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Last Day of 2017

It is the last day of 2017.  I am sitting at my house doing laundry  because Nancy’s machine either didn’t work or I did it wrong.  Which annoys the hell out of me.
I have been here an hour.  I had coffee, fed the kitties, and cleaned out their litter boxes.  It was very much needed.  I didn’t come last night because I wasn’t sure the roads would be great.  They had been vocalizing for quite some time now they are sleeping under the bed in the computer room.  
Yesterday as I mentioned we got snow.  Enough to use a snowblower and shovel.  It started about 10 and probably ended by 6.  I didn’t do very much of anything as it was tricky out.   I didn’t go shopping but will later today.  I do have to get a few things for Vlad and of course my two goobers.  I actually slept once I got back from the house and subway.  Thrilled Preston to death. I called Liz and chatted with her about the snow.  They were busy getting ready for tomorrow’s open house.  She was getting tired.
I got a couple of email…

I lost a friend today

My Friend Antoinette whom I have known since I was a child sent me one of those warnings (it's the one with Jay Smith wants sending a friend request).  I told her to stop sending them.  It isn’t true. She tells me another friend of ours sent it to her.   I said to her I love both of them but they need to check out or any other reliable source about these things before sending them out. I even sent a link with information indicating that you can’t get hacked unless someone figures out your password.
She then posts on her timeline that twice she has been chastised about sending things out that are not true and she was trying to be helpful.  She told us to get over ourselves.  Well I told her that she just lost a friend and that no one talks to me that way.  She needs to get over herself.  I am sick and tired of people thinking they can say and do whatever  they want with no consequences and expect me to be oh so grateful.  
Of course I told a few people and they seem to agr…

i tried not to go out today

If I didn’t have to walk Preston or go to the house to check on the kitties, or even go to work I would not have gone out today.  When i got to work I noticed the thermostat on the car.  It was 8 degrees!  By lunch time it was 14-16 degrees.  
The weather forecasts for the next few days is cloudy and very cold, and a possibility of some snow on Saturday.  New Year’s Day should be okay.
It’s been quiet here today.  I wasn’t sure if there would be a lot of mail this week and apparently there was.  Nothing came in for today that I can see.  IF it comes in tomorrow I will be surprised.  IF not I can do refund checks and scanning.
I had a dentist appointment tonight.  The whole thing took about an hour.  It was a hygienist and then exam.  I have to go back on the 16th for a filling.  I went and ordered something from Lassie’s.
As soon as that was done I headed back to the farm.  Speaking of that Nancy would like me to stay a little longer than planned while they stay a few extra days.  I fed V…

Last Thankful Thursday of 2017

1.         I am thankful for my family warts and all.  Everyone is still celebration Christmas Season.  My Niece Diane and her husband are visiting family in DEutschland.  I made the traditional Holiday calls to family.
2.       I am thankful for my kitties.  They have been doing very well being on their own for the most part.  They have been getting into places they don’t normally get into.  Nothing Dangerous though. 3.        I am thankful for my job.  Been on Recess this week.  Today is the first time I have been working all week.  I will tomorrow.  We return to regular schedule on Tuesday.
4.        I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health. Didn’t have the annual sinus/bronchitis cold I usually have.  Did have a few coughs but its fine.  I see my Cardiologist on the second.  
5.        I am thankful for my neighbors.  They gave me great gifts. A BEautiful Sweater, cookies, and treats for the cats.  Sadly I think one is going to lose her home.  …

Now I know why !

Now I know why I was told to do a few things concerning Vlad.One was not to let him in the guest room where the mice were.The other was not to leave kibble out (or leave the door to the laundry are open) because he would get into it and he did.Last night as I was about to get water for Mars and Venus there was Vlad in the room. Usually he kept his distance but not that time.I panicked and tried to get him out.The more I tried the more he buried himself under the bed.He even tried to bite me. As usual I got frustrated.
I was thinking out loud a lot of things like they shouldn’t have mice as pets (not my call I realize).Then it dawned on me to get treats and shake it and did he move!I ran upstairs got the water freshened and closed the door.Amid all the stress I somehow closed Preston in the upstairs bathroom!Of course by bed time everyone was fine.I checked on Vlad a few times who decided to sleep in Olivia’s room.
Today the Handyman came to fix the toilet. When I called him this morning…

I had a great time

I had a really great time yesterday at my niece’s home for Christmas day activities.  The ride up was nice.  Most of the snow along the shoreline had long since melted but not in North Haven.  It made walking a little dicey.  
Cheryl’s immediate family (sons and family) were there and eventually everyone else arrived.  I got to hold my great niece Mia who is probably not even a year yet.  She was smiling and happy.  Eventually everyone arrived.  The only thing that wasn’t a good thing is I had given presents to the kids at different stages and Liz was annoyed with me that I should have waited.  
There was a lot of food  finger foods, then the main meal (posta, ham, chicken, rice and beans) and of course variety of side dishes.  A few desserts.  I look forward to seeing the family photos.  I haven’t even seen the one from Thanksgiving yet. (No judging).
It was nearly 4 when I left.  Stopped at home to check on the kitties and then came back here and fed them and watered everyone and took …

Christmas Day 2017

It was dark and rainy when I woke up this morning.  I got up and did a bathroom run and ended up having to plunge the toilet.  I got dressed and eventually Preston got up.  Vlad was looking for some attention and seemed indignant that I wasn’t going to feed him yet.  
When I got back from the walk I fed them and the fish.  I checked emails and then headed home.  I met the neighbor Greg as I was leaving.  He ran to get a paper I guess.  It sounds like they have two dogs.  Must be fun.
I think it was sometime around 7 and it was snowing.  Happily not many were on the road.  I slid a little but I wasn’t spazzed out by it.  I got home and Sky was waiting for me.  I didn’t see Tiger at first and my first thought was something was wrong but as I called out for her a second time she came.  I fed them, and then got into my pajamas.  
Once the cats were fed I opened my presents from the D’s and from EX-SIL and the kids.  One was a beautiful Gray Sweater, the other looked like a shirt that said I …

Christmas Eve Day 2017

I was up early but not as early as normal.  Preston was buried under a blanket and Vlad on the corner of the bed.  I got up and fed them and gave Preston his med.  I fed the fish and the others get fed  later.  
I gave Preston his walk and he was cooperative and great about it.  The dawn was breaking into red and orange and it was lovely.  While on our walk I noticed that there was a new house being built where another long standing one was before.  I think it may have been anew condo site.
When we got back I gathered everything I was taking back to the house with me.  The gifts that needed to be put into their bags, and envelopes.  I brought the outfit with me and my phone which is completely dead and I can’t find the adapter.  I really need to get a new phone!
The babies were waiting on me at the door.  I didn’t go over last night for a tuck in.  I figured they would be hungry enough.  They were not warming up to the canned food.  I gave them some attention and opened the cellar door a…

What a week

What week~I left here around 12:30 or so on Sunday and dropped off the Christmas cards I wrote out in the last two days.I then went to DD and got some hot chocolate and then headed to the nursing home.I was early.Tracy and her daughter were getting things set up and so I watched movies with the residents.
We played for a good hour and taking turns with young cole in his santa hat.There was one issue between a couple of residents that I called Tracy to come down on.She stayed for a short time until she felt okay about leaving them.One of them was yelling at the other while doing bingo and managed to scratch her.That moment is when I start to rethink about volunteering.
After Bingo I went grocery shopping and Christmas shopping all at once.I got a lot of gift cards that I would divide up.Until recently I thought I had misplaced one and found I didn’t but I also needed an address and got it this morning.
I made dinner when I got home that night then eventually had my meds.I also called Hawk…

Feeling Better

After having a very decent sleep last night I am feeling much better than I was yesterday.I got up at 5:30 in the morning on a Sunday when most people are sleeping (that I know).
We did our normal routine but today I let the kitties down in the cellar.I had to go down to check a few things so I can get grocery shopping done some time today.They went down and then came back up.
I managed to get 4 more cards written to family.All the while checking sites for addresses to make sure I have it correct. I am still anxious to do make my own address book.That will have to be a project for another day.
The sun is out now and its 27 degrees out. It looks like a beautiful winter scene out there. I will be going out there soon like I said yesterday.
I can’t believe that a week from today is Christmas Eve! I clearly have been letting the holiday go by without any real organization but when I talk to others, they have said they haven’t begun shopping or have done anything for the holiday. I have allowe…

Hope to

My hope this morning was to get more cards written out before I head to the hairdressers for my haircut.I managed seven or 8 but didn’t mail them.So I managed one more later on in the day. Then I was going to do some shopping as much as possible.I get distracted easily (might be the ADD).It also doesn’t help when the only other computer is slow.I did send ecards to the cousins who haven’t shared their addresses yet (they recently moved).I am concerned that there is no notification that it was sent.Luckily I know two of them received them.So now I am confident that they will get them or have gotten them.
While I was addressing some of the family ones I discovered a couple of things about a couple of my cousins.They both moved to new locations.I just hope they don’t mind that I got their addresses.
Tiger thinks I have gone nuts again.This damn computer I am using is just not cooperating.It’s taking too long and I got really aggravated with it to the point now I had a headache and upset sto…

Snowy Friday night

It is after 6 at night and I am about to do marathon Christmas Card signing and addressing.It is snowing out and has been since 2 or 3 this afternoon.It was definitely a slow ride home but I had to make stops.
The first stop was to the Post office to mail the four cards I addressed last night and to buy about 40 stamps.Once I go through all of these I will buy more.The second stop was to Adams to pick up dinner and dips for me to snack on tonight.
I think I messed up on the list.Some names are checked off as being done and I don’t remember doing them and the dates seem wrong.So I am going to be a little more careful with it but if I feel I didn’t send it out I will send another one.
I found my address book (the hardcover book) in my bag.I had though I lost it long ago.I have to update it.I also found the note book inserts alphabetically which reminded me that I wanted to find a three ring binder to make my own address book.Of course trying to figure out how I want to do it is a little ag…

Thankful Thursday

1.            I am thankful for my family warts and all.  I heard from Jim in the last couple of days and it sounds like he caught that stomach bug that everyone else in the world got.  Liz and Nelson got a new chair for Nelson and gave the old one to my nephew Rich.   Rich came over last night to put fix on the window that blew open sometime Wednesday morning.  He is going to make a wood stop for me to put into the frame so it doesn’t open.  2.            I am thankful for my kitties.  I am glad they didn’t try to get out in the cold air from Wednesday.   They have been doing their stuff.  I have the first of two vet appointments after the new year.  Should be interesting to see how it goes. 3.            I am thankful for my job.  We had our holiday party and it was a huge success.  We surmise that about 300 hundred Yale Medicine.  The food and d├ęcor was incredible.  I did some dancing but had to stop when I was having the beginnings of a wardrobe malfunction. 4.            I am …

Another Explosion

There was an explosion at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York this morning.  An alert popped up in my email and began the details.  They are uncertain of the origin of the explosion but evacuated a few of the subway lines.  IT's about 20 minutes East of where DIane and Rogier live (if I know my directions).    I sometimes wonder if she could feel it or see it from where she was.  I guess it’s like here.  YOu can’t always hear noises on the other side of town.
ON the upside Today is Diane and Rogier's Third Wedding anniversary!  Did I send them anything? Nope.  Do I ever? Nope.  Unless you count  FB messages!
Work is fine.  Spent the morning scanning and the rest of the day doing mail.  The couriers redeemed themselves in my eyes.  They got here by 12.  Had the normal volume of mail.  I finished by 3.  The last hour consisted of readdress mail.
Today must have been bring in food day because there is chili in one aisle and lasagna in another and I turned down both!  Only be…