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What Happened?

No I didn't really disappear this weekend but  I had some errands to run and by the time I got back home I got tired and wanted to go to bed.

Friday night I had dinner at Ihop with their briosh french toast and hashbrowns and eggs.  All but the french toast was good.  I came to the conclusion that French toast is not that exciting.  In any form.  Pancakes and crepes are what I like.  When I got home I had a long discussion about Lawyers and finances with Liz and it really got me on the defensive.

She wanted to know if I was okay with the bills the house bills and what I consider my private bills (the credit cards).  So she advised me to get one paid completely off an work on the others or at least I told her i would.  All through the conversation she was trying to reassure me she wasn't judging or criticizing. So we made lists of things that need to be done.    The conversation continued tonight and she feels she is bailing me out.  She doesn't want me to get angry or resen…


It is almost 6:30 and I should be getting ready for work soon.  I am really glad its Friday as I have mentioned its been a busy but good week here.

The kitties are running around and about to remind me that it is time for me to get ready for work.  They were pretty good that they actually went to bed when I did last night and stayed until about 3.  I Know this because I did my early morning bathroom run.  When it got closer to 5 Sky made sure I was awake.  They have been fed and I let them downstairs in the cellar for a short time.  They seem content.  I will pick up their food tonight after work.

Liz must have thought I lost it when I sent her a link yesterday about the surgeon who did the lung biopsy last August. She was wondering why I was looking for him.  I knew he had left the University here and was curious to where he ended up.  He moved to a health system in Montana.  I even told my Manager about it.  She asked me why he left.  Again I told her.  Later I begin to second guess…

Midweek Reflections

Work has been busy with rearranging of work assignments as far as who gets what when I disburse the work piles.  I was stumbling on how I would do it but it has worked it self out and is moving along smoothly now.    
We have a major union action early next month after our membership meeting and its going to be a big one.  This means I will have to miss the woman's club meeting that night  We are presenting a petition to the president I believe.
You will not believe what happened last night.  Mama Roberta stopped by for a visit and guess who came down to be social?  Sky! He sat with us and checked out Roberta for along time.  This pleased me very much.  Now we have to get Tiger a little more social.

Monday Musings

Another week has started and I am not sure what to expect.  I have a couple of meetings this week both in the confines of the office and out of the office.  We have a staff meeting about the mail delivery tomorrow and I always get anxious.  I have been doing what is required since the last meeting but there may be some new things.  The end of the week will be the health coach, Debra and the DTC.

The weather today is supposed to be nice but come mid week some snow is flying in.  The rest of the week is rain.  Sometimes the rain brings weird feelings and situations.  I guess it depends on how one faces it and allows it to control our lives.

One of the kitties had a hair ball (or something) right by the TV in the living room overnight.  I cleaned it up because I really didn't want to make Livia do it.  They are back downstairs again.  Of course Sky wants to go into the cellar but I don't want him to  right now.  Not sure what TIger is up to.  They slept well until 4 am on the bed t…

This weekend went by quickly

Friday was very busy work wise and my plans to attend the City Hall celebration changed.  I wasn't feeling all that well and my sister had prior comittments.  So I stayed home and eventually went to bed fairly early.

Saturday was a fairly lazy day I didn't do very much except for some laundry, did some cooking, and got ready for the sleep study.  I was surprised how I could still see some light in the sky (it could have probably be result of the full moon last night). 

The tech was really nice guy and got me all settled in by 9 and I was in bed by 9:30.  I had gotten up twice for the bathroom and he came in to check a couple of things.  I know I was awake a couple of times but managed to get back to sleep a very short time later.  I think I won't have a problem with the CPAT.  The cats will get used to it I have been assured.  I was woken up by 5:30 and was heading back home by 6.  The stuff the tech had to use to keep the sensors on my head made my hair really disgusting…

Just waiting

I am sitting here watching Hercules the Legendary Journeys on H&I (the former METV channel) and working on the minutes from last month's minutes.  I haven't gotten far on that one either.  I am waiting for the Peapod delivery.  Their are usually here just about the time of the delivery (30 minutes early sometimes but never an hour into the delivery time) .  Well this will be something to be aware of in the future. 

I had to stop by the mechanics to get a engine light checked.  They fixed it and I was on my way home.  The kitties were waiting for me.  They have been walking around me and playing with each other as well. 

I straightened up my kitchen a bit after finding the mop disintegrated in the bottom of the bucket with bleach water.  I called Liz and asked her about it.  She confirmed that it was the bleach I need to get another one.  I just noticed my blouse now has a bleach spot and so does the pants. I will have to find a replacement.

I apparently went into a confe…

Midweek Reflection

Happily I am feeling much better than I did yesterday and Monday.  I have fought the battle lost it and won the war for now.  Depending on how fast I get it again from someone else.  Almost everyone has gotten this mess.  As I said I wasn't the only in the family who got it.  When my brother told me he was still working while being sick I decided I would come in today.  I just don't want to be Paria to my coworkers.

We were having a great discussion on ettiquette in the  office.  Foods that were acceptable in the office and I was told that in some places you could be fired for not doing as required.  I found a great Huffington Post article on the most offisive smells that we eat.  So I have it close by to refer to when in doubt.  Then I found this article about office protocol and food. 

Tonight my groceries will arrive and I will be sort of ready for tomorrow night's meeting appetizer wise.  The other part is the minutes.  i have to finish those sometime tonight.  My inten…

Didn't get that much rest

When I found the litterbox emptied all over the bathroom I had to clean that and the litterbox.  While trying find the parts to the  vacuum cleaner in the attic Sky got up there.  I eventually got him down and tiger got up while I wasn't looking.  I figured she was under the bed.  Was I wrong.  She spent a good part of the day and at this point early evening up there.  Sky is there again too.  I can't find them and tried and got anxious.  I am going to let them come down on their own.

I have done some laundry and emptied the dishwasher and made dinner.  I may go to bed early and get ready for work in the morning.

WE had some sun and some rain and then a little sun setting.

Getting some rest-I hope

I will be staying home from work today to get some rest.  At least i hope to.  I have already been up since 20 of 6.  I fed the cats made some hot chocolate and tried to sleep on the couch.  I went back to bed until about 8.  TIger stayed with me while Sky slept under the bed I am guessing because when I came downstairs they followed me down.

It looks like I am not the only in the family with a cold.  Liz and Nelson had theirs until recently so you know i am going to stay away from them until I am better.  I also discovered last night that Jim has a cold too.  He chose to go to work but he wants to go to back to bed soon but he has until 3.  My hope is to go back tomorrow.

My plan as I said was to relax and get some rest.  The cats had other plans.  One or both of them knocked over the litterbox all over the bathroom floor.  So I had to clean it and the box and put in stuff.  I also had to spend time trying to get Sky out of the attic.  I am hoping Tiger is in the box mattress.  I was…

I have a cold

After spending nearly 4 hours at work and it was suggested by a co-worker to go home.  I called the Dr.  and got an appointment for 1 pm.  I picked up my lunch from downstairs and headed out into the snow.  I drove to the Dr.'s in pretty good time.  I got in and had my vitals taken.  Then their system had gone down apparently parts of Milford had lost power a few times this morning.  I first heard about from Liz  when I woke her up this morning.  I think I was out of the Drs. office by 1:30 and stopped by the pharmacy.  I had to wait about 15 minutes for the prescription of Z-pak and the nasal crap.  While I waited I had my lunch.  It was good and messy.  I have to wash my scarf later.  Anyway.  I won't be going to work for a day or two.  i called my supervisors and lead and explained to them.

I think it was nearly 2:30 quarter of 3 when I got home.  I was surprised to find mail in the mailbox considering this was a federal holiday.  What the hey?  I received a fellow Linden H…

Monday Musings

Today is Presidents Day.  Most schools and Federal offices are closed (yippee) and banks and I am thinking the banks are closed as well as the PO.  Which means not a lot of mail to do today at work.  I think my main focus will be the refund checks to mail out tomorrow.

I received a lovely invitation to my friend Debbie and Stan’s wedding during the night.  It will be in April on a Sunday afternoon.  The invitation included instructions for attending a Synagogue.  I am looking at the dress I plan on wearing that depend.  Depending on the weather of course.  I don’t expect to have sub freezing temperatures like this month.  I sent an email to Mama Roberta

Speaking of the weather according to the weather site its 7 degrees F outside.  We are supposed to get some messy weather this afternoon.  It is supposed to get warmer in the next day or two but not by much.

gy67uuuuuuuuu <——Tiger saying hello!  She loves this laptop for some reason…

Got to get ready for work

Not a bad day

I left here around 1:30.  my plans to see Liz changed after I had called the house and found out she wasn't feeling well so I decided to go there another day maybe in a few days.  I made it to Bingo early and had a few minutes to talk to Natalie.  I had told her about the changes i made and she said she had complaints about it.  So we went back to whom ever calls bingo gets it.  I was expecting a real chastizing but it worked out.  We didn't have as many people but I am hoping it had to do with the fact it was Valentine's Day.  The girls didn't come (not really surprised but I let Telka know).  I left there after 3 and headed to Panera bread for soup and sandwich.  Well I got half of it.  I didn't like the soup choices.

I could feel my head pounding and was anxious to get home so the decision for no soup was a no brainer.  I got home took some tylenol and started to eat.  Sky came down for a while.  He wanted to go into the cellar but I didn't want him too.  Tig…

It really is Cold!

I can feel it even with the heat turned up.  I need to figure out what to do with the windows.  Some of them are really old (not the pulley type old).  They were replaced over the years but now are showing age.  I would have to do one at a time too. Some have suggested that I put the plastic over the windows and tape it.  To me that is just low rent stuff.  I really don’t know the answers yet.  The weather reporters are telling everyone to stay inside if they can.

One of the kitties yakked during the night.  It was/is in the back room.  I am not sure what caused it but I have a pretty good idea (the different kibble I have been trying).  I will keep an eye on them both of them.  Right now Tiger is at my feet grooming herself and I think Sky is sleeping on the office chair in the other room.  He roamed around meowing for something.

The country is honoring the late Chief Justice Anthony Scalia who passed away from natural causes yesterday while in Texas.  It was all over the news and th…

Saturday Doings

Every time I have an very busy weekend I usually like to have the following weekend or part of the weekend to relax and catchup.  Today is that day.  I don't have to be anywhere if I don't need to and its pretty cold out to boot so I want to stay in with the kitties.  I have some laundry to do and some cooking but nothing that needs to be done outside.

I am sad to find out a dear friend of mine has a very sick kitty.  Jack has cancer and they don't know how long he has.  I met Jack a long time ago when I visited his Mom for our first "Andromeda" fan weekend.  At least i think that is the one.  I have followed Mardi ever since then and loved hearing about her babes.  I want her to know that we here in the  KP home are thinking of you and sending prayers.

You all remember when I wrote earlier this week that I yelled at the cats for something they did?  Well this article couldn't have come at a better time.  So since I found it on FB originally and looked into an…


Yesterday I thought I left my ID at home. I come to find out this morning I had it all day I just didn't look in my sneakers in the bag I had with me.  I attached it to my pocketbook until I got to work this morning and when I leave for the day its going back into my pocketbook until Monday morning.  Yesterday I had to depend on my co-workers to for their ID and or to let me in to the office.

I also misplaced my password list that I carry around with me "just incase".  I thought perhaps I left it at the office and it either got taken or I mixed in with someones daily work.  Neither of those two scenarios happened.  I found them last night on the night stand by my bed.   I am sure people are asking why I would bring them with me or why don't you put them on your phone etc.  I may not alway have access to my phone. 

Despite my work day disasters work itself went well but I could feel myself feeling crummy by the hour.  Anything that could ache did and my throat was start…

Mid Week Reflection

I can't believe its wednesday again.  It is the second day of snow events and much better than it had been.  Earlier this week.  It looks like we are expecting snow showers and flurries in the next few days even for part of the weekend.  For the last couple of days I drove along the shoreline.  Only once this week did I go on the highway.

The end of last week ended in a snow storm which was apparently more unsettling that I thought.  i continued to worry about the future storms and the alternate routes to take that would get me to and from my destinations.  Even Liz noticed it as well. The snow stopped in time for the weekend but came back by the end of it as well.

The party for Alex was a lot of fun and lots of food.  I think I have a new favorite Pizza place in Fairfield county.  I hope one day they come to New Haven County.  I think they will do well.  I was home by 2 that afternoon so I had missed the club Valentine Delivery but I wished I had missed the one on Sunday.   Not all…

getting a break

From the snow that is.  It must have snowed through out the night becuase I saw it come down around 11 in the distant light.  It had stopped snowing by this morning.  It was cloudy and it calls for it clouds for the day and more snow later some time tomorrow.  There is actually a Winter weather advisory for tonight into tomorrow.  It looks like its clearing up by the weekend.

Work went well seemed pretty busy with mail.  I spent a short time on the refund mailing but the rest of the day was spent on mail and sorting and batching eobs.  At one point I was the only one in my aisle.  Eventually two others and the supervisor came in.  I actually think a lot of people came in.

AFter work I headed home making a stop at my local garage.  I had them check the tires on my car and they said they were fine.  I took the opportunity to get a service check done on the car ( I was supposed to do it in October).  It is scheduled for Friday morning.

For Dinner I had left over stuffed pepper.  My co-wo…

Monday Musings

Its snowing again.  It started just as I was driving into New Haven this morning.  I had warned my Leads and Supervisors that I will be leaving the minute it gets bad.  I don't want the repeat of Friday morning.  At one point I was considering the best route to get home all realizing that it could get change at anytime.  Around quarter of three after working on the EOBS and opening the mail and refund checks I left for home.  Many had decided to stay home and many like myself left early when we heard the roads were getting bad.

There was a bus crash late this afternoon it is about 30 minutes Northeast of here.  It was a casino bus trip from Queens NY.  They were all treated at the local areas of Middlesex Hospital and YNHH.  Thankfully no one died but it created quite a mess.  It looks like it was cleared.

Went to get my bloodwork done and they didn't have my requisition from Dr. S.  So I wasted about 10 minutes for nothing.  While I was there I called them but they were not ope…

Glad today is done

Today was the Valentines Delivery at the Birmingham Nursing Facility.  Roberta and I got there just about 10:30 and we found Dr. T and Yung starting to set up and wait for the othres to arrive. Only one girl did but the others never did.  This is beyond annoying.  Apparently who ever was supposed to drop them off woke up late.  Did it occur to these delightful young and really irresponsible girls to wake them up?  Dr. T said if she had known she would have gone and picked them up!!!.  Dr. T was so pleased that 9 girls out of say 20 showed up to the one we did at WRHC here in town.  Big Freaking deal.  I am so flipping tired of these girls promising they are going to do something and then they don't.  I have asked them to come help me at bingo every Sunday.   They never show up!!! They make these promises and say call me. NO!  IF you are that interested check the club directory or even past newsletters and freaking look it up.

This afternoon's Bingo session was very frustrating…

Had a great time

I had a great time at the party lots of food.  I tried very hard not over eat but I already feel I did.  They got their pizza from a place called Planet Pizza.  The house is very beautiful.  I didn't get a tour of the place (well first floor where everyone was) and it was beautiful.  My Niece Olga's family was there of course Adam's immediate family was there.  We were there until maybe 1:30 or so.  The ride back to Milford was uneventful but I found myself tired by the time I got back home.

I took a nap for about half an hour.  Then i woke up and watched TV and tried to work on letters.  Now that it is after 5 the sun is setting and the plow guy is outside clearing the melted snow off the street so it doesn't build up before the temperatures drop tonight.  Uhoh.  I just was looking at the forecast and now most of the week may be snowy.  Great.

The kitties came down around 6 and wandered around for a bit and then settled down on the sofa's.  Tiger sat on my lap and s…

I knew this week was going to be long

You remember  earlier this week I said I knew this week was going to be good when I left things at home?  Well Yesterday and today were no better.  Cell phone wonked out on me and today I over slept and then the downstairs toilet overflowed and cascaded out into the kitchen.  I later learned my BIL was admitted to the hospital today because he couldn't breath last night.

Saturday Doings

Well with the most recent and somewhat unexpected storm behind us today should be fairly quiet weatherwise. Cold but sunny for most of the day and some clouds coming through tonight.  More sunshine it looks like for tomorrow but look out for the beginning of the week.

Today is Alexandra's birthday party in Fairfield. It is about 20 minutes from here depending on traffic.  I will meet up with my sister and her husband at their home and Liz will drive us.  She had a full on cold for the last few days so I am not so sure how she will be feeling today despite her reassurances she is feeling better.  This will be the first time I have been to my Nephew and his wife's home since they got married and eventually moved back to Connecticut from NY.  I am going to be wearing a nice outfit (at least I would like to think it is nice) my grey top and grey pants.  I am really getting a little nervous now.  I don't know how long we will be there it all depends on like I said Liz and Nelson…

Hairy Ride

This morning  was the latest snow event.  It was much heavier and more accumulation than originally predicted.  I left the house by 7 and drove up Jones Hill Road in West Haven. BIG MISTAKE. Even though I was going 20 miles an hour I slid like three times.  A RAD 4 in front of me was fish tailing and I kept my distance.  That same truck stopped at a CVS.  He looked rather unsettled.  I had  heard that route one wasn't touched and I wasn't sure about the shoreline route.  I managed to get to the office by 20 of 8.  It was quiet for most of the day as others came in at different times.  There were others who didn't want to take the chance at all.  The snow lasted until about 2.  I checked the highways just about that time and decided that I wouldn't leave until 4 but I would take the highway back to town.

Monday Musings

You know you will have a great day when you leave your cell phone  at home.  At least some level of peace and quiet and no distractions of texts and pictures.  I will have to charge it when I get home.
I  had a headache and neck ache for most of the morning.  I finally took something at lunch time.  I wasn't up to eating salad even though I had a sausage egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast.
Work was good.  Spent a  big chunk of the day working on refund checks along with the mail.  At first glance there was a lot but it was small.  I also had finished Friday's work as well.  We got our tax stuff for 2015.  I guess it was mid morning.  No email alerts it just showed up in our workday.

Now that I got the tax forms Liz suggested that I may have to talk to the lawyer and see if I need to file my taxes differently then I have in the past.  I usually do the EZ form and sometimes the regular form because of the donations I have made in the last couple of years.
It was a beautiful d…