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Lyman Orchard

I went to Lyman Orchards with Dave yesterday. He called around 10 and invited me to go along with him and our friend Mary and her two kids. We decided that he would call me when he was finished with his errands and we would meet at the commuter parking lot at Old Gate Lane.

We left after 12:30 and got to the Lyman Orchards a little after 1. At first we went to the orchards but couldn’t find Mary. We tried at their Apple Barrel Shop and we caught up with Mary and her kids. We went shopping for something to eat and then went through their corn maze. The corn maze was okay but a little frustrating when Mary had to discipline her kids for one thing or another. It took about an hour or so to go through it.

After the corn maze the kids wanted a couple of pumpkins so they all picked out some. I didn’t because well I had already spent 15 or twenty dollars for the day. After we got the pumpkins we climbed in Mary’s Van and headed to do some apple picking.

I just watched them pick the ap…

TGIF-Pay Day

Yeah Friday! I am really glad for today. It is the end of a hectic week and it is pay day at that. Why is it hectic you ask? Work seemed hectic and frazzled. At home things were fine except the fact that most of the week I was in pain from too much salt or flare ups. Oh and the drama with the Maria VS the neighbors thing.

Of course the crap that’s happening on some of the lists. Amy left the list and I get another one of these

Let's just cool our jets (so to speak) and chill. I am finding this is a group of fiesty women. Amy posted in a calm manner maybe you should also and show how professional a grown up you are.

Kristen Davis”

My first reaction that I didn’t act on was “I have already had one email privately sent to me treating me as though I am someone’s daughter. I will not tolerate this type sent to me either publicly or privately.”

I explained that I found the email rude and inappropriate (Amy’s). I also wrote I will write in whatever font I so choose.

Instead I wrote …

I had a rough night last night

I had a rough night last night. Things at home are fine (at least with the Phelan women) but the dog saga continues. Maria apparently called Donny and Pam yesterday or earlier in the week and raised hell. Donny was really pissed. Donny called the police
And the Animal Control Dept and asked questions about “nuisance barking” and found out some info. After 20 minutes it is nuisance barking but the dog(s) don’t do it. Maria made some comments that were really rude and uncalled for. It looks like the bitch will be putting the house up for sale. Wee.

Mom and I spent a few hours at the Democratic Headquarters. We were doing signs and had pizza. Actually I had the pizza Mom didn’t. There was a campaign meeting for Kerri going on too. I left around 8:30. I came home my arm was hurting really a lot.

I watched TV and then by 9 to 9:30 I worked on the minutes. I let Mom look them over and she thought they were good. I sent them to Tessa and needed two corrections one was adding “G…

September 26, 2007

It is after 9:30 and I am working on yesterday’s mail. I should be finished with it by 10. That is if I stop surfing the internet. That’s what sort of got me in trouble this morning. I got online at home before leaving for work. I was already late to start with. Mom was just getting up when I left and made mention of it.

I have a new pen pal. Her name is Val and she is from England and is on Liz Crasten’s List. We have been emailing each for the last few days. She thought I was a room mate from school. I will send her a letter this afternoon.

I talked with Mom this morning. She was just doing “stuff”. As I expected she asked me why I was running late. I told her “because I slept longer than I should have”. She had given me the same answer when I asked her about her sleep.

She told me Dave is having a mass said for Patrick’s Sister Carol who committed suicide over Labor Day weekend. It will be Saturday morning at St Agnes Church. I will be attending.

Mom has a meeting tonig…

It will be a long day for me

Well Good morning all you night owls! I woke up after 1 and haven’t been back to bed since. I got online to check emails. I saw a couple from mike one was about the minutes. I have to get those done by tonight. It really shouldn’t take very long. If I can get the work done early at work I will get them written up.

I got an email from Lesley (Harmony girl) in regards to the SF-Fandom) and she has also been in contact with Rayhana.(Lynn). They are pretty much in agreement with the different aspects of the fandom. I told her that my view was that most of the fans were unable to think for themselves and that they were unfit partners etc. I am glad that is being disproved more and more these days.

Well I better get to bed.

It is another beautiful morning here in Southern New England. I finally got to sleep after the alarm went off and I got up about 6:30. I showered, dressed and got my lunch and the chips and dip to bring to work.

I thought I would be really tired but I am not. I managed to ge…

September 24, 2007

It is another beautiful fall morning. The chaos I mentioned on Friday is not as bad as I thought. People are unpacking in their new cubicles and they are enjoying it. The only chaos there is in my internal chaos. I left my ID badge at home. It has my license and work ID in it. I am hoping it isn’t all that a far from my desk.

I called Mom a couple of times. The first time she was in a deep sleep the other was at lunch time and she was clearing up the stuff that wasn’t put away last night. She said she slept well. She has a meeting at 4 pm so we are going to have leftovers from yesterday.

Things are starting to quiet down around here. Lorraine R urged me to stay in my office and don’t go out on to the floors or sections because everyone was bitching snapping and really stressed out.

Marianne Dess Santoro sent out an email today inviting us to a breakfast for the good work we did for year end. So she will be providing a breakfast tomorrow from 8:30-9 I get to go at 8:45. Then there will be…

The Annual Meet and Greet 2007

Well today is the day. The “Meet and Greet” starts in about 8 hours and I am almost ready. Mom got up about 10 minutes ago and is having coffee and reading her paper. I have been awake since 7:10 but got up at 7:30.

I still have stuff to do and will get it done before the party. That’s if Mom doesn’t send me on errands. She did just say she believes everything is ready. I have to still dust or clean off the top of the dresser.

Mom just reminded to set up the VCR for the Ken Burns Documentary about the War. It starts tonight and she will be really too tired to tape it or watch it.

Well it is almost 9 pm and everyone left by 6 or 7. I don’t have any complaints. We had twenty five or 30 people here. Kerri came early but had to leave because she had a family obligation to attend. A dear and old friend (neighbor) died recently and she needed to be there.

Everyone started coming by 4. Tessa and Mike were already here and Mom’s other friend Judy Goldwin arrived at 3. Everything wa…

Busy Saturday

Well it is almost 10 and I am now rushing around trying to get dressed to go to the bank and to my hair appointment. I have been awake since 6 but didn’t get up until 7. I managed to do a few things this morning. Not a lot but a few. I did work on the birthday list which really could have waited.

It is now almost 11. My hair is done and I am just trying to think about what needs to be done. When I don’t know what to do first I get a little anxious and end up putting it off and some times that’s not so good.

Alright it is now 20 of 1 and I am heading out. The Lawn guys are here and Mom is downstairs baking a cake. She isn’t really feeling great. She had “dysentery” while she was at the store. I have managed to fold the clothes that need to be put away for the fall. I need to find a box for it and I can do that all when I get home.

Mom wants me to buy or get another tank of propane for the grill for tomorrow. I tried calling Secondi Brothers and the person on the other line was frustrating…

Frantic Friday

Good Morning, it is just before 9 and I am trying to get my work started. I was about 10 minutes late for work this morning. I stayed in bed and the bathtub longer than I should have. I have a timer in the bathroom (those venting timers) and I always set it for 10 minutes and sometimes I stay after the timer goes off. As a result I had to rush around and iron my dress.

The Drive into work wasn’t bad but getting off the highway was a bit much. I was able to get a spot on the sixth level of the garage. I got to the office by 8 and to my desk by 10 after.

I went straight to work on the charts and then on my other work. Susan gave me another short answer and I almost lost it. I told Patti about it she told me she is stressed and reminded me not to linger in places she can see.

The noise back here and the chaos are getting to a new level. It should be finished by the time I get back into work on Monday.

Gayle’s team had a final brunch together and invited me. It was bagels and Danish. Of cours…

I am going to a funeral today

Good morning everyone. It is quarter of 8 and I am at home. I have been up since before 7. I am not going directly to work this morning (or I would be arriving there just at this point). I will be attending my co-workers funeral mass and then go to work. I decided this late yesterday evening before coming home. I sent an email to my supervisor (who will probably be at the funeral to begin with) and one of the managers.

When I get to the office I will not be getting on the Internet. Since I spent a lot of time on the net yesterday and in the last few days I have gotten myself backed up. I want to get it all done by the time I leave work today.

I managed to do some laundry last night but ended up going to bed after midnight. I slept well and hopefully will get everything I have planned for today done. When I get home tonight I need to finish the laundry shred some papers. I have to clean this room.

It is quarter of 1 and I am just about to do the medical records request for tomorrow. I hav…

The Debate

The Debate last night was pretty good. Mom and I got there around 7:15. While Mom was talking to Mike about the questions she was supposed to ask I talked with CT Bob as he was setting up the video feed for the debate to be on his blog. We talked about the porn that allows on their site. He did say he doesn’t want to make a lot of waves about it because he will lose the blog if he does.

I saw Tessa there and went to hug her and she may have the stomach virus that’s going around town too. Yeah. Thanks for the info. Mike asked me to write down some questions. One of them was about Bob Dulin and his current situation. I looked at him and said absolutely not. That had no place at the debate. So we went with an environmental one.

Mom and I sat literally in the front row of the Church. Historically the church was one of the earliest meeting places 400 years ago. Kerri’s Mom and Sister Amy sat with us. Mayor Richetelli’s brother and Mother sat behind us. I had the opportunity to sp…

September 18, 2007

Well it is another cool morning. I am thrilled that the restaurant downstairs (Paula’s) had side order of hash brown logs. They gave you three for like $2.79 and I had coffee.

Oh guess what I did? There was a discussion about how casual Kevin looked at the pre-Emmy party. One idiot says “I am proud of him”. Rayhana asked what the girl meant by that. I grant you the OP (original Poster) is an international fan but it does sound stupid. Anyway I replied that I felt it was way too casual for a party of this magnitude. Let’s see if it stays. The reason I did this is because sometimes only certain people can criticize or say negative things about Kevin. That’s not how it should be. As it has been stated before in this and many other blogs a message board is for all comments not just the “all positive comments” especially for those in the public eye.

Well this morning worked on the rest of yesterday’s mail and perused the net. Which isn’t cool but I am not trying very hard.

Today’s mail from t…

A Sad Monday

Well I am at work and I was going to write how beautiful the day is and for all intensive purposes it is. Unfortunately I just found out my coworker Gail B passed away from Cancer yesterday. Arcenia just came in to drop off the lockbox for today and she looked at me and started to cry. We hugged each other and she cried. I told her the whole “she is not suffering” and after a while Gayle C came by and encouraged her to go to Gayle’s office. Oh man I just found out that Ouida H lost her Mom this weekend. There is a collection for both I am sure. I will have to go to the bank this afternoon.

Well it is almost lunch time and I will be leaving for the bank. Most of the morning has been a little sad for me because of the news. However, I know I need to continue on with my life and my work. I invited Arcenia to walk with me to the bank if she felt up to it.

I heard from Gem today. She has been quite busy and read the emails I sent her and the links I sent her. She said she would get back to m…

Sleepless in Milford

I couldn’t sleep this morning so I went on line and found this and this. Well I was a little shocked and surprised and a bit miffed. When I first read it I was a bit resentful that she would write and tell someone I brought the negative side out of her. I know that I upset her on her forum. I can’t remember exactly what I said to her. I guess it had to be about Sorbo fandom and how tired of it all I was. I think it had more to do with defending Stripe then anything else. I told her I disagreed with some of her views and I am entitled to disagree but that I would no longer contact her. If she thinks this was a personal attack then I am sorry but I don’t have to sit around and be insulted. I get enough of that crap from the SF Fandom board by those who think they are better fans or know more about him then the rest of us based just solely on the various encounters (and short at that) they have experienced.

This wasn’t why I couldn’t sleep. I woke up after awhile when the real player stop…

Saturday September 15, 2007

I have been up now for over an hour. I watched a little bit of TV and then got the computer to start working on the birthday list that I have going. I haven’t really been working on it for quite some time. I thought perhaps I would do some of it before getting started on the cleaning spree.

Around 9 I had breakfast and read the paper for a bit. The one big article was about the girls softball coach Bob Dulin. He was sentenced to 18 months and will start it soon. I personally think he is a jerk and so is the family that allowed this to happen. The pictures in the paper looked staged to make Dulin look like he was hero

After breakfast I started some laundry while mom did various things. I put the TV on to watch a little of Kull the Conqueror. Unfortunately it has been so mangled by editing that it isn’t worth watching unless it is on DVD. That’s something I am hoping to have one day.

We got a call from Tessa M today. She was calling to let us know that Kerry R (D) Mayoral Candid…

The Big E starts today

Well it is finally Friday and the end of the week. I got up with a little headache but didn’t take anything until I got to work. I put some clothes in the dryer, had my breakfast, and showered and dressed and updated my checkbook.

New England’s Biggest Fair starts in a few hours. The Eastern State’s Exposition AKA The Big E covers all six states and is 2 weeks and three weekend’s long of the best exhibits, games, midway, food and entertainment. I usually go with Dave but because of past experiences I decided I wouldn’t go with him but with a co-worker. That all changed because of my financial status right now it doesn’t look like I won’t be going this year.

There is a couple from Waterbury that won a chance to get married on the midway and I think that is supposed to be tomorrow. The main concert they were selling tickets for (Ludacris) was cancelled because of low sales. There are two other concerts they are selling tickets for during this time. I personally don’t think they should be …

Busy Day

Well it is after 10 Thursday and I am waiting on the guys to bring the mail. I am just sorting the last few days’ worth of EOBS that I haven’t gotten too because of time and energy. Although I realize I probably could have done it but decided not to.

We got a Thank you letter/memo from Marianne today. It was for the hard work we did over the last fiscal year. She also updated us on the renovations and when they will begin. In that vein she reminded those of us who will be moving to start clearing out the files and dumping stuff. It is supposed to take place the weekend of the 22nd. Now usually when she sends these types of letters out there is usually an appreciation lunch announcement but not this time.

I talked with Mom this morning told her I might be getting a cold because I was sneezing number of times this morning. I would love it if I were not. However, I just realized I haven’t been sneezing in nearly two hours.

Well it is almost 12 and I am now waiting on Mike to deliver the cam…

Mid Week Happenings

Well it is 9:20 and I have been here since 8. I have had a pretty good morning so far. I got up around 6:15 and got ready for work. I did an update for the computer this morning. I sent an email to Shari letting her know the letter is on its way.

The drive into work was uneventful and that’s okay by me. I parked on the top level of the Temple Garage and was a little concerned when I didn’t see any other cars up there. I figured with all the construction work for Gateway Community College being done that it wasn’t such a hot idea. As I was walking down the stairs I ran into another person and asked them and they said it should be okay. Oh yeah I walked down the ten flights of stairs and managed to walk up the six flights of my office building. Let’s just say I was a little out of breath by the time I got to my office.

Other then working, slowly, I did answer a few emails. One of them I received was from a co-worker she was forwarding a missing person’s alert for the East Haven area. She …

september 11, 2007

It is quarter of nine and I have been here since 8. It is a gray and dank day. There was a light rain when I left the house this morning. It is supposed to rain through out the day.

I walked from the garage with no problems to speak of and walked up to the building w/ Dave from Patient Services. Then when I saw CC and her baby Heddie out the window I went and said hello to them. The pup is a full grown Hush Puppy dog and was really happy to see me.

JG posted another response to the thread today and now made it personal. I have contacted Liz and hope Liz will be responsible enough to do something about it. The next step will be to report her for harassment. Oh and if you are reading this asshole GROW THE FUCK UP. Don’t play games with me sweetie because the next time you try to attack me I will find your mother and have a little chat with her. IF she doesn’t put a stop to you then the police will.

Mom just sent me an email. Donnie emailed and told her that Tunie died last night. Mom calle…

September 10, 2007

It is quarter of ten and I have been here since 8. It is a gray and dank day. There was a light rain when I left the house this morning. It is expected to rain all day I think.

I am still not feeling well. I woke up and my stomach felt heavy. I have been drinking Ginger ale for a bit but I am not sure it is helping at all.

Hey I just checked my balance on the Union Plus and the Balance Transfer was just put in!!!! Yes! Now I can start paying off and getting rid of that other balance. I feel so much better now about the whole financial situation.

Arrghhh…What is wrong with Patty today? I went in to show her something and she was telling me a piece of bulk mail (that I KNEW was bulk mail) wasn’t and had to go to Paula. I have been doing the fucking bulk mail for the past ten years. I think I know what it is and what it isn’t. She didn’t even open it. She just assumed because it had the doctor’s name on it and had Paula’s that it should go to Paula. Maybe I am starting to PMS but I was goin…

Grandparents Day 2007

Today is Grandparents Day. The Recreation Dept had a little refreshments and history of the event. PJ was in charge of that and asked me to help her with it after Bingo. So after Bingo I helped out and had some scones, doughnuts and fruit and yogurt with the residents. Unfortunately I missed church. I will have to go later on this afternoon.

I really don’t like PJ. I don’t like her attitude and her mannerisms and her overall stupidity. There is also this nurse name Cindy. She had a nasty attitude. There was a woman she brought down for bingo (I didn’t know it until she said something about it and I thought really rudely). First of all asshole don’t just drop someone in the room and not tell anyone. She didn’t tell me she was here for bingo. Priscilla Jr was telling me she (Cindy) really was nice. I am sorry but not in my eyes.

Well I have to revise the first Board Meeting minutes and write up the ones from September 2nd. I hope it won’t be too long I have a lot of things …

Saturday September 8, 2007

It is early Saturday morning the sun is out and rising. I wasn’t sure we would have sun because I have heard conflicting weather reports. Right now the wind is blowing a little. I have the AC on and probably should turn it off.

I think I will do some laundry and stuff like that while I wait for a call from Mike B. He is supposed to call and let me know if I am helping the candidates today or not. I am the lucky one that gets the two BOE members who don’t like each other. Yippee for me. I have a feeling I will have only one of them.

Right now I am listening to the Nicholas Gunn Beyond the Grand Canyon CD/DVD that Liz and Nelson gave me for my birthday. So far it’s great...

Mom got up around 7:30 and I started my laundry. I have had breakfast and doing various things.

Hey it is after 11 and I am trying to clear out my Gmail account. At least get potential pen pals and recipes and delete stuff that I won’t need. Some of the girls were asking for prayers for family members who are …

There was a bad accident today

There was a bad accident in West Haven on the highway this morning. Anyone who lived or drove through it was late for work. That included yours truly. I was so aggravated because I didn't think anyone was moving or going too slow. I could see two airplanes (probably traffic airplanes) circling and then one helicopter hovering and then circling.

I came up by Hallocks on Elm and what ever and it took for ever to get into the flow of traffic. They really need a light (not just a stop sign) there. At least a cop there for now. I finally had to push my way through. I came through Howard Avenue and then Cedar Street on to the Temple Garage.

I met up with my co worker Kirsten and I was telling her what was happening and she said it was ten after 8. We walked in and then I stopped to talk to Mike the security guard. I guess Kirsten went up. I followed afterwards.

When I got here I made a few stops and then got right on the charts that were waiting for me. Thankfully there were only two.

Well …

I had a late start today

I woke up aruond 5 but stayed in bed until 6:30. I bathed and took too long. I had to hop out when I heard the recycle pick up truck come down the street. I feel as though I have been running around ever since. Of course I was late for work.

Since I have been here been working on Yesterday's lockbox. I did today's first since it was lite. I also took some time to check emails and forums. I also talked with Mom. She reminded me that Emily's birthday is on Monday. I need to get a card and get money and mail it by tomorrow.

i have to call and change the billing address for my chase card. I still can't access the website. It really pisses me off too.

Well the rest of the day was busy. I managed to get the mail open and sorted and readdressed. There is more to do for tomorrow plus open the rest of the mail. I need to sort the piles and do the bulk mail.

I managed to leave the office a little after 4 and got to the car by 4:15. I was home a short time later.

I watched TV and…

I can't believe it

I can't believe it is Wednesday again. This week has flown by again. I guess that's what happens when you have a holiday at the beginning of the week. Actually It could apply to any part of a week.

I am afraid I got up early this morning by 3. I had the runs again (yuck). I stayed up until 4 and then tried to sleep. I stayed in bed until 6:30. I managed to get some laundry dried and put stuff out on the line. Mom got up while I was sittingand watching TV. Now you and I both know that at 7 am I should be getting dressed or getting my lunch ready. Not watching the second to last season of Angel on TNT. I got the lunch done. I got dressed and was out the door by 7:20.

Mom had just gotten up at 7 so that she could be at the meetings to hire the new administration. I am not sure what time she will be home. I have a feeling it will be the same time as last night.

It is now after 9:30. I am heading to bed. The rest of the day went okay. I didn't finish today's work but I did …

Tuesday September 4, 2007

Good Morning! I am getting ready for work right now. I had a very good sleep even though I did get up a couple of times. .

Roberta’s Party was great. Unfortunately I was a little late because I had to stop at Tessa’s and Mike’s and I went into my litany about Mom. Tessa Was trying to help but didn’t understand what I was saying. She really needs to listen instead of saying oh well this is what the real problem is.

Anyway back at the party. Everyone else was there and Roberta was tickled pink. People were outside Telka was helping and then Mom came by 12:30 or so. We started eating by 1 and I think we didn’t stop until 3:30.

I have to get to work…..

Well it is now after 10. I have been here for two hours and have been working on the lockbox. The charts were pretty easy to do because I got only five.

I told several people who would listen about the weekend and about the situation with Patrick and Dave.

A few people have been coming in to see where the new cubicles will be starting in the nex…

This Weekend

Good Morning and Happy Labor Day! It is just a before 7 am and I haven’t been up long. As you can see I didn’t finish writing about the weekend.

On Saturday I got to Dave and Patrick’s a little after 2 and people were already there. Dave was a little worried that something had happened to me and commented that I am usually the first one there. He then told me as we were going upstairs that Patrick’s sister in Missouri may have committed suicide. I later found out after being excluded from a few conversations that Dave will be moving out and back to his father. A number of times eh would only talk to Mary and Diane and Julie. I finally said to them that I would leave if this continues. I don’t know if the rest of his family saw it or not (nor do I really care). Mary told me not to take it personally. Excuse me? IF I pulled that shit I would be talked about and raked over the coals. I am sorry he is hurting but you don’t disrespect someone at your party. After I would fee…