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What a Day

I have had me a day. I woke up during the night and sent a message to Jennie. She wanted to go out to dinner tonight and treat me. At first I said no then I said yes well at the 2 am I sent her a message going back to my no answer. I explained to her that I don’t feel comfortable with her paying for me. Well about an hour ago she called for the second time. The first time I asked her if she had seen my message and she said yes. She didn’t feel bad about so she said. She called me back and we ended up in a fight. She asked if we could go out because her sister and boyfriend wanted some privacy. I was forceful with her and told her no. I suggested she go to her Aunts for a bit and I would pick her up and we would go to the store she asked earlier. She ended up telling me she was offended because I yelled at her. I told her this is the end. No more picture printing no more calls. NO more taking her to the post office etc. I basically told her she can’t keep having her way …

A busy Couple of Days

It has been a very busy couple of days. Yesterday filming began in the Elm City for Indiana Jones 4 and by the end of the day caused a lot of aggravation and complaints from people who normally take buses to get around. I say get your ass over it. You may not have read about it but it was on the news radio and signs posted all over creation. Some of the local merchants were bitching about it too.

We said goodbye to Mary Ann Williams yesterday. We surprised her with cake and a gift and there were many tears of joy and happiness and of course sadness. There will be an official party in a couple of weeks for her. I understand some of the denizens of the butler building will be in attendance. Awesome!

The Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz spoke at the DTC meeting last night. She was there mostly to demonstrate the new Optical Scan voting machines that Connecticut will be using in November. It seems pretty simple and straight forward but at the same time I can’t help think …

The Weather

Today was a wonderful day. I got up at a decent hour and managed to bathe and dress and get online for a short time. I even got the garbage emptied downstairs. I even got my lunch ready and I was out the door to meet Dolette at the gas station. She was waiting patiently for me.

The drive was interesting. Let’s just say Dolette has experienced my driving. She said it wasn’t too bad but there were some moments that were a concern. IT was hot, humid and hazy and 71 degrees. We got to the office by quarter of 8 and I started to settle in. I went and picked up the mail from Registration and Customer Service with a quick stop to see Shirley.

The day went by quickly and fulfilling. I got everything done. Well almost everything done. The bulk mail still needs to be done and that time test for fire apparatus. I didn’t go out at all during the day. I did hear it was humid and uncomfortable.

During lunch and my breaks (and a few times in between I checked emails. I heard from Mar…

Hot Tuesday

It is after 7 on this very warm/hot Tuesday. NPR’s radio news program All Things Considered is on and I am just relaxing. I have been home since about 4:30. Mom is downstairs watching TV and hopefully eating something.

Mom had a meeting to go to so she left around 5 and got back by 6:30 or so. She did a lot of work today. The curtains have been washed and now have to be ironed and put back up. She said she would do those tomorrow.

Work was okay. I got there fairly early and did some stuff. I managed to open the mail but just need to sort it. I can do that tomorrow. I still have to get the lobby mail and do the bulk mail.

There was some more moving today. The Credit Balance/Refund team and the Medicare team switched Places. As usual there was some griping and complaining. I had to recall the conversation that Lee Ann and I had when the first round of moving occurred. I am hoping that this will be the last of it for now.

I did manage to get online through out the day. I he…

A frustrating Start

It is almost 9:30 Monday night. I just finished the minutes for the 4th District and sent them off to Tessa and Mike. I received an email reminder from Tessa today which sort of irked me because I knew I should have done it Saturday. I thought they were pretty good but I will send them through so that they can be revised. I probably should have sent them to Phil but I can’t think straight right now.

Today was a good day. I got up got ready for work (although I did oversleep just a little). I did have some frustrating moments this morning. I couldn’t find one pair of pants that I enjoy wearing and I couldn’t find my id holder. I had to leave both behind. I made it to the garage without any problems.

I walked to the office with Sally T and we chatted about the weekend and about Jim and the kids. When I got to the office I picked up some of the mail and welcomed back the “cruise patrol”. Lee Ann was the first one and she has a cold. A couple of them had colds too. They all lov…

The first Weekend of Summer is Over

The first official weekend of the summer is drawing to a close. Well at least for me. As soon as I write up the minutes from Thursday’s 4th District meeting I am heading to bed. I have to say it was a long day in some ways but I didn’t really get a lot done.

To start off I woke up with a headache. I got up and took some ibuprofen and then took a shower and then went back to bed for a bit. I already been dressed but had breakfast. Mom was reading her paper and having her coffee. My stomach was getting a bit queasy. I think I may have lied down again until it was time for me to leave for bingo.

I got to bingo pretty early. I started setting up for the coffee. I had to run to the kitchen a few times. I found the kitchen having a water gun fight. Jennifer the head cook for today came running out of the kitchen. I looked at her and jokingly said “never come up of a kitchen screaming”. One of the kitchen staff is moving on to St Raphael’s Hospital in New Haven. I am not sure wh…

A beautiful Summer Day

Well it is a beautiful cool Saturday morning. Mom is getting showered and I was filing deposit slips for the bank. I have also done a little bit of laundry and still have more to do.

The temperature outside is 64 degrees and very breezy. It is supposed to be sunny all day and stay in the low 70’s. Then it is supposed to go back down into the 60’s tonight.

It is just after 11:30 now and I am still doing laundry and trying to clean up my room and throw out papers I don’t need. Mom is fixing the waistband/elastic on my skirt. I don’t know how to do it very well but if she can’t I will be taking it to the cleaners. It looks like I will have to take them to the cleaners after all.

I just took care of shredding the Anthem Members Service information that I had a long time ago.

It is now after 8. The sun is setting over the western sky. Mom is watching TV after cleaning the rugs in the living room and back room. Now she is watching the state budget hearings from last night in Hart…

Saw POTC 3

Hey all I usually write this out on word but because the day is almost over and I am tired I thought I would write it raw.

Got home a while ago from watching Pirates Of The Carribean 3. It was pretty good and of course long. I had fun though because I made my usual editorial comments at certain points. For example who Davy Jones looked liked when he was talking to Cyprus. That ridiculous hat that Elizabeth Swan was wearing.

The one thing that irked me is my friend paid some thing like $27 dollars for us to watch advertisements. When we could have stayed home and paid nothing to see them. It really annoys me and don't see why we have to sit through them.

Well work went well. I opened the mail, began sorting it before leaving but still have to piles to sort but can do that Monday. I still have to do the bulk mail which shouldn't take long. I hope.

I had a great session with Debra. I told her of all the activies of the week.

Things like this make me yak

Over the last couple of days members of the SF-Fandom Baord for Kevin Sorbo wanted to do something special for the president of his OAKSFC. They were from Australia and the international group. Well Rayhana once again as in the past made some very obnoxious and blunt comments to make sure that others *such as * one member who is a staff member and has some serious health issues also be considered for an opportunity (who wouldn’t be able to otherwise) to get to meet Kevin Sorbo.
The following is my response to Rhonda when she was making excuses for Rayhana's behavior today.

RE: Rayhana was incredibly rude and divisive
If I had done or said what she did I would be filed as a bitch and thrown off the board....This type of behavior is Unacceptable and makes the damn fandom look like petty whoring sluts.and as much as I respect Stripe (I just sent three more magazines that I found for the next auction) I don't have that kind of money to be spending on anyone else...-------------…

Not so bad today

Well it is after 9:30 Wednesday. Can you believe it is the middle of the week and tomorrow is the first day of summer? I can’t. This week went by very fast.

Work is fine still a little behind with the mail. I am hoping tomorrow I will be all caught up. I did get online a few times more than I should have during the day but hopefully I won’t be doing that tomorrow. The collection for Shirley C was still going on and perhaps will be finished by tomorrow. I believe Shirley is on her way home from North Carolina and will probably be back next week. Tomorrow is the Farewell party for Laurene A in the Large Board Room. The party will be at 3 pm. I am hoping all my work will be done by then so I can enjoy it.

I went to the Democratic Headquarters tonight to help clean it up to open it for the rest of the political season but no one else was there. I called Claire Casey and we talked about it and we were not sure. We didn’t want to be the only ones there doing it. I called Phil …

Not one of my better Days

Well it is after 6 pm and I feeling much better than I did when I arrived home at quarter of five. I guess it started early this morning. I was fine when I got up at 6 and had my bath. Then I got online and from there it went to hell.

It seems that Kelly Y allegedly copy and stole material from Gail N’s group(s) as well as the members. Gail went to every list including the one I moderate and posted a warning to all of them about Kelly. I had delayed putting Gail’s message through for a while to get Lene’s view point but before going home for the day I sent it through. By Mid afternoon I left all three of Kelly’s groups without an explanation but I am sure she will get the idea eventually. I emailed Gail informing her that I did drop out of Kelly’s groups but I don’t feel comfortable with the fact she is badmouthing Kelly through the groups. Of course I didn’t use those exact words. Gail is garnering support from her members. I haven’t seen any other responses from the other…

Lulu's Birthday

Yesterday was incredibly busy but enjoyable. It was the usual heavy mail day for Monday. I had no problems with the charts. I did finish Friday’s lockbox mail and will have to finish Yesterday’s today. I still have to get the mail from the lobby or I will be overwhelmed again.

I did manage to get Patrice’s letter finished and mailed yesterday along with Gail’s letter. I posted on my forum that they were mailed but I haven’t posted to the lists. I still have Stacey B’s letter to write and mail out this week. I know I won’t be able to do it during work but hopefully when I get home tonight. I did receive a nice letter from Lisa in KS. She had a lot of problems growing up it seems. I will get a letter out to her this week I hope.

Dave called me yesterday. He invited me to a cook out for last night. It was also Lulu’s Birthday. I called Mom and told her what the plans were. I came home got changed and then went to the store and picked up and excessive amount of chips and dips.…

Father's Day 2007

It is after 1 am and I still awake. I have been watching TV and taking short naps before I leave to pick up Mom. She didn’t call me like she said she would. She probably didn’t have time.

OH Goddamn it. Mom just called and she hasn’t left the airport. She is still waiting for the fucking limo and he told her he would be back in ten minutes and that was half an hour ago. She is upset and her luggage is not with her. I swear Jet Blue is bullshit and so is Connecticut Limo. She suggested I go to bed. There is no fucking way I am going to bed now. My god she is an 80 year old woman. How could he lie like that?

It is now after 3 am and Mom is home. She had to take a cab and it cost her $250. She also said Jet Blue didn’t finish sending the rest of the luggage out and I swear we will sue. I should have expected better. I will never use Jet Blue.

Well several hours have passed now and we managed to get some sleep. However I didn’t fall asleep until after 4 and woke up before shortly before 9. M…

My Saturday

Well it is almost 7:30 and I am cold. I have been home since 5:30 or 6 from the march. It was a pretty good one too. At least 500 people there. Unfortunately the 2 mile walk also gave me a headache and made me look like drowned cat. I will explain in a few minutes.

Today was a really cool day. I got up around 9 and started my day. I spent a lot of time on the computer and I did some minor amount of laundry. I managed to write more of my letter to Patrice Henn. As soon as I finish here I am going to finish up the letter and mail it.

I also watched Bonanza. It was the episode where Adam Cartwright’s relationship with Laura ended. I am sure if you were the show’s fans you know what I am referring to.

I started getting ready for the march around 1. I showered and started to dress. I also worked on the letter. I got a call around 1:30 from Mom.

She was having a great time but she decided she is coming home tonight!!!!! She said there was a misunderstanding about the room. I ask…

A long Day

It is almost 9:30 Friday night. I am in my pajamas and the classical radio program on NPR is playing on the radio. I have laundry going in the machine downstairs and it should be done soon.

Today was a good day. Despite the fact I was tired. I got to work at my normal 7:45 am and started on the work. I did the rounds for the mail and then came back and started the readdressing mail and the Document log. Soon the charts came and I did them. After that it was the lockbox. I will have to finish the lockbox on Monday because in between doing that, the chart requisition list for Monday, and the document long I also managed to write a letter to Gail New. I haven’t mailed it yet because I want to finish writing the other two letters that I have for Patrice and Stacey.

The only thing that was a downer was the news that Shirley lost her 104 year old Mother last night. It was also announced that her nephew had died as well. The circumstances behind their deaths were not made public. A…

Mom Left for California this Morning

Well Mom is well on her way to enjoying her trip to California. We got up before 4 am without any problems. She had her coffee while I got ready and then I watched TV while she got dressed and did some last minute packing.

We left shortly before 5 with me praying that I had enough gas to get us to the hotel. We did and had no trouble. We were the first to arrive then two others came and then by 5:16 the mini van arrived. It was a bit chilly at that time and Mom was very appreciative of the ride. Once everyone gave their info and put the stuff on the van they all got on and started for the airports. I followed them as far as the northbound entrance and headed home. I did manage to go to the Pilot Station before heading home.

When I got home I decided to watch TV. I was watching Star Trek on TV Land and of course Angel at 6. I got dressed into my work clothes, did some last minute online stuff got the rest of the garbage out and started the dishwasher.

It was before 7 when I lef…

June 13. 2007

It is quarter after 8 and I am tired. That seems to be a theme this week. I am going to get some sleep since I am taking Mom to the limo tomorrow. Today was pretty good despite the fact I had some aggravations.

I got a lot done at work. I didn’t get the bulk mail done or some last stragglers of readdress mail. The reason is quite simple it was close to the end of the day and I wanted to get a letter done to Debra and to get the cards mailed for the guys in the family for Father’s day. I have to get another envelope for Nelson’s card though.

You may have remembered I was waiting to hear from Linda from Liberia right? Well she sent me a hum dinger of an email. She wanted me to call her because she wants to send me some money for her traveling expenses. HMMMMMMMMM… well I emailed her right back informing her that I don’t call pen pals period. I also told her not to contact me again. It was because she said the following “I want to send you money for this…” and the “I trust you…

Hollywood Comes to New Haven

Hollywood invaded New Haven again. Casting calls for the new Indiana Jones film set to film in the elm city were held at the Omni Hotel where wannabe stars lined up for stardom. These will be “the crowds” in various forms. There was an article in this morning’s newspapers about it. Annette C mentioned it when she arrived and I asked if she was going to try out for but she said no.

On the way back from the bank today I saw a number of people dressed for the auditions. I asked them if they were part of the Festival (dumb I know) but they weren’t. They were going to the auditions/casting call. As I got closer to the hotel I noticed several news vans and reporters outside and across the street from the hotel. All preparing for their reports to be aired at the news casts tonight. I caught some of it before dinner was served.

This isn’t the first time that Hollywood has visited. Last year Uma Thurman filmed a movie on the campus and about two years ago so did Julia Roberts. Throug…

A nice Sunday

Good Morning! It is after 8:30 and there is a light rain coming down outside. I am doing some ironing before I go to the nursing home. Mom is downstairs reading her paper. I had a pretty good sleep. I had some really weird dreams and one of them had to do with the Charmed TV show. I can’t remember it all but it was weird.

Well it is after 12:30 and I have been home an hour. I started reading the article that I mentioned here and updated that journal. I will probably write some more letters and straighten up the room. I did catch some TV watching. The Steve Martin Movie Cheaper by the Dozen is on.

I helped Mom with some of the weeding. I wasn’t out there long. I might be going out there again later. Right now it went from partly cloudy back to cloudy and 68 degrees.

In the last couple of hours it’s been fairly quiet. Mom has been hanging around and we had a visit from Representative Dick Roy. He was handing out flyers for the Annual Woodmont Day Event that’s next month. A…

What Would You Do?

The following is a reply (in italics) from me to a group I moderate on Yahoo groups. I can’t believe I let Channing’s post go through. I can’t stand posts like the one below and I am tired of seeing stuff like this.

I am as compassionate as the next person but I certainly wouldn’t be doing this kind of stuff. I am not sure how this will go over considering I didn’t check with the owner. I wouldn’t go posting on message boards or groups to have people send this to me.

Okay...I am sorry but these kinds of posts are really unacceptable. Nexttime I will not allow this to go through. This is tad amount tobegging and not related to pen paling at all.Channing I am sorry you are going through a rough time but pleasedon't send posts like this again
From her original post she explains she is in a group home and wanted people to send her this stuff and posted a list of things she needed like stamps and paper and CD’s and toiletries.

I checked in the different descriptions within the group …

A busy Friday

Hey how is everyone tonight? I am fine…a little achy and tired but I am fine overall. Today was the Long Term service awards/breakfast for the Med School and it went really very nice. Most of us walked over to Sterling Memorial Hall (on Cedar) where many of the Administration were waiting to serve us a variety of breakfast foods. Eggs, sausage, roasted potatoes, French toast, bagels, coffee and juice. We sat down and talked amongst ourselves and then by 9 the certificates were given out. We were asked some good memories and two people spoke up Dolette B and my self. We both said it was a feeling of family. I expounded more on and that I felt very lucky to be there. Marianne thanked us for the hard work we do and updated on upcoming things. Such as the Diagnostic Radiology billing coming back to us from the Per Se’ billing company. Apparently we have had troubles with them. By 9:30 we all headed back to the office.

I started on the charts which took me nearly an hour and th…

June 7, 2007

Yesterday was a bit busy yesterday and I didn’t have a chance to write and last night I was kind of tired so I am writing now.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the nice man in the black Ford Pick up truck for being so delightfully stupid in New Haven yesterday. WTF is wrong with you? You couldn’t see the bus beside us? I wasn’t sure if he was coming over into our lane that’s why I stopped. That’s why I gave you the finger and told you to stop or I would have you arrested for harassment. You don’t know what’s going in the decision making process. You are no better driver than I moron!!

Okay now that is done. The rest of the day went pretty well. I got everything done before leaving for home. I went to a Union Meeting at Noon time (something the E-Board is trying out). Jocelyn bought us all ice cream from Stone Cold Creamery. It was delicious.

After work I went and picked up Liz’s birthday gift (a gift Card to DWS shoe outlet). Mom had steak for dinner and with mushrooms and …

Tuesday June 5, 2007

It is almost 12:30 and I couldn’t sleep I also have a headache. I am not sure where it is coming from. The pillows and the mattress are completely covered. Sometimes when I don’t make the bed right the mattress cover comes off and I sleep on it like that.

I received a lovely email from a girl on one of the lists. Her name is Tiffane and her husband is in Iraq and in the army. He is coming home soon and being transferred to Texas. She is 26 years old and has two children. I made a folder in Potential Pen pals until I find out where she is now and will move it to Texas when she does.

Well I finally managed to get some sleep and got up around 6:30 and got ready for work. I did take time for breakfast and Mom came down a short time later. Once I finished with that I left for work.

The traffic was not bad for a foggy morning. I got to the garage and heard loud noises. I looked in the direction it was coming from and I could see the final Vehicle ramp from the old Veterans Coliseum …

The Weather today

Today was quite a day. The rain that we got from yesterday and over night caused a great deal of problems for people in the Branford and shoreline area. The rain caused a pot hole and the drains overflowed. Some of my coworkers were caught in the traffic jam for 2 hours. They found alternate routes but even they were difficult because everyone else was too.

The weather also did not help people’s mood either. Over the weekend more cubicles were built in several areas and people had to move and will have to move. Some devices (such as printers and copiers) didn’t work properly or had been moved. Many were discussing it and couldn’t understand the logic in it.

Because of all the hectic stuff going on and reports to do Pattie was unable to sit with me today. She did apologize for not coming but she thinks that she will spend half a day with me each day to get the training. I really didn’t mind because Monday’s is a heavy mail day and I don’t usually finish the lockbox. I managed…

June 3, 2007

It is almost 9 on a chilly rainy Sunday. I am currently listening to John Diliberto's Echoes radio program on NPR. Mom is in her office on the phone with someone. She is already in her pajamas and I am sure when she is finished she will go downstairs.

Today was okay. If it were not for the fact that Mom was upset with me because I basically taken over the blue room with all my laundry. She was snippy with me and told me not to do it again. She had more of an attitude that I didn’t feel was necessary. As a result I have been doing the laundry all day. I have a few more things to finish and that are in the machines but then I am going to bed.

Bingo went well. Nancy was there and started setting up for me. She told me Former co worker Jay C was there yesterday and left a greeting on the drawing board in Recreation. One of the trees in the front of the facility came down during one of the last storms. Luckily it didn’t hurt anyone but it is going to get cleaned up. It seems…

Changing wardrobes

I woke up around 7 and got online for a little while. I read some emails from last night. Some bitch on the 360 yahoo groups was threatening to report me to Yahoo. She was really rude. She couldn’t understand why she was getting emails. Unfortunately she was part of the group. I hate when people get stupid. Someone by the name of pl8lunch explained to her what was going on. I had emailed pl8lunch and thanked them for helping out.

I managed to get some laundry done and watch a little TV and then I swept the cellar stairs. As soon as Mom got up I started working on other stuff. The paper shredding is one of the things I was working on.

Mom left around 10:30 to go shopping. She is still looking for some pants to wear in California in a couple of weeks. Shortly after she left the Colandrea’s came to work on the yard.

The mail came early today and I got a letter from my pen pal Stacey B in PA. It’s been fun reading her letter. I am going to see if I can get my response to her…

It has been one week!

Today was wonderful. It has been a full week in my new office and I felt accomplished. I had everything done by the weeks end. My office is still as organized as it was that first day. Even Marianne came to see it and I was so proud that it didn’t look like dump.

By the end of the day Pattie thanked me for the hard work and to have a great weekend. She had told me earlier in the day that she would be sitting sometime Monday morning to be basically trained for the job so that others can eventually be trained for the times I am out.

It was 2:30 when I left. I checked in with Pattie about the charts after I had discussed it with Shirley. Shirley was to be leaving around 3 and said she would ask Ann to call if they were not picked up.

The walk to Debra’s office was very warm. I believe it was in the 80’s. I had a heavy sweater on. There were a lot of people out and about. Some were for the final days of the Reunion Week at Yale.

The session with Debra went very well. I told her h…


I woke up around 2 in the morning and had a hard time going back to sleep. It was four at one point and I could hear this damn bird start chirping. I mean for god sakes the sun wasn’t even out. It was lighter then I am used to but really! Anyway I stayed in bed until 6:30 and then got ready for work. I left close to 7:30 but ended up getting into the office after 8.

The day went very well. I managed to get stuff done. I did manage to stay until I had everything done. I managed to get home a little after 4:30. I watched TV and Mom made dinner and we watched TV for a while and then I got online and then left after 7:30.

It was a cool evening and made for great sleeping weather. The storm came through around 6 or 7. It started thundering and lightening around 8. Hopefully no one was hurt. It started all over again around 1 this morning.

The meeting went well and was over by 9. Mom came home a short time after I did and we got into our pajamas and I went to bed and she watche…