Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I thought

When the weather reports said it would be raining I thought it would be ongoing all day and all night nonstop.  It didn’t but cleared up enough to catch some sun.  Saw some stars too but don’t think that will be for long.

I spent most of the day working on the readdress mail with the daily mail interspersed in between.  I did also work on sorting the EOBs that I started working on yesterday.  The Gargoyle/Guardian Angel was a little more tolerable today. 

I was really tired by late afternoon.  I could feel myself dozing and that wasn’t good.  I did everything I could to keep awake.  Eating sugary things and drinking coffee and the Frappuccino.  I hope I can get to sleep tonight.

Speaking of sleeping I called the Sleep Study Center today and it looks like I will be having it (the sleep study) Friday night tentatively.  The insurance company hasn’t approved it yet but the Good Doctor will get involved and it should be okay.

Roberta came over today to give me some cat food she had to buy during one of her shops today.  She told me just how it went down and it was very interesting.  We haven’t seen each other since before the high holidays and since she has been back from Colorado.  I showed her my Facebook faux pas.  She also thought the reporting was stupid.  She laughed about the picture too.

Well the kitchen is cleaned up, the garbage is out front to be picked up and I have more laundry to put in tomorrow (not doing it tonight) so I bid you good night.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

We are heading into some heavy rain

We had rain today it was on and off and when I left work today it was humid.  The weather reports have been predicting heavy rains right up till the weekend.  I like the rainy weekends as I wrote to one of my pen pals tonight.  I may be able to catch up on things.

Work went well.  I spent most of it on re-address mail and made some progress but still have a long way to go.  Gargoyle made a comment to me and I wanted slap her silly.  LAS wanted me to tell Bob.  I can’t be bothered.  It was a birthday celebration for one of the Supervisors.  One I have known for 25 years. 

After work I went and got the cat food.  Different variety then what they are used to but I hope they like it.  They seemed to enjoy being upstairs longer than usual today.  They didn’t come down to greet me when I came home.  Now they are playing with the top to an empty water bottle.

I managed to finish the email to Loretta.  It’s only ten days late.  I will be working on the others over the next few days.

Well not much else…have a great night...

Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday Musings

Weather:  This morning was a little overcast but lovely throughout the day.  The temperatures didn’t go past 70 degrees.  There was a quick rain shower before we left the office but the sun was out as we left and it was a little humid. 

The moon seems very big tonight.  There are clouds covering it and it really looks like a Halloweens feel to it.  I didn’t watch the eclipse last night but many did.  I saw it starting when I went out to throw the garbage out.  It probably will be the las time we see the moon for the next couple of days. 

Tomorrow afternoon we are supposed to have thunderstorms well into the evening.  I am not sure it will help the drought we are currently in.  There is a lot of things I am not sure but I heard the report this morning.
  1. A commute the morning commute wasn’t bad but I didn’t leave until 7:20.  The afternoon commute however different story.  I think it had to do with the reopening of the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge today.  However it was opened over the weekend I think.  So I don’t know what the big deal was.

    B. busy but didn’t seem like I got a lot done but I try not to worry about it.  There is no shortage of work that’s for sure.  We found out that our co-worker is retiring in November.  She walked around announcing it to those who she thought of as friends and teammates.   Her reasons were the stress and morale were not decreasing and things at home are getting overwhelming.

    C. I touched bases with V & A regarding the Facebook Debacle.  They were surprised to hear I was reported.  They both agreed it was an innocent mistake.  I did ask a few others and they either didn’t think anything of it or laughed about and they also felt it was not a very nice thing to report me.

  2. Pen pals I received a lovely letter from Pam in OK.  I will be writing her soon.  I still have many letters to catch up on but by the time I want to do it I get tired and my energy wanes big time.  That was one of the reasons I was going to stay up was to write at least a number of them.  It’s not going to happen tonight.

  3. Kitties:  They are doing pretty well tonight.  They have been very quiet and spending a lot of time on the bed.  They didn’t come down right away when I got home so I had to go and see them.  I found Sky in the closet and Tiger on the bed.  They usually are running around the house but they aren’t tonight.

  4. Dinner:  On the way home tonight I decided I was going to make spaghetti for dinner.  Instead I made baked chicken wings.  I put some vegetable oil in a green dish and then patted the wings dry (and pulled a couple of feathers off/out) I placed them in the dish and sprinkled Mrs. Dash on it.  I put in the oven at 370 for 40 minutes.  The rest are wrapped up for another night.

    Well the dryer bell is going off so I am going to go and fold them and then go to bed.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


The morning was a chilly but sunny 57 degrees.  I tried really hard to stay in bed and had some success despite the fact Sky and Tiger were meowing like crazy.  I was still a little achy and stiff but I think now that I have meds and my vitamins it’s subsided for now. 

I am tickled pink that Tiger started coming back to sleeping on the bed again.  For several months she has slept everywhere but there (at least at night) during the day she goes up (evidence by this weekend).  However Sky chased her away last night which surprised me.  This morning while I was coming up to take my meds they were sleeping next to each other. 

Sky was very lovable.  She wanted me to pet her so we sat on the couch for a while and she was somewhat snuggly.  She is upstairs again now.  Sky is on the prowl again.  I am not sure what he was looking for.

The groceries arrived just about noon.  I was beginning to worry as it was cutting into the time for me to get ready for bingo and lunch.  I put everything away and now have to rearrange stuff in the refrigerator and maybe cook some stuff today.

The afternoon was somewhat weird.  As I was getting dressed the kitties were cuddled up on the bed together.  I took their picture not realizing that there was a reflection of me half dressed.  I posted it to Facebook and about an hour later I got a phone call from a co-worker telling me she got a message saying I posted the picture.  Well I checked my own messages and found a few more indicating that it looked like I was naked.  Well I called Liz as I was sitting in the car out in front of the nursing home panicked.  She was sort of laughing about it and if I had a better sense of humor at the time I probably would be laughing too.  Anyway she told me how to delete it and it worked.  I texted VH and asked her if she could still see it and she said it was gone and so did Liz.  Once that was taken care of I ran inside and took over for Natalie.  I would later find out that someone reported me to Facebook.

Bingo went well.  Marni was there and I managed to see Natalie for a short time. We played for an hour and of course I told Marnie what had transpired.  By then I was making jokes about it.  I don’t know how many residents were there but it went by quickly.  Marnie offered me some cake afterwards and we chatted for a bit 

When I left I stopped by my sister’s but both were resting or sleeping.  When I told Nelson that he said whoever reported me was not really my friend.  He doesn’t like social media.  He also saw the picture and thought nothing of it.

It after 4 when I got home.  I got on the computer right away and checked out messages and did some crossword puzzles.  Liz called me around 6 and we talked about the incident and she said there are things she no longer shares and has had to unfriend people because of the stuff that’s been posted on Facebook.  I felt much better about the situation and so we hung up.

I had chili for dinner and yogurt and then watched TV.  I straightened up the kitchen and now I am going to fold some clothes and continue with the laundry.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

First Weekend of Fall

Good Evening. I have been told this is the first weekend of the fall thanks to the news lady on channel 8.   It was a chilly start and not really bright sunny at 7:20 in the morning.  I was not feeling so great.  I have been having the runs a little and I am not sure exactly although it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to think it was the chips and dips last night.  I was feeling rather achy today.  The shoulder is hurting and as soon as soon as I had something to eat I took the meds.

The neighbors next door put up a fence.  It’s the one between their garage and the kitchen wall.  He came to me a couple of days and showed me where they were putting it and they were taking down the Rose of Sharon bushes.  They can do it because it’s on their property. The fence is nice and it will look nice.

Around 11:00 I left for the post office-empty, then I headed to the salon.  It was Karen’s birthday so we were treated to cake and coffee.  We had a great discussion and got my haircut.  I will post the new look tomorrow.

After I headed back to the house to get my id’s I headed to Liz’s to go shopping.  She invited me before I left for the salon. It was nearly 1 and after I said hello to Nephew Michael he was working on the new bathroom.  All that has to be done is everything connected and painted and stuff it will be done.

We went to the Burlington Coat factory Store in Stratford.  We were there for several hours. We each got something.  For me it was a blouse, a pair of black pants, a new dress for the baptism (and anything else nice) a coat, and a new pocketbook.  Liz got blouses and dresses, and a new coat, and hangers and stuff like that.  We left there by 4 stopped at D&D and then got home to Liz’s by 5.  I left there after about 15 minutes after showing off my “loot”.

When I left there I had every intention of getting the cat food and then have dinner.  Well I had dinner first at IHOP the crepe promo they have been showing on TV.  I had made it a combo with hash browns, sausage, and eggs.  I had a strawberry shake (I could have done without).  I was done by 6 and heading home.

The babies were ambling around the downstairs when I get home.  A lot different than when I left which was in the closet in the bedroom.  They were cuddled up.  Something I wouldn’t have minded to do myself.

I managed to get food shopping done and hung up stuff.  I have the other things to hang up when I get to bed which will be soon as I am achy again.  I also closed some of the windows as I am chilly.

Friday, September 25, 2015

One week down

Well I just finished my first week back at work with a headache.  The gargoyle was trying to be bossy boss again and she even did it in front of my supervisor.  I spoke to the supervisor and he reminded me that if she says anything inappropriate to me again to tell him.  Anyway aside from that and my trying to get stuff off my desk that was the extent of my day. 

I talked with Liz today and our cousins from Georgia came up for a visit.  They have a jam packed day and one of their stops was to see the Yale Navy game tomorrow.  Other than that will be with family.  They will be returning to Georgia on Sunday.  I spoke again to her this evening and asked her about the visit, and I told her I met up with a friend of Chris’s Girlfriend.  We also talked about the financial future with Yale (aka retirement things).  We also talked about our weekend plans and touched base a little about the baptism in mid-October.

I heard from Jim today as well.  HE wanted to know how I did yesterday (the conversation actually started yesterday) and he either forgot or didn’t know I was having the sleep study yesterday.  I explained to him that it was cancelled due to no authorization.  I then told him about getting the Handicap Parking tag.  Then he showed me pictures of miss kitty when she first came to him.  I haven’t heard from him in a while. 

I had every intention of updating files and working on letters but I just haven’t gotten much done.  Now I am going to bed…

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thankful Thursday September 24, 2015

  1. Thankful for my family warts and all
  2. Thankful for my Sky and Tiger
  3. Thankful for my job and coworkers who are my extended family.
  4. Thankful for the friends I have in my life.
  5. I am thankful to the doctors helping me manage my health and who got me through the latest health scare.
  6. I am thankful for the season changes. 
  7. I am thankful for the pen pals I have and making new pals.
  8. I am thankful for my home.
  9. I am thankful for the organizations I am part of.
  10. I am thankful family continues on the road to recovery for each of their health challenges.

Well since its Thursday it is day four of being back at work.  It has been a long week I think.  I am constantly working at getting the piles down and continuing to keep current and semi organized.  I made the call to the Employee service center to discuss the future and retirement.  She referred me to two other teams that would be able to help me out figuring out if I should do more with my TIAA Cref and my retirement funds and everything that includes.  There is one more day and more phone calls to make no doubt.

Today the furnace was given its yearly “physical”.  The guy was here before I left and got last minute instructions and reassured me he would not let the cats out.  I couldn’t help myself on the way to work.  I kept thinking they were going to get out and I wouldn’t find them.  Well they were fine when I got home.  Anyway, it’s cleaned and ready to start up soon.  I am not sure when I want to start the furnace up as it gets a little warmer during the day still.  I just realized it was this time last year I was starting to put the furnace on as it got colder. 

I met with Debra today it was the first time we have actually seen each other in a month.  It’s been phone sessions mostly because of the health and scheduling.  Even though we talked last week we focused more on the upcoming Benlysta infusions and how they are going to make me feel.  We talked about work, family, and of course the cats.  Our next session is going to be on October 1.  It looks like we will be meeting on Thursdays from now on too.

I haven’t heard from the Sleep study Center yet.  I don’t know if I should call them tomorrow or not.  I am really anxious to get this done and over with and soon.  I don’t think I have any appointments next week except for Debra.

I heard from my pal in Australia this morning.  Mary is having tough times right now as her father had been in the hospital.  At the same time it looks like she will become a grandma very soon.

 I still have several letters from Donna, Diane, and the others to write and that’s my intention this weekend.  Saturday is fairly quiet activity wise.  I can focus on these letters and manage to not feel so guilty.

Dinner was take out from Outback.  It was steak, steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes, and the bloomin Onion Ring.  I can feel its effects on me already.  It was delicious of course and easy to clean up from.

Well I need to go to bed as I am getting tired.  I hope you all had a great Thursday.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Didn't have the Sleep Study

I got a call today from the center and said they were still waiting on the authorization code from the insurance company but at that moment they had to cancel my study until they do get the info.  They will call to reschedule.  I was all prepared to do it but at the same tiem relieved because I would be leaving the cats alone-again.  Yeah i know they are cats and don't care and independent but I still feel guilty about it.  I am also relieved to be sleeping in my own bed. I have to admit I probably would have gotten a good night sleep.  I am tired now.

Work was fine.  As I have been suspecting all along the union is beginning preparations for our newest contract.  One of the issues is health insurance.  The current plan is due to go up and get expenstive for management to pay and as a result our raises and other items would be affected.

One of my co-workers also began working on organizing our Christmas party.  Its going to be December 4th in Woodbridge.  Cost will be about 48 dollars.  It should be fun..I believe the place is Birchwood.  Never heard of it but I am sure there are many places I haven't heard of around here.

The herbal tea is calling me and I need to answer...

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The last Day of Summer 2015

Today was the last day of summer 2015.  It felt like it first thing this morning but it got a little warmer as the day went on.  I managed to get out in it when I had to go to my car for my pocketbook at break time.  Then again at 4 when I was heading to Debra’s.

If I had my phone with me I would have known I didn’t have to be at Debra’s today after all and I would have been home a hellava lot earlier than I was.  Ah well.  It looks like we will be meeting on Thursday afternoon.  We probably will be finding another day and time for our sessions as her schedule is changing for the fall. 

Work is fine.  Still keeping up with things.  One thing I didn’t mention yesterday was while I was out on sick/medical leave our CFO Roger D died unexpectedly.  There is a collection still going on that I need to contribute to.

For Dinner I stopped at Adams Grocery Store and picked up some eggplant Parm and pierogis and onions.  It was a lot but I ate it all. 

My left shoulder has been hurting on and off all day.  I am going to take some Tylenol and have some tea and the hit the sack.

I have already packed my overnight bag for the sleep study tomorrow.  I am going to send the dishwasher through so the kitties will have dishes for breakfast tomorrow.  I can empty it Thursday night.

Monday, September 21, 2015

All around Awesome day

I managed to get up at 5:30 this morning and get the things I wanted done taken care off all before leaving the house at 7:05.  I had my infamous to do list and there were several things on it that needed to be done.  For the most part more than half was done today.  THe only thing that broke my heart was seeing Sky looking out from the living room window with these big yellow cat eyes and head tilted as I drove out of the driveway.

I stopped to get DD & and gas and managed to get to the parking garage at a very decent time.  Janet was waiting for me.  THe only problem I need to rectify is my parking.  I couldn't use my key card.  First off I have not been there in over a month and I didn't get  a statement.  Either by email or regular.  I actually could have probably found an old statement and caled them.

WHen I got into the office everyone welcomed me back and said they missed me.  Even my Director ST gave me a hug.  Eveyrone was looking out for me.  I even got a semi welcome from ML...with a left handed snide remark that another person heard and flipped her the bird.  It was quite amusing.

Anyway I was very busy and by the end of the day ready to go home but  I couldn't just yet as I had an appt w/ the hemotologist.  I brought him up to speed (even though he had some of the reports) and he was saying the numbers for today were all good.  I see him in three months.

For dinner I stopped off and Mama Theresa's and got shrimp scampi w/angel hair and brought it home.  It was delicious and I scoffed it all up.

The clothes I ordered from the Country Store in Massachussetts last week arrived and I tried them on.  I took pictures of them but I will post them tomorrow.  I was pleased to see they all fit.

Poor Sky was closed off from the rest of the house I am thinking for several hours as the door to the cellar was closed.  As i came in Tiger was upstairs and when I noticed the door shut I opened it.  Tiger went down and came back up and so did Sky when I called them.  They were down there for most of my dinner.  I finally got them up here around 7.  They have fresh kibble, fresh water, a couple of treats, and cleaned out litterbox and so they are set for the night.  SKy was nuzzling my hand for some reason.  Now he is sittin in his spot by the diningroom wall.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Big E

Yesterday morning The Eastern States Expo began its 21 day annual event.  It has been going on for 99 years now and according to the reports from the local TV station they have new vendors, new foods, and are dealing quite well with the some traffic challenges.  They have also the standby vendors. 

I don’t remember the first time I went but I have been there several times through the years and it was mostly with my friend Dave.  Some days were pure rain, sunshine, most times very long days as we never got home before midnight.  I remember seeing the Mandrell sisters, Trisha Yearwood, John Tesh, and probably a lot more.  There were some unforgettable acts too.  None that come to mine.  According to the Big E Website attendance Records were broken at 73,213 yesterday.  I am not sure what todays will be.  You can find the daily schedule on their website.  I am not sure when or if I will be going this year.  It depends on what is coming up. 

Today has been fairly quiet and lazy.  I have some aches and pains (the shoulders) and the breathing spasms have been hurting in the chest.  In no way think it’s a “heart attack”.  It’s just very annoying and at times painful.

I called Liz this morning to let her know that I had talked to Jim yesterday and told her the news he had some chest pains earlier this week.  We hadn’t known he was prone to this but when I spoke to him later on in the morning it happened to him right after he was here for Mom’s living treasure award (he had been in a car accident that same night on the way here).

The weather today has been nice.  It’s about 80 degrees and not very sunny.  I was going to the post office but I haven’t anything ready for there yet.  So I am staying here.

It’s Hawaiian pizza for dinner tonight and its here…

Friday, September 18, 2015

Fruitful Friday

I couldn’t think of anything for a title today so I apologize for the cutesy title.

It is nearly 1 in the afternoon.  The kitties are elsewhere in the house.  I was taking a nap back in the bedroom.  But now I am trying to figure out what I want do to do on the last day of my medical leave.

I met with my financial advisor for the Dryfuss funds and he says it’s doing well (even if I don’t have a lot in it).  Then we talked about other financial incomes/investments plus health.  I think I got back here by 11:30.

I talked with Liz today as she was taking my BIL to outpatient PT.  We talked about that meeting, last night’s meeting and what I am doing for the rest of the day.

The 4th District meeting went well.  Aside from me there were ten people.  I wasn’t expecting a couple of people and they showed up and the people I was expecting had to back out.  I had some help serving and cleaning up but for the most part I waited until today to clean up.

Now I just have a lot of chips and dips and cakes around.  I have already had some of the stuffed bread and cake and chips and salsa. I have also had soda.  I know I am going to get achy. 

I probably should drink the water that’s here instead of the soda.  I think I should stay away from the cheese slices here too.

Aside from the rebroadcast of Emergency at 5 pm there isn’t going to be much on TV tonight that I am interested in.  That may be a good time for me to work on a few things like the letters I got this week and over the last several weeks.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Yesterday's Prompt

Yesterday among my surfing the net I noticed a journaling prompt from LJ.  The question was “Do you use ‘To do list’. Well anyone who knows me knows I have been using them a long time and to a certain extend with success.  I thought for sure I could answer this one.  Some days I am better at it then others.  I do the list in between other things as well.  Sometimes I think if I get it done first if it will allow me to put more time to things that I want to do.

I actually have a couple of things I need to do before my appointment with the pulmonary doctor.  I do have the questions on my phone (just as some have offered in their responses to the question above).

I was having a hard time working on some of the 4th District stuff that I promised Chairman Phil for tomorrow night’s meeting.  I am not sure how many people are coming.  I was getting distracted by a few things.  For example the laptop, and a very handsome 4 legged dude. I did manage to get it done and mailed to Chairman Phil.  Still have to learn the methods of the laptop.

I got ready for the Pulmonary Doctor and left at a pretty good time and managed to get there just before my appointment time but had to wait for a parking space.  I got in the office and checked in and proceeded to wait what seemed like forever.  The waiting room was subject to all the judge shows.  One woman suggested we change the channel.  I looked at her and told her it’s not up to us to change it.

Anyway, He says I am good and that I can go back to work.  The wound has opened up a bit so he wants me to not wear bras for a few days or at least a sports bra.  He has scheduled a sleep study for next week.  He wants to see me in December.  He also says use the O2 if I need it.

I forget what time it was by the time I left there but I had every intention of going to the store to pick up stuff for the meeting tomorrow night.  Instead I stopped at my SIL’s house.

Ethel was standing outside with her “grand” pup Ben.  We sat outside for about 20 minutes and talked about the future.  The house is closing in a week and she will be staying with my Niece and her husband until Diane’s health issue is better.  Then she will go visit JH and H in Florida.  Then she is going to the Philippines.  I jokingly told her not to disappear on us.  However, as I said we haven’t been talking regularly even before Bob and Mom died or since then.

After our visit I headed home and then realized that the Dive Bar was open. Why is this important it’s where my Nephew Chris works.  He wasn’t there at first but the time I finished my lunch he came in to work his shift.  I hadn’t seen him in quite some time so it was great to catch up.  The food was good.  I had their Mother Loaded burger and home-made chips with garlic and cheese.  It was nearly 3:30 when I left there and headed home.

Now I am just hanging out.  The kitties were sleeping on the bed in my old room.  They have been doing the frequently this past week.  They have also been sleeping in some old spots they haven’t been in a while too.

Sky got out on to the front porch as I was coming in from putting the garbage out tonight.  Of course I grabbed him and put him back in and tried maybe one more time and I put my had on his back and forced him to lay there until picked him up.  The little stinker almost did a final time.

Other than the great escape it has been quiet.  I am going to watch PBS for a while and then go to bed.  I have a somewhat full day and it will be early.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What did I do today?

This morning after I posted my previous blog entry I managed to get the clothes folded but not brought upstairs.  That I can put off for now.  I probably will have more to do on that front.

I managed to call the Mayor’s office to find out where to send the proposal Lawn-guy provided for me last week.  The nice lady transferred me to the sewer commission and I had to leave a message.  Shortly after that she called me back and told me to send it to her and she would forward it to the consult.  I am going to mail it shortly after my shower. 

I then did some pen pal work.  I found a new e-pal from Alice and Rebecca’s Pen pal Groups on Facebook.  That’s when I had computer problems.  The thumb drive I had the revised intro letter wouldn’t work.  I tried it on both computers.  I lost my documents that I had been using.   So I had to update the one I had and sent it via email to the new pal and will save it (eventually to the pen pal file on Google Drive for the times I need to email it.  I also organized the pen pal folder on it.  I renamed it to Pen pal folder and moved all the individual pen pal files into it.

When I messed up on the thumb drive I thought I would do a virus scan check on both computers.  The one on the PC upstairs is still going.  The one on the laptop finished a couple of hours ago and there are no problems.  The thumb drive (I really hate this one) is currently sitting on the floor where I threw it.  Apparently I have been not “ejecting” it from the computers right.  Now I don’t have any thumb drives and have to wonder how do you reformat one when you get it?  Now I have to start all over on the birthday list and password list I was working on.

I also paid some bills.  So I am caught up for now.  I have a few due next week.  It should be fine.

I got a call from my financial advisor that helped me set up the mutual funds I have an appointment on Friday morning.  This couldn’t have come at a better time.  Its something that Liz has been wanting me to check on.

I also did some cooking.  I was looking to find roasted potato recipes and I found some but I needed shallots, and garlic.  I have neither one.  However, I prepared the pork loin to be cooked.   The roasted potatoes will be have to be for another day.

I have a large cookie sheet and put oil in it and then opened the package and realized there were two in it and oiled them up and seasoned with Rosemary, Thyme, and a lot of Mrs. Dash.  The directions said to cook it at 425 degrees for 20-30 minutes per pound (I am thinking an hour and 20 minutes).  I have some frozen vegetables I can cook up.  I am already getting a list for the Grocery store ready.

I talked with my family today.  I sent a text to Jim to let him know how I did with the mayor’s office.  He was pleased by that and offered to get a transmittal letter.   I didn’t think there was a need for it.  I called Liz and told her about the FMLA being approved, the proposal submission (neither of these I told her about earlier in the week).   I also told her about the financial advisor appointment.

Now I am going to run to the post office.

It was beautiful Yesterday

It was absolutely beautiful yesterday the sun was shining the humidity was gone for now.  Not sure about today or the rest of the week.  It was just lovely.  I do have to admit as lovely as it is today I may have to put on a sweater.  It’s starting to get a bit too chilly for me.  I had to turn off the ceiling fans.

I really didn’t do very much except update files.  Read over the “script” Jim sent me via text to call the Mayor today.  I didn’t think it had to be done right away but I won’t take forever to do.

When I wasn’t on the computer I had a late lunch and watched TV.  Snacked for most of the night.  I watched Nature until about 10.  Then went to sleep on the couch.

Tiger followed about an hour later and then Sky did later on in the night.  Once I got up this morning fed them and I headed back under the blanket.  Tiger came back for a bit.  She stayed with me for a short time.

I have a pile of clothes that need to be folded so I am going to do that.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Another Week has begun

Another week has begun and another week I am still home.  I made the appropriate phone calls at 7:30 to my Team lead but it was to voice mail.  I took the chance and called my co-worker and friend Lee Ann to keep her abreast of the situation.  Come to find out she was taking today off. I also told her of the most recent additions to the health list.   Including the TB exposure.  I probably should not have done that but I have already told a few of my neighbors.  I did include the reassurance that the Doc said not to worry about it.  Anyway she said just do as the Doctor says.  Then I accidently called Janet.  Don’t ask.  WE talked for a short time but told her I wasn’t coming in yet.

I slept downstairs last night on the couch.  It was fun.  If a little uncomfortable.  I did it because at least one (Tiger) wouldn’t be coming upstairs and so that’s why.  They both slept on my legs for most of the night.  As dawn nearly approached they became “playful”.  They decided to start wrestling to the point of Tiger hissing at Sky.

I guess I could say I was testing the theory of having a bedroom down here in the future like Liz suggested.  It isn’t quite the same but it has merits.

Since we have been up the kitties have gotten fed and have been chasing and meowing at each other (almost like a Marco Polo that humans do).  They ran upstairs when the landscaper stopped by with a proposal and the bill.  The proposal was to get money from the city to do some work from when they installed the sewer hookup.  When I asked Jim about it he suggested I call the Mayors office or the sewer department.  I think he is writing up a script for me to have when I call them.

While was waiting for him I called my office line and to check messages and found out the leave coordinator had called me last week.  I never thought to check messages. One of the calls was from the leave coordinator to let me know that they received the paperwork and needed to ask a question but they answered it themselves based on the last leave request. Anyway they are going to use my sick time and then vacation time.  Bottom line they approved my leave.  I called Liz to let her know the status.  I think I need to call benefits before she calls back and asks if I did to plan for the future.  At least that’s one thing off the mind (FMLA).

I have to prepare for the 4th District meeting this Thursday.  I offered the house as a meeting place and now I think it’s time to get those slipcovers ordered.  If I do order them I hope they come in time for the meeting.  I also have to finish the minutes from last meeting and the other two.

Right now though I am really anxious to update a few other files and get letters written.  I have some errands to run later…

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Cooking Session

After going to the store and getting the ingredients and a few extra things I managed to get it going late in the afternoon.  I put it together and cooked them for about 45 minutes.  First I baked them and then broiled.  It was a bit rare and chewy which means to me it needed to marinade longer than an hour or cooked longer.

The rain came around dinner time.  It was so windy the cats disappeared for a while.  Sky came out and slept with me at bed time but Tiger apparently stayed in the cellar until this morning.  Anytime she disappears like that (and yes I did go searching for her) and doesn’t come when I call I usually start to think she got out or was sick or hurt.  When I heard her meowing this morning I was quite relieved.  So I got up and fed them.  Tiger has been really very cuddly.  She even sat with me a few times and I managed to get this:

Now she is upstairs sleeping in the bedroom (I am guessing) with her brother.  Needless to say I am relieved she is safe.  I know I panic so much but she is important to me.

I am just watching NCIS “it’s all relative” marathon on USA until I get ready for Bingo.  I will finish it when I get back at 3 and watch for the rest of the night (while doing other things).

  I am not sure what I want to do for dinner.  I finish the kebobs this morning.  I put everything else in the freezer except the pork loin.  I don’t want to eat it for tonight.  I will cook it but order pizza tonight.    I guess that’s what I am doing.

The sun is out and it’s nice.  I wasn’t sure if we would get sunshine as it was cloudy this morning.  We are getting more rain later this afternoon.   Gee what a concept.  It will be a quiet night then.

Well I better get going….see you later.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday Doings

It is a beautiful Saturday morning.   According to the weather forecast its 62 degrees (and it feels like it is) and is partially sunny.  However we are supposed to get thunderstorms later on today and into tonight and tomorrow.  So that means whatever I need to do might have to be done this morning before noon. 

What would that be you ask?  Well I need to get a couple more things that I forgot on the list yesterday.  I am going to be making kebobs and I need peppers.  I have a couple things other than that too.  I also want to get to the post office as I haven’t checked it since maybe Thursday. 

So yesterday was the 14th Anniversary of 9/11.  I put the TV on did the moment of silence and a little prayer.  I couldn’t watch the continuous coverage of the reading of the names and all the services because it was heartbreaking.  So I watched other things.  It doesn’t mean I don’t care but I just couldn’t see it anymore

The rest of the day I managed to clear off the “pantry shelves” in the cellar.  I had started the night before but finished it yesterday.  My next job is the freezer.  My other goal is to straighten out my old bed room.

I called the Rheumatologist to see if they got the results from the retest on Thursday but they didn’t but she said not to worry about the test and or the UTI.  However, I need to see Dr. I (the pulmonary Dr) before going back to work.  That means I have another week before I go back to work.  I really was getting aggravated with the PA.  She was saying that next time I should have them fill out the FMLA that usually it should be a doctor that I see frequently.  They originally said to go to “them” first and then to them…so going forward if I have to fill out the forms again that I will automatically go to Rheumatologist.

I called Jim after receiving a text about going back to work and the next step.  I thought I would call and bring him up to speed.  He suggested I call then to let the office know I wasn’t coming in yet.  I can do it Monday morning.  I told him about the condo search.  He thinks $2k is a bit expensive.

When I talked with Liz later on in the day she was in agreement that it was expensive and a bit smaller then I am used to.  She suggested maybe making the dining room my bedroom and put doors up.  Have the wardrobe that’s in the spare guest room downstairs.  However, I like the two closets I have in the bedroom. 

Dinner was actually Steak.  I probably should have done a little more but I had chips and salsa so by dinner time I was not hungry.  Today will be the cooking projects I hope.

Before I do anything though I have to put in a new lightbulb in the bathroom.

Not doing very much this morning