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why do I do this?

I think I am going to stop sharing everything with people!I was telling a co-worker that (I tell a lot of things to) that I got my order and she had never heard of it but when I told her how much it came to she said that was too much.I found myself justifying why I got it and she insisted it was too much.I told her I wasn’t discussing it with her.I am not sure what I was really expecting her to say probably.I was hoping she would be “supportive” if that applies here. I do admit I wasn’t expecting it to be that much money for five pieces but I should have considering the pair of pants I paid Liz for last week were $60.
I didn’t really sleep well last night. Between the coffee and the tea and a few online aggravations in some of the forums I am on I just couldn’t sleep.I nearly rolled over on Sky a couple of times too.I did stay up and write a letter to my pal Aatifa and while I was sitting there on the couch princess Tiger sat above my head.I don’t think she has done that for a …

The weekend has arrived

Another weekend has arrived and I can’t seem to get going.I had all these things planned for this weekend and all I want to do is sleep.
Yesterday was a huge success for me. I worked until 1 yesterday and then had my appointment with the Rheumatologist. Actually it was with the Nurse PR actioner. I was a little late but apparently so was Anita.Aside from the fluid in the ankles and the weight I am doing okay.Sadly Anita is retiring in December.She says they are looking for a replacement but they don’t know when.When I was leaving we promised to keep in touch.I have to get some lab work done. I might get it done today.
After that I headed to DMV and got the title to the car.I had to pay for it again this time it was $25.I had to sign an affidavit to say the loan was paid off.I was out of there in 45 minutes I think.I was home by 4.I called Davis W at the insurance company and I called Liz.I just want to get last minute advice from Davis before I mail it.
When I got home I had some chicken…


After I finished some of the healthlogic for Tuesday, I went and did the scanning.  Since the daily mail was not here I kept with the scanning until It was all done.  I admit I took longer than I should have because I was also updating my to do list so that I can be more specific in my tasks and when I do them to focus on those particular tasks. Not saying it will work.
After a stuttering start with the cell phone I managed to order a floral arrangement for my friend Rosa.  It's all purple and I seem to recall that she likes purple.  I don’t see her often (usually at fundraisers or rally’s or forums).  The florist said it will be delivered tomorrow.
I found my work ID this afternoon.  After spending two days looking and not finding it.  IT was in a side pocket of my bag that I carry.  Kicking myself for it.  At least I didn’t cancel the card yet.
Tonight is the retirement dinner for TMJ.  I am looking forward to this a great deal.  Will get to see many from Butler Building days (my f…

Thankful Thursday

1.        I am thankful for my family warts and all.  Everyone is good.  Liz and Nelson are doing an overnighter upstate CT for a lecture they are attending.  Jim is good fighting another cold I believe. 2.        I am thankful for my kitties.  I am thankful they didn’t leave any delightful gifts for me this morning.  They did wake me up at a decent time (normal 5:30).   3.        I am thankful for my job-Still playing catch up and getting a lot done.  Going to a retirement party tonight for a dear co worker of mine. 4.        I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health.  I see the Rheumatologist/LUpus NP tomorrow so we'll see how it's going.  Probably good.  Weight will probably be an issue. 5.        I am thankful for my neighbors.  Some have returned from a trip safely.  Others are in town visiting for a short trip. 6.        I am thankful for my home-Everything dried up nicely after my water works event yesterday.  Just have to straighten u…

This week is about catch up

The mail has been rather slow this week since Columbus Day.  At least that’s how I look at it.  So I have been able to catch up on what I call the re-address mail.  Mail that's not really important but it is on some level.   I still say some of this should be sent to addressee's home and not here.  I am hoping to get it all out of here by the week’s end.  Hopefully keep on top of it from now on.
The whole insurance/vehicle/dmv thing is still going on  I tried to call the other number I was told and went through an entire automated system.  All I want to do is to speak with a human being!  This is going to take some time.  I am hoping by some miracle that the actual copy of the title shows up in my mail.
I have been busy in the pen pal world.  I just recently wrote my California Pals to see if they are all safe.  I mailed one this morning two others will go out this afternoon.  Of course my computer decided to wig out on me.  I am still updating all files and revising documents a…

It's supposed to be fall right?

It is October 10th and and at 6:15 in the morning according to the thermostat on the fan in my window it was  70 degrees out.   But when I got in the car it said 62.  IT was still warm.   It actually won’t be like this for much longer when I looked at one of the weather sites it said the temperatures will go to normal for this time of year.  
Last night was semi productive.  I rearranged some of my clothes and closets.  I have a rather large bag with clothes that are either stained or ripped or too big to wear.  I put my summer clothes in the spare room (my old bedroom) and rearranged the closets in my bedroom.
Right after that I sat down and signed in for and it was fairly easy.  I was expecting a whole bunch of questions and I didn’t get them until this morning.  That also didn’t take long.  I hope I chose okay.  But as Ann says if I don’t like it then send it back.  They will let me know when they send it and all.  I have to say there were some pictures of women who chose stu…

Columbus Day 2017

Today is the day we honor Christopher Columbus and all that he has done including the discovery of AMerica.  It seems there is new evidence or issues that are coming up.  Over the weekend a statue was vandalized in New Haven and the police are investigating it.  
I like today because traffic was light and I got here in good time.  I even got here before my supervisor and was able to put the magnetic clips I bought on his desk.  He chuckled when he saw them (the one he had prior broke) and I don’t have a poker face so he knew I got them.
It was  quiet in the office today as I mentioned over the weekend people took off today to have a long weekend.  It’s nice.  As I expected not a lot of mail coming in and what has come in were part of the redirecting mail that I am doing and small amount from weekend.  Spent most of the morning on readdressing and then I did  work on some  refund mailing. Which if I stuck through it would have taken me an hour but as I said the weekend mail came.  Both S…

A Gloomy Sunday

I woke up to a headache today.I think I was on the pillow that causes that I must be allergic to (sleeping directly on it without the pillow case). I took some Tylenol with coffee so I am hoping it will go away.Either that I will be making jaunt to the bathroom soon.
It looks like we will be getting the effects of Tropical Storm Nate for the next couple of days.It’s a good thing I wasn’t planning on going out and attempting the weeding today.It’s been obviously windy but not gale force.It was in the mid 70’s according to the thermostat on the fan in the window.I will be surprised if it gets any worse.At least I can test the car’s ability in the rain.I stand corrected it’s raining now.It smells nice.
I showed Liz the documents (via text) I got from the DMV yesterday and she said it does say Title but it’s not like the one she remembers.She recommended I show it to the adjuster and I told her I already did (at least I hope it went).I am relieved it came when it did I was thinking it would…

Star Wars and cooking

Today was a fairly quiet day between watching the Star Wars marathon (original and prequels), cooking, and pen pal hobby organization.It is supposed to be a rainy day and what better way to spend it?
I have to admit I didn’t sleep well last night.I think it was the amount of coffee I had yesterday and the loud (ahem) noises through out the night.Among the noises was someone on a motorcycle running its engine and racing back and forth on New Haven Avenue.
The noise startled Sky.Not sure how it affected Tiger but when I came to check on her I found her under the reading table and chair in the dining room.I tried to get her to come upstairs but she wouldn’t have it.This morning they seem alright they ate and did their routine.Tiger is out back, and I imagine Sky is in the computer room.
I know I mentioned rainy day but at the moment it is overcast and 70 degrees.Even though I can feel the cool air.It’s been in the 70’s all morning.I can’t remember if it was like this last year.Actually I th…

A slow day

I got to work just about 8 Friday  morning and jumped right into the scanning session and was finished by 10.  Since I started this morning a few more (according to AC) came in and so AC will wait until MOnday to do them.  We discussed the need for scanners but we are  going through a lull right now it seems.  The same for the refunds .  The stuff that is coming in is already done (by AC) and JT.  AC says not to worry if I jump into the scanning (this is also for the future).
I spent the rest of the morning making up the labels for  the re address mail. It is always time consuming as I  have to look up the addresses in the directory and other places if I can’t find it.  I continued to do it well into the afternoon after the mail was done.
The mail was done by mid afternoon and someone questioned me as to why i did the mail when i should have been scanning.  I explained we were caught up.  Too bad.  I think we are falling back into dangerous habits again.  
The slow pace also allowed me t…

Will Be Posting

I haven’t posted the Thankful Thursday yet but I will when I get home.  I worked on it last night before going to bed.  It was very warm last night and this morning.  If I read the thermostat on the fan it was 70 degrees and then as i left this morning it was in the mid 60’s.  There was an article  on that discussed  the predictions for Winter weather and I took it as:WTF?  That’s what happens when I don’t read all the way through.
I spent the morning working on the scanning and refunds and readdress mail until the daily stuff came.  I was expecting a high volume of the mail today and I was surprised because we didn’t get that much yesterday and so I finished the mail by 3.  The rest of the time I went back to re-addressing mail.
I had a session with Debra.  We talked about everything that’s going on and how we deal with it.  The way I react is much different than 15 years ago and even though we are probably discussing the same thing it's not the same way as then.
It was ne…

Thankful Thursday

1.I am thankful for my family warts and all.Heard from my Brother last night and it seems that the doctor feels it is not cancer and the lymph node will be watched.Very relieved to hear that.He shared the info with Liz but I question some of his replies and messages to her…They have a tone of meanness to them and I don’t know why.

2.I am thankful for my kitties.The kitties are doing pretty well.They have been affectionate (some more than others) of late.
3.I am thankful for my job. As I said earlier this week things at work I find okay.I believe morale boosting activities are coming up and some again are unappreciative.Mail was very light yesterday so I suspect it will be heavy today.Will be finishing scanning first and then going back to the readdress mail.
4.I am thankful for the Medical profession that keeps me on the road to good health.I had a good session with Courtney yesterday.We talked about a few things for the upcoming week.I see her again on the 16th.I believe.
5.I am thankfu…

I have to s ay

I was thinking how should I start this entry today and as I look back over the last week it's been pretty good.  There may have been some moments that I  had doubts or felt I didn’t follow through on things but in the end it turned out pretty good.
Despite my misgivings on things at work this week it has been going pretty well.  I have been busy and continue to be busy.  We had the long term service Breakfast on Tuesday and that well very well (despite others saying otherwise).
I made progress with the pen pal organizing yet I still have much more to go.  The swaps were a huge success i think.  I will be working on more letters this weekend.
I think I did pretty well with the cooking of the stew.  I have a few more recipes I am anxious to try out.  When I cook I focus on only one recipe at a time.  Besides I also don’t have many crockpots in my possession.  I bought one over the weekend at Wal*Mart and it was a good deal.
Things in the family ok.  Still waiting on the prognosis with J…

Long Term Service Breakfast

Today was the Med School’s Long Term Service Breakfast held at the  Child STudy  Center .  A fairly  large delegation from the office went.  It was a buffet of all breakfast stuff.  Muffins, doughnuts, bagels, etc.  THis was a big challenge for me as Courtney asked me to snap a picture of the buffet and show her what I was going to be facing.  SHe would be there via text to help me choose even though we went over the list  at our last visit.  WE will discuss it at our session tomorrow.  It was  a continental breakfast and there were many there who were less than appreciative for it.    Throughout the day i heard many times they were expecting pancakes, sausage, bacon.  I was not only getting annoyed but disgusted because well... They didn’t have to do this.  You want a full on breakfast?  Go to a restaurant.
I wore  my black and blue floral dress .  Even though it was  cool temperatures.  I expected the  temperatures to go up later.   I felt really good and chilled by the time I arrive…

Early Morning Again

I was up before 5:30 again this morning and this time I wasn’t opposed to it.I was surprised to find the kitties at my feet for the entire night.Usually they are up and anxious for me to feed them.
As you all know I wanted to be up early to start the stew well that happened. So I got up did our routine mixed with the final preparations to begin cooking.I got everything started and followed directions.I let it cook on high for the first hour and just before I left I turned it down.Doing that made me late for work.Anyway, I got home just before 6 and had some and it came out very nicely.After it cooled I put them in containers and put one away for Jim.I have two containers to have for now and all week.I actually put the lid in the dishwasher and sent it going.The other stuff is waiting for another load.
Well work went well despite my expectations of it going wrong.The only thing that went wrong was I was late.I was able to call Lauren on the way in.SR was looking for me but not for anythi…