Thursday, September 29, 2016

Came home Early

Sometime after lunch my stomach felt queasy and I had the runs.  I decided that I would leave at 3:30 and come home.  Luckily I made that decision right after Debra called me to reschedule today’s appointment.  We will have a phone session tomorrow night.

I got home around 4 and watched TV and got online the laptop was still acting wonky so I decided to split my time between that and TV watching.  Great thing though around 8 when it was really getting on my nerves I rebooted the laptop and it seems to be working fine.  I had been getting “site not responding” now I can go everywhere and not have to wait for the sites to catch up. 

I relaxed after dinner and fell asleep on the couch with MS Tiger beside me.  She got up a few times roamed and then came back.  She is sleeping on the other couch and Sky is on the white chair (sometimes Tiger’s choice of sleeping spots).  I had already decided not to go to the meeting.

When I finally had dinner it was rice and beans from Weight watchers and added extra cheese to it.  I also ate the rest of the opened shredded cheese (that was almost empty anyway).  I also had about 10 or 15 jelly beans.  Now I am drinking water even though I am still hungry.  I am really going to try and not eat my way to bed.

I think I will head to bed now…grateful that my laptop is now working right..

Thankful Thursday

1.            I am thankful for my family warts and all.
2.            I am thankful for my kitties
3.            I am thankful for my job
4.            I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health
5.            I am thankful for my neighbors
6.            I am thankful for my home
7.            I am thankful for my friends
8.            I am thankful for the organizations I belong to.
9             I am thankful for the weather.
10.         I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times. 
It continues to be busy with the mail and the refund checks.  A few retirement parties coming up in the next week or so.  Union meeting upbeat.  We marched to the President’s office after the meeting.  We hope to have a contract by the holidays.
Kitties are doing well.  I found them on two separate chairs last night sleeping.  Tiger has been very affectionate.  They have been eating their food with no problems. Will need to get some more this weekend.
Heard from Dr. T this week.  List of all the activities including preparation for PITS.  I just updated flyers and posted throughout the office. So far I have only one.  Our next meeting is October 12.  We are selling cancer awareness bracelets this weekend and again later in October.  We have many other activities coming up as well.
I will be canvassing on Saturday Morning from 10 to 1 and then probably a few more times before the election in November.  I haven’t done any phone banking yet as certain things need to be in place and they didn’t have them as of Monday.  They were waiting for them to arrive from a NY service.
The ladies Guild meets next month.  We were will be preparing for the Auction in November.  They will probably ask me again to join the board.  I just can’t right now.

We are expecting some rain in the next few days.  The temperatures have been beautiful.  I have had to close the windows though as it has gotten chillier in the house.  When it gets colder I will be putting the heat on.

Mid week Reflection-Day late

I have to say I can’t wait until we get the new garbage bins later this month.  They look like the recycle bins but will be black.  They are to be part of our new Automatic Garbage pickup system.  They will come in two sizes.  The normal huge one and then a smaller version for those of us who don’t have a lot of garbage to put out.  We will not have to use our own personal broken down ugly ones.  The same one that apparently every critter known to man likes knocking over in my yard.  It happened this morning but I didn’t have time to pick up everything.

I went to the Democratic Presidential Debate Party at Sen Slossberg’s home and it was okay.  I got bored when both candidates started to insult each other but I understand Mrs. Clinton was defending herself.  Mr. Trump is a bully. People want to know how the people we are putting in to office are going to deal with matters, and our allies, and all that.  He never said anything worthwhile.

Tonight I have my health coach appointment and the Union Meeting.  I am going to be very tired when I get home.   

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Seriously Considered

Man was it really cold yesterday.  I closed some of the windows and almost turned on the heat.  I decided to wait a day or so.  I may have to pull out the heavy blankets though.

Work went well.  Only a few things that snagged but it was resolved.  We have a new management team member but I can’t remember her name at this moment.  Sign-ups for the union meeting this week are going around I already signed up when it first came around a few weeks ago.  I worked on the re-address mail.  Spent the last two hours working on both the mail and the refunds as well.

After work I headed to Target and got three bags of jelly beans.  1 bag for home the other to give to my “supplier” Lee Ann.  Its only three weeks late.  I also went there to get one of those C-ring key chains and it just wouldn’t work all the keys I have need the little metal rings on them to be attached.  I went to the credit union and got money out for tonight’s event.

I came home by 5:30 or so to a beautiful clean house and the kitties waiting for me.  I had something to eat so I wouldn’t over indulge at the event tonight.  I watched TV and the kitties disappeared to our bedroom.   I went around the house and closed all the windows and took the AC out of the window and hopefully it won’t be so cold later.

Some sites on the laptop are still giving me grief so I went on the PC upstairs and sent some birthday cards to some friends who were celebrating birthdays today.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekend Doings

Friday night was an early night for me.  I had my infusion early in the day and met a fellow cat lover and we had a great talk (she has six and a dog) and we shared pictures of them.  The only thing that perturbed me was the tech/nurse didn’t give me the pre meds before the infusion.  She gave it to me when I mentioned it half way through it.  She doesn’t usually pre-med with infusions.  She better had or there are going to be some irate patients.    I left there around 5 and got back into town by 5:30.

I was toying with the idea of grocery shopping or not but I decided to do it since the route I took got me close to the store and to Sis’s and BIL’s house.  It took me an hour to shop and get most if not all the stuff I needed.  Once I was done I headed to Liz’s for a pit stop.  They had just finished dinner and were cleaning up.  I stayed for about half hour and then headed home.

When I got home I put away the groceries.  I had some dinner and then eventually went to bed.  I wasn’t feeling well since I left the infusion center.  The kitties came up and slept on the bed with me for a while.  When Tiger comes up to sleep and sit on the bed I know it’s getting cooler.

Saturday was the canvassing for Senator Slossberg and the area I got was near the hospital and I had walked with a young man named Ash (he was about 16 years younger than me and of course cute).  He was able to use a mobile app that gave us info on the people we were going to see.  It is all legal too so I really don’t want to hear it’s an invasion of privacy most state political parties use it.  WE had a lot of streets to do but a part of me feels we didn’t get a whole lot done we spent three hours on the main road and a few small streets.  WE hit about 52 houses   we got to talk to a couple of the voters and it was interesting.  We walked about 2 miles and by the time I got home I felt it.   I signed up for canvassing next weekend too.

Before going home I checked phone messages.  I got one from my nephew Rich.  He was returning my text/email to ask him for help to move the old rugs downstairs he was going to try later on that night after work or today.  He says he will call me before coming later the afternoon.  I will make it accessible for him to get them. 

After that I went to my sisters and didn’t stay long.  They were on their way to the ST Mary’s Carnival.  I left a short time later and headed home.  I was really tired and wanted to relax for the rest of the day.

I spent the rest of the afternoon either sleeping or watching TV.  I did have a late lunch of steak.  I cleaned up the kitchen.  I seemed to be doing that a lot this weekend.  I wasn’t feeling well so I turned in for the night and watched the Star Wars franchise.

This morning its fairly quiet doing some cleaning here and there and playing with the kitties.  They are sunning themselves in the back room.  I will be getting ready in a couple of hours for the afternoon.

This afternoon I have bingo, and church and the phone banking for a couple of hours.  I won’t be home until 8 pm.  I will be very tired but I have to make sure I do the laundry and probably clean the bathroom. 

Why will I have to clean the bathroom when Livia is supposed to come tomorrow?  A certain princess peed last night on the floor.  I cleaned it up then but it still needs to be washed down again because litter is everywhere.  I watched her crouch and she missed the flipping box altogether.   I really don’t want Livia to have to clean it up for the second month in a row.

Ever since the laptop had the big update almost every page I visit I get the message “website not responding”.  It is so aggravating.   I have to “recover it”.  It takes way too much time and I have been trying to send a couple of e-cards to people who have birthdays today.  I have had to walk away from this thing at least a half dozen times today.  It’s everything including the word-processing program.

It is a beautiful Morning/afternoon (now).  It’s about 60 degrees in the house and 50 outside.  I am sorely tempted to put the heat on but I am not going to unless it gets really uncomfortable.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thankful Thursday

1.            I am thankful for my family warts and all.
2.            I am thankful for my kitties
3.            I am thankful for my job
4.            I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health
5.            I am thankful for my neighbors
6.            I am thankful for my home
7.            I am thankful for my friends
8.            I am thankful for the organizations I belong to.
9             I am thankful for the weather.
10.         I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times. 

As you know I didn’t have my infusion yesterday and it has been rescheduled for tomorrow.  I even offered to call Aetna myself but she in a way discouraged it.  At this point we are still waiting for the authorization and if we don’t get it tomorrow we have to reschedule it again.  If we don’t get it done by next week perhaps Dr. Sonia could step in.

I see Debra this afternoon and we will have our session and talk about things that happened this week.  There may be a couple of weeks soon that I won’t be able to meet with her again next month.
I received an email yesterday from HR alerting me that I will be honored at the 2017 Long Term Service awards dinner (for those celebrating 25 or more years) at Schwarzman Center Dining Hall. They will be sending a photographer to take pictures of me for the yearbook to be published at a later date.  So now I have a goal to lose weight and get some nice clothes.  The date of the dinner is early May.

NW is organizing another holiday party for the department and it will be held at Birchwood on December 10 from 6-10.  I hope to go. It was a lot of fun last year and the price seems right.

Last night I notice a low flying helicopter along the beach.  I found out that there was “alleged” lost boater (99 years old?) it turns out the 71-year-old man who reported it either lied (according to or made a mistake and the 71-year-old man was taken to the hospital for observation.  There is an investigation going on. 

The weather is absolutely beautiful especially for it being fall!  It’s supposed to be nice for the next few days.  A part of me wants to go out and start walking in it and the other is going to just do what ever.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Not going as planned

Today was supposed to be my Benlysta infusion but I got a call this morning from the tech saying the insurance (AETNA) hadn’t authorized it yet even though they promised it would be. I had planned on going to the grocery store to do some much needed food shopping right afterwards.  May have to call the insurance company when I get home.

I think I will like being in the Ladies Guild despite some of the “warnings” I have gotten from both Dr. T and Sis.  Every group has their clicks and personalities. Case in point my own club, and committees that I have been on.  It depends on my reaction and my own personality.  I had a good time at the bake sale this weekend and was particularly pleased when my contributions to the bake sale came out well and went fast.  It also will help me get back into going to church and finding that spiritual center.

I just got an email last night from Dr. T.  the date for the first of the Cancer bracelets is October 2.  IT will be for two hours so I have signed up for early morning and then I can go to bingo from there.  I don’t know when the other date is for the bracelet selling.

The DTC has the grand opening of HQ as we wind down this years Campaigning.  I am pretty sure the pressure is on to get the word out on the local candidates and to get people to the polls on Election day.

The kitties had fun watching a skunk in our back yard earlier this week.  I thought for sure it would go under the back room but I am thinking it went under the front porch when I saw it go to the front yard.  Its time for moth balls.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Laptop Withdrawl

The laptop was going through a major update and I couldn’t use it for nearly two days at least.  It felt like forever and I even turned it off last night and it started back up to the updating.  IT was nearly ¾’s done anyway. So while it was updating I used PC in my room.  Anyway this morning it was working and I could use it.

My appointment with the Hematologist was good.  All the numbers were good.  No sight of BC, white cells were up, Anemia not showing.  He would like to see me lose weight.  I would too.  I see him again after the New Year. 

I picked up dinner from Adams again this time it was chicken and bruschetta for the chips.  They were both good but I made an attempt to not to eat the rest of the bag of chips.  I thought for sure I would have aches and pains but not that much just the shoulder again.

I had a close encounter with a skunk last night.  It was just around 7 and it was just getting dark and it was in the yard.  It was rather large and mostly white with the black stripe down the back.  The cats and I were watching it intently.  I took so many pictures of it.  It then headed towards the front yard near the garbage cans and so I went to see it and got close until its tail went up.  I did what any sane human would do went back inside.

The rest of the night I watched TV and ended up getting into bed after 8.  Sky joined me for a while and then when it was time to go to sleep.

Today should be fairly busy.  Refunds again, and the mail.  After work I will do laundry, shopping (online), and start grocery shopping preparations.   Of course play with kitties.

I had a nice chat with Liz this morning.  She was wondering how I was feeling after the weekend success and talked about the holidays, family, and of course the weight problems we both have.
Tonight is the season premiere of NCIS and the series premiere of Michael Weatherly’s show Bull.  In the past I am usually excited.  This year not so much. I am not sure exactly why.  IT could be the atmosphere on the forums that are influencing this feeling but also I haven’t like the writing in a number of episodes and for the writers to pander to the really soapy operas’ story line was an insult to the fans, the actors, and viewers.  I am not feeling the “love” for Wilma either.

Monday, September 19, 2016

We got rain

Well we finally got some rain.  IT started just as I was leaving the house and it was coming down hard.  I was drenched by the time I got to the car and that was because I had to fix the garbage can again.  I think there is something blocking the paths of the gutters because it was coming over the sides.  My outfit was dried by mid morning.

Today should be fairly quiet regular Monday stuff.  Refunds and mail.  IF there is a lull anywhere today I may catch up on the e tests that we have to take.    Several of my co-workers had their long term service breakfast.  Mine should be next year. 

I am still over the moon about this weekend.  If you remember I was getting together with my sister to bake for the Ladies guild bake sale.  So we indeed got to the shopping and by noon started “the baking”.  I did the cheesecake by myself while Liz did the “apple pie cookies”.  I helped her with the rest of it.  It was nearly 3 when I left and headed home.  I had to change my blouse and then went and did some errands.

Sunday was the Plant and bake sale and I think we did very well.  There was also a centennial birthday party after one of the masses and we were invited to join in.  I met a few more people and found out one works in Lab Medicine.

Bingo went exceedingly better and I was quite pleased to see that Girls Club Anya fulfilled her promise to come to bingo.  Renewed my hope in the girl’s club. I just had to review some papers and sign them regarding Patients’ rights.  This stemmed from a complaint that I spoke rudely to a resident.  N wasn’t angry or didn’t seem like it and she didn’t seem disappointed in me either but it was tough. 

After bingo I did some errands and then went home.

I spoke to Jim last night.  We made tentative plans for Thanksgiving.  I am planning on going down there.  He will start looking for places now.  He thought it was too early.  He did catch me up with the kids.  All but Kris returned to school.  No reasons given but I hope he reconsiders.

Dr. T sent out emails regarding this year T-shirts/sweat shirts/ looking for sizes and colors. Reminded those who haven’t paid their dues they need to before they can order them.  The issue with one of the applications was resolved.  One of the girls took it back so the parent could sign it.

We got an invitation to attend Sen Slosberg’s Presidential Debate party for September 26, 2016.  We will party and then watch it at her home.  I think I would like to go.  Alderman Anderson also sent an alert out regarding public speaking on electronic bill boards…A business owner would like to have a couple along I-95 on the highway through the town.  Apparently people feel it’s a distraction.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday Doings

It is an absolutely beautiful morning here in Casa de Phelan.  The sun is shining and it is starting to get a little bit warmer than when I first woke up.  It was in the 60’s this morning and its to get no higher than mid 70’s.  No rain today for here or anywhere that I could see. 

I got up around 6 this morning thanks to the furry alarm clocks and got them fed and watered and did the usual routine.  I went back to sleep for a couple of hours and just now had some coffee.

I am meeting Liz at the store in about an hour to get the ingredients of our baking extravaganza.  This should be fun.  Liz says we will be like Lucy and Ethel.  I told her I would Ethel.  What we are planning on doing is the No Bake Cannoli cheesecake from  The other option was little mini apple tarts/pies (Liz calls them cookies).  IF either of those don’t work then it’s the frozen cookie dough back up plan.  The end results are supposed to be given over to the bake sale at church this weekend.

I am not sure how long that will take but once it is done I am expecting to go finish the rest of the grocery shopping that I need.  It doesn’t look like I need a whole lot of stuff yet but just in case.

Well I need to take off..

Friday, September 16, 2016

It Looks LIke

Well it looks like Sis and I are going to do some interesting baking this weekend for the bake and plant sale on Sunday. One was almost like apple tarts and the other a Canoli cake and if either of those do not work we will use the frozen cookie as back up. So we made plans for her to come here so we can look over among other things recipes and put a grocery list together. The recipes may be fun but I hope not that overwhelming. I don’t want to turn anyone off there who will be buying it either.

Oh “among other things”? Include going over the bills, showing me how to turn on the furnace (not from the thermostat), how to download from the SIMS card that is in the cell phone, and fill out the paperwork from the cable company to change the names on the accounts. 

I tried to download the sim card t to the tower/hard drive and it didn’t work. Now I am thinking I was supposed to click on the app to back up and then move it to the laptop. I was all set to go to AT&T store and ask for help but Liz wants to take a look at it first. I am not sure I feel good about that.

The cats have been acting skittish this evening. Sky was running around and nearly slid a few times. I thought for sure he hurt himself. He is at the foot of the bed right now. Tiger is somewhere downstairs. I think. She seems to be less skittish now. She spent time downstairs in the cellar a long time after I called her. I was hoping if it got cooler last  shewould come upstairs and cuddle.

I was going to stay up late and do the book work and write some letters but it didn't work I was to tired. I slept on and off all night and also got up early with a headache.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thankful Thursday

1.            I am thankful for my family warts and all.
2.            I am thankful for my kitties
3.            I am thankful for my job
4.            I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health
5.            I am thankful for my neighbors
6.            I am thankful for my home
7.            I am thankful for my friends
8.            I am thankful for the organizations I belong to.
9             I am thankful for the weather.
10.         I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times. 

The kitties were racing around this morning after waking me up for the day.  Once they were fed they were no different.  I decided to just lay on the couch for a bit and while I was there I watch Sky and he took off and landed on me before he hit the floor. 

Work has been busy today.  No other updates on the labor negotiations since last entry.  I will be leaving early for the day today. 

I straightened out all the appointments previously scheduled and probably will have a few more later on in the month or even next month.  The infusion is next week.

The GFWC Milford Young Woman’s Club and Girls Volunteer Organization kicked of the season last night with the first meeting.  We had several guests and potential members.  We have a lot scheduled for the upcoming year including the dates for the Holiday activities at the Nursing home. Congratulations to the newest members may you enjoy your time with us.

The Democratic Town Committee will be having their Grand Opening Celebration of the Campaign Headquarters next Thursday.  My 4th District meeting will be right before it at the same location.  It will be a brief one too.  Campaign season is winding down.  I haven’t helped out much again.  Never seem to have time or am too tired.

The Ladies Guild will be having a bake and Plant Sale after the masses this weekend and I will be doing my part by making cookies this weekend and manning the table.  If it rains this   Sunday as it is predicted it will be in the church hall.  From there I will go to Bingo.

Ah the Weather…man it has been beautiful.  Not really humid either.  Really nice sleeping weather.  As I said we may get some rain during the weekend.  It won’t be too bad.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mid Week Reflection

I can’t believe we are in Mid-September already.  There is just eight days left of the summer and I am starting the new season of activities in all aspects of my life.  Work, community service, health, and family.

Work is keeping me busy with various stuff.  The re branding is moving along with some degree of shortstops.  We had a departmental meeting on Monday (sort of last minute notification) that discussed updates and expectations.  We can expect more Doctors to Join us in the Medicine.  ETA for the move to a new renovated location is late 2017 to early 2018.  We have a couple of retirements coming up in the next couple of weeks.  More to follow.  Sadly, the Med school lost another great Dr.  He worked in Therapeutic Radiology and was Dr. Cardinale.  Contract negotiations continue.  We have a huge membership meeting the end of this month.

Last night I joined a Ladies Guild at St Mary’s church in Milford.  I knew a few people there and have already signed up for activities so far.  The first one is this weekend at the plant and bake sale after the masses.  My stint is after the last morning mass.  From there I will go to bingo.  They board meetings are usually the first Tuesday of the month and the General meeting is the second Tuesday of the month.  They have weekend activities such as the plant sales, there is an auction in October.  I am not sure what else they have at this moment.

Tonight is the first General Meeting of the 2016-2017 year.  I am one of the hostesses and will be bringing a snack.  We will discuss our summer activities, our fall activities that will bring us up to the Holidays.  It will be interesting to see how many of the girls from last year come in.  I did invite a woman and her daughter to the meeting (from the Guild).  I won’t hold my breath but it will be fun to see if they come.  I am waiting to hear from Rec Director Natalie to confirm dates for our holiday activities.  Not been really successful there.

I got an email from the VC of the DTC announcing the Grand Opening celebration for the Headquarters.  It is the same night as the 4th District so Chairman Phil sent out an email alert changing the location and time.  So that meeting will be at 7 for 30 minutes at HQ.  Senator Chris Murphy is supposed to show up.  Not sure who else but it will be fun to see.  Time for me to dress up.

This morning I had to use a heating pad for a little while for my hip.  It really didn’t do much because I can still feel it when I get up or turn or even if lean on it while sleeping (it made sleeping fairly difficult last night).  I know it’s because of the access weight so its Tylenol and heating pads for now until I work on the weight.  My stomach was feeling queasy this morning but its fine now (or I wouldn’t be eating the mini pizza from last weekend).

I have a dermatology appointment tomorrow at 4:15 so I am leaving early for that.  Of course my face has cleared for now (I don’t see the redness spots on my chin).  It won’t be a long one I am guessing.  I guess It will every six months.

I see the Hematologist on Monday but I was certain I was seeing the cardiologist that day too.  I was originally supposed to see him in December and it was moved to an earlier time that same month.  Anyway getting back to the hematologist I think we are still concerned about a blood clot forming again although there haven’t been clear indications to me that it’s happening.   he does want me to lose weight.

My infusion is next Wednesday and I hope I won’t be late again.  Last time it was 30 minutes due to a traffic jam.  I tried to call them but it has been suggested I call the Hamden office and they will forward the message.

Jim did very well in the Allentown 9-11 memorial 5K.  He is also working as a limo driver part time.  He continues to work at Hertz in the same town.  His kids all went back to school but I need to catch up with them myself.  He doesn’t always seem to know what they are doing.  He also doesn’t see him as much.  He hasn’t pushed me about the condo search too much but I don’t think he knows I have also stopped.  I need to make plans for Thanksgiving with him soon.

Liz and her family are all doing well.  The younger generations are getting back into a regular routine with school, jobs.  Most of them don’t have any extracurricular things going really.  Well Nephew Chris and fiancĂ© are planning an autumn wedding (if I am remembering right).  Nephew Nelson will be running in a 10K in Mid-January for Star wars Light and Hope Foundation.

My SIL Ethel and her family are doing well.  Not a lot of communication with them except a few emails and Facebook postings.

Last but certainly not least…my critters.  They are doing well.  Tiger was exceptionally loveable yesterday.  She was rubbing back and forth on my legs last night as though I was her long lost friend.  Sky thought he died and went to heaven when he was let into the cellar.  I hadn’t been letting them go down there much this past week.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I can't believe

Yesterday I dropped my keys on the way to my car and they got caught in the door of the bridge to the parking garage.  They fell apart yada yada and so I put part of them in the bag and the other I drove with.  This morning I thought I put all of them in the bag and now I couldn’t find them.  Luckily I really don’t have to worry as Livia is coming today.  I am going to have to get another key chain..

I am not sure she will like the fact I left a lot of stuff for her to clean.  I sometimes think she discusses her clients with others (like reporting me to Mom when I didn’t do certain things) I feel that I am hiring you to do things I don’t want to do.  Which is pretty much everything.  Every time she comes to clean I make a pledge to myself to keep things up.  Not leave things around, sweep, vacuum, pick up stuff.  etc.  I feel I don’t always do it.  Then there are others I know I keep up on.

I can’t remember if I mentioned that Liz told me the Ladies Guild at St Mary’s is meeting tonight.  I Think I will go and see what it is like.  I looked on line and they do have a FB page and so I liked it and see what kinds of things they do.  I did ask a co-worker who joined a Ladies guild in her church and told me a little bit about it.  It’s hugely a social group.  They do some scholarship fundraising, chatting, masses, and that’s about it.  I will give it about 3 months to get a feel for it.  That will include the activities and stuff.

Work went well.  Spent most of the day working on refunds and a little mail.  Even the volume we get through Health Logic was lighter than usual.  Team Lead LC came back today from her Bereavement.  There is a collection going around and I have until the 22nd to contribute.

Monday Musings

Really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.  It was a cool and crisp morning too and I didn’t like my choices for outfits today.    I had to change and iron a few pieces.  No one has said anything but I really do need to get some new clothes that fit properly.

Work was fine.  Some co-workers returned after a medical leave and we learned of Team Lead LC’s father’s passing.  Most of us on Facebook knew about it over the weekend.  We had a meeting with the Admin of the Med school for a State of the Yale Medicine.  It was a brown bag lunch which was good.

Livia will be cleaning the house tomorrow. I got a late day text from her yesterday asking me if that would be okay.       I say why not?  Considering she rearranged her schedule for me last week. 

I heard from Liz tonight she says the Ladies’ Guild has a meeting tomorrow night and if I was interested I should go.  I have to pick up something because it’s a pot luck meeting.  I will give it a couple of meetings before I decide to stay or not.

I had a nice conversation with Debra tonight.  We talked about the club’s activities, things going with work, and of course family stuff.  We will be meeting next Thursday (the 22nd) at our regular time.

Now I am going to bed…

Sunday, September 11, 2016

A great afternoon

Shortly after I posted my early post I ended up falling asleep for an hour or so.   I woke up and who decided to sit with me at my head but this guy:    I took this picture of us and then shared it everywhere.  I was flabbergasted because he has never done that before. 

After the photo session I decided to call Mardi.  We had a great conversation.  We talked almost half hour about everything including our fur babies.  I really enjoyed it.

The rest of the day I did some laundry and watched TV.  I did some cooking.  I cooked the roast beast.  I ended up having a late dinner and cleaned the kitchen and went to bed.  Sky stayed by my head for most of the night.

Today I got up around 6:30 but I wasn’t feeling well.  I may have had too much of the crispy fat from the roast beef last night.  The cats were fed and I laid down for a while.  I feel better now and have been watching TV.

The sun is out now but it was questionable this morning.  I am hoping now we don’t get rain because the club is doing the beach cleanup this afternoon.  I will be getting to the activity late because I have the bingo first.

Well its time for me to get ready…

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday Doings

Today is going to be a lazy day for me.  I have stuff to do such as cleaning the bathroom and the laundry again.  I have to rewrap the chickens and the steaks I bought last night.  But my neck and shoulder hurts right now.  It’s the same problem I have had a few times a year.  I turn my head and neck and it feels like a massive pinch.  It hurts if I move it quickly or just a slightly.  I want to say it’s the way I slept on it but it could be anything.  I took the meds for it so hopefully they will kick.

I had a great time with Liz and Nelson last night.  We had steak and salad.  We chatted about family stuff catching up with those we haven’t heard from except through Facebook like our sister-in-law.  I asked her about the furnace stuff, and told her about the pet sitting gig.

Today is the Closer to Free Ride sponsored by the Smilow Cancer Center at Yale.   It is a fundraiser that started a few years back to raise funds for Cancer research at the Smilow Center.  IF you go to YouTube and search for Flash mob for Closer to Free and see the most awesome video done in the Union station in New Haven.  Anyway the cyclists can pick four different routes through the New Haven area.  It is much like the Folks on Spokes organization as well.  Oh yes it is a takeoff from the song Closer to Free from the group BoDeans Group in 1993.  It makes me cry every time I see it.  There are also other BTS videos on how it was done.  I have a couple of friends in the ride.   I hope the weather holds out for them.

It was so humid last night I put the fans back on and almost put the AC on and slept in the guest room.  It’s a little better now but it could be worse later.   It is about mid 70’s right now and could go up to mid-80 and cloudy.  I really would like it to rain but that’s between me, you and the wall.

BBC-America is still airing the Original Star Trek marathon today.  It may be the only thing I am watching.  I also know there will be much on the 9-11 anniversary.  I don’t know if I could really relive that.

Friday, September 09, 2016


Why is it when we have a holiday during the week it seems it should be short week and something always seems to make it longer and then…we sit there saying OMG its Friday already?
Debra and I never connected last night and we are trying to arrange something for either tonight or over the weekend.  I just have to remember to keep the phone near me. 

The wedding shower for VC yesterday was lovely despite that many didn’t show up right away and the guest of honor was there before most of them (of course I was there in plenty of time).  Cash was the gift of the day and cake that was delicious.

There was a shooting near the Medical School area (off of Congress Avenue) and the area was locked down until  it was cleared up.  It is an area that I am familiar with and have driven through in the past and yesterday I made sure I avoided it.  Of course we keep avoiding areas such as this we wouldn’t go anywhere.

Today has been fairly quiet.  I guess there is a meeting my Supervisor and Assistant DIR went to this morning.  So it’s quiet even in my aisle.  I think there is only four people in my aisle right now.
It may be quiet here but there a bunch of stuff going on around the campus.  There were lectures on history, medicine and of course next Monday is the Universities 9/11 memorial over at Beniecke Plaza.  There are lots going on at the Libraries and museums that have piqued my interest.  I just don’t know if I can get back there with everything I have planned for this weekend.

Towards the end of the morning we received a death notice from the Dean of Med announcing the passing of Pediatrician M Wessel at the age of 93.  He has lived here in New Haven and was an Alumni of the Med School.

In Milford there is going to be a  9/11 service but there is also a memorial to one of Milford’s own and his name is Mike Miller.  There is a gathering at a local restaurant here in town that will honor his memory.  There have been some people who want to go but won’t because it’s expensive at this particular restaurant. 

The kitties are doing pretty well.  They seem to like the food I got them this week.  Its still the Fancy Feast Medley but not as the creamy sauce more like gravy.  They seem to like the kibble too they were pretty much eating it of the container I had put it in.

My hip is still bothering me a little (not enough to get it checked out so don’t go there).  I know it’s the weight and I also know it’s because I haven’t take the medicine regularly.  Now my neck is stiff and it’s hard to turn it around.

After work I will see Liz and catch up with her.  I may even do my  grocery shopping tonight before going home since I will be at the Shop Rite.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

I left the house late

Despite getting up at 5:30 (and doing a number of things before getting ready for work) I managed to leave the house at 7:29 and got caught up in post traffic accident on the highway.  I wish I had the gumption to take a picture because the car looked really sad.  I called Team Leader but had to do it through the FB Messenger.  It was quite unusual. The elevators at the parking garage are out-again.  I ended up getting to the office a little after 8.

Spent the morning doing mostly the mail, refunds and pretty much the entire day.  We got an update from the union.  There has been some progress on some fronts but we need to keep going on the particular issue.  I have been reassured we will not be going on strike any time soon.  The Lit drop was featured in an article Yale Daily News but no pictures but there were in the newsletter (didn’t see mine).

I had my session with Debra this evening via phone.  We talked about work, health, family, and upcoming activities including the pet sitting gig for the new year.  There are a couple of dates we may have to re-arrange as I have a couple of things coming up work related.

My hip has been making itself known in the last couple of days.  I took the meds last night but it still gives me a twinge when I move or roll over.  It hasn’t impacted my walking as much but hopefully it will pass soon.

Well it is time for me to hit the sack.

Thankful Thursday

1.            I am thankful for my family warts and all.
2.            I am thankful for my kitties
3.            I am thankful for my job
4.            I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health
5.            I am thankful for my neighbors
6.            I am thankful for my home
7.            I am thankful for my friends
8.            I am thankful for the organizations I belong to.
9             I am thankful for the weather.
10.         I am thankful for the men and women who choose to protect and serve their country and their citizens even at the worst possible times. 

I am thankful that my siblings will not be pushing for me to get a condo or move anywhere but where I am right now.  I am glad that my niece Cheryl could see that before the search continued.    Her husband Mike will be coming to take a look at things that could be changed in the house.  I chatted with my Niece Heather earlier this week for her birthday Most of the younger generations of the family went back to school.

The kitties are really good. One of them or both of them got into the attic sometime yesterday.  I probably didn’t put the chest I have been using as door lock back securely and one of them went Herculean on it.  I was quite surprised that Tiger didn’t leave the room when I decided to sit in the guest room while my computer was charging and I was watching TV.  Sky looked a little confused to see me on the bed too.  They seem to be healthy even though they have been trying to get to the flowers from Jim.

Work went significantly better than Tuesday this week.  We had our CFO visit our side of the office on Wednesday.  We are preparing for a couple of life celebrations.  One is a “wedding shower” for a co-worker this afternoon and over the next two weeks two full on retirement parties for one lady.

The GFWC international Organization lost a dear friend this week in the form of Actor Hugh O’Brian.  His Young Leadership Foundation called The HOBY was a program that we lent support over the years.  He died on Tuesday at the age of 91. 

On the local level we have a beach cleanup project this coming Sunday for a few hours in the morning.  I don’t remember what time I have to be there.  We have our first General meeting next week and I am looking forward to it.  We are already scheduling our holiday activities and our Cancer Awareness bracelet sales.

The DTC is in full campaign mode now.  We have our campaign Headquarters being set up now and we have quite a number of things to do before election day.  Of course that will include district meetings as well.  The next one is on the 22nd and at my house.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Mid Week Reflection

This week is a short work week wise and you all know it wasn’t the best start I have had.  By the time this is posted I am hoping what was a royal WTF moments will have been resolved and I can continue to a better week.

I was thrilled to death to find Tiger up in the attic yesterday.  One of them must have pushed the chest I have had in front of the door to the store.  I got her downstairs and put the chest back in place.  I am going to have to keep an eye on that for now.  I raised my voice to Tiger when she didn’t leave the attic quickly.  She sort of avoided me for most of night.  They seemed spooked for most of the night as well.

We finally got some showers from the post tropical cyclone Hermine.  It was so cloudy and I was really hoping we would get a huge storm from it even when it was still a hurricane.  We had gotten some heavy winds but no damage.  Well one of the nests that was in the crevice of the house slid to the ground over the weekend. 

The rest of this week is fairly quiet with only a few in house activities at work but the weekend should be quiet.  Next week I have a few doctor’s appointments, and a few meetings. 

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Is it Friday yet?

I had a great start to my Tuesday.  The kitties were able to wake me up and I got ready a t a decent hour yet stayed online longer than I should have been and still managed to leave before running into the buses.

One of the most touching and most exciting moments this morning was watching Neighbor Kim taking pictures of her Daughter Shannon beginning her Senior Year of high school.  I was shouting out from the window well wishes (not realizing there may be people still sleeping) to Shannon.  Neighbor K posted pictures on her FB page this morning.  I can only imagine what Dad Sean felt as he left for work this morning.

It’s been nonstop working this morning from opening the mail from Friday and todays with one or two that didn’t come in that normally comes in.  The rest of the day I spent mostly on the insurance refunds and made a couple of mistakes that I managed to fix but I still was hard on myself for it.
We had issues with the phones for a couple of hours but my time and date or all messed up…I tried to fix it myself but it isn’t working.  I am not sure who to contact for that.

There was a light rain near the end of the day and all I could think of is it’s about time.   

Monday, September 05, 2016

Labor Day 2016

It is Labor Day once again.  The signal that summer is officially over and the fall season begins.  Schools are in session.  Fall sports begin.  Fall activities also start (don’t even get me started on how early the Halloween candy came out), festival season is in full swing, and the weather gets cooler.

This weekend was supposed to be Hermine but we haven’t gotten much-yet.  Many neighbors had scheduled big end of season parties and they had to change their plans and had much smaller parties.  New Haven has the annual Road race and it will go on as planned but with some modifications.  We may get something closer to Wednesday.  It will be a wait and see.

Yesterday afternoon I did the errands and volunteering.  I took about eighty cents worth of bottles back to be recycled, did the bingo, and got the clothes to the cleaners, and put the refund money from the CC Company into the bank.

When I got home I found the kitties sleeping and cuddling up on the guest room bed.  Of course as any dutiful crazy cat lady I had to share with the world.  About 12 people liked the picture…not sure if I posted it to the cat lovers group on Facebook.

The rest of the afternoon and evening I watched H&I’s specials honoring the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek and its Franchise.  These particular shows obviously were done many years ago because they were updated to include James Doohan and DeForest Kelley’s Death.   It didn’t include Leonard Nimoy’s passing (or I missed it).

I did some laundry (actually I have to go move it around soon) and then went to bed my normal time.  That’s when Sky moved himself from one bed to the other.  Don’t think Tiger was pleased.

I did have an interesting experience.  I was sitting out back in the chair that Mom spent many hours watching TV.  I was sitting there I could actually smell her.  It may have been a light perfume she wore.  It was really cool.  So I said a little prayer to her and to Dad.

Finally my Nephew Nelson is going to be running in the Star Wars Light Marathon in January 2017 to raise monies for the Kellsies Hope Foundation.  His page can be found here.  It would mean a lot to me if you could help out.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Still waiting

Still waiting on Hurricane Hermine to hit.  I am betting though I am going to be highly disappointed in this.  Even though it was so beautiful (and at times very cloudy) nothing really happened here.  Constant updates and preparation reports.  Late last night Yale sent out the alert about keeping an “eye” on the storm and that preparations will be in place in case of power outages and stuff like that. 

Today has been nice and cool.  I have only the ceiling fans on and windows opened.  Admittedly there have been a few moments where I have been under the covers.  I really don’t know how it will be by the end of the day or tomorrow.

Yesterday was a busy day.  It started early with Liz’s visit.  We worked on the check book and somehow I am 54 cents off.  I am not sure how considering I have been doing it for the past couple of weeks and its been to the penny.  A part of me is rather annoyed.  I will take a look at it again another time. 

After the checkbook we checked the credit cards and noticed a credit balance of $35 and change on one.  We were trying to figure it out (it was for the LJ payments) and no sooner did we figure out that a check arrived for the same amount in the mail.  So I will make a trip to the bank soon.

The next project to do was the porch light.  I wanted to be the one to change it but it was too high for me and made me unsteady while standing on it so Liz had to do it.  There were so many bugs and gross stuff coming out of it that we had to clean it.  We got it cleaned up and put it together but noticed it didn’t go on first and then it did.  The short version is-we need to have an electrician look at it.

I am not sure what time it was but the next we cleaned out the closet in my old bedroom. Several bags later and pile of clothes that need to go to the cleaners it was much better.  Now I have to look through catalogs and stores to look for new clothes.  I still have more dressers to see if stuff there is needed to be tossed.  I have to look more on the shelfs to see what I need to toss. 

It was sometime after 12 when we finished when I received a call from DR. T.  She wanted me to come to the Car wash.  I was really confused as the last I heard it had been cancelled or rescheduled for next week.  Well it seems that by the end of the meeting last week we had enough people for it.  So I rushed getting showered and getting the bags into the garbage and took off.

I got updates from Dr. T regarding the car wash it was slow but many gave us $20.  It picked up towards the end of our event. We had a few moments to discuss work, family, and friends who were in the hurricane.  I left once we were all cleaned up.

I headed to Good Will to drop off the bag and then headed to Kentucky Fried chicken to have dinner.  I brought it home with me.  I had a couple pieces of the chicken and the fries and the beans.

The rest of the night I watched TV, had a call from Debbie C. with news.  They were successful with the HOA interview and Stan has moved into the new place and now they can proceed with the move.  So Debbie is starting the process of finding movers, and selling their place. 

I have also fallen back to sleep a few more times since starting this.  Sky is at my feet asleep and tiger is downstairs.  I checked in on her a couple of times and that’s where I found her.  I would love it if she came up stairs but I won’t force it. 

Well I am going to relax before I have to get ready for bingo and hopefully see if the cleaners is open today.  If not I can take it Tueday.

Friday, September 02, 2016

My weekend has officially Started

Well my Weekend has officially started.  I managed to clean up my desk and organize and leave what I was unable to finish there.  In all likelihood it will be waiting for me upon my return.  The mail volume was small but took up a better part of the day while the other half was the refund checks.  Since the Guardian wasn’t there today I had to do all the things she would do.  Well of my job not so sure she would want me to do the really administrative stuff.

I went to my appointment with Debra but got calls from her letting me know she was running late so I had to wait.  We talked about my birthday, the condo search, family.  She feels when the time comes and I have to leave this house we will do it.  For now this is where I should be.

After our session I caught the bus at the green and headed to the Garage to pick up my car.  $96 dollars later I drove home and spent a fairly quiet night in front of the TV and then to bed.  I did make a late night dinner of pork chops.

I think I was in bed by 9:30 or so and Sky wanted to make sure I was there.  He cuddled with me for a while and then he slept at my feet for few more hours.  Throughout the night I did get up for bathroom breaks and stuff and the next thing I know it was 5:30 and someone was trying to wake me up!  (Hint: it wasn’t Tiger).  I ignored Sky until about 6 and then got up and did our routine.

I spent the next few hours watching Charmed go from the series finale to the series early days.  I did end up falling back to sleep and missed the first two episodes.  I also watched BBC’s Star Trek TNG marathon.  They also were airing the final episodes and the first season episodes as well.

When I finally did get up I wrote some emails to pen pals and surfed the net, and did some cleaning here and there.  I did some grocery shopping late in the day and then before dinner did some weeding in the flower bed outside.

We have been under a Tropical Storm watch all day and have had updates to the Hurricane Hermine.  It hit land in a place called St Marks Florida around 1:30 this morning.  It has been cloudy on and off all afternoon.  We may get remnants of it on Sunday.  IF truth be told I wouldn’t mind the hurricane.  We need the rain but we certainly don’t know the devastation. 

There was a news alert that Geoff Foxx ( former Connecticut Weatherman who left a couple of years ago after being fired  from a Local Fox channel for inappropriate behavior.) has announced he has pancreatic cancer.  He announced it on his blog today.

Well I have to start the dishwasher and I might do some laundry and then go to bed for a while.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

My Birthday

Yesterday started very early for me.  I woke up around 4 and decided to get up and have coffee and watch TV and check on the kitties.  Well they thought “Great we get fed early”.  They didn’t.  They got fed their normal time of around 5:30. I left at a good time and got to work on time.

When I arrived at my desk I found wonderful gifts of food, flowers, balloons, and eventually more cards, and through the day many birthday wishes from my FB friends and family.  I was still thanking many by the time I went to bed last night.

I met my sister and BIL for dinner at Jimmie’s Apizza here in Milford and we shared each other’s pizza’s.  We didn’t have dessert there but I did when I got home.  I found a floral arrangement waiting for me on the porch and they were from Jim. 

The kitties were enjoying the flowers too.  I slept on the couch last night just so they wouldn’t try to eat it.  I had to find the spray bottle.  I am thinking they didn’t bother it during the night but tried this morning.  Sky slept above my head while the princess slept in the back room.

Yesterday seemed pretty busy with the refund checks.  Yesterday was the launch date for the “rebranding”.  We had to change our signatures and voice mail messages to reflect the change.  We still won’t get the new letterhead until next week.  I guess some areas already got them.

Heard from Mama Roberta again this week.  I sent her a message earlier to keep her abreast of the condo search.  Anyway she is expecting the tropical storm that’s supposed to hit NC by Monday.  She says that her sister Marsha is fine but its pouring down in Tampa.

There are a couple of Hurricanes in Southern part of Florida.  One is crossing the Gulf of Mexico into Florida and if I read the radar right it is hitting the pan handle of Florida.  We got a message from Cousin Carol via FB that they are preparing for one of the storms and she is just south of Jacksonville.  I have friends in that state as well.

This afternoon I meet with Debra and then pick up my car.  Tonight should be fairly quiet.  I may focus on my pen pal writing.

Not doing very much this morning