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Stayed home yesterday

I was having a hard time with muscles, aches, and pains so I called out sick yesterday and spent most of it in bed either sleeping or watching  TV.  At times it was so painful that I was crying.    Liz came over late in the day when she found out I had stayed home.  She did pick up my plaquenil and brought me some dinner.  She did a few more things and then we sat and chat about Mom’s taxes.

Apparently Mom had been doing her taxes all wrong for several years.  When she closed out the Ameritrade account they didn’t take out the taxes.  So Liz is telling me it would be surprising if anything much  comes to me (or Lawyer bob).  It really doesn’t matter to me.  Liz knows I have been managing the bills and money better than anyone expected.  

We then discussed having a living will in case something should happen to me.  I always figured it would be her that I leave the decision making too.  It is something that needs to also be discussed with Debra and of course Bob.

Liz left around 5:30 and …

I feel a little bit better

I am feeling a little better with the help of the Tylenol but my back is hurting a little bit when I have to bend down.  I decided to call Debra and reschedule from OV to Phone session and she will call me later tonight.  I am hoping it won’t be during NCIS.  Although even if it is there is always the internet after midnight.

I was pleasantly surprised to find both babies on the bed until they decided they wanted to wrestle on the bed.  I think Tiger yelped and got thrown off the bed but she came back and then they took off again.  I knew from past experiences even if it is in play not to get in the middle of it.  One could very easily turn on me.  I would later find out that one of them chewed the cell phone charger adapter.

I talked to LIz today.  She was making plans to have someone do Mom’s taxes.  We discussed the fact they opened the closet door (and we may have to fix that one) and the laundry door.  She said she would try and come over and take a look at it.  I had promised to g…

Six Months Ago Today

Six Months ago today we sent Mom home on her final Journey where she is with my Father Bob, Brother Bob, both my grandmothers, grandfathers and her siblings and in-laws that waited for her.  Jim had told me during the whole illness, death, and post funeral activities that it never fails that six months to the day something usually happens (emotionally).  I have to say it hasn’t hit me yet but it may have earlier this week.  I am glad I have the kittens to help me if necessary.
I got my blood work done this morning and that took some time.  The lab tech was a little late but there were only five or six of us that needed something done.  I hope it indicates whether or not what I am having is a flare up of some sort.    Last night I was in a lot of pain I couldn’t use my hands that well, I couldn’t open the laundry door (I am hoping later will be different)  I was crying out and I think I made the cats uneasy.  I have to admit right now after having Tylenol this morning I am better but no…


I have been up since 6 because the cats were exuberant and wanted their breakfast.   I tried to get more sleep on the couch until one of them knocked the coat rack over (you would think i would move it) and knocked over the lamp (again) not sure the light is going to work tonight. We will see.

Since then we have had our breakfast and have been watching TV.   Sky really loves to walk over my laptop.   I did manage to get the acknowledgement document Phil has to sign in the mail.  The cats are running around again.  I have a few things still to do before the afternoon activities and weather event.  

Today is John’s Birthday.  I posted a Birthday wish on facebook after I saw Diane’s posting which included pictures I haven’t seen either in a long time or ever.  I think its a good time to call and talk with him.

School news includes finally sending the email via mail to Linden Hall school Alumni this week.  I tried to send via email several times and it wouldn’t work.  I saw recently some new…

Its the weekend

Well maybe not until I leave here but its the start  I am looking forward to it as I actually got a ticket for this play that my friend Nancy is directing.  Packy is going to be in it (packy is one of my charges).  It is going to be tomorrow night (weather permitting I guess).  Tonight I am having pizza with Roberta and Mike.

The woman’s club has the Valentines Delivery on Saturday afternoon.  It was supposed to be for Valentines but Dr. T didn’t feel comfortable exposing anyone to the flu if they don’t have to .  Pretty much everyone there was over it and the shut-down was lifted but the rec E-Dir was out sick.  

I found out that Expect Discount is closing their remaining stores in CT.  On some levels I am not surprised.  The times I went in there (at least in Milford) I I didn’t like it.  It was scummy, and the clientele wasn’t the greatest.  As I told one of my co-workers today I may be a Grocery store Snob.

Tomorrow the snow is coming in the afternoon so I need to go shopping in the …

Wasn't Feeling Great yesterday

I was having a hard time with arms, legs, and some weird headaches (from the side of the head) yesterday.  I did get some Tylenol and it finally worked but I had to take some Naproxen last night because then my back was hurting.  I ended up going straight home after work.

Work has been a mixed blessings.  The volume of the mail has been rather low (because of some issues with the PO) and so I have been helping out with other stuff.  As a result I have had lulls in activity.

I called the insurance agent I deal with to let him know I paid the house insurance in full and he agreed it was probably better to do it that when then the fees when you do it the installment method.  We discussed about re-evaluating the policy for less expensive but it can’t be done until the probate is finished (which according to Lawyer Bob will be in the next couple of months) and the insurance goes into my name.

I checked in with Liz yesterday she was working on some last minute probate stuff before it finishes…

I did it.

Yesterday afternoon when I got home from Liz’s I checked my emails and found an email from Chairman Phil of the DTC 4th District.  He wanted to know how I felt about rotating the meeting to various houses and that’s when I made the leap.   As most of you may remember  I have been going back and forth on the decision to step back from the DTC (Democratic Town Committee).  I wrote back letting him know that i have decided that its basically time for me to step back from the DTC.  I told him I felt I wasn't doing my job as a good Secretary or standing member and that the committee needs people to be able to do that.  I thanked him for the support he has shown me over the years and most recently during Mom’s illness and passing.  I haven’t had a reply from him=yet.  The next step is to fill out the papers and send them to Chairman Rich (yes that’s his sur name) and the rest of the staff.  I sent a copy of the email to Liz but called her and read it to her and she thought it was good. …

Last night's Storm not a big deal

The storm that we had last night was not all that bad.  We got about an inch of snow but the hard part was the wind and the frigid temperatures that we had today.  When I left for bingo the roads were not bad at all.  The sun even came out and has been out all day. The storm may not have been a big deal around here but up north may be a different story.

The only thing is I wish I hadn’t left my lights on in the car.  IT killed the battery for a short time.  After trying to find someone with jumper cables (Recreation Bob tried to help) I had to make a call to the garage.  HOwever, after letting it sit for a bit it started up.  So I called everyone back and told them it was fine and I headed to Liz’s.

Before I write about being at Liz’s I wanted to tell you how it was for bingo.  I was greeted by Recreation Bob and we hugged and I told him I was glad to see him back.  There was something about him that was much different than the other times I worked with him  either way it was great to s…

Heading to Bed

I am calling it an early night.  The woman;s club meeting was cancelled due to the snow and so its been a fairly quiet night.  Telka is requesting we reschedule the Valentines Delivery to the following Saturday to be certain there is no contagions at the NH.  I had told her Natalie was home sick with something.  
The kittens were playing for a little bit tonight but they have been sort of avoiding me.  I think its because I either stepped on them or wouldn't let them get into things I don’t want them into.  Right now they are sleeping under the bed.  I don’t think they liked it when I wouldn't let them in the cellar again or in the closet up in the bed room.
My own wrists are hurting so I took one of the naproxens so that I could sleep.  The wrist is feeling better a little.  I know its because I had the potato chips with dinner (I had the salad I didn't eat the other day).
I paid the house insurance bill tonight.  I still need to talk to the insurance agent and see if I can …

What a difference a day makes

I was feeling like crap for most of yesterday so I left at 3 pm and headed home.  My arms and legs hurt and I had a couple of those BPV moments and just wanted to go home but didn't until then.
I  stopped for dinner from Adams and picked up ribs, sausage and peppers and a salad.  I also got a couple of containers of frosting.  I was having one of those “eat frosting” moments.  I brought it home dropped everything and started eating.  While the cats watched me..  They wanted some of it (they being Sky).  I watched TV for a while the cats did their thing.
I did do a load of laundry and got the garbage out.  I couldn't move one of the containers as it is firmly entrenched in the snow.  I just took what ever was in it and put it out front.  There wasn't that much in the basket under the sink so I didn't empty it.
After awhile I did a load of laundry and took some muscle relaxant and went to bed. I watched TV (Independence Day was on).   I did get up to move the laundry into t…

We got the "wintery mix"

Well we got something like icy conditions which took me  some time to get it done.  I did it enough so that I could drive.  By the time I got to the garage it was completely cleared out.  The snow was coming down harder as the day progressed.  It stopped when I got home last night.
I started to wake up around 3 after I heard sky meow.  Although once he did that he slept with me for a while right under my neck.  Tiger slept on the bed for a short time.  Its funny you would think I could recognize the cats in the dark.  Not a chance.  I have noticed Tiger is softer than Sky.
Sky has been soaring to new heights in the last couple of days.  He has been in the hallway closet that goes into the spare room that I have closed off.  I tried to shut it with newspaper but it didn’t work.  He climbed to the third shelf of the book shelf in the office.  I can’t tell if he has been there today or not as nothing is on the floor.  He almost climbed in the washing machine the other day.  I may have to r…

Its the weekend again

Yesterday was the national Wear Red Day Woman’s Heart Disease.  I did along with several of my co-workers.  I had Vanessa take pictures of me and as soon as I get them on the hard drive I will post them.  

Work was very good.  I was all caught up just until I got a whole bunch of mail from the clinics and now I am back to where I was a couple of days ago.  I won’t take that long to get it done at least I don’t think it will at least until the next bunch come through.

After work i went to the pet supply store again.  I noticed there was some kittie litter on sale so I went and got it.  I also was able to get a second bag of kibble.  I was hoping there was a 5 lbs bag but they didn’t have it.  That bothered me but at least I have 40 lbs of litter.

Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling well again.  I was so cold and my arms and legs were hurting again.  I went to bed fairly early.  I had dinner and laid on the couch (but had a hard time getting out of) and eventually After a few hours I was feelin…

Two Birthday's and a Wedding Anniversary

Today is Mom’s 88th birthday and Bob’s 67th Birthday respectfully.  It is also Bob’s Wedding Anniversary to Ethel.  I think they have been married close to 40 years now.  Ethel made a post on Facebook and I commented on it.  Liz liked the original post.  My gifts to Mom over the last few years have been a live birthday card (me singing horribly).  For Bob it was either a gift card or some belated Christmas gift turned into a birthday gift.

Last year this time we had snow storm (not unlike what’s been happening this week) and we found out that Mom’s cancer had progressed a little more (or a lot more).  Two years ago.  Was Mom’s Birthday and a Mass being said for Bob.  That year I had given Mom a gift and she loved it.  The only thing is I can’t remember what I gave her.  

I called Liz at Lunch time but she was out.  This is part of the respecting/honoring boundaries and not call first thing in the morning.  She was out running errands and going to the acupuncture session.  I spent a few …

Did Nothing Monday

Monday was the storm that came in after midnight.  It dumped a significant amount on the ground and started up again after 2 pm. adding more to what was there.  By then it was iced up.  Don was out there twice clearing it up..  I am going to have to do the porch more than I did this morning.  I will have to do the back stairs too.
While the neighbors did their sidewalks and mine I stayed inside as my arthritis was acting up.  It hurt a lot for me.  So I took a nap or made lunch and dinner.  I spent time watching NCIS and a few other things while the kittens slept on my legs.
I called Liz a couple of times and they were okay.  They did their own shoveling and Nelson fell.  Liz says he is alright but it was a scary moment.  I suspect she had some envy when I told her my neighbors were doing my sidewalks.  She mentioned it twice to me.  
Work has been busy I am making progress on the Doctor mail.   There was no mail downstairs according to ML so if that keeps happening for now I can really…

Just waiting for the storm

I am sitting here in the living room and the kittens are literally wrestling each other and I am not sure if I should stop it or not.  I heard one little noise from one of them but they are not hissing yet.  They were sleeping until 6. I had a feeling they would be getting up soon its usually the MO.  

Anyway,  I saw the news and they are predicting the snow will arrive in CT around midnight.   They are saying that Fairfield county will get 6-8 inches while the eastern part will get 3-6.  I’m not sure what my friends in the North will get.   

i was considering putting out the rock salt before it started to snow but the weatherman says if the temperatures is down to 0 it will not do anything.  He did say the next 48 hours will be a challenge and quite messy.  As I told this lovely Nebraska blogger I am hoping for a snow day myself.  I then can do the vacuuming and floor washing that I put off today.

Before I left here this morning I called Jim.  We were catching up on our cat stories, our…

Having a Great Weekend

Saturday morning I ran some errands including getting my hair cut.  I had some time to relax before the Mexican Train game.    We had ordered from Silver Spoons (something like Grubhub) and we ordered from Wood & Tap.  I had a bison burger with fries. We started playing around 4:30 and we played until 8.  By then I was exhausted.  I left a short time after we finished with the promise to call Roberta to let them know I got home okay.

When I got home the kittens were waiting for me at the door.  THey have been really funny these last couple of days.  THey have been playful and loveable.  The playful part is at 1 in the morning for about 2 hours or so.  For the first time in days Tiger has been very loveable and she slept on my bed twice at my feet.  She even walked up to my face.  She still doesn’t late me pick her up.  They have been finding new places to see the sun.  Mom’s old office chair is one place.  When I got up this morning it was nearly 7.  I got some stuff done and fed t…