to take care of. I come in and pet her and scratch her head and coo at her for about 3 minutes then I feed her and water her. Sometimes I have to clean out the litter box. Then I sit with her for another few minutes and have the TV on for a short time then I come home.

G asked me how things were going with the mail. I told her the daily stuff gets done. I explained that I still have a lot of readdress mail and she reminded me that things for the doctors need to go first. That’s all good but when I grab the stuff I do it is mixed in for other staff members. She doesn’t really want me to work on the return mail. Unfortunately I am almost caught up with that. However, I don’t want to disregard her instructions so every day I will do the readdress mail.

I wasn’t really all that t…

not feeling so great.

I am not feeling too great. I mentioned in the health blog earlier got sick last night.I am not sure why.I was able to go back to sleep afterwards.This morning I procrastinated so much.I stayed in bed; I got online for a long time.Yet I managed to get my clothes ironed and I got my shower all by 7:10.
Mom was up when I left.I told her about getting sick and I wondered if she did too.She usually does with rich food and I think that was my problem but she was fine.
Since being here I started with readdress mail-JBall came to me to let me know lockbox would be late.Truck had broken down.It came to me before ten.Happily there wasn’t much.I was hoping the Post office mail would be the same way as well as the campus mail.Happily that was light as well.
The rest of the afternoon I will split it between the readdress, the lobby mail, and the postage tallies.Yay me!

Going to bed soon

I had a good day today. I got to work at a decent time despite the parking garage elevators. They seemed to be not working well in the morning but fine at quitting time. I haven’t walked down the six levels in a long time and it was a bit much.

I started working on the postage tally pile I was working on yesterday. The volume of the mail was light and I was able to get it all done and spent the last hour working on mail that needed to be sent to the doctors and offices. The breakfast was very good. I had more of the bacon and sausage then I should have. At lunch time I walked with DK over to Subway and we got lunch.

The weather turned cold and cloudy. I don’t think it rained but it did get cold. It is supposed to be like this until Friday.

After work I saw Junior fed and played with her for about ten minutes and then went home. I found Mom trying to get the hose hooked up to the sprocket and so I helped her there. It didn’t work that well but I went in and got left over dinner. Neig…

It's Wednesday

The sun is shining it is 60 degree’s and I am in a better mood than yesterday. The day is still young it can change.

I have still had people email and ask what their contribution to the full page ad will be. I sent an email to Chairman Phil this morning bemoaning that apparently no one read the email I sent out a few weeks ago with the break down of what the ad costs and what we need to shell out as individuals. He totally understood. I also wanted to lambast him for sending out so many freaking emails about the ads but now I understood why.

We got one more convention call and that was for the 118th and Registrar. That’s going to be next Tuesday at 6:30. It’s going to be at City Hall and I would imagine a trip to the local restaurant again afterwards.

We are having a team breakfast for Z today for her birthday and graduation. I am trying to get the money together and for the most part I have it but it’s in change. Well two dollars of it is.

Tonight is a quiet night. Once I am home I …

I must be getting over tired

Every thing was starting to annoy me. I kept dropping stuff at work. People were fighting amongst themselves (well something happened and Niamba was upset about it). People keep mentioning the mail to me. Like I don’t freaking see it.

I sent out emails to the 4th District yet again (over the same freaking subject of Ads for the Ad book). Some of the responses lead me to believe my fellow committee members either haven’t been reading their freaking emails or just skipped over the important part. I even asked another member if he had been getting my emails. His response was “Oh yes thank you”. Okay How about the next time I send out emails you respond to them and let me know you are going to come to the meetings or not?

Mom is making me crazy. I had to repeat myself several freaking times in the last couple of days and I was very clear and concise. I get the feeling she is not even bothering to try. Tonight we were driving to the convention over at Morrissey Manor senior complex. She f…

LOng day

Oh God it’s not even nine o’clock yet and I am having a long day and its going to get longer.Around 5 this morning I noticed the trap was sprung.I was hoping that the woodchuck was in it.No such luck.It was an opossum.I wouldn’t spring it at first and Neighbor Don helped.Actually he did most of it.The stupid animal stayed there until after 6:30.I told Mom about it when she got up.
Before leaving for work I stopped to Junior.I got her fed, watered, burped, and cleaned out her crap box.I also took the applications for the Langner Scholarship to bring to T tonight.I made a stop at the store to get some cookies too.
I was late getting to the office but started working after that. I started working on the readdress mail and the bad address/postage tallies until the lockbox came.
At lunch time I see Debra.Then after work I get the INR number and get the dosage checked and then pick up the next prescription of medicine.After that I will head to the city hall for the reception.

You will not believe this

We have moved passed cat food. According to Mom they are not carnivores but grass and fruits. So now we have two cantaloupes waiting in the wings as soon as the fruit that lawn guy brought is decimated by either every other critter or the birds.

Around quarter of four we finally got one and he didn’t trip the damn trap!!! He ate the fruit and came back out! I don’t fucking believe this. We put the cantaloupe in and I wiped the rind all over the trap itself. He hadn’t come back but a catbird got in and triggered the door. I am about ready to through the damn towel in. Now I understand how Bill Murray’s character felt in Caddy Shack

I finally started some laundry around 2 and managed to get another load in. I am getting tired so I don’t think anymore will be happening tonight.

I checked on the cat around 5 and then came home and we had dinner.

Now I am going to bed…

I do like early Mornings

It is funny most of the time I like early mornings. The house is quiet and I can spend time on the computer or just hanging out. Since I have been up I keep checking the trap and still no woodchuck. I did see a large rabbit this morning.

I do have a confession. Yesterday I was putting out the cat food and trying to coax the woodchuck out. I may have been pretty loud. When I saw neighbor D and his wife they seemed a little uncomfortable. I just want the stupid thing gone.

After my morning ritual I will be coming home and getting laundry done and probably getting ready for the week. Lots of things to do:

• Monday: Session with Debra. I have the INR number checked (I am hoping they are better this week). Creative Writing Contest Reception tomorrow night. I need to get some cookies for that today.

• Tuesday: Is a convention for State Senator Paul Davis. Happily that’s literally around the corner from the house.

• Wednesday: Relaxing

• Thursday: 4th District meeting

• Friday: nothing

• Sat…

Had a great time last night

Last night was the 2nd Annual Knights of Columbus Ladies Night out where the members of the KOC provide dinner and entertainment to the women of Milford. I suspect it was the wives, daughters, sisters (in my case SILS), mothers, MILS, DILS, friends of the Members (and of course Parishioners of the church were it was held). There was a moment of silence for the late Father J Cronin the former pastor of St Mary’s who past away the previous week. The food was catered by Lassies a local Restaurant. There was Salmon and chicken, roasted potatoes, steamed vegetables, and of course water and wine (Which I thought was appropriate considering where we were). Dessert was a delicious cake. We got home by 8:30.

Today I worked until 2 the readdress mail and the postage tallies. I stopped at Dunkin Donuts and tried their new breakfast burrito and I have to say it’s much better than McDonald’s. I had my Normal 24 oz hazelnut coffee light and sweet. SueR was the manager on duty for OT but I popped in…

Rita's Anniversary

One year ago our family, extended family, friends and neighbors said good-bye to Aunt Rita. She was the youngest of the six children my grandmother had and in the last several years not in the best health. Despite this she continued to take care of her youngest daughter and her children up until the end. I haven’t seen any Memorials to her on Facebook. I think it would be too painful for Carol (or her husband and older siblings advised her not to). I am not sure if Mom remembered she has her own way of dealing with things.

Work went fine. Still have a ton of readdress mail to do. I have been alternating between the return mail/postage tallies and sending the readdress mail out. The daily mail gets done. Latoya offered to help but I can’t make that decision.

The convention call for the State Senate District 14 arrived yesterday. The date of the convention changed to this Monday. I can’t make it because of the Creative writing contest reception being held at the same time. I have been i…

RIP little Sister

I usually don’t mention or write about the schools I attended over the years and usually don’t mention that endless amount of Google alerts I get for Linden Hall School for Girls (that usually or most of the time end up not being fort he school itself). Before I graduated from High school back in the late 80’s Mom was looking into schools that would help me with some areas of my education. I think that spring Mom and I took a trip with My SIL and a friend to Lititz PA to take a look at Linden Hall. We took a tour of the school and met with administrators and the representatives there. By the fall I was heading to Linden Hall.

At first it wasn’t easy. It was my first time away from home and taking classes that I already had but also some business classes. I had a room mate who would later be trouble. She never made it passed Thanksgiving. She had friends who were not so nice. There were some nights that I would work in one of the classrooms and that is where I met Amanda. She was a ju…

Went to Sleep Late

Well I am not sure what time fell asleep but I did wake up at 5:30 and stayed in bed until 6:30.I finished the previous entry up.Did some surfing and then got ready for work.I prayed Mom didn’t get up while I was getting dressed because I didn’t iron the clothes I was wearing.I will be home before she gets home and I will be changed by then.
I called home a couple of times the first time no answer-I figured she left for the meeting.She didn’t she got sick and stayed in bed.When I called at ten we talked about getting more stuff out for the bulk pick up and nothing planned for dinner yet.
I talked with Sis today she had only been up a short time.We talked about this week’s INR levels and she reminded me that the same thing happened to nelson as well they just changed the dosage and that’s what they did for me.
I had chilly for lunch.It was okay.I didn’t finish it but it was still okay.Some of the Shaved Rib eye from yesterday’s special was in it.
Okay I have to go see you at home.

Born Free

All day yesterday the lyrics from the song Born Free inspired by the wonderful Movie by the same name has been knocking around in my head. Why you ask? Simply put that stupid woodchuck/ground hog still evades capture while the latest victim was trapped at 5 am yesterday morning. Neighbor Don found a raccoon in the trap this morning. He let it go. He called around 7:30 to tell us about it. Mom was shocked when I told her this time it was the raccoon. Lawn Guy came during the day and reset it. When I got home the trap was triggered. But nothing was in it. D seems to think the heavy rains may have tripped it. At this point I am for either shooting the damn thing or just letting it go on status Quo.

I left for work at a decent time and got to the office on time. I think I was the second one in while JanetN was first. We chatted about the latest trapping saga. I worked on the rest of Monday’s lockbox and then started on yesterdays when LeeP brought it to me. I also managed to get some coff…

We got some stupid squirrels

I swear we got some stupid squirrels. Just before 6:30 both Mom and I checked the trap from the bathroom window-it hadn’t been triggered. So she went back to bed and I started getting ready for work. No sooner did we do that then the stupid squirrel was trapped. It was still in it when I left and Mom said she would call Lawn Guy and tell him that another squirrel is trapped. When I called at Noon time Mom said that the squirrel was out and gone and that now they were going to try green beans. When I got home Mom was putting the green beans in the trap that was now moved to the back of the yard by the bushes and another hole the woodchuck tends to use. The way it looks any critter can now walk into it.

The rest of my day was fairly busy. I spent the first couple of hours working on a batch of return mail then readdress mail and then finally lockbox. It came to me late but I had to go and ask them for it. I also had breakfast just about that time too. The Post office mail came around …

My Worst Fears

Do you remember yesterday when I told you the “Have a heart” Trap was set and I was really worried that some other critter would get caught instead of ‘chucky”? Well last night an opossum almost went into it until I scared it away. This morning around 7:30 I saw this squirrel climbing all over the outside. Ten minutes later it was in the trap. I told Mom about it and suggested we call the lawn guy. She said no. I tried to get it out unsuccessfully. Neighbor Don came to the door and offered to release the squirrel. I was very relieved. It took a few minutes but he got it opened and the squirrel shot out of there like Rocket J Squirrel (Rocky and Bullwinkle) and into the swamp. We didn’t reset the trap. It happened a second time after liz came over and reset the trap. Don set this one free but it wasn’t grateful as the other one.

Later on when Mom woke up she got sick but I told her about the release. She was pleased. She read her paper and I got ready for bingo. I took my time too.


Man I am tired

I have been home an hour from my day at work. AS you might recall I left here about 9:30 and went to the bank. After the bank I headed out to the salon but I did it in a round about way. I got on the highway to go to work. Luckily I didn’t go far enough into New Haven that I got off at Saw Mill Road in West Haven and came from that direction. I was early so they offered me coffee and I chatted with some of the other clients and nail person. Then Jamie was ready for me.

We caught each other up on the past month. She was shocked and surprised to learn that I had the blood clot. She noticed a little bump on my head. I knew it was there it’s been there for years. I am not worried about it. The haircut is awesome. Mom loves it too.

After I got my haircut I stopped at subway and got a veggie delite wrap and then headed to the office. The ride was quick. I got to the garage just before 11:30 and to the office just at 11:30. When I got upstairs both Niamba and Terry were there.

We spent a f…

A Busy Saturday

Good morning everyone it is after 8 and in a short while I will be getting ready for the day. My first item on my agenda is to go to the bank and get some money to pay for my haircut I am getting at 10:30 and to have money to pay for parking this week. I may take out a little for something to eat instead of using the CC. I did that yesterday and I really shouldn’t have.

As soon as I get my hair cut I am heading to the office for the afternoon at least. I am probably not getting back here until 6 or so. That pretty much takes the whole day up.

Tonight will be quiet I am thinking. Probably watch the regular PBS stuff and then the 9 pm NCIS. It’s from earlier this season.

Well its time for me to head out

It's Funny

Just one day after telling JanetN that I wasn’t going to let the job stress me out- I got stressed out. It seems the lovely (heavy on sarcasm) was kind enough to send mail they had been holding until the mailbox box rental was paid. They do this at least once or twice a month. Today there were three large batches of various things (checks, LTIA’s, Insurance forms etc). It took me until three to get it all done. I also was having trouble getting the date stamp machine to stamp the papers. I think it was because I was rushing so much that it didn’t hit the trigger right. The same goes for getting the papers into the slots I had on my desk.

I also think it took me so long because I spent more time on the net then I should have. I also spent time talking with Gayle about her entertainment management business she has on the side. Gayle asked if I could start getting the junk mail and magazines out now as well. So after my hair appointment I am going to work for a few hours and see what I c…

Another Week is almost done

Yep it is Friday and by the time I get home I would have finished another week at work. Yesterday was fairly long. A couple of people brought complaints to me of stuff that was done while I was out sick. LF bitched about the fact she had gotten stuff that wasn’t in her purview. She apparently told the girls who did my job a few times. Later on in the day LindaP (from Finance) brought to my attention checks that apparently were sent somewhere else totaling $100,000. She was not blaming me but was asking if there was a procedure book. Yeah but who the hell is going to read it while trying to do the job? These people were told what to do with them. As someone else pointed out they saw the doctor’s names and sent it to who they thought it should go. I love the person who said this but it really doesn’t fly.

I saw Dr. Lu on Wednesday. He says he will test for anti-phospholipids syndrome later in the months to come. He doesn’t want me to be scared. I am just annoyed as this is what Liz has …

Wild Wednesday Morning

What a day!I finally went to bed after midnight but woke up around 5:30.I stayed in bed until my alarm went off and then started getting ready for the day.I really should have put on the TV or radio.
There was a very bad truck accident in New Haven this morning.It happened around quarter of four at the juncture of 1-95-1-91 on the northbound side.It tied traffic up for hours (and still is as I am writing this). I left the house before 7:30 and the minute I saw the sign on the highway I got off in West Haven and took the back roads.Apparently Route 34 is also heavy.
I got here by 8 and chatted with JanetN and Mama Joanie.Then I started working.I found the lockbox waiting for me and lot of interoffice mail that normally comes in mid-morning.
G and I got breakfast and while we were deciding what to have she told me one of the managers was laid off!I am shocked!He was a nice man but I noticed he wasn’t here a lot.G was really surprised and was reminded that anyone in management is easy p…

We got a shower

There was a slight delay getting out of the garage. I am not sure why but someone who apparently was in a hurry kept blowing their horn. Guess who gets a flipped bird? Yep Me! If I ever see that car or guy again I will have them arrested. I am sick and tired of stupid people. I was talking to myself in my car trying to tell the idiot two cars behind me to knock it off. That was the only delay to home.

By the time I got to the highway it was starting to sprinkle. As I got home it was showering but not so hard where it made driving impossible. Once I was home I sat and watched TV and then got my dinner. Left over spaghetti was good. I ate it all.

I made a little discovery this afternoon. The extra Panasonic phones we have haven’t been ringing and it turns out it is linked to my phone instead of the land line. We have extra handsets that are supposed to ring every where. Well I tried to call my number on the phone in the back room and it was busy. I went to the land line on the wall in t…

Not feeilng so hot

It is just about 10 in the morning and I have been here since before 8.I started working as soon as 8 came around.Unfortunately I am not feeling great.The stomach seems to be blah.I am not sure what it is but I am going to take it easy food wise.
I called Mom this morning she is fine.She has a bunch of meetings and the Mental Health seminar sometime today but she won’t be home for dinner.She gave me the options of spaghetti, eggplant, and finally the lamb and potatoes.
I am thinking I will get the laundry done before she gets home.I really don’t know what time she is coming home but I would like to get it done before too long.
The lock box mail was back to what I expected for Tuesday.The volume of US mail was normal as well.I was able to finish it by the time I left for home.However I was getting frustrated with the junk mail that seemed to be growing at my feet.On more than one occasion I was entertaining the thought of taking a lit match and dropping it on this stuff.
Well I have s…

It was absolutely Beautiful

Today was absolutely beautiful. Well the morning was gray and overcast but by the time I went to Debra’s it was sunny and getting warmer. It will be changing very soon as rain is moving into the area for the next three days starting tonight.

I woke up around 5:30 this and could hear Mom getting sick in the bathroom. She hasn’t done that in quite some time. She later told me it was the stuffed pepper we had last night. She went back to bed before I got up. When I called later she was feeling a little better.

I managed to get ready for work by a decent hour and able to get online and also watch TV. I was out the door by 7:20 and on the road a short time later.

It was after 7:30 by the time I got to the parking garage and quarter of by the time I got to the office. Mama Joanie was just arriving too. We walked up together after chatting with her daughter.

Once we got settled in I told her and JanetN the news from the OB/GYN. They asked a bunch of questions and they agreed I need to get i…

It is supposed to be warmer

It is a chilly 60 degrees out this afternoon. It has been chilly all day. I decided to check my blog entries from last year this time and even though it was rainy it was definitely much warmer (or even hotter) than this year.

It was also this time last year that Mom made her trip to Corpus Christy to have one last visit with Rita before she died. It was also Mother’s Day weekend and I spent it with Liz and Nelson.

Today was a good one. I was up fairly early surfing the net and watching TV and having breakfast until 8. I even managed to empty the dishwasher. Mom got up just around 8 herself. She said she slept better than she did Friday.

I got ready for Bingo while she had her coffee and read the papers. I left her sometime after 9. Angela was the staff on duty today and she was hoping I wouldn’t come in so she could do bingo. She ended up having to do stuff upstairs.

I had my twelve players but no extra help today. It’s okay as I know its getting closer to the end of the school year…

Fairly Lazy Day

I was able to get the two major errands done that I needed to be done. I went to the bank and got a couple of loads of laundry done. I still have one more to do but I think I can do that tomorrow after bingo and church.

I had lunch around 12 while Mom got ready for the wedding. She left here around 1:15 and got back here after 3. She was puzzled as to why 1) the wedding started late 2) why no one was questioning the fact it had started late. I gave some lame excuse that it seems acceptable. To be honest these people had no right to do this. What if Mom had another commitment or other weddings or events to attend? Unless the bride or groom or someone in the Wedding party fell ill that damn wedding should have started on time. They were all right there at the Harbor so there shouldn’t have been any problems. The weather held out quite nicely too.

I tried to watch TV but nothing really of interest until about 3. The NCIS “Real McGee” Marathon started. I also channel surfed for a while to…

Early Morning waxing

It is early morning now and I have been up a while. Mom is downstairs reading her paper and having coffee. She didn’t sleep very well and I am not sure why. One guess might be because she has the wedding this afternoon down at Lisman’s Landing (it’s the harbor downtown in Milford). At this point the weather doesn’t seem to be great. It’s going to be overcast and then rain and it’s supposed to be sunny later on in the day.

I told Mom I would make sure all laundry and stuff would be done before too long. I would prefer not to drag it out all day either. This desk needs straightening again anyway. I have a few things to mail out as well.

I am hoping the rest of the day will be fairly quiet with a few errands and relaxing.

I think i am falling back into my old habits

What I mean by that is I stayed in bed longer than I probably should have yesterday and I also got online and didn’t get dressed until almost 7:30. I left for work after 7:30 and when I got to work it was after 8. I then decided to chat with Mama Joanie and JanetN. After working on the Thank you card (another one) then I started working.

I find myself eating foods that I shouldn’t be. I have made a concerted effort to make good choices. It will be a struggle. I would like to continue to lose more weight. Now I didn’t have breakfast this morning but I did have popcorn chicken from KFC with fries and a soda. There was a retirement party late in the day and I chose not have the cake.

I also leave a trail of things behind me and have to remember to pick up clothes and hang them (at least in the room). I have put off doing laundry for the last two days because I have been tired. I definitely will get them done tomorrow.

Work was fine. I got the daily mail done and worked on the readdress m…

Too Fast

This week is moving way to fast for me. It is already Wednesday and I still have lots to do at work. Happily I still have Ms Latoya helping out and she has been really good even though I panicked over a few things. The volume of the mail was light so “G” asked that we work on the bad addresses.

We worked on the remaining of March (there were a few missing from March) and the piles with no real dates on them will have to be put with piles that have dates. Anyway we each took a date and worked on. We will probably work on these for the rest of the week in between the mail.

I also plan on going in on Saturday for a few hours. As far as the readdress mail anything before March will be tossed. Whether it be old magazines, surveys, seminars etc conferences (and I don’t mean personally invited but those flyers that some companies send out).

Today was rather chilly and gloomy and will be for the rest of the week. The temperatures are supposed to get a little warmer but it won’t be until the…

love being back at work

Today was my second day back and work.

My co-workers continued to welcome me back and were glad to see me and were glad that i called the doctor when i did. I have to admit when I saw my office it was overwhelming and I had no idea where to start first. I have had help by one of Registration's staff members and my friend. She had to be thrown in to the waters while I was out and work it out herself. She did a pretty good job. 'G' has asked that she stay with us until the end of the week. If we get the daily stuff done at a reasonable time then we start working on the junk stuff.

Yesterday i went for my annual Mamogram. It was scheduled for 7 am. I got there in plenty of time and it only took twenty minutes and for all those who get these necessary tests done it hurt (pinched etc). i was at the office a short time later. it just made for a long day.

I had my weekly session with Debra and we discussed the week i was home and how it was being back at work and the other heal…