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Not a good day

I was so late for work today. I woke up around 5 and stayed in bed until almost 6:30 then got online a bit then I cleaned the bathroom a little before hoping into the shower. As I was leaving for work Kim stopped to ask if Mom was going to the funeral services for Marian. I told her I didn’t think so. We talked for nearly 10 minutes about stuff in general. It was quarter to eight when I finally left and I am pretty sure Mom will say something.

Yesterday I sent an email to the owner/web designer for aobut blocking unwanted comments and this morning I found a reply in my mailbox. It was basically what I figured. Delete or don’t read.
Suffolk Virginia area was hit by a tornado yesterday. I don’t think I have any pen pals in that area but it left 25 miles of debris and destruction behind it. Suffolk is at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. It is also three hours from where Aunt Rosemary and Uncle Pete live but I sent them an email anyway

Rainy Monday

Well good morning everyone! I am at work and taking a few moments to write. It is raining as the weathermen predicted. It is really chilly out too. Things here are quiet but there are meetings going on and it is Month end so I suspect that everyone is incredibly busy.

I am getting some responses to my “need advice” post to the lists. Most felt that “Survivor” was not being rude and just giving his opinion. They are right but as I said if I had said something like that I would be told to drop dead.

I have to say my sthomach is still bothering me. I don’t feel nausea but more like someone kicked me in the stomach. It the same feeling I had months ago. I odn’t know what it could be. I don’t’ think they are hunger pains but I am wondering if the strips of uncooked bacon (yeah I know very stupid) that I ate are doing anything. It has been two weeks since I ate them.

I called Mom today and she tells me that our former neighbor Marion Brockway passed away over the weekend. Mom will not be able …

The nerve of some people

Good morning everyone it is almost 6:30 and I am cleaning out the mailbox. I will be getting ready for my bingo session and then church in a little while.

I really didn’t follow the schedule I had planned out for myself on Friday. I did laundry spent time on the computer. I went to the store with Mom to return a new iron. Ours died yesterday. I will be getting a new telephone come this Thursday with an answering device attached so all those of you who were trying to get a hold of me and will be able to now.

I got a call yesterday from Roberta’s Friend Debbie and we made plans to room together for the wedding next month. It also looks like I will be going up with her as well. I decided that I would leave work early that day and drive to her house and we would drive up together.

I posted Friday’s entry to all the different blogs yesterday. The reason for that was some of them hadn’t been posted in for quite some time. So I will start again today.

I found out on Friday that Jim went…

april 23, 2008

It is noon time and I am just having my lunch break. I didn’t write at all yesterday because I felt I was too busy. I didn’t even write when I got home last night either.

Work is fine just making sure I get everything done. There was a heated argument between Niamba and I think Annette. it has been really quiet now. I hope to be finished with most everything today. If not definitely by tomorrow.

I did surf the net a little both professionally and personally.

April 21, 2008

I am having a really cool morning. Ann had asked for the bad address reports from February and March and I went to send them to her and it wasn’t saved properly!!!! I hate when that happens.

I got an email from Dave this morning. He went to his Lenscrafter’s Reunion on Friday and it was held at the Playwright Restaurant in New Haven. He told me an old neighbor of mine Rona K got married!!!! It’s unbelievable. They used to work together at the store.

I don’t remember if I posted this but Joanne H from Canada posted a message to almost all of her lists that she is clearing up some rumors. Someone was stupid enough to tell moderators and owners that she was having an affair while her late husband was dying. Some of us (maybe a few of us) gave her support while some others told her to take it off the lists and told her some unkind things. Such as her participation is more important than owning lists (that’s something I don’t think is irrelevant anyway). I was chatting with Ray W from the jo…

April 20, 2008

Good morning everyone it is almost 8:30 and I am just surfing the internet. I will be getting dressed shortly for my bingo session and then church. I have to pick up the certificate from Dean Genovese at St Agnes today. I can mail it out tomorrow.

The rest of Saturday was okay. I went for a walk to Doolittle Park because my ankle was hurting and it hurt for a while afterwards until I took the ibuprofen. I did take a run to Lowe’s for the stuff Donny needed for the antenna. It looks huge against the garage.

I am just checking the birthday alerts in the mailbox and if I have them already I am deleting them. The first one was from March for Katherine A. I she is/was a pen pal or a member of the groups I was in at the time. There were from far back as December.

The next set of Birthday Reminders was for the holidays they are gone now too. I am still emptying out the mailbox. I have a number of Borough emails that I need to save and read for later. Those are now saved.

The rest of…


Hey all it is after 11 in the morning. It is a beautiful day here and it was 57 I imagine it is closer to 60 and by the end of the day it will closer to 70 degrees. I have opened the window to the bedroom to let in some fresh air.

I got my hair done but I am a little annoyed with the woman. First off she was running late and she forgot she had me at 10 am. I had to go back at 10:30. The next appointment is on May 31 but I am going to change it because of the wedding, and the awards ceremony.

When I got home Mom was still working in her office. She has been updating the address list for the invitee list for the ceremony. She said she had paper work to do.

I did some laundry and wrote more of my letter to Kelly and I read the two letters I got from Vicki Butler in Illinois and Shirley Burdett. I will be updating their files shortly.

Donny next door is putting up an antenna for Mom so that we don’t get so much static on the radio downstairs. Mom went out to get additional attachme…

A busy Month for May

I have been thinking that this May will be pretty busy:

May 1st, is the DTC Cocktail Party at Stonebridge that will cost me $50. They always have great food no matter what.

May 5th, is Lorraine M’s Retirement Party at Brazi’s Restaurant over on Long Wharf. Long to be excellent next to the theater. It is easy on easy off the I-95 Highway.

May 10th, is Telka’s Graduation. I don’t know if I can attend the graduation at the Harbor Yard Arena but I believe she is having a party when she is finished.

May 14th, is the Woman’s Club General Meeting.

May 18th, is Adam’s Graduation and I believe a party for him at Liz and Nelson’s. That’s the vibe I am getting from Mom.

May 20th is the Creative Writing Contest Reception at the library.

May 23rd-May 26th is the weekend for Miriam and Ben’s wedding.

May 30th is the Living Treasure award Ceremony for Mom.

There are my sessions with Debra and the two DTC meetings.

My Chore list for tonight:

Write letters
Resend the budget to Beverly (tried this mo…

Thankful for Today

Hey everyone it is 8 at night on Thursday. I am still clearing out my mailbox and making sure I don’t lose stuff that’s important. I am going to try and go to bed in about 2 hours. Last night was a long one because I wasn’t feeling good and slept for two hours and then got up and got on the computer until 2 or 3.

Today went really well. I managed to get a lot done. When I mentioned it to Patti she said to me it is a sense of accomplishment. All that’s really left now is the Connecticare redirects and the bulk mail. The regular mail and the charts are included in that chore.

Melinda G came by for a visit. She is in town for a visit with all of her friends. I think her family is all in Arizona with her. She looked awesome. I hope to see her again soon.

Mom had a legislative breakfast with all the state representatives and her fellow Mental Health Clinic colleagues. They were discussing funding for programs for those patients who are coming out of the hospital and into the co…
Good Morning. I am at work. I am very tired too. I had a hard time going to sleep last night. I think it had to do with the ice cream (it had chocolate and cookies and coffee ice cream in it).

My Doctors Appointment went better than I expected. I was done by 5:00 and was home shortly afterwards. I have still a lot to do but that will be discussed in that journal.

When I got home I called Roberta and we discussed our plans. She was making dinner for them and I needed to make mine. She came at 6:30 and I showed her the dresses and then we left for shopping the first place we went was to DSW and with in 45 minutes we got these great pair of shoes they are bone color and for $29.99. I can’t even tell you the brand name but I will later.

After that we went to Friendly’s for ice cream. I tell you their desserts range from $3.99-$7. I think that’s outrageous. We talked about the wedding and about family stuff. I did ask her if she wouldn’t mind being my POA. After the ice cream w…

April 15 2008-Tax Day

Good Morning! It is after 2 am and I am trying to get my self to sleep. I have been working on the computer (its being slow) the newly updated Norton was scanning last night but it seemed to take too long. The warm milk didn’t work this time.

Mom went to bed by midnight and was a sleep by 1. Today she is going to the opera and will be seeing La Boheme. She told me that ‘Rent” is based on that same opera. That’s really cool.

Hey did you see The Return of the Jedi? The one that aired on Spike was the extended version and included some new footage including that of the actor who played Anakin Skywalker in Episode 2-3 (I love modern technology) I had read on the IMDB that the DVD would have that. Starting this Sunday all six episodes of the Star Wars movies will be aired in Chronological order. I am not sure I will be watching all of them again since they were all on these past two weekends.

Here is my chore list for today:

Work -okay
Dr. Martin -yep
Write letters
Go Shopping -yep
Have dinner wit…

I have the best co workers

Oh Hallelujah! As reported in this blog on Saturday I couldn’t find my key w/teddy bear on it or my id holder that had my CC and work and license ID. Well my wonderful co-worker Alita just gave me the key. I am very happy about that. Now I just have to find my badge holder. Oh how cool…Gayle C just gave me my ID holder and everything is in it. I am really blessed. I have the best co workers in the world!!!

I got to see the three returning co workers today. I was able to welcome two back the other was in a meeting with Ann. I suspect I will get to see Mattrise later. Tracy looks awesome. Lee Ann told me she had lost weight and shortly after I spoke with Lee Ann I saw for myself. I was glad to see her. I had seen Adrienne S before that and she looks awesome.

After clearing out Eudora mailbox I received three emails. One from Chief Perrotti of the Yale University Police Department and one for a golf tourney. The one from Chief Perrotti can be found at…

What a beautiful day!

it is a beautiful day. The sun is fighting with itself to stay out but the temperatures are in the low 60's I htink i read some wear. I am just trying to do a bunch of things today. i had the meeting with Beverly and it was very interesting. She will be drawing up the documents for living will, POA, and the Estate planning. We also talked about finances and stuff like that. I also told her about some of the things that have been annoying me about Mom. She asked if i talk to my therapist and i told her yes. To me that was a bell ringing loud telling me she didn't want to really hear it even if she thoguh she said "what said here stays here'. In some aspect it was great in some it wasn't.

After that was over I went to the cleaners and dropped off a few things to be cleaned. it was nearly 11:30 when i got home. i had to check my car because I can't find my id batch holder that has my credit card and the work id and my license. i have already taken car…

April 10, 2008

Well it is a beautiful day here in New Haven. The sun is shining is now. This morning it was foggy and it made me feel like staying home. That feeling passed shortly after that. I made sure the garbage was out before I left.

As I was leaving I saw Sean and his Daughter Shea. They were on they were to school and he was going to work. I asked him where they were going camping next week. He says I am not going camping with them!

I got to work, I left the “healing shawl” at Maria’s desk an then started working on yesterday’s mail. Then the charts came and there were at least 30. Lou from Gofor had two bins. After sorting them, and checking them off, and delivering them I came back and finished the mail.

Wednesday April 9, 2008

Well as you can see my April 7 entry was indeed written but didn't post it until today. it was still in draft mode when I went to post another entry.

What can i say about today? Well i was busy adn almost caught up. i now have to finish today's mail. The individual mail is now piling up. i made the mistake of telling kathryn B that i have stuff for her and will get it to her by the end of the day. it didn't happen. i did manage to write a letter and print up and mail an introduction letter to another pal. got her epidural for her back. BEfore you tell me its used only for pregnancies the way she explained to me it isn't only for that. It is any type of medicine administered through epidermis. She says it made it feel better for now.I told her about the addition that I had to make to the DTC site. She wasn't overly thrilled but she accepted it. It was just about then when i got a call from Telka…

April 8, 2008

Good Morning. I tried to write another entry last night but I was knocked off the net for some reason. Anyway I tried to write it cold and I knew I shouldn’t have. Anyway here I am.

Despite the rough drive in yesterday the day went pretty well. We had a bridal shower for Camilla in Scanning. We had pizza and cake and the gifts (which were a bit risqué and in my opinion absolutely inappropriate for an office party) given. After lunch I did my work.

I also spent time online. I received emails from Telka from the night before. She wanted me to do the phone squad messages for this week’s meeting. I did them when I got home. I managed to get Roberta, Janet, and left a message for Sarah but I haven’t gotten a hold of Jolyn.

Telka tells me she went to a Santana Concert with John her husband and she said it was great. I do like that group. It was in honor of his birthday. I will see her tomorrow for the meeting. That also reminds me I have to do the minutes from last month for tomo…

April 7, 2008

i am writing this cold. Both figuratively and literally. it is after 9:30 and i am listening to the classical program on WSHU FM out of Fairfield. i don't feel like listening it from the pc. i drank some warm milk with honey to get warmed up. it worked. I hope it works on my sleep too.

The day went okay despite some minor/major aggravations. The idiot driver being one of them and the fact the elevator was once again broken down. I took the odd numbered elevator down. i got a lot done but still have a lot of today's mail to finish.

We had a bridal shower for my friend Camilla at 12:30. it was lovely. Terry and Niamba did an excellent job of organizing it. Camilla gets married this Saturday. As i said to her it went by very quckly.

i got an email from Telka last night for phone squad messages. SHe also called while i was out with Dave and Rose and issie. She went to Santana Concert for her husband John's Birthday. They had a great time. i told her about the movie/dinner/scrabbl…

To the Owner of

a Black Volvo Cross Country station wagon with the CTLicense plate 1942. I think you are a flipping idiot. You need to review your freaking driving manual again. The passage where it says 'you must be at least 2 car lengths from the car in front of you' when you are driving on a highway. The person in front of you was going at least 65 miles an hour (that would be me) in the fast lane. That's why I slammed my breaks on...if you didn't get the message which you clearly did when you decided to get in front of me and do the same thing. If you have gotten the message you were following to close! You would have been at fault. You might want to remember that when you are driving. I did notice you really didn't care because you did the exact same thing to the car in front of then too. I really hope you get arrested the next time you do that.

Sunday April 6, 2008

Hey everyone! It is early Sunday morning and it is cloudy and I have a headache but I feel better than I did Friday. Mom and I talked about her day and she got around to telling me she wished I wouldn’t be getting caught up in all the penpaling. I calmly told her how I felt and then said goodbye. I was absolutely furious. By the time I got to the office I was very stressed out and pretty much in a foul mood all day. I had gotten a lot of advice from people and so I decided to listen to it.

When I got home Mom was just finishing up the interview with the reporter from the Milford Living Magazine. Mom has put in a subscription. The article will be in June. The rest of the evening went well. There were no arguments and no hurt feelings.

I managed to write a letter to Melody in Texas. It is will three pages long. I will be mailing it out today when I get some chores done. I am going to be helping Mom making baked apples today.

Yesterday I did some laundry and tried to clear o…

A Rainy Start to the weekend

Good morning everyone. It is raining now and it is expected to do so for most of the day into tomorrow. It is supposed to be chilly too. I will probably wear my heavier coat today.

Yesterday wasn’t too bad. I had a pretty good day at work. The only thing is there was a package the day before for Ann but it was gone yesterday. Ann is upset but I am not sure if it is with me or with whom ever took it.

Mom is still annoying me now and then. I was trying to tell her a funny story about a tech from one of the other companies getting on the elevator with a cart and it had something covered up. It turned out to be mice. I was telling her I was a little nervous and she told me not to do that because it causes real problems and gets things It was annoying at best.

I didn’t get online much lst night. I think I went to bed by 9:30 or so. I had a great sleep. Now I am getting dressed for work.

I am not in a good mood!

I am not in a good mood. It seems my asinine mother and sister thinks they can talk to me any way they choose and not be held accountable for their actions. Well I have absolutely had it. Through out the week mom has told me what to say and how to say it and I am here to tell you it will stop. If Judge Beverly doesn’t put a stop to it when I file the complaint and I will have her disbarred and the two of them in jail.

Yesterday when I called Liz the discussion about me falling two weeks ago came up. She was asking if it was my balance and that I need to do something about it and that I need to REPORT it to the doctor. She brought up the fact I fell on the ice…hello stupid?? IT WAS ICE. I got aggravated with and raised my voice and she all offended. She got off the phone very quickly. Does she think I am so stupid that I don’t know what she is pulling? “I am not criticizing you!” Then stop fucking trying to find things that are not there! If you continue to pursue this matter …

I won the lottery!

Hey everyone…I won the CT Lottery……April Fools! (Yeah I know not really funny) I can never pull off these very well. Anyway, I hope you are enjoying the pranks and jokes. Just be certain they are not extreme and get carried away.

I just wanted to say I am sorry for not posting more last night. I was working on some letters that I got yesterday. Actually I got one letter and another pal just sent stickers but no letter. I just mailed an intro letter off today. I also mailed Rhonda G’s letter too. I also had cramps all night in my legs so I wasn’t hanging around much. I did manage to empty my inbox out a little.

Today I have been working on the mail. I also have mixed in some surfing the internet. Some interesting conversations coming out of some of the pen pal lists. One of them I got into from yesterday. Some woman was really insulting because she felt she was wasting her time in the group and she was basically saying she didn’t have time for all this asking for pen pals. W…