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We had Drama

We had some drama in the office yesterday.One of my co-workers brought her significant other in to a secure area (ours) and when he came back later he was stopped and he went off on Mary and ended up calling The BIG Boss. Well let’s just say it may cause GH some problems.
LG was pretty stupid yesterday too.I was at my desk doing “something” and she started talking (she has a habit of starting conversations as though she has been talking about it right along).Then she asks me how her jaw looks (and I just looked at her) and I tell her it doesn’t look as swollen as yesterday.She then proceeds to tell me how deep they went into the bone!All while I am trying to eat my breakfast!!!I said something to her and she stormed off and scoffs.Needless to say we didn’t talk much for the rest of the day
We had a very late day thunderstorm in Milford.Luckily it didn’t start until I got home from the bus.It had been raining earlier in New Haven but it cleared just as I was leaving for the bus.
Endicott …

I was exhausted yesterday

Well as I expected I was pretty tired yesterday. I was slurping down coffee and cereal for most of yesterday.

Work was fine. I got most of the stuff done except the lobby mail and I hope that when I get it done no one will complain because I didn’t do it when I really was supposed to but things get hectic.

LG finally came into work yesterday around 1:30. She had been out due to a root canal on Monday night. She was moaning and complaining for the entire time too. The general consensus was why be bothered to come in at all for the last two hours of your shift?

We got the late day rain that had been predicted. It was pretty heavy and if you ever watch the rain it was coming down slanted at one point. I had walked home from the bus stop in it. Happily the lower part of my body was soaked but not the rest of it 

Mom was still not really feeling that well when I got home. She hadn’t been since Tuesday night. I could tell because she was getting a little nit picking at me. Then again I w…

I am having a hard time Sleeping

I am having a hard time falling back to sleep. I have been surfing the net and reading emails. I tried to write some of the entries for the Niagara Falls Trip but already editing it before I even start. I knew I should have written it each night but I was either too tired or it was too late. I reposted yesterday's entry to the Journaling list’s Mid Week Reflection.

As I take a look around the room I am definitely going to have to do something about this room. The electrician is coming next Monday to see about the phone wires (AT&T can’t do anything and the Cable company is really worthless). They are the ones that messed them up and they won’t take responsibility for it. I don’t know if this was such a good idea to get our phone service from them. Its great that we have the Internet (that is also questionable sometimes) and more channels for the TV but I just hope they will provide us with better service.

I have the next couple of evenings off so hopefully I can get the chores…

From One Extreme to the Other

The weather these last several days has been from one extreme to another. First it is hot and humid (something I can no longer take) and then its chilly and foggy as it was today. Every morning as I am getting ready I end with sweat pouring down my face and my hair looks like I got electrocuted. Today began and ended in Fog. There is a good chance it’s supposed to rain tonight and for the rest of the week.

I drove to work today. I was a few minutes late and I happened to run into Sally T as I am getting off the elevator. She made a couple of visits to Gayle’s office and the whole time I thought it was to tell Gayle that I was coming after 8. I had told Gayle the time I came in and she said at least you felt bad others come in after 8 and don’t give a crap. I had literally run into Sally a few more times after that first encounter and it a little unnerving. Same thing with Susan R but it turned out they were to see Gayle on a whole other matter. Let‘s just say some people have nothing …

For Once I would Like

For once I would love to have my laundry done before Sunday night. I had one more load drying in the dryer. Most of the weekends I keep Sunday night clear unless it’s a meeting to attend or even a fundraiser. It’s my night to prepare for the week ahead. In other words I relax and go online or write in journals.

Unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way. While the laundry is being done I do other things. I get online or watch TV or go to the store and then it takes longer for it to finish. Usually by dinner time on Saturday I am dead tired of doing laundry and end up relaxing and watching TV or as in this case go out for the night. Who in the world wants to be doing laundry at 8 or 9 at night on the weekends?

So my intention for next weekend or future weekends is to make a concerted effort to have the laundry done before the weekend is over.

Need to start my day

I haven’t been up long but now it seems like my day is getting passed me and its only quarter of 8. My intentions are to clean the room and do laundry. If Mom is feeling up to it we are going to Costco to do some grocery shopping.

Mom seems to think she may have C-Dif again. She warned me to be extra careful. She hasn’t been feeling well for days now and its draining her I think. The Doctor she saw yesterday ordered tests for it. Kristie the home health nurse coordinator is coming over later.

Mom also wants to get rid of the rug in the spare room. It is about thirty years old and starting to unravel. Over the years we have had many of these types of rug and I believe this is the last one.

I guess I was wrong about raining all weekend. The sun has been out and twice the glasses turned dark on me. ;)

Okay we said goodbye to Kristie. She says if we ever need her to call her and she would come by and visit. Mom told her of stomach problems and gave her some suggestions and to moderate it.

I love rainy weekends

It’s been raining for most of the day today and it is making it humid. It is supposed to rain for most of the weekend. There is currently a flash flood warning for the area. The reason I love rainy weekends is you can spend most of the day inside doing what ever you want. In my case it will most likely be cleaning. Then tomorrow evening is the fundraiser. Sunday will be the regular Sunday activities. This time without the migraine I got last week.

Work went well. I was able to get most if not all of the daily work done. I have readdress mail to do and of course the two remaining batches of postage/return mail tallies. If the mail volume on Monday isn’t really heavy I can probably get that all done.

We did have a brief meeting about the Internet Use and time management policies that came out yesterday. A few questioned the reason for the written policy. They also questioned the fact that co-workers are encouraged to “tattle”. Some even suggested “Hostile work environment”. Gayle said …

It's Humid Again

It has been really humid tonight. I have the ceiling fan and the window open to get some air in here but if last night is any indication I will have a hard time sleeping and will have to wash my hair again.

I ended up canceling the district meeting for tonight. The really humorous part is people responded to that more than they responded to the announcement for the district meeting. One of the members EW (yes those are his initials) came by for visit any way. EW stayed for about 45 minutes and talked about his campaign and what he has been doing since he retired. It was a pleasant visit.

My landline is finally working! I had to dispute the findings of the last report and filled out another and about 20 minutes later the repairman called to find out exactly what the problem was. He came by and looked at all the wires and was able to fix mine but for the ones that are now the cable companies we have to call them back and tell them that the wires from the various jacks are not working.


Face Book

Facebook did something and it is causing their members frustration.I noticed it last night.They are combining “news alerts” from friends.We got word today that we have to cut back on the use of Facebook while at work.
I decided to drive in to work again.As Mom pointed out this is getting expensive.However, I figured since I was leaving just about the time the bus would be arriving to the bus stop I was not going to make it.At least I arrived early.
I talked with Mom today.She drove the car around the street today with little to no problems.Her in house PT/OT is finishing up today and tomorrow.She will be starting outpatient therapy to help to drive.This pleases me so much.I told her if she needed to walk I would walk with her when I got home most times.

Today was absolutely

The day started out over cast and somewhat chilly but by the end middle of the morning and for the rest of the day it was absolutely beautiful.

I got to work by quarter of 8 despite the rubbernecking after an accident. The car looked bad. I decided to park in the garage closest to the office. I did some surfing and then got into the readdressing for a bit and then after a while the mail was ready.

Around 10 I did some errands for Gayle. While I was out I attended a peace day concert that was being held on the green and being streamed over the world. The various schools in New Haven participated and one of them included Gayle’s Granddaughter. I didn’t get to see the granddaughter but they know I was there.

The mail volume was light that I got it done. I worked on the readdress tallies for the rest of the afternoon. Tomorrow I have to do the lobby mail.

I had my meeting with Debra. It was a good one. I told her about the week and how calm it was. The next time we meet will be our new …

Busy Early

Well I was busy this morning.I heard from Phil and we are supposed to have the meeting this week.I sent out the email soon after and as I was leaving I told Mom we are having the meeting here. I also asked for volunteers for snacks.Mom said we would get it.I told her no.I have already put the request out and that’s it.Whether it sits with Mom remains to be seen.
I also tried to pick up the room a little in case the phone repairman comes today.He hasn’t called yet but I want to be prepared.Unfortunately I made it worse (the room) I spilled potpourri all over the floor.I threw the sheets over the bed.It’s definitely not my best work.
I called Mom and Liz today.Mom’s cleaning lady was there and taking the empty flower pots to the bulk trash pile outside.Liz was ordering her meds before her trip next week.She wasn’t feeling well and had to sleep a lot yesterday.
In a few weeks the registration department will be moving across town to what we call Science Park.The rationale behind it is a li…

Laid Back

It’s been a fairly quiet night for me. Mom’s Board meeting is taking place downstairs as I write this. I have been watching TV and checking emails and surfing the internet until I get to bed.

I got home just before five and found the chairs Mom wanted me to bring up from the cellar already up. Liz and Nelson had stopped by earlier and brought them up. I did sweep the porch and the door mat and got the garbage and recycle trash out.

I spent time with Don and puppy for a little bit. Mom and I still had to have dinner before everyone arrived for the pre-meeting and actual meeting. I may have spoken out of turn to the ladies who came first. I told them Mom even went to the store. Mom was trying to tell me to not talk about that or home care would be taken away. These people wouldn’t or shouldn’t say anything. I just hope Mom forgets the conversation.

I sent an email to Phil asking about the 4th District meeting this week. The City wide Town Committee is next week. I have a Mayoral Debate …


Oh man I am going to be in trouble.I was supposed to empty the garbage and the recycle stuff this morning.I totally forgot until I got half way to West Haven.When I called home she realized it and I told her when I got home it will be done.
Mom called back later to tell me the Bridges board will be at the house by 6 to have a pre-meeting.That means the very second I get home things have to be done including dinner.
I have an appointment on Friday to get the new lens in my glasses.I have joined the bifocal brigade!That’s one of the things I wanted to tell you all last week. -

I ended up with a migraine

It came during Bingo I guess. The brightness of the day didn’t help either but it got worse as the day progressed and after church I came home and took some ibuprofen. Note to self: it’s not as good as Extra Strength Tylenol. I ate breakfast and then an hour later I lay across the bed and slept for an hour. It was 2 and then there it is. I got sick. When that happens it means I am starting to feel better. It helps also to take a bath. I did take some more Extra Strength to make sure it was gone and for the rest of the day I eased up on the food.

We heard from Jim today he is doing very well. He likes his new job as hired driver. Mom and he talked about “the situation” with Liz. While I only heard from this side of the conversation I was worried that Mom was trying to control them to get them to talk or whatever. She did tell me that she pointed out the problems between them he is partly to blame. I did find myself realizing that I need to stay out of what ever Mom needs to do to make …

The rededication

Yesterday morning has been a morning of chores and errands. The afternoon was the re-dedication of the Woodmont Volunteer Library to the Ellen Aftamonow Volunteer Library. It started at 1 and there were at least twenty to thirty attendees’. Several candidates running for office from both parties (including my friends Phil, Ben, Earl, Dick) were there as well. I met one of the Burgesses but can’t remember her name. Of course I had several opportunities to talk with Ellen’s husband. All in all it was a lovely time.

The rest of the afternoon and evening I did some laundry and then relaxed. I watched a little of the NCIS Viewers Choice Marathon.

As I thought

As I expected it isn’t the phone but the AT&T wires through out the house. When I got home from Debra’s office this evening Mom says that Bob was here for a couple of hours and figured out that there is a faulty wire in the house. That would explain why I don’t have phone service in my room. Then again I don’t need it since I have the cell phone. Bob changed the phones around and put the one that was originally in the kitchen in Mom’s office. The other two is in the backroom, and in the kitchen. There was a 4th one (that’s still in Mom’s room). She did tell me that we are still connected. She seems to understand that I am also connected through her and the Optimum.

Mom was and probably as I am writing this not feeling so well. We are not sure what it is but she was in her pajamas before I went and picked up the Chinese food for dinner. She is watching TV downstairs. She says she may just go to bed. There is nothing on to watch.

Bob called tonight and asked that I call AT&T an…

The Phones

The phones I bought for Mom before going to Canada have failed again.Now I have to find the receipt for it.I think I am going to have to go and use the ones in my room for now.There are only two but sometime during the weekend I will have to get them.This only proves yet again nothing is freaking easy.I don’t believe it is the actual product but something in the line.Maybe it is the Phone service.
I took an opportunity to read a new blog today crème de la crème apparently she is a freshman in College.I love reading this.It talks about how school is going and how her activities are going.This is the kinds of blogs I look for just to see how they (bloggers and students) deal with school.Listening to the girls at the meeting talk about their teachers and classes and the kids in their classes was very interesting.They don’t understand why the teachers are having the students do certain things and quite frankly neither do it?Open Book quizzes?What’s the point?
I had to ask Janet about the m…

I can't believe it

I can’t believe how quickly the temperatures changed. It started raining shortly after I got home and it got cold. The wind picked up for a good long time. We ended up closing most if not all the windows in the house. I even went upstairs and got some fall clothes down. They were freshened up and have taken their place on the ironing board in the spare room.

Mom had a cleaning woman in today and they clean out the refrigerator and freezer and put the stuff down in the other freezer. When I got home I brought the stuff upstairs. Do you know I couldn’t remember which of the stuff they brought down would come back upstairs? Well at least we have a clean smelling refrigerator and freezer. It has been bothering Mom for weeks now. It looks like we will be having the woman come more often. I guess when needed or every two weeks.

Happily Mom is getting around more and more. She hasn’t gone down the cellar stairs yet and truthfully she really doesn’t need to do that for now. If she needs somet…

I am here

Yes it’s me.I am here.I am sorry I haven’t written but I have been either busy or tired to write.I got home last Friday at 7.Liz was waiting and was full of news.She took Rose home and then brought us to the house.
Now some may not find this funny at all but as I was getting out of the car I saw Donnie and Lilly.He picked her up and I went to them first before even seeing Mom!I think Mom understood but not the others.
Friday night and most of the weekend was spent getting acclimated into a routine.I had no Internet access for my computer but used Mom’s.We told Mom of our adventures in Canada.
Saturday I helped out at the relay for Life with the club (lots going on there).Afterwards took Mom shopping to Talbots and to Staples to pick up the new router (the other one didn’t work) unfortunately there were too many and I didn’t know exactly which one to get.The rest of Saturday is becoming a blur.
Sunday was bingo and Baby Nel’s christening.It was also a rough patch with Mom.It moved so qu…
Hey everyone…Hope you are enjoying this lovely holiday. It is partly sunny and expected to stay this way for part of the day. The forecast calls for isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. Rain is expected tonight and tomorrow (damn). I am going to check the forecast for the various towns we are driving through tomorrow.

For now I am trying to pick up my bedroom at least a little so the tech guy who will be installing the router for our new ISP (which will be Optonline) and doing what ever we need for the new ISP this week won’t be embarrassed.

Mom had a visit from Kristie the nurse. Kristie says Mom will be fine. As long as she keeps getting hydrated-apparently Mom was a little dehydrated and that’s what was making her ill along with the boost and the Ensure. Mom has been sitting out back watching our neighbor take down the tree.

Mom is really urging me to get a full 8 hour sleep tonight but make sure things are done so I can enjoy the trip tomorrow….We were brainstorming about what I…

I can't believe it

I can’t believe it has been three days since I wrote. I have been going crazy doing things for not only the shared living but for the trip. I barely remember what I did Friday. I do remember that Anthony was supposed to sit with me was a no show. I got everything done and out of the way by the time I left the office.

Friday night we celebrated Mom’s return to her own bed. She can go up and down the stairs with relative ease. Just as long as someone is near by. She can do pretty much everything as long as she has the energy. I have had to finish up things she couldn’t but she has been cooking, all weekend.

I also check in on the cat for what I thought was the last time. I would discover that wasn’t the case.

I did laundry and have made the spare room my packing room. As the weekend has progressed more laundry has been done but not much else.

Saturday I did grocery shopping and banking and we had visitors. I was exhausted by the time I got home from shopping. After dinner I called it q…

Pressure is off a little

Well the anxiety I felt almost four hours ago has been lifted. I made check list for packing, shopping, and listened to Rose’s suggestion to not pack a lot of clothes simply because we are not going to be gone for a long period of time:

I will have a toiletry “bag” that will hold the traditional stuff. I even have a list of what will be in my pocketbook and that’s all a short list. I think my hard cover journal and the other necessary things will be there.

I managed to get a few things I needed at the store. I bought a new slicker at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $64. I even got my sunglasses repaired. Yes I would say things are coming together.

I got my prescription filled and hopefully it will be ready tomorrow so I can have it for the trip. My knees and ankles have been really acting up lately and I know its because of the foods I have been eating and the stuff I have been doing.

I will spend the next couple of days making sure the rest of the stuff is washed and ready to be packed by…

crunch Time

Well it is September 1, 2011 and one week from today I will be on the third day of my trip to Canada.Have I done anything yet?Not really I still have clothes to get.I bought sneakers (running shoes) and that’s it.I will definitely have to get going tonight.
They guys that are helping with our department are making me nuts!They make messes and they have been folding the Collection letters wrong.They don’t check to make sure the address is in the window or a complete.They complained when they were told that it’s the machine that’s folding them.They split the bucket up between the two of them.
AT lunch time I went for a walk to City hall for the Boss Lady.On the way back stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings.I got some boneless chicken wings and forgot my drink.
I was able to finish the daily mail by 1:30.I started working on some of the return mail.I still had the lobby mail to do but I can do that tomorrow.
After work I have to pick up lab stuff for Mom.I hoep to go shopping afterwards.