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I am already

Well I think I am ready to go.My suitcase is packed, my errands have been done, my instructions and boarding passes for the trip down are all printed out (and brought to mind what Liz said about how I react to things. ) She gave me one of those words HALT.Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired.If any of those occur I need to take steps back and think things through.
There are some things that will have to wait until I get back.I am just too tired to do it now.I got up early after a sleepless night.Even though I took a nap or two today.I fed the kittens, watched TV, called Jim, and late in the day I had to go to the doctors for the patches of eczema and the fungal splotches as well.I also had them clean out my Right eat and I can hear again.
Liz was pretty upset with me because I didn’t come to her sooner about the book(s).She says I have been spending way too much money on food outside of the house (going out) and being obstinate about it. She felt I could have had a lot more money saved up.As it…

Last Day for me

Today is the last day of work for me.  I am just keeping up with stuff on my desk and I expect a few large volume things coming in.  At the moment I am looking for things that supervisor asked me to look for through some of the batches I did for one particular insurance groups. Something is wrong with the cable box in the Livingroom the clock said 2:19 and it was literally light out and I really believed it was really 2:19 until my alarm clock on the cell started going off.  All the other cable boxes seem okay.  Man I feel kind of stupid. Found it hard to work on the checkbook at lunch time people came to my desk for things.  I really couldn’t do it during the afternoon either.  I tried calling Liz to confirm time.  I will just have to do it when I get home and deal with the consequences. There is a collection going on for JW’s son and I managed to put some money to it.  So many people were shocked and somewhat relieved as she would not have a good quality of life.  The arrangements have…

Monday Musings

It was a beautiful morning and another early morning but I managed to stay in until 5:30. Sky the dutiful alarm clock eventually got the message.  WE did our regular constitution but just slightly different.  I think Tiger got sick again.  Maybe too many treats. 
I talked with Liz this morning.  She refuses to give me a wake-up call for my vacation.  She suggests to use all the alarm clocks in the house or call Jim.  She answered some questions for me that I had over the weekend that included the Taxes question.  She wants to review the books (eek).  We will do that tomorrow. 
I friended a former Teacher from HS on FB today and she sent me the following: “The department of health and human service are helping the youth, retired and also the disable in the society i just benefited from the program also.... I got a sum of $150,000 from them.” This set off the alarm bells for me.  Is this really her? Or did someone hijack her page?  After a few minutes chatting I said basically came a…

Another Saturday

I was up early again thanks to Sky but I hopped back in until 6 and then did our rituals.  I put the sprinkler on for an hour.  I watched the Sunday morning edition of the L& O marathon.  I put some laundry in (trying to make sure there is nothing around) and chatted with neighbor Sean for a bit.  Did some other things including chatting with a cousin-in-law.
I called Jim just before getting ready for Bingo and it seems he was driving some people around the town.  I told him I would call him later on as I didn’t want to bore the passengers.  I was relieved to know he was good.  I tried a couple more times and the second time he didn’t pick and the final one he was driving again.  We talked about the status of the Dog Mauling and my trip.
Did anyone see the video on CNN about the tallest building where you can slide from the 70th floor to the 69th Floor?  My Cousin Joan posted it to FB this weekend and my reply was No way no how would you get me on that thing!  I don’t care how safe …

A beautiful Night

It is almost 9:30.There are fireworks being shot off not far off distance.Someone has a fire pit going somewhere.I will be going to bed soon.
I have to admit my plans to go shopping, letter writing, and various other things in preparation for the trip barely came to fruition.I did fold some laundry, emptied the garbage managed to straighten up the night stand beside my bed.I still have the bottom part to do.Updated the pen pal blog and updated the files somewhat.
I had pizza for dinner should have used the pam because I used the broiler for the big oven and the pizza stuck to it.I got it cleaned off for the most part and put it in the dishwasher for the next round of cleaning.
The kitties are just hanging out downstairs I guess.They slept for good part of the afternoon in their normal places.I wasn’t sure if they both were downstairs in the cellar and so when I closed the door hoping they weren’t down there I turn around and there they were.
Tomorrow I will go to Wal*mart and get the thin…

Saturday Doings

You would think only a few days out I would be racing around doing a whole of shopping and preparing for what I am touting as a big trip but I am not.  I did some laundry going, the lawn already watered, some other chores done but that’s it.  I watched the L&O marathon from season 20 (now) and surfing the net until 10 when NCIS began.
Work was busy as I have been saying and managed to get a lot done and now just have a few days left to make sure everything is done.  Granted it will probably be built up by the time I come back.  GA and Janet will be covering it as much as possible.
There hasn’t been many updates regarding “Jocelyn” but I noticed that the NY TV station included her last name in their update on her condition.  I can’t say if our own media let it go through or not but this is making me uncomfortable.
My cousin Carol is back in the hospital again.  Lots going on with her.  It’s kind of scary.  Like I have said she has a multitude of health issues.   I think it’s the secon…

mid-week Reflection

Well I am happy to report that my mini self-doubting crisis is over once again.  Yesterday Tiger was very receptive to being paid attention to.  I wasn’t home more than five minutes got down on the floor after chatting with her in the Livingroom window.  She enjoyed her ear being scratched and petted.  She was very appreciative of me this morning.  She meowed a lot when I left. I had a nice chat with Dr. T yesterday regarding the club and summer activities and of course the dues issues.  Still not fully resolved in my mind but it’s getting there.
Here at the office we discovered in the last couple of days that the Victim of the Pitbull mauling on Monday here in the city happened to be a former co-worker and is really bad off.  You just don’t know what to think.  Pray she doesn’t suffer?  Pray she survives and what?  At this point she is just a shell of what she was.

Quick updates

Work is going okay.  We received announcement that in July new CFO will be starting.  It has been said by many he will be a hands on type of employer.  He will be coming from UT Medical Center in Dallas.  Morning activities kind of slow until lunchtime when the work comes in.  Have been helping out with sending out refund checks.  
The Arts and Ideas festival continues for another four days and as usual I haven’t gotten there.  As usual by the time I get home I don’t usually want to come back into the city.  Traffic has been bearish.  On the weekends I haven’t felt like going back in because I want to relax and now will have to start preparing for my NC trip.
I haven’t done much with the woman’s club but called Dr. T today but she wasn’t home.  We haven’t had any more interaction with the state org regarding the dues situation but I will find out soon if we are or what the next step is.  I will probably also find out what other activities we have going for the club for the summer.  …

Saturday Doings

I WAS dragging my heels yesterday morning.  It was D-Day for me as far as cleaning the litter boxes are concerned.   I showered and got into some cruddy clothes and started to do it.    I did start the upstairs one first but the toilet not cooperating so I did the one in the bathroom downstairs.  I have to admit I thought I left the litterbox upstairs on the edge of the bathtub and all I could think is it must be all over the floor now.  I didn’t so I was quite relieved.  I washed the floor and the matt so I wasn’t worried about the floor upstairs.
Peapod came at quarter of 7.  It’s a damn good thing I was awake.  When he arrived Tiger went immediately for the back of the recliner and underneath it.  I think Sky went upstairs.   This time I didn’t get one thing because it was out of stock.  But I did get the things that didn’t come last time.
The cats started coming out of hiding sometime after 8:30 and sat out back.  I opened the door to the cellar so they can explore for a bit.  They …

A Quiet Friday

It is Friday and a quiet one for the most part there are an occasional fun conversation I can hear but my aisle was totally quiet. I got up at a decent time and fed the babes and did our regular routine.  They made sure to let me know I was  dallying I would hear an occasional meow and that lets me know I am running late of course when I got to leave and can’t find them I tend to get a little nervous.  I also got a little nervous when I read a repeat article from PETMD about stressed out cats.  They have been vocal, they have peed/pooped outside the box, and they do like to scratch themselves, and they do like to run away a lot.  For each example they had the words “Take them to the vet”.  Work was slow and then came to crazy afternoon.  There was only one courier doing 4 different runs and so the mail I would get by quarter of 12 didn’t come until maybe 1:30-2.  So I was maniacally trying to get everything ready for the end of the day. Talked with sis she was busy getting ready fo…

Thankful Thursday

1.            I am thankful for my family warts and all.
2.            I am thankful for my friends.
3.            I am thankful for my neighbors
4.            I am thankful for my job and co-workers who are my extended family
5.            I am thankful for the Medical profession who are taking care of my health.
6.            I am thankful for the organizations I am a part of that keep me busy.
7.            I am thankful for the weather
8.            I am thankful for my home.
9              I am thankful for my kitties.

I can’t believe its Thursday again.  I almost didn’t do this for this week.   I am grateful I spent time with Liz and the kids this week past two weeks.  I can’t believe that J and ‘A’ are leaving for home tomorrow.  The two weeks went by so quickly.  I don’t know when we will get to see them again.  My hope will be at Christmas time.
I have heard from my cousin who has been recommending Hamrick’s for clothes shopping.  She sent me the addresses for us to go to.  Of course…

Mid Week Reflection

Another beautiful Day in the Nutmeg State.  It is supposed to stay this way for the next several days.  I may even try and get out and attempt some walking.
Yesterday was the employee appreciation event on the main/old campus and there was some question as to whether or not we can go for longer than our lunch time.  Some believed that we should be able to go on the University’s time and not use our time.  I went for an hour and half.  I got back by 1.  The food was pretty good but more importantly I got to see people I haven’t seen in a long while.  I was hoping to get to see Tina but didn’t.  The rest of the day passed without incident.  I wasn’t able to get everything done but what I didn’t finish yesterday I did today.
My session with Courtney was   pretty good.  According to her scale I only gained .4 lbs.  We talked about having proteins and which kind to have instead of just cheese since it seems to be a weakness for me.  She suggested that instead of having the 4 lamb chops to…

Monday Musings

Let’s see if I can actually finish this one by the end of the day! It was quite chilly this morning and breezy.  The kitties seemed hungry so at 5:30 I got up and fed them and took care of the litterboxes.  One seemed cleaner than the other and that worries me sometimes. Sky was rather vocal this morning to get down into the cellar I was reluctant at first but I eventually caved (think what you want).  Of course they both went down and came back up a short time later.  When I left today couldn’t find Sky my hope is he went under the bed.  Tiger was just sitting in the back.
New Lawn Guy is coming today to work on the yard.  Probably the reseeding and the mulching. I am hoping the projects will get finished today but I am not sure exactly if that’s going to happen.  Once that is done then I can start to water it on a daily basis. 
Work was unexpectedly busy with lots of campus mail.  I have been opening and sorting the mail for the morning.  It’s a good thing because when I checked at ni…

Another Beautiful Sunday

It is so beautiful out.It was in the 70’s when I woke up at 6 this morning and it has been a pleasant breeze too.I got the kitties fed and watered took care of the litterboxes and then went back to sleep on the couches for a couple of hours.
The kitties are each in their spot sleeping I think.I was a little worried about them yesterday.I was watching Tiger chew on the material under the spring mattress and I stopped her and then ten minutes later after she jumped from the cedar chest heaved it back up.We came downstairs and I noticed deposits on the dining room floor.I don’t know which one did it but I kept talking with them and looking them over.I am not sure if they are reacting to the new flaky filet stuff or it’s just the heat.I notice they do eat it all when I feed it to them.
Then I read something on Facebook from the PetMD site that says it’s not a good sign when cats continue to run away when people come in as you know these two do it all the time.Then if the people are here lon…

Saturday doings

Was up early thanks to sky.He was getting rather impatient for breakfast he would swipe at my mouth with his claws. Now I know how Jim must have felt when his Kitten did the same thing in the past.I got up and did my routine.Bathroom, litterboxes, feed the masses, and napped on the couch in front of the TV.I also started to empty dishwasher as I left the kitchen a mess last night.
Peapod came this morning and not all that pleased with the results.The guy left with a few things and had to come back and then discovered that I didn’t get two of the items.I had ordered bananas and more Boboli pizza crusts.I had to call customer service number and talked to a Doug and he helped me out.Took the prices of those off the bill.It’s not like they haven’t done it before (a few things over the last few deliveries didn’t come because it was out of stock and they don’t charge for it) but this was slightly different.
The kitties went into hiding until about 8:30-9 this morning when Peapod arrived.For …

The Weekend

I am really looking forward to this weekend again.  It should be fairly quiet for the most part.  I will get my shopping ordered tonight for the weekend and spend the weekend catching up on pen pal letters and laundry.  I do need to do some more clothes shopping but I can do it closer to the time of the trip. I may have to get a new pair of white pants in the shopping trip.  The pair I got from Macy’s on Memorial Day are currently being soaked/washed for stains I got yesterday.  I was very unaware (until much later) that a pen that was in my book bag was creating havoc on my back side (of my pants).  So it is currently being washed a second time with oxi-clean and tide.  I had it soaking in oxi-clean overnight inside the washing machine and most if not all is out.  At least from what I saw of it.  I won’t be able to see Sis or BIL as they have a full weekend between the grands, a couple of activities they were invited to in Westport and Norwalk.  They also have some parties to attend a…

Mid Week Reflection

Where is this week going?  Man I have been going nonstop it seems.  I have been too tired to write in the last couple of days.  By the time I get home I do a few things and then sit and watch TV and then get into bed.
The School year has come to a close in town and the Scholarship presentation my brother and did last week was quick and easy.  It was nice to have my brother here for the short visit especially since he was kind enough to dispatch a dead mouse the fur babies brought into my bedroom before leaving for home.
Also the young man who brutally murdered his classmate Maren Sanchez was sentenced to life in Prison this week.  The family is also taking legal action against the Board of Ed for not interceding earlier as they had warned the administration early on that the young man was dangerous.
Work is status quo there have been some interesting news regarding our move to a new location.  It is more of a reality now then say last month.  IT will be two doors down from our curren…

Monday musings

The temperatures were in the mid 70’s by early morning.  It really was beautiful but I already have the fan on in my cubicle.  It’s the first time since the season started that I have put it on at work.  Of course you know I have had it on at home a few times in the last couple of weeks.  However it is not going to be warm later on the week. : P I gave the kittens some new version (new to us) of Friskies and I think they liked it.  It looked like most if it was gone by the time I left this morning.  I think it was the Prime filets with gravy.  They have been weird with their affection lately.  One minute they rub up against my legs for attention or in Sky’s case drops in on me at bed time the next they are playing hard to get. I met the newest members of Grove Street of course ask me the lady’s name? Don’t know!  What were her fur babies’ names?  Augie and Bo.  Anyway we made tentative plans to fully meet after I got home tonight but that didn’t work because I ended up spending time at …

Its a chilly Sunday Morning

It is the kind of morning you stay in bed.According to the weather report at it is 65 degrees but feels like 63.I can vouch for that.As I said yesterday it’s been like that a few nights this past week.
I tried to stay in bed and succeeded on some levels until 6 then the morning chorus of meows persisted.I got up and did my normal daily constitution of bathroom, litterboxes, and feeding.I also went to lie down and watched TV for a little bit and then by 7 started watching LOTR.I did some surfing as well.
The peapod delivery guy came to the door just after 8 and found me dozing.That’s really unnerving.I am really glad I was dressed.I can only imagine what I looked like.I got almost everything I ordered except the steaks.That will have to be on the next order.I do have to do something with the chicken today.I actually have to start using the stuff I froze already.
Kitten 1 and kitten 2 are both sleeping.I found sky in his spot under the spring mattress.I am not sure where Ti…

As Expected

As I had expected mid-week and the end of last week was incredibly busy and exhausting.
Wednesday was my eye doctor appointment and the last of the two scholarship presentations.The Eye Doctor Appointment went very well and no eye diseases.My next one is in 6 months.
Jim came up for the presentation but on the way here got stuck in traffic and got here around 5:30.He had a short time to relax before we left for the presentation.While he relaxed I got ready and we left by 6.
We got there on time and sat down.He was anxious to make sure someone knew we were there.I figured they would see us when they invited us up but he persisted and spoke to the principal and so they spoke and he sat down.We listened to two of the seniors playing music.Eventually the choir, and the rest of the students arrived and the dignitaries all came in and sat down.We went through a few speeches and some presentations and eventually it was our turn.I can’t begin to say who the recipients were for Mom’s scholarship …

Thankful Thursday a day Early

1.            I am thankful for my family warts and all.
2.            I am thankful for my friends.
3.            I am thankful for my neighbors
4.            I am thankful for my job and co-workers who are my extended family
5.            I am thankful for the Medical profession who are taking care of my health.
6.            I am thankful for the organizations I am a part of that keep me busy.
7.            I am thankful for the weather
8.            I am thankful for my home.
9              I am thankful for my kitties.

I am a day early this week because I have stuff to do.  Sis went shopping with me on Monday and we did pretty well.  She called me later to see if I got home and wanted to apologize if she was sounding or acting like Mom too much.  I said it was okay because I take what I need and leave the rest.  Something we seem to be getting from each other.  Meaning things we have said to each other.
She did end up going to my aunt’s wake and funeral to represent at least half of us. …