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Had a decent day

Even though I stayed in bed longer than I would have liked I decided to drive in to work. I got to work by 7:40 or so. I managed to start working on the rest of the postage tallies for the 28th. I had to stop to work on the mail (it was light for a change). I finished that by the time the other mail came. That wasn’t so bad either. I even caught up on the lobby mail all but today’s. I can do that tomorrow in between the mail and the readdress mail.

I still did a lot of eating again. I got a breakfast plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast had a couple cups of coffee. For lunch I had the ziti from home plus more ziti. I didn’t drink too much water. The ankle and heel didn’t hurt as much as it did last night.

WE continued to avoid speaking to LG. We were actually surprised she came in but there is still time. I acknowledged her as it should be but I didn’t go into conversations with her.

It was over cast when I left work and pretty much was overcast all day. I think the temperatures …

November 29, 2011

I went to bed just after nine last night. I was tired and had a little indigestion. I took the Tums and it kicked in shortly after that. I probably could have done without the apple pie.

I had a good session with Debra even though I was a few minutes late. We talked about the Thanksgiving holiday and the things that went on. I mentioned the things that went on and how some of it annoyed me (Emily’s behavior at times). We are scheduled for the same time next week.

The drive home seemed a little long but it was nice. All day the temperatures were in the 60’s around the New Haven and Milford Area and last night wasn’t bad. I got home by 6. We had dinner a short time later.

I slept until about 3 and had another weird dream. It had to do with the car. I can’t remember any more than that. For the next couple of hours I tried to doze but and it worked a little. I stayed in bed until 6:15 and then got ready for work. At that point I ended up with a slight headache. I suspect it was from one …

manic Monday

Well I got up late so I was running around getting ready.I checked a few emails and forums and watched a little TV and then got ready for the drive in.I stopped for Coffee too.Traffic wasn’t bad.I got to the office earlier than normal and chatted with Janet and Cami.
The lockbox mail was surprisingly light for a Monday.However, with the new lockbox location they process it differently and it’s been light for the most part any way.I can’t say the same for the Post office mail but I just realized this is month end so I need to cut the crap and work.
Mid morning I had gotten a headache and ended up very light headed.I entertained the thought of going home but jut took some aspirin and had soup.
The morale today has been low.A number of people were in bad moods brought on by the fact that LG didn’t show up again for wrok.
In the afternoon we had a farewell cake for Carol H.Her very last day is tomorrow.Then she starts a new chapter in her life.
I see Debra after wrok and then I will be home….:…

The weekend was still busy

Hey everyone it is Sunday night and its now the times in which all of us settle down and prepare for the week. I can’t remember if I wrote for Friday or not but we still had a busy weekend.

Friday I worked for a few hours and got home around 3. Jim spent time with Liz while Kristina was with Bob at the firing range in Stratford. The afternoon found Jim resting and his kids spending time and dinner with my other niece Diane and Rogier. Mom did her own things. Mostly she did paper work and cooking. Friday night was movie night and then bed.

Saturday we had breakfast together and then we all had things to do before we attended a cousin’s 95 birthday party. Mine was a haircut. It came out really nice despite some miscommunication which annoyed me. I just had to make mental note to add hairstylist’s name to appointment. The next one will be in January. Jim and the kids spent more time with Liz and Nelson. We all met back at the house a little before 12 and then all drove to the restaurant …

This week

Well the nervousness and dread I had felt early Monday morning came true. The stuff I cleared out of my office on Saturday was still there when I arrived Monday morning. I told Gayle about it and so she suggested until they go to put it under my desk. I am going to keep this office in good shape. Have everything done by the end of each day. Yeah I know it’s been said before but I would prefer it this way any way.

I called Mom late that morning and she tells me that Olivia (cleaning lady) may not be coming this month after all. So we will need to clean in the next few days. I told her it would happen. I will have to move along tonight in between the activities and get my own room done as well. I forgot to tell her I would be working on Friday.

The mail volume was not bad for Monday but for the next couple of days it seemed heavy. I didn’t get the lobby mail done at all during that time but I will make sure it’s done on Friday. I did make sure anything for other floors were delivered by…

Bingo, Pie Baking, Lost Family Members

Hey everyone hope all is well. It’s been a long day here and so I won’t be on long. Last night had a great time but left my cell phone in Roberta’s car last night so I was lost with out it until this evening. I can honestly say I am now into a new card game. It’s the Military Whist Card game. It was a lot of fun and I did pretty well my first time playing. Some took it way too seriously and others were just so fun with it. There were snacks and cake and coffee during the three hour game. Needless to say I part took in that as well. Ended up not feeling well and spending time in the bathroom after the event. It was quite embarrassing. We were back home by 11 and I watched TV and shortly after midnight went to bed.

This morning I stayed in bed until maybe 8. I wanted to be up early so I could get to the folk mass at St Mary’s. That was not “in the cards”. I got ready for Bingo and made a quick stop for breakfast and Dunkin Doughnuts. I had their smoked house egg and cheese sandwich (wit…

Active Week

The last few days have been busy between work, the pie baking at Hopkins; and the retirement party Thursday I haven’t slept regularly. Mom gets concerned that I don’t get enough sleep or I get up early.

Work is fine we are preparing for the visit from NEMG on Monday I spent a few hours today (Saturday) at the office working on readdress mail and getting rid of it all. Most of it was old so it got dumped. Friday was my 20th anniversary as a full time employee at Yale. It was also a pre-birthday Celebration for CD as her birthday is on Thanksgiving and we wouldn’t be there. The retirement party was wonderful Carol was truly touched and there were at least 45 people there. The food was delicious and bountiful. Carol received a beautiful necklace.

Mom is okay. She is currently cooking right now and will be getting ready for 5:30 mass. She had meetings this week and got her hair cut. It really looks nice. She also attended Carol’s retirement party with me. The beginning of the week was a…

Can't Sleep

I tried to sleep and couldn’t. I asked Mom what I should do. We decided I would take the Tylenol w/sleep aid. I just took it as the 11 pm news started. I just hope I can wake up when I am supposed to. I watched the last 30 minutes of Hawaii 5-0. It was pretty good.

Mom told me she does have to be up after all. That means I need to be in and out of the shower and dressed as she is getting up. I am not sure what she has but I guess it is Bridges.

Mom also asked that by the time the kids get here in ten days that my room be in good shape. So every day or night I am doing a little bit at a time. I actually agree to this because I am getting tired of everything falling on me when I sit here. So I have started here and there.

Well I better go. I have one more entry for the NCIS blogs.

The evening is almost over

It is weird how fast the night goes by when you come home late from the work day. As you all know I worked until 4:30. I was able to finish the Post office mail but started working on the rest of lockbox. I also spent some time putting away stuff. I made some deliveries for Gayle and she wondered why I was still in the office. I told her I had an appointment at 5. She did tell me that she is trying to get me help with the mail. She also wanted me to know that next Monday the VIP’s from NEMG will be touring the office so we need to clear everything off. That means all the junk mail that is currently under my desk. All this news really made me anxious. On one hand I do need and some times want the help but on the other there may not be enough mail (I mean once I get the junk mail out of the way).

My session with Debra went very well. We concentrated mostly on family stuff. On the possibility of death and what would happen to Mom and what would happen to me? How would I deal with all of …

Monday Mix

It’s Mix Monday.Some Good stuff and some stuff not so much.I slept until maybe 6 and got ready in plenty of time for catching the bus.There didn’t seem to be a lot of people on the bus but I managed to get to the office by 8 am.I got my hot coca and started working.
Gayle came in earlier than usual and we ordered breakfast.I went down with Ms Cami as she is having serious trust issue with her man.(He really needs to be jacked up somehow).I couldn’t give any credible advice except talk to her Mom (not an option).Confronting him would be a waste of time as she has been checking up on him.Hopefully she got some really good advice from ND who is in a relationship.Anyway we are going to the bank in a short while so maybe we can talk about it more.
Another Co-worker (GO) is burying her Mom today.The wake was yesterday and if I checked Facebook really well I would have seen it and gone.
Arggg the mail volume was heavy today.That was due to the Veteran’s Day Holiday.I know I won’t be finishing i…
Here is my to-do list for today:

1. Bingo

2. Church

3. Buy bus pass

4. write in Blogs

5. update files

6. Attempt long over due newsletter for groups and blogs.

7. See Liz and Nelson if they are feeling up to it (they have been sick this week),

As you can see it is pretty much done except for the files and the newsletter. I really don’t think I will get to the newsletter as much. My morning was its usual busyness. The day was absolutely beautiful.

I left the house early enough to get to the store and get the bus pass for the next month. I should have had breakfast but didn’t think of that then. I was relieved to find Angela working today. We hadn’t seen each other in weeks so it was really good to see her. While I was there Phil the chef made up two plates for our lunch. I wasn’t expecting it and thought it was really cool. It was pork roast, stuffing and vegetables. I had to scoff it down before church.

Bingo went well there were about 12 players today it did start out slow for attendanc…

I was still in my pajamas

I was still in my pajamas by mid afternoon. LOL! I did laundry for most of the afternoon and had it done by 7.

Cousin Donna called and is checking in with in us. Seeing how Mom is and they are still talking as I write this-It does sound like they are finishing up though. Donna and her husband had come up for a family funeral. Bob’s favorite Uncle passed away and was buried Friday. They will be returning to North Carolina on Tuesday.

Mom did some shopping in the afternoon. She was looking over the irons and steam floor cleaners. Our shark iron is shorting out on us and that’s really annoying. She didn’t get anything. She did bring up an old Rowena from downstairs when she got home. We don’t remember why we had it down there.

Mom went to the 4 o’clock mass at St John Vianney’s in West Haven. It was her first time going since she has been home from the hospital. Now that’s its several hours later then when I started this entry she is in her pajamas and watching TV.

I got a call from Deb…

My Plans for the Weeknd

I was just sitting here thinking about what I want to do this weekend. I looked over my appointment book and calendar and see that I have no major plans outside of the house except my normal Sunday activities.

I am planning on sleeping in today (Saturday). I haven’t done that in quite some time. Depending on when I get off this computer now will sleep past 8. My “To-Do List” is going to be simple:

1. Laundry

2. Make bed

3. Throw away old papers.

4. Vacuum room

5. Go to the store with Mom if she is going (rather doubt it since she has been there a few times this week).

6. Watch NCIS tonight. There is an off night episode on CBS tonight.

7. See if I can pay some bills

8. Get rid of some emails that are piling up (or at least move them to the various files I have)

Sunday I don’t have any major plans either. (This list will probably be in tomorrow’s entry as well)

1. Bingo

2. Church

3. Buy bus pass

4. write in Blogs

5. update files

6. Attempt long over due newsletter for groups and blogs.


Veteran's Day 2011

Veteran’s Day 2011 will be drawing to a close shortly. Most of the state either had some parades or ceremonies honoring those who have served and fought for the US. Most schools had been closed as well as banks and post offices. The News reports focused on the current job market and unemployment about the veterans and those who have PTSD.

The MYWC and Girls Club Volunteer Organization had our annual Veteran’s Day Service at the West River Nursing home on Orange Avenue today. I am not sure how it went but it usually is a very nice hour long service. We usually have music (singing), Flag folding presentations, History of Veteran’s Day. Then we encourage the residents who are veteran’s tell us their memories of being in the Armed Forces. We also had given them little gifts (candy and blankets) this year. I couldn’t attend because I had to work.

Work went well. I had very little mail to open which allowed me to work on other things that have been gathering. By no means does that mean I ha…

Things I have missed this week

Last week in Milford Patches (the online newspaper) I saw an article on asking readers what they would like to have moved in to the Smiles entertainment Center Property. I had no idea it happened so today I found this. It happened back in August. I checked out their Facebook page and the owners and staff seemed a little angry and I can understand their anger but they have no right to take it out on their followers and clientele. Even Gayle has said they were expensive.

I had my session with Debra on Monday. It was a good one and review of the week and the realization that sometimes it’s best to keep one’s counsel. This referring to the time I told Dave’s neighbor the real story behind Lulu’s passing.

Tuesday was an important day. Ben Blake and the rest of the Democrats Celebrated Election Victories. I went to the polls around 6 and then came home and around 7 Mom and I went to the headquarters. We waited for the numbers and we chatted with other members and of course at the food there.…

Me thinks I should go to bed early

I have been home an hour and half now and I am more tired than I was when I arrived at Debra’s office. The noise level at first was so blaring and annoying that I had to turn down the radio. Besides that Mom couldn’t hear me which in of itself is annoying. I ended up stuttering. She kept pushing me to say what I wanted. That to me is no help. I told her to give me a moment.

We had our dinner. I had the left over lamb shank stew and she had eggs. We talked about Election Day tomorrow. I told her I was going to vote when I got home from work tomorrow because I would end up missing the bus if I went early in the morning. I asked if she wanted to go to the headquarters or if she had planned on t and she said yes. I told her I would take her once I finished voting. She says she has to go to a meeting and a wake. She will see what the day unfolds.

The wake is of an old family friend (Tim W) that knew my Dad while both were in the program and was a friend of Jim’s. Apparently he was very sic…

Memes going around

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Meme going around

Nov. 7th, 2011 at 7:24 PM

thanks to general_kenobi

Six names you go by







Three things you are wearing right now

New balance sneakers

black denim jeans

knee highs

Three things you want very badly at the moment

financial freedom


better organization

Three people whom you hope will do the meme


Three things you did last night

Went to Woman's Club Board meeting

Watched NCIS

Watched Certain Prey.

Three people you last talked on the phone


my therapist

a co-worker

Three things you are going to do tomorrow



Watch NCIS

Four of your favorite drinks

Root beer




Three things that made you smile today

The sunset

walking and seeing the Holiday tree being decorated in the city

the return of co-workers and supervisors

The Team is back together

Ah the gang is back together.Joanie R came back to work today after being out all these months.I brought in doughnuts and coffee.It looks like Joanie will be put on HB’s old office and Janet will have Joanie’s office.Janet feels and I tend to agree with her that Joanie might feel slighted that her desk is being taken over.The rationalization for Joanie to move to a different desk is she is going to be here part time for now.
Gayle came back today too.She is still in pain from her procedure but she seems to be in good spirits.She did give me some good news.The insurance authorizations we get in the mail no longer have to be sent to the Dr.’s or the departments as they already get a copy.You have no idea the anxiety that has lifted off me.
I talked with Denise K also and sadly her remaining aunt has passed away after several weeks in a coma from a car accident.It was her Mom’s last remaining sister.My heart goes out to them.
I talked with Mom this morning.She was fine despite the fact she …

Th extra hour of sleep

That extra hour did not help with the sleep. I am exhausted right now and I really want to take a nap but that will affect my sleep tonight.

Every one started arriving around 5:30 to six. Debbi hit traffic and was late but that’s okay. We ordered shortly after she arrived and Mom had some Chinese food too. The food arrived around 8. While we were waiting we had the discussions on politics and healthcare and taxes. Gary got a little rude actually and he was telling people to shut up. He said this is not a democracy and I looked at him and said in this house it is. I did have a good time but I had the same problem I have when I am with a group. They seem to talk over each other. Every time I opened my mouth I couldn’t finish a sentence. It was frustrating. The game was called at the sixth round as it was after 10:30 and because everyone had an early morning activities.

We cleared the table and they all left by 11:30. Debbie invited me to her synagogue’s card game on the 19th. I have t…

JIm Turns 61

My Brother Jim turns 61 today. Mom asked me if I remembered and I acted as though I forgot. Technically I didn’t send him anything and I don’t think she bought that I forgot but she didn’t say anything. I can imagine she thought I was being unkind but it’s not her business.

I have been awake and up since 7:30. I spent some time writing in My NCIS World blogs. I finally started my laundry and a short time ago had breakfast. I have to go to the bank and get some money.

Mom and I were talking about the need for coffee and a few chairs from the sun room. As the time gets closer we will put the extra leaf in for the table. Mom has a summer table cloth ready to put on too. We will be vacuuming and straightening up the place for them.

Mom went to Democratic Headquarters until 12 and I was having lunch. I took some time and spent it with Don and Lilly. He spent a good part of it stacking and preparing his firewood for the stove.

Mom called Bob today. It seems we are having Thanksgiving at the…

I am glad I am taking the time

I am glad I am taking the time and clearing out the email inbox. Right now I am doing the emails from the journal writing list. Some of the other members were sharing what their life has been like. Jen R had to attend a wake/funeral for her boss’s husband who committed suicide this past week.

Other emails included prompts for as far back as probably last January. I haven’t gone through them all but I will get as many done before going to bed. Some of these prompts seem to be very interesting.

Well I have a few more to clear out before going to bed.

Another Friday Night

Well it is another Friday night. Mom grilled steak on the grill outside. The temperatures have dropped quickly. I wasn’t expecting it to drop that quickly. The thermostat reads 40 degrees already.

I am not planning on doing very much tonight. Tomorrow is a different story. I was planning on going to help out the last push before the election but instead I am going to work on my room and the laundry. I have to also renew my car registration and pick up the gift for my 20 year service recognition. This has to be done before I have everyone here for the Mexican train game tomorrow night.

Sunday will be my regular Sunday activities. I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to out at all Sunday evening but it looks like we have a Board meeting at Telka’s house. It will be six thirty. Hopefully it won’t be very long because I want to be back here in time to see Certain Prey.

I made some time to update my Birthday list. I have included the first few days of December. I will eventually go through th…

The weather.

Well from all accounts the weather is brisk and windy for this first Friday of November.I have been here since 8.The ride in was very nice.I had a lovely chat with Claire V.We were talking about “the pit bull”..
Last night was a lovely night.My old neighbor Ron Kelly stopped by for a visit.We spent about an hour catching up with each other.He is currently on his way back home to NV.He works for the Phone Company and loves it.I couldn’t begin to tell you exactly where his area is (well actually I could).He showed us pictures and in one of them were the wild horses.
After he left we had a late dinner and I watched TV and got on line.I was pretty tired but I wanted to stay up for the Letterman show.No I don’t normally watch it but Mark Harmon was on and I wanted to see it.I was cussing out Letterman during the whole interview I just don’t like some talk shows.The hosts are usually talking mostly about themselves instead of their guest.
More Connecticut Light and Power customers have gotten …

Breakfast and meetings

This morning YMG is having an employee appreciation breakfast. It is for the hard work we have done at getting in the High Account Receivables in the last couple of months. So we are having cider and muffins I think.

This afternoon I have my meeting with Debra and then the Union Meeting. I have to make sure I have money for dinner. I had a horrible thought that I may have left my check book at the office on my desk or something.

In between that will be working on the mail and readdress mail..whoohoo.
I was able to finish the mail by 3:30 and delivered it shortly after that. I still have to do the lobby mail for yesterday and today and can do that in the morning along with the readdress mail.

I want to say thank you to my wonderful co-worker Dolette who offered me a ride home and got me home by 4:30 to see the wonderful sunshine and the beautiful scenery around us.

There seemed to be a power outage on Captain Thomas Boulevard (section of West Haven). It went for two blocks. I am not sure what caused it or if it was even part of the storm.

When I arrived I was home alone. Dinner was cooking. Mom came home a short time later from the store. I could tell she was tired. She maid left over spaghetti (she freezes what ever is left from the previous meal/time we had it).

I emptied the recycle bin and got online until she did come home. I started some laundry before dinner. Now I am watching TV and just waiting for my programs to start.

Hey I found my Bus pass. It was in the Virgin Island…