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Last Working Day of 2011

Today is the last working day of 2011.It is pretty quiet right now.Throughout the office there are a number of people that are working and will either work until 4 or leave early to start their holiday activities.
I did get the lock box mid morning and there wasn’t a lot for either day.Now I am going to work on the readdress mail that is here until the Post office mail comes.
Mom had Olivia (the cleaning woman) come in and do nice things to my room yesterday.It looked good (aside from my desk looking like it was dumped on).Olivia has agreed to organize my room for the 2012.I acquiesced.Even Jim had some suggestions about letting her do it.
Called home this morning no one answered so I sent a text message to Emily and she told me they had been sleeping.Oh what have I done?They are probably hanging out doing what ever right now.
Cami came in around 11.She will be here for 2 hours.Gayle called to see if she should come in for the cash wasn’t really sure.Annette came in around quarter of 12 a…