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Summer Camps

I was wondering lately about summer camps. Now that summer is in full swing do you send your kids to summer camp? Where do you find them? I recently checked out this site and it looked like a really good resource of day camps and residential camps all over the country and specialized programs. There even some right at Yale University. I can probably expect to see young people around the campus as well this year. I did notice that some camps start in mid June. There are a lot of school systems that finish late don’t they?

I have been to two residential camps (maybe three with my family). One was in Sharon CT (a Girl Scout camp from hell) and a Boy Scout camp in Winsted. My explorer post went to that one for a week every summer to learn things about the police department. The third one was for camping and they had activities. It was called World Fellowship in New Hampshire. Two of my cousins worked there during a few summers.

Anyway, when I would visit the sites for the camps I would …

Didn't feel like writing yesterday

I am sorry about not writing yesterday but I just didn’t feel like it. Thursday night before DTC Mom and I got in to a stupid argument. Her had cramped up while she was parking the car and I offered to drive home afterwards she took offense. I got mad at her for being rude to me and told her not to talk to me like that. I also told she was never to talk to me like that again. She told me I was disrespectful and I threw it back in her face. So we have been walking around on egg shells. She had also noticed I was on Facebook at 3 pm on supposedly on a work day. The first thing I said is I was on break. She didn’t like it. Then when she said it was the last couple of days I knew she was wrong because at the time I was busy working. I checked my time line and there was not one thing that said 3 pm. I told her to show it to me. She got mad.

Now when we talk its stilted and she continues to be short with me. I am tired of this. She wonders why the rest of her children either don’t call her …

Thankful Thursday for June 28, 2012

Thankful Thursday list for June 28, 2012 is as follows:

1. I have a home that I love

2. For my Family-Warts and all.

3. I have a job I love

4. That FY end and Month end is nearly finished

5. That my health is continuing to be a challenge this week.

6. That I had rather quiet week activity wise.

7. That my meetings went by with little or no grief.

8. That I have wonderful friends

9. That my neighbors returned safely from their long weekend away.

10. That I was able to work on some reports.

11. That my union was able to negotiate and win a wonderful new 4 year contract with little to no problems.

We are lucky that we live close to the water as we are able to get cool breezes at different times during the day. We also get the heat as well. It is for the most part vey well maintained despite the times I have groused about the people who have worked on it for us. We have had a wonderful lady come to clean our house once a month. She does an awesome job.

I have had a co-worker help me keep …

Everyone is talking about it

Patti and I got the lockbox mail done early (and it was light) so she washed down some of the equipment in here and I updated staff meeting notes I had.There are a number I don’t have but I am sure I will find them.
Patti was showing Mama Joanie the office and we were about to show her the desk drawers and Diva jumped in.Mama Joanie told her off.Pattie was trying to calm Joanie down and I explained later what the situation was. It turned out she knew all about it.They apparently had issues a couple of days ago that I wasn’t aware of.
Everyone is talking about how great the contract is.Some like me are a little confused about certain things but when I have a chance I am going to go and ask people who understand better what it will mean.Gayle was happy we got what we did but supervisors don’t get much and are not unionized.
The mail is coming so I better go…I will be finally writing in my Canada trip-soon.
Okay it is now quarter of 1.We are breaking for lunch.The mail is almost done we…

No Sign of Chuckles

It has been a week since I caught the third woodchuck and I haven’t seen hide or hair of anymore. I have seen rabbits and they are cute but no woodchucks. I think its time for us to take the trap out of the yard and rest comfortably. Neighbor Don is going to go through the garage and smooth the dirt floor out and then check to see if there are anymore that way.

I had to pay a bill bright and early this morning. I had received the email alerts that told me the statement was available and when I saw the balance I nearly had a heart attack. Part of it was for the oral surgery the rest was ridiculous. It Mostly has the parking and for lunch and breakfast. I can’t do that anymore. It is kind a biting into my savings. I received another alert for another bill and that one is lovely. At least for now it all depends on what I do with this card. It is also tax time and that has to go out tomorrow.

Work went very well. While I did the mail and P helped as well as cleared out my office. I cleane…

Even in the Sun

Despite the sun being out for most of the day it was still chilly. Many including myself thought it was windy and it was. I left here this morning wearing the windbreaker/raincoat. I didn’t wear it at lunch time but did when I came home. It didn’t help that I was cold for most of the night with the fan going.

For some reason I can’t turn off the fan that we have here. I just don’t know what I am doing wrong. It has a remote control and the various speeds and modes and what ever but no on off (and I tried the power) button. I unplugged it and had to plug it back in when I got home (I really don’t need actually).

Work went well. P continued to work on the readdress mail and I did the daily stuff. She did help with opening the mail as well. There were a couple of times where she insisted that things be done certain way. She also told me that her last day is Friday. We are hoping she will be able to return to our department but we will see.

G found out today that AL was moved from our tea…

Messy Monday

Today started out with a really messy weather. By mid morning we had gotten a thunder and lightening storm but no major damage like Mardi got up in her area. The sun came out again for a short time and then by the time I left Debra’s the sky started opening up again. I thought I heard some thunder a short time ago but nothing continuous.

Today was Diva’s return. She kept mostly to herself at least that’s what I thought. I found out later she was talking often to “P” (the woman who has been doing her job these last several months). . This concerns me because if “P” over hears me.

“P” was assigned to help me with the mail. I had her do the readdress mail (the tedious stuff she called it). When I first was giving her instructions on what to do-she kept saying oh I know what to do I was a “senior Admin”. That’s great so what did she ask me if she could batch all the interoffice stuff together?

The way I wanted her to do it was. Condense all the mail going to say one particular address f…


I wanted to see what the other major newspaper along the shoreline had to report on the impending strike at the nursing home and all they had was two lines reporting that Milford Mirror reported that the West River Nursing home will be going on strike. There were two comments on it. You can find it here.The Milford Mirror article is pretty much verbatim from CT-Post with a mention of the West River Nursing home lockout earlier this year.

I have had only one response to the email that I sent out and that was from MVB. He had read it in the newspaper. I explained we don’t get the CT-Post we only get the NHR. No one else has responded to it. I did call Dr T and Mama Roberta but neither of them is home.
Dr. T sent me an email that was sent to her from one of our friends BG. She was a charter member of our club and after several years she had to stop because of schedule. Anyway there are workshops this week Called POCD or something. They want to make changes or move certain things in town …

Got Some News Today

Shortly after I arrived at the nursing home this morning Angela the Recreation Therapist told me that all the local 1199 members will be going on strike on July 3, 2011. It isn’t just this facility but all the facilities in Connecticut. The impression I am getting from talking with a few people they don’t really want to go on strike. Unfortunately HealthBridge Management the parent company hasn’t ever been fair to their employees. I just found some articles about it. I spoke to Chef Phil about it as well.

When I got home I sent an email to members of the 4th district, the main DTC, and of course the woman’s club. I haven’t had any responses from anyone yet.

Bingo went very well. We had fourteen players and we even had enough coin to pay them. MRS A was being bossy a few times with a couple of the women sitting with her but they let her know in no uncertain terms to stop. I did also. We played for an hour. Afterwards I went over to Sis’s.
I called before going over. BIL just had to wa…

Haven't been up long

I haven’t been up too long and it felt great. Mom was up before me and reading her paper and having her morning coffee. I am not sure what she is doing today. I have my morning events minus church so I probably will see Sis.

It looks like some of my classmates from Live Oaks School class of 77 had a mini-reunion in Florida. These four live in Florida near each other (well most of them do). I am not sure what they did probably have dinner and took pictures. It would be good if some of us could do that now. Mom’s class of 44 does that all the time and then when it is time for their big reunion they get together again. Unfortunately her class is getting smaller and smaller.
I can’t believe it is in the mid 70’s at 8 in the morning. Some one yesterday mentioned it will be a very hot summer and it is starting already. Yes it certainly is. I don’t always mind it I like it (until the sweat pours off my face or into my eyes).
I just have a few things to do today like I said but I hope to get…

Relaxing Saturday Night

It has been a few hours since I wrote and in that time I managed to clean out the car and go to church and have dinner and almost done with folding clothes. In a short while will go to bed.
Cleaning out the car took about an hour or less. I thought it was too hot to haul out the behemoth vacuum cleaner and the little one was not enough power so I might do it tomorrow in between activities. There is a box of old parts from the engine (can someone please tell me why they would leave it there?) that I need to dump some where. I am thinking a dumpster.

Mom and I went to the 4:00 mass at St John Vianney in West Haven. It is a really nice church and it has good feeling from it. The church is a modern type church and has been around a good long time. In 2002 it merged with Our Lady of Victory Church in effort to save it from closing completely. Many churches in the Connecticut Diocese are still in danger of closing. You can read the very interesting history of both churches in the link above…

I feel a little guilty

After going to the dentist (which really didn’t take long) and getting my haircut I drove over to M&T’s office to volunteer for the Canvassing for Chris Murphy. I met Emily and we spent the next hour talking. The reason I feel guilty is Emily asked if I would do the actual walking not driving people (most of them were already out and walking anyway). I actually declined. But we had a fascinating conversation that ranged from the political climates of our towns (she lives near the NY border north of here) to social media outlets, and down time. Before I left I promised that I would actually walk the next canvassing that is probably going to be held in West Haven. That’s going to be in a couple of weeks.

Anyway I came away from that conversation wanting to learn more about what is going on in our society and politically and socially. Even if it can be very controversial, I guess what I am trying to say is be able to understand the issues. I do understand the healthcare that we need …

A Good Night's Sleep

Oh how wonderful it is to feel refreshed. I actually am still a little tired but I still am waking up. I went to bed shortly after dinner last night. It was great.

I left the office by 3:30 and even though traffic was a bit hairy I got to the Dr.’s office on time. I had the INR level checked (and giving the newbie doing it a playful hard time). It was low. It was 1.9. I have to go back next Friday.

Mom bought new fans for around the house I have one in the window and it’s great. It’s a Bionaire fan. It is a nice quiet one. It made sleeping wonderful-but then with the rain shower last night it was much cooler.

Yes we got some rain yesterday. We didn’t get as much as others did and apparently some parts of the state got thunder and lightening and heavy rain. Today is supposed to be much cooler.

We had a weird experience yesterday some men came to our door and that of our neighbors soliciting sales for aluminum siding jobs. The guy was persistent to the point of being rude but Mom said …

Didn't sleep much

As many of you may have read by now I didn’t sleep at all last night.I even told Mom this morning I didn’t sleep and she asked if I had the fan on.I told her it wasn’t the temperature but the caffeine I had yesterday.I got the shaking head and tisk tisk and not healthy routine.I did watch the sunrise a little and then at 5 I did fall asleep.
What I did do is a few searches about driving safety.(I nodded off while driving yesterday)I can’t find the article I saw last night but this one pretty much says the same thing.Drive with another person and if you get tired pull over for about 20 minutes and nap.That’s great if you are going on a long trip.What if you are just going to the next town or city?It wouldn’t make sense to pull over and nap for that length of time.It also gave a list of what not to do and what to do.It also dispelled some myths that were methods to keep awake.I know they never work for me.
While I was showing LAS my office and how I plan on keeping it up she reminded m…

My Thankful Thursday list a Day late

This week my Thankful Thursday list is a day late. That’s because I was so tired and had so much to do-so without further ado:

Here is my Thankful Thursday list:

1) I got my car back. It’s perfect.

2) I am glad my over booked schedule for the week got changed.

3) I am thankful I was not bitten by a cute and not so cuddly Wood chuck # 3.

4) I am thankful for my family-warts and all

5) I am thankful for the cooling fans we have in our house.

6) I am thankful for the job I have.

7) I am thankful our labor negotiations went well and we will have a new contract soon.

8) I am thankful the stitches are coming out on Saturday. (From my oral surgery last week).

9) I am thankful that my niece will be performing at the Connecticut Rep Theater this summer in Pirates of Penzance.

10) I am thankful for the home I have and the bed I am about to get into and sleep.

As I had expected I am still up after 12:30. I did some banking and paying bills right now. I am also fighting off these ugly little gre…

Not Sleepy

Is it possible to be tired and not sleepy? My body wants to go to bed but I don’t think I can sleep. It would probably have to do with the three cups of coffee and the soda, and ice tea I had through out the day.
I got home from work by 4:20 and I think the heat was bothering both Mom and me because we snapped at each other over some stuff. For example one of us didn’t flush the toilet and I was trying to tease Mom about it she got stupid on me. She thought it would be a great idea to take a shower before I left for Dr. Rosenblatt. At first I balked because of the time. I was glad I did it.
I left here around quarter of 5 and the ride wasn’t all that bad but I ended up getting lost (I couldn’t find the building even though I drove by twice). The office girl called me (albeit with a slight attitude). I finally got there and by 5:30 I was filling out papers and then seeing Dr. Rosenblatt.

He was very nice. Whole thing took a half hour. He explained the pros and cons of the Uterine Fibr…

Too tired

I was so tired and hot yesterday that I didn’t do a lot of writing. I replied to a few comments on the blog (and thank you to those who answered! Love ya).
Work was fine got a lot done but kept busy. I did think I had in Volume but it turned out okay. I managed to get some mail for the floors delivered to them as well.
I had to reschedule a few things yesterday as far as Dr. appts were concerned. I asked DoletteB for a ride and sh said sure but I was going to have to stop and see a condo with her. Well that wouldn’t have been conducive to what I needed to so I rescheduled.
Debra and I will be meeting on Friday at 11:15 for our weekly schedule. It is a lunch time appointment so that means it will be fast.

Tonight is the Rosenblatt appointment. Sis offered to come with me but I declined as I think it will be okay. We will find out if surgery is in the near future or what he thinks is a good option.
Oh and we caught the third Chuck. IT was in the trap when I came home last night. I to…

Uhhh I just remembered

I have to get my INR numbers/level checked today. I was in bed around midnight and it occurred to me that it has to be done. I was planning on taking the bus to and from work but now I am not sure if I can do that. I wouldn’t be getting home until five. If Mom is up early enough I will ask her to pick me up. From the way she spoke though she has an early morning meeting and I am not sure what her day is going to be like. I could hear her getting sick in the bathroom.

While I was up I got back on line and sent birthday wishes to a few people who had birthdays today. One of them was to Nephew Rob (Brother #1’s youngest). I also chatted with a classmate of mine who was part of the mutual housing project.

Well I am going to bed now…its late.

I am tired

I am happy to tell you I was able to finish most if not all the mail and delivered it before leaving for my appointment today. I will do the lobby mail tomorrow morning and then get to the other stuff afterwards.

I got to my Dr. Appointment on time this afternoon despite the slow going traffic this afternoon. It really didn’t take long and you can read the short report here. After the appointment I stopped at Sis’s and watched them clean out their garage. They were getting tired, dirty, and probably cranky so I didn’t stay long.

I just wanted to tell her what the Doctor said and some funny thing I saw on the way over. There is a doctor over on Cherry Street whose name is Melissa Welby MD. (Oh come on! Think about it!! You know where I am going with this).

After I left them I headed home. I stopped at Subway to get the Chicken Teriyaki Sub w/avocado (aka Guacamole). It was good but not something I would get again. I also had some of the summer vegetable au gratin. Now I am not feeling …

It's Graduation Day

Today The Milford School system finishes up for the year.IF I understand the information I read on their website the elementary and middle schools and the underclassmen finish today.OF course Laurelton finished last week and I think that Platt Tech finished recently as well.I made a post on Facebook for all those who are or have family members graduating today and Young Nicole “liked” it. J
I asked several of my co-workers and administrators who I know have children if their kids are getting out today and quite a few of them said they got out last week or this week. I am thinking of putting polls up and asking about summer plans.
When the second mail run came I thought for sure it would be light.That was not the case.I had gotten four inter office envelopes with mail.I was still working on them through lunch.I also got some stuff for the MD’s (more from the CT medical Association).
As I was hoping and expecting my Wednesday 8:30 appointment was rescheduled for Thursday the 21st at 6 …

I can't believe how fast tonight went

I am still sitting here in shock at how quickly this night went by. I posted the last entry Last minute changes at quarter of 8. By then we had dinner starting at 6:30 or so. It was delicious by the way. Now it is after 10:30.

After dinner I worked on the computer and following in Mom’s foot steps as well as Sis’s I made up a Medication Record. It took some time to create. First I was going to do it in Word (but it didn’t work the way I wanted-all on one page) then I set it up in Excel and it looks great. I have all the current meds (and a few that are for extreme pain that I call last resort) and a list of all my current Doctors (all of them). It has to be tweaked a little but it looks like it will be good.

I haven’t gotten any more replies for the 4th District. The count so far is: 7 attending 2 declined (previous commitments). There are twenty four of us in the district committee. You see my irritation? These people are voted on by the entire DTC at our convention. It actually is re…

Last Minute changes

I have got to start checking my phone more often or leave it out of the pocketbook because I missed a call from Debra. She had to cancel our session at the last minute but I didn’t know this until I got to her office. I called her back and told her she can call tomorrow. Mom was not pleased when I told her. I explained further when I got home.

The drive home was a bit hairy. I saw cars going from one lane to another and going around one car in the middle of another and it was crazy. I was really glad I definitely had my seatbelt on this time. I was home about 10 minutes earlier than I would have been if we had the session. I still have to clean out my car sometime.

When I got home I found the critter trap standing straight up. Apparently Mom was trying to clean it out because the final critter walked in and out and didn’t get caught. She needed me to set the trap up and reset it and supply food in it. It didn’t take long but when I finished I washed my hands because visions of chuck …

I hope

After I posted the last entry I went and checked a site I frequent and got a virus notification.I hope it was stopped.I did do a scan and it was still going when I left.I made a notation in my computer blog.I hope I didn’t do anything to the computer it would suck.
Before leaving the street I got to see my Dalmatian boys.Chris #1 was out with them (and he was running late for work).They both gave me a messy kiss.Of course I was a bit hesitant to let them jump up considering I am wearing white pants.It was great to see them.
The drive was not bad.I managed to get to the garage at a decent time and into the office before 8.I was surprised to find no one in our suite.JanetN didn’t even come in.I worked on some readdress mail and after awhile people started coming in.I ordered breakfast.A shortly after 8:30 the lockbox came in.
It was just about then when we heard that G was in an accident outside the office.Some one hit her from behind at the light and she hit someone in front of her.Sh…

I have something to do every day this week

As I was getting ready for bed last night I took a few moments to look over my appointment book to prepare for the week and for the first time in what I think is months I have some thing to do every single day this week. Doctor appointments, meetings, parties, hair appointments, and follow up car appointment.

I sure will be looking forward to the weekend coming up that’s for sure. At least my work volume should be normal and I will be on top of it. It is a given that it is getting closer to FY end and that means more pressure and more stress for everyone. I have to remember that it isn’t personal if some one snaps. At least no one will say anything about the mail for the other floors. I have to remember there is mail on the side of the desk that I need to look at today.

So you want to see my schedule this week?

Monday is my session with Debra. We usually discuss the events of the past week and how I dealt with them and what challenges I have for this week. There are about three sessions…

A really awesome Sunday

Good morning and Happy Father’s Day to all my followers and friends. May it all be memorable for you all! My Dad is no longer with us but I think of him often.

I went to bed fairly late but I could hear mom get up and get sick. She usually does this when she eats things she is not supposed to. I don’t think it was anything we had (well maybe the ice cream but will find out later). She probably won’t be doing much today.

I had made plans to get up early and go to the earliest mass possible. When the time came I turned over and stayed in bed. I have been on the computer updating files and answering a few emails.

Mom got up just as I was getting into the shower. She said she was feeling better but she thinks her stomach got sick from Friday (I was right).

I left here around 9. I stopped at DD and got breakfast and then went to the nursing home. NatalieM was in today and she was there to also set up for the Father’s day breakfast. Bingo went very well. We played until 11:20 and there wer…

Do you ever?

When you watch TV whether it is the news or documentaries on the various channels ever do a search on the subject matter, persons involved? What do you find? Tonight I watched a program (or parts of it) on leaving the Amish culture. It is called Amish Out of order. The man featured was thirty-seven year old Mose and he is a speaker as well. He was speaking to students at Indiana University about life as an Amish and why he left it. He also talked with another former Amish writer name Ira Wagler you can find reviews and locations to get this book at and

The book got mixed reviews for its writing content but all agreed it was a “good read”. I talked about it with Mom tonight and she may be interested in getting from the library. I remember growing up and visiting Lancaster with Dad and how wonderful it was to see the farmers go back to the land and not use the modern day conveniences. I never realized they had to deal with many things. Things like bigotry and …


If you have been following my blogs or even know me then you know I don’t like doing laundry. I may write that I do laundry most weekends or perhaps attempt it during the week but overall I don’t like it. Most times I have to be reminded to keep the laundry moving and most times I will leave the laundry in the machines over night. When I get them out of the dryer I usually just dump them in a pile in the spare room to be hung up at later time or just not hung at all. You can forget about ironing. IF I can get away with it I don’t do it. Most mornings before going off to work I iron what ever I am going to wear that day. If I have to go out at night or special occasion then of course I iron or have to deal with Mom. Today is not going to be like that. I have hung up clothes and there are only two loads left and it’s just before 1 pm. There is one in the dryer and one in the washer. It should all be done by two.

Mom got home a short time ago. I showed her the shelf in the kitchen cabine…

Saturday Morning

It is rather chilly morning this morning. I had the window on the off chance I could hear the trap spring but it didn’t. However, some one or something did eat the fruit I put out there last night because it’s gone. It doesn’t matter though Lawn guy Senior is coming over with something else for it to eat. Mom doesn’t think its going to work.

I went back to bed for a bit and actually fell asleep. I finally got up again around eight thirty. Mom was reading emails and has to leave by nine. I told her about the trap she suggested I check it out later she thinks it may not be set right.

Where is Mom going you ask? Well she is part of the Area Agency on Aging out of New Haven and they are doing a site visit. To what facility I don’t know but it’s in Fair Haven and should be about two hours. Mom has been on the board what seems like forever and was on it when our friend Carla was director of the agency. She loves it and finds it all very interesting.

I have started laundry and had breakfast …

I was feeling a little bold today

After releasing the second of two raccoons this week from the trap and having enough coffee to make LJ Gibbs proud I was bold enough to take on a fellow passenger who was being less then gentlemanly. H got on at Cedar Street near the Psychiatric Hospital and was trying to scam the bus driver by getting out of paying the fare. She wasn’t having any of it. She told him to get out of her personal space and sit down.

He did but started swearing and talking and I finally told him to watch his mouth. He got mouthy with me but not too loudly. The guy sitting next to him got up and sat across from him (he wasn’t interested in hearing him either) and all the while the bus driver was listening and told him to stop or she would call the police. He was dropping a lot of F bombs and saying his father worked on the buses for the 37 years etc. When he told me he was having a bad day I looked at him and said I am sorry you are having a bad day but I don’t want to hear it.

In one of the moments I lo…

Thankful Thursday

It has been weeks since I did one of these types of entries. It’s a safe bet I probably will share with the journaling groups as it is thankful Thursday prompt for them.

I am thankful for:

1. Being able to have a good sleep at night.

2. Being able to get the garbage out and get to the bus on time.

3. Having a job I enjoy and being able to catch up on stuff that has been a source of worry.

4. Having a family who cares about each other despite the past and rocky roads we have shared.

5. Not having to take any critters to the State park at some ungodly hour this morning.

6. Pay Day.

7. Not having a lot of pain from having two teeth removed. Did I tell you they let me take them home in a small plastic tooth?

I am really tired right now. I got up around 5:30 and started the day. I got online and did some banking and then got ready for work and emptied the rest of the garbage for the pick up. I don’t know about you but I used to be able to know their schedule. I always would think they did…