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Leap Year

Happy Leap year Leap Day to everyone I went looking for the best description of what Leap year is and the one I found is here. I still don’t understand it myself and I am not really feeling up to reading it tonight.

Work went really well. I managed to get a lot done and got it done fairly early and it allowed me to work on some other things. It was day two of LG’s suspension and from what I was told she will be returning on Friday. I was also told she would not be following through with the suggestion to resign. It sounds like she is being defiant and I suspect we are in for a long battle with her.

Despite the day going well for me I also wasn’t feeling well. I wasn’t sure if it was the visit starting or not but my stomach was aching. It still is even now. I had lunch and dinner and neither have come up yet. I have taken Tums but it hasn’t done much.

The weather system that has been predicted started around noon today. In the northern part it snowed and along the shore it was rain. On…
Some time this evening I got my second wind. I have no interest in going to sleep now that is after 10 pm. I just had some warm milk I am really hoping that it works. I have also been spending time on some forums for NCIS. The same discussion that comes up regularly like clock work (SM and his weight) appeared on IMBC. The other one is marked about getting rid of McGee. I am going to post it on my NCIS instead of taking up time in my RL blogs.

Mom is working on some reports and speech for a meeting tomorrow morning at United Way. I am not sure what the meeting is about but I am guessing it is Bridges working with United Way getting funding or support for programs and other things that are really needed.

I got an email from T today in response to my earlier one about the carnival. All It said was I will speak to you later. I don’t know if she is annoyed with my response to her email a former girls club member whose FB status had some disturbing comments. I told her that I wouldn’t put …


For as long as people have been alive the debate sleep importance has been going on. It is important for health reasons obviously but even most recently there were reports indicating that getting a full 8 hour sleep isn’t necessary. The Mayo clinic last week came out with “Getting 8 hours of sleep is vitally important.

I am of the mind that if I don’t get enough sleep things definitely go wrong with you mentally, physically, and emotionally. For example this morning I woke up around 1 or 2 am and didn’t get back to sleep for another hour. When I finally got sleep it was for two hours. It made me tired by mid morning. I had an extra amount of caffeine today and by the afternoon I was dropping things. That to me is indicative of the lack of sleep I had. Now I am tired and don’t even think I could stay up long enough to watch my programs tonight. If I do this for an extended time I become run down and more irritable and unhappy and get sick,

I guess it also depends on each individual. Mo…

Had a good and busy day yesterday

I am sorry I didn’t write yesterday but it was Monday and I wanted to make sure I got the work done. I also couldn’t log on to my blogger either. It’s probably better that way anyway.

Milk Lady (aka LG) worked her final day before her suspension starts. I was also informed by co-workers that she was also asked to resign her position altogether. At first I took great pleasure out of this info because she has been dead weight. Then I realized that one day that could be me. Despite the knowledge that my team and my supervisor understand that I do the best that I can and that one person can’t do the mail by themselves. Others may not feel the same way.

After work I had my session with Debra. I told her about the weekend and about work. We focused mostly on the weekend events.

After my session with Debra I went over to the AT&T store and got a new phone. I had gone to Radio shack and they didn’t have the equipment I needed. My phone was four years old and the warranty had expired. They…

A Fun day

Oh what a fun day. I got up fairly early but didn’t have to. Dave was picking me up around 9:30. So I slept in until 8 and the showered and dressed. Mom was still when I left.

The ride was about an hour north east. The traffic was pretty good. We arrived at Lyman and went to another place to park and too the shuttle back to the main grounds. Our first stop was the Apple Barrel store. There were small booths that had various items (pies, cookies, cakes, salsa sauces etc) to try. If I had been there longer I would have had enough for dinner too.

After we walked around there we went out to where the dog sledding rides were. Obviously that was modified because there was no snow. However, we got to meet a dog sledding group with their packs and they were the cutest and most lovable dogs ever. Some were a year old and some were up to five years old.

We watched the ice sculpturing in the tent further down. It was interesting to see how they had sketched drawings out before they starting cutt…

Writer's Block: What is the weather like right now?

Weatherman’s Day

What is the weather like right now?

The weather right now is windy and chilly. The current temperature is 40 degrees and supposed to go down for a snow squall. I was indoors for most of the day so from what I saw out my window was sun and some clouds. The wind picked up on the way home so I am glad I didn’t go out.

Now that the sun is setting I am pretty sure it will get even colder. These kinds of nights I like. Whether it is rain or snow if you don’t have to go out then it is a good idea to get into your pajamas and curl up with either a good book, a great TV show, or something you like doing (I was never a arts and crafts person).

Need to do Taxes

It is 4:30 in the afternoon I have been home for almost 2 hours and all I have done is help Mom move furniture. It wasn’t really a lot of furniture but it was bulky and awkward. You see the stereo downstairs (the receiver) went kaput so now everything is useless. We were going to see if the stand could be used elsewhere and it ended up in the guest room. Now I have to move the things we don’t need upstairs into the attic. We thought of putting it downstairs but thought it would be ruined more with the dampness. So I am slowly putting them upstairs.

What I need to also do is my taxes. I am too tired and I don’t want to do them tonight either. I do this every year. I procrastinate until there is pressure on me to do it. I did take the time to print out the tax forms but for what reason I don’t know since I am doing it on line.

I just might not do anything else tonight either it depends on how I feel. I am just tired and a little aggravated.

Oh Livejournal has a writer’s block I am inter…

More Wintery Weather expected

It is six in the evening. I have been home a while. We just finished dinner and it was pretty good. Mom made spaghetti and clams. It was exactly what I asked for and it was satisfying.

While we were watching the news the weather report came on. It seems we are getting more “wintery weather”. Rain and snow mixed in during the night. There are high winds expected as well. As usual they are recommending people take care and don’t go out if you don’t have to. I don’t need to be asked twice.

I heard from Dave today I finally got a hold of him. He was telling me Lyman Orchards in Middlebury is having a mini-winter carnival this weekend. He was wondering if we could do it on Sunday. We talked about it and I would like to go. The time frame would have to depend on the status of the quarantine at the Nursing home.

Once we established that I would call him and let him know we started catching up. He has been working. He went to dinner at Savin Rock Roasting Company in West Haven. He saw Dan’s …

Iz Got Snow

I was very surprised to wake up during the night to find snow on the ground.I was expecting nothing but rain.The weather forecasters said the northern part of the state would be getting the snow while the shoreline would get rain.WRONG! Believe me when I say this is fine.
The post office has state officials and many people in a state of panic as they announced they are closing two Mail Distribution Centers here in Connecticut.One is in Wallingford where my co-worker TDYREK has a family member who works there.According to T she is not sure if the closing of Wallingford will affect her job or not.
I am sorry to hear this because so many jobs will be lost or sent out of state.On a personal level I pay a lot of my bills on line.I barely send out letters, cards and notes to anyone so right now it doesn’t affect me.I guess people will have to readjust how they pay their bills via postal service.
CD came by for a visit today.She took the week off to be with the kids but its also moving day …

Another Good Day

I had another successful day. I managed to get the priority stuff done and worked on the non-priority stuff for a while. LG didn’t come in for a second day. I shared some thoughts with one of the union stewards and we expressed our concern at her abusing the FMLA. Granted we probably should not have talking about it with her but it really is stressful for the others.

We ordered Chinese for lunch and GC shared some with me and so did DK. I had bought breakfast and two people came by and asked if I wild finish their breakfast for them (they couldn’t finish it). It is as little embarrassing to realize that you have become the resident human garbage can.

I get the feeling SR is still not happy with me as she only says hello very quietly to me now and then. It saddens me because I like getting along with everyone but I am also trying to do the best I can and for her to be difficult is not fair. It is not like I am killing her or her family member. I am doing my job the best that I can.

Did OT

I worked until 5:30 tonight because the volume of the mail was heavy. The lockbox was heavy and I got it around 9. I worked on it for an hour or so before the post office mail arrived. Happily that was normal volume. I went to Ash Wednesday Services over at the hospital with DK, TJ, DC afterwards DK and I went to pick up lunch at the hospital.

GC is having some issues with her bosses. I tried to ask her if it was about the mail and she said no. However, I am not certain that is completely the truth. I think it is just part of it. That mixed in with the situation with the milk lady. She didn’t come into because (at least we seem to think) because GC said something to LG about picking up speed with the work she is doing. She has been given the assignment to log in and out the batches of cash batches to be prepped for scanning. She takes far too long to get them done. Where it takes JN or AC an hour to do it LG takes six hours.

I had forgotten that mom had a meeting to go tonight (I thou…

Had a much better day

I managed to get to work on time and got some of the readdress mail worked on. I went to see if LP had the lockbox ready for me and that was a first mistake she is also under a lot of pressure and stress getting all the stuff she needs to do. She told me there was no lockbox because it was yesterdays and they were closed. The US mail seemed heavy and I was toying with asking for help but I managed to get it done by 3:30. I was tempted to stay later and get the lobby mail done but I told Gayle I would have it done first thing AM.

We had a staff meeting and it basically talked about how the cash batches are late getting to the cash posters. It’s having do to do with the lockbox coming to the building late and the fact the cashiers have to prepare it.

We even talked about the new system that we will be using by next year. AC made a good point that it will make change the way we do our work.

I did suggest/ask if I could work Saturday with the readdress mail and G said yes. So My Saturda…

Early Morning Babble

When I went to bed last night I knew that I would be in trouble. I managed to get some sleep but it was a light sleep. I heard Mom go to bed before Midnight. When I got up for a bathroom run I decided to get on the computer again.

I have already updated my health blog and my password directory. I made a few passes at the various forums I visit daily and prevented myself from exploding at one arrogant little prick for the responses he got in regards to huge assumption/question about SM.

I heard from Jim last night he called me around 6. I didn’t realize it until I looked at the phone a short time ago. Anyway he ahs a cold (again), did I mention he left a message for us on Saturday that the skin cancer on his face is ‘pre-cancerous’?

I was thinking since the 2012 Lenten Season begins tomorrow and the way I have been feeling emotionally that maybe it would be a good idea if I started reading the bible again. I have done it from time to time in the past and it has brought some peace of mi…

A regular mail day

Even though today was a federal holiday and the post office was closed the mail volume seemed to be like any other Monday. It was mostly insurance and legal correspondence. The US mail was from the clinics and lower in volume. I was able to get that all done and the lobby mail from Friday and the weekend. I kept checking with Finance to make sure all the mail was available to me and it was.

I was talking to Joanie today and talked about how concerned I was for my job. I don’t like conflict and I was trying very hard today to stay out of SR’s way and not give her any ammunition that could cause problems with it. I even gave her a “what if” scenario. What if Gayle was no longer working here or could no longer work? I didn’t want to let on that’s exactly what was going to happen come the autumn. I did get a little teary eyed and Joanie gave me a hug and told me not to worry.

DK and RW both came back today after their bout with the Stomach flu. They both know and understand it wasn’t my f…

No Bingo today

It felt very weird not to be running around getting ready for bingo this morning. Unfortunately because of the GI Breakouts this past week the facility has cancelled all group activities. That is including Bingo. I was able to chat with Jillian V last night and told her about the outbreak. I also asked her to let NF and RC about it.

Anyhow…I spent time on the net and reading emails. Mostly from the groups I am on. Many are the Google alerts and a few from the Lupus world (foundation and list). I checked out some of the forums I frequent as well.

I went to the 10 o’clock mass at St Agnes. The attendance at that mass seemed low to and I asked mom about it later. She seems t think that the parishioners either go earlier or on Saturday.

I watched TV and did some laundry and then went to use my computer but the monitor died so late in the day went and got my self a new monitor for $86 dollars. It is an HP. My neighbor/guru Don helped with it.

I decided to take a nap around 5 and then got r…

Celebrating Life

Today was about celebrating life. We said goodbye to Cousin Doris this morning at St Lawrence Church. The music was lovely and it was not a large gathering but it was enough to share the prayers and the emotions. One of the deacon’s was an old friend of Cousin Doris’s family and it turned out a friend of me and Mom’s. We knew the Deacon from a prayer group at another church in West Haven. The Service actually was very short. Short enough to allow me to get my hair appointment moved to an earlier time while everyone was at the cemetery for last rights.

I met everyone around 10:30 at the restaurant. We sat with Cousin Renee and her family. First there were breakfast food (Danish and bagels) and then we had salad, rolls, and for the main meal penne al vodka, a chicken dish and sausage and peppers. It was nearly 1:30 when we finished and headed home.

When we got home Mom and I changed out of our clothes and each did our own thing. I did some laundry and Mom made some calls and did some s…

went to the wake

I have been home for about 40 minutes or so. I stopped at the bank and took out money for the weekend. I took a few moments to talk to the tellers about the week’s health events. They agreed that I should not be worried and that it is airborne and people could have gotten anywhere. Reaffirmed I headed home.

Mom was emptying the dishwasher when I got home. She told me she wasn’t feeling well. *headdesk*. I asked if she got what I had and she said no that the food she ate last night was rich. Mom says she can’t eat anything. Mom got ready for the wake and we left around 5:30.

When we arrived we saw Cousin DC and then moved on to the family. My brother was there for a while. I found out that my cousin RF’s grandson works at West River. 

I spent time chatting with my young cousin’s husband they live in Lancaster PA. That was around 6 and time that Mom wanted to leave. I didn’t even have a chance to talk to the girls but I will tomorrow.

When we got home Mom got into her pajamas I had c…


Well it’s a rainy start to a Friday but it seems to be going okay.I finally got to sleep around 1 or so and was woken up by Gospel music.It was really very cool.I did stay in bed until 6 and managed to get ready for work and out the door after 7:15.Mom got up for her bathroom run but went back to bed soon after.
Everything here is pretty good aside from LG being ‘out there”.You could tell the way she was speaking but I have no real proof.AC came in warned me to stay away from her.Later she assured me she said it wasn’t my fault but she did notice I was wearing the same outfit that I did on Tuesday.DK is still out and now RW is out with it.
G told me today that Susan is concerned I am falling behind with the mail.G explained to her that it was only this week.Apparently some others were complaining not getting some stuff.Near the end of the day after I had done the last several days of lobby mail and checked for today I reiterated a promise to ask for help.I told her that if I have gon…

I Had me a Day

I got to work and had an unpleasant incident with three co-workers on the elevator. They all moved to the opposite side of the elevator saying “don’t get close to me I don’t want what you have”. I looked at them and said it was fucking rude. Before anyone says it wasn’t to me it was embarrassing and rude. I reiterated what would be the beginning of several “I am fine”. Yet these idiotic morons continue to blame me for two others getting the stomach flu that has already been going around anyway. There are many who do not think I caused them to get sick. As I said in yesterday’s entry I was feeling better by 1 am yesterday morning. The Doctor cleared me when I saw him yesterday afternoon.

To the added stress SR came to me and told me that if I get behind that I need to ask for help. That people are expecting things and need to have it. I looked at her and said first the volume for lockbox on Tuesday was above and beyond what I would normally get and I went home sick. Apparently that did…

Much Better today

I hope all of you had a wonderful Valentines Day yesterday. I am afraid I had a stomach bug that took most of the day to get rid of. It hit me just as I got to work and by 10 I was exploding all over the ladies bathroom. I was home after 10:30. I was so embarrassed but touched by the caring and thoughtfulness of both AC and G. They got my things and AC walked me to my car.

The rest of the day I was sick or sleeping. By one am this morning I was feeling better. I finally got some more sleep and by 6 am I was getting ready for work. I was quarantined to my office by everyone and at one point it was suggested I go to the doctor just to be sure. I made the call and a short time later I was asked to come in at 3:45.

The Dr. checked me over and aside from the abdomen being a little hard he didn’t see anything that could prevent me from returning to work tomorrow. He did update my file (health history etc) and he reminded me that turning 50 means I have to do the colonoscopy. He also thought…
I arrived to my office in plenty of time but I found the bins that have all the readdress mail pulled out from under my desk. I was afraid that someone or several someones had pulled it out from under my desk. No one questioned me about it but it propelled me into working on a lot of it. I managed to get a lot done today and felt better about it by the time I went to Debra’s.

Since I got home had dinner, watched TV, and sent out some emails. Mom made rice and shrimp dish that was fabulous. I asked how she did the shrimp and she apparently cooked it in butter and some light tomato sauce and some breading and some herbs and spices. She cooked the rice separately and it was awesome.

I watched NCIS tonight it was from 4th Season. It wasn’t on for the full four hours as usual because of the AKA dog show. I should be watching it too because my cousin is part of a Golden Retriever rescue has a few dogs in this show. Unfortunately I can’t keep my eyes straight. I am so tired.

I approved an em…

Home Nearly an hour

It seems very relaxing to be home. It’s quiet except for Mom’s movements in the kitchen. She is making chicken soup and chicken dish for dinner tonight. That’s great because at 30 degrees it is needed.

When I changed my password for one of my accounts this weekend I totally forgot I would have to do it for outlook. It seems to be working just fine but I had a momentary panic attack.

I unpacked my bag and put the clothes that need washing in a pile. I decided that I have enough things to wear for tomorrow without having to do laundry. I just got real lazy for now.

So you obviously can tell the taxes and the laundry is not getting done tonight. I really don’t think a day would make that much of a difference.

The only regret I have and could possibly bite me in the proverbial ass is the three little white lies I told Mom today. The first one was telling I went to church today. I didn’t go. The second was telling her I didn’t wear a sweat shirt that was a political ad for probate judge a …

Last Day

I left shortly after 9 for the nursing home.The boys and I had been awake awhile but stayed in bed until 7 or 8.We took our morning walk and they did pretty good.We played inside for a bit and made sure the bed was made and things were straightened up.

The main topic everywhere I have gone whether it’s the TV or the internet has been the news of Whitney Houston’s death.She was found dead in a Hotel in Los Angeles.She was getting ready for Clive Davis’s Pre-Grammy party last night.

Bingo went well.Unfortunately there was a GI outbreak on the second floor so they had to contain it.As a result I cancelled bingo near the end when most of the second floor was in the room.It was okay by me because I was having a headache and wanted to get back to the pups early.The headache was gone after I had some ibuprofen.

When I got back to the house it was nearly noon.I checked the house and found a package in the office.I am guessing it was from Packy.I took them out immediately and the only one who wen…

Lots going on

So much going on…didn’t write last night.I got home to the pups just about 4:30 and needed a little time for adjustment.Preston was a little cautious at first but came to me while I sat on the floor.Later he jumped into my lap and gave kisses. Packy was happy to see me he greeted me then went back to his bed in the bedroom.
While I was there Nancy called and they were in tricky traffic but wanted to check in.She is doing fine but has more tests next week.They will be home mid afternoon Sunday.They also left me instructions for the boys meals.Preston gets chicken and rice and Packy gets dog food.At one point I could see Packy squatting in the new room so chased him out of there he almost did it in the living room (EW).So I rushed them outside to do their business and it nearly took half an hour.When we came back I still found crap in the new office.
I left for the store before 6.I got a call from Roberta with an invite to pick up but I turned it down because where I was.I got to the st…

finally got some sleep

I finally got to sleep sometime after two this morning.The alarm did go off but later I noticed it was flashing.I must have pushed the bed against the wall or something.I stayed I bed until 6:15
When I did get up I was a semi speed demon.I got the garbage out and the garbage can to the back of the house.I got ready for work and managed to get on line for a bit.
I really should have taken the time to make sure I had my ID holder.I couldn’t find it at first and got as far as the elementary school half mile away.I came back to see if it was upstairs it wasn’t but it was in the car on the passenger side.Talk about wasting time and energy!I was late for work.It really stressed me out.
Now though I am so tired.I drank coffee and the rest of my soda and a few doughnut holes that Gayle brought in.I am trying really hard to keep it low key.Only talking to a few people and speaking softly at all times.When I get so tired I end up getting loud and obnoxious.
After a two day absence the Milk Lad…

In Fifteen Hours

In fifteen hours and after a day of work my weekend with Packy and Preston will begin. Their Mom let me know they are looking forward to seeing me and spending time with me. You have no idea how that pleases me. It’s that unconditional love we all look for. I have a feeling the next two days they will be alone longer than during the recess (well maybe not). It will just seem like it. Anyway, their family should be home some time Sunday afternoon.

My co-worker GO just recently got a puppy and she is going through new parent issues with the puppy. She is afraid to leave the puppy alone for long periods of time. She was concerned as he was having the runs recently and she shared it with all of her Facebook family. That I probably could have done with out but I also could empathize with her.

Happy News Mom is continuing to recover from her sinus infection. She sounded much better today but wasn’t feeling completely better. She had a busy day of meetings. She came home and made dinner (Lef…
For the last two days I have been working and running around. Mail was very heavy yesterday making up fro the lack of it on Monday. I didn’t finish it until this morning. Today’s volume was good and I was able to finish it. Well that doesn’t include the readdress mail or the lobby mail I haven’t picked up since Friday. I got another bin of the Medical Society magazine today. These really, really don’t belong at the Med School but at the individual MD’s homes.

If I am honest the other reason it took me so long is I was online for quite a bit yesterday. It all had to do with the NCIS fandom. All of that can be found here. Let’s just say it was “Okay to Fair”.

After work yesterday I rushed around to get Jamie’s Birthday gift/card mailed out to him in time for his birthday at the end of the week. I got him an I-Tunes card at Toys R Us and then a few cards at a card shop and then hauled my ass back to the post office and got supplies (stamps) and mailed it. I think it was nearly 5 by the …

Got home earlier than planned

The session went by quickly but she noticed I was feeling and sounding much better than our last session. I wasn’t as agitated as I was last week. I pointed out that I sometimes vent to people and depending how it went I usually does well. I was home earlier than expected. Mom thought Debra short changed me out of time. First of all I told her the session started at 5 and it usually is 45 minutes to 50 minutes. I got out of there at 5:45 pm what’s the big deal? You are not the one paying for it.

We had lamb chops and potatoes and vegetables for dinner. While Mom cooked dinner I had taken a bath and watched TV. USA is showing the episodes from season three. We watched the news and finished eating. I realized a short while ago Mom just finished cleaning the kitchen. She really wasn’t feeling well. Usually after dinner I am to clear and clean my own dishes and Mom usually cleans up the kitchen. Tomorrow will be slightly different.

Before I get home from work I will be going to get Jamie’…

Did everyone take the day off?

Did people take the day off after the big game?Traffic seemed light to me.I was still a little late (I left the house late) to the office.It is amazing how quickly the game changed.The few moments I watched it the Pats were leading and then I saw Madonna.When I woke up during the night I found out that the Giants had won.Congratulations to the franchise and the fans.
There were many comments on Madonna’s performance at half time. Some were nice and some not so nice. The unknown performer that has the world shaking their heads at her lackluster performance and her obscenity really needs a reality check.If you don’t want to be there don’t say you will take the job.
My Niece D and brother B stopped by on the way home from the train station.D looks great.She has much on her plate coming up.She is thinking about going back to school for journalism and having surgery on a polyp.R is in Amsterdam on location.
I heard from CD today. She was becoming aware that if you don’t contribute to thin…

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

It is three hours and fifteen minutes before game time. There are supposedly a number of pre-game shows on that would make most sports enthusiasts slobber over the tube. Not me. I have been doing nothing really. I had left over shrimp and rice from the Dominoes game dinner we had last night. I watched TV for a short time the rest I have been sleeping.

This morning I went to bingo and despite the behavior of one resident I had a good time. I was able to start on time and finish on time but still went to church late. The reason I was late is partly because I went and chatted with the workers picketing outside.

We had a great time playing Mexican Train last night. DebbieM was the first to arrive then D&D from WH. Followed by M&R who were a little late but at least they got there. We ordered dinner and started playing the food arrived and we ate and talked about everything. Once we finished dinner we continued playing until 10. We still have to schedule the next night out. It was …

Double Birthdays

Today is Mom’s and Brother B’s Birthday. It is also B’s 33rd Wedding anniversary to my SIL. As you may recall we got together Friday night at Stonebridge Restaurant for their birthday. Mom had requested that I don’t get her flowers but contribute to a house phone (the ones we have basically suck for her hearing). So that’s what I did. I have put money in a card for her to get the phone. I don’t normally get Bob anything for his birthday as I don’t know what to get him.

I woke up rather late this morning but I still managed to get online for a short time. I still had to leave for the nursing home by 9 to start the bingo session. Then I am going to church.

I am not sure what I am doing the rest of the day. I might do the taxes or I might just sleep. I am still very tired.

One word Meme

Here's a little meme to see who's reading my posts. So, if you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your Blogger username. Only one word please. Then repost so I can leave a word for you. Don't just post a word and not copy - that's not as much fun!

I can't believe

I can’t believe I am sitting here sweating. I have been sweating for the last hour and half and I am still in my pajamas just for all intensive purposes sitting around. The thermostat is reading 46 degrees out and we probably have the indoor thermostat to 68 degrees.

I actually don’t feel I am just sitting around doing nothing. I have been moving the laundry along and it should be all done by 1:30. I have managed to pay an overdue phone bill this morning and that should be it for now with the bills (oh trust me that doesn’t mean I don’t have more to pay. It just means that’s all that can be done for now).

Jim called this morning. It was a health update. Apparently when he went to the doctor they overbooked or gave him the wrong date for the appointment and now its going to be in two weeks. That really sucks.

Mom is out running some errands. Among the errands is the post office to mail her income taxes. She finished the taxes this morning but she doesn’t do it online. I plan on doing …

Tonight is Mexican Train Game

Good Morning everyone I finally got some sleep after one. I have already started laundry and had breakfast. I was watching TV for a little while. I am going to work on the room for a bit and then get ready for tonight.

Mom was up before me but she isn’t feeling great. It’s clear she has a sinus infection. She is working on her taxes now at least it’s a little darker in there.

Everyone should be here by 5. We were supposed to play last month but because of the snow storm and messy weather we delayed it until this month. We are going to play a couple of rounds of the dominoes game then have dinner.

We usually have Chinese food from the restaurant down the street from us. We usually get something different and mine is usally General Tsao’s Chicken but I think I may go with Shrimp and rice or something. We will have snacks as well. I think Mom made some pie. I believe we have cookies too.

I am hoping we won’t be still playing after Midnight. I have a full morning of things to do and I wa…

Having a hard time sleeping

I am having a hard time trying to sleep between the hand aching and me being agitated for unknown reason. I have been checking out various blogs on the blog sites and I am not finding what I want.

Mom went to bed just around 11:30 last night. She was getting tired. She was feeling better earlier but still not completely better.

For some reason (probably the signal strength is low) the computer is really slow. It is really frustrating and I have done pretty much everything to improve it.

I have looked out the window (as I have proclaimed several times this week) to see light reflecting off the clouds. It is clearly cloudy now I am not sure if it is supposed to rain or not but I have been looking at the weather report for the weekend. There is a 10% chance of rain (just what the hell does that mean) through out the weekend. How about snow? Well at least maybe Sunday?

Next week I have a busy week. I have my meeting with Debra Monday and then the end of the week I have the woman’s club me…

The Birthday Dinner

It was after 4:30 when I got home. I was trying to get ready for the birthday dinner at Stonebridge here in town. We were meeting Liz and her family and Bob and Ethel for the special dinners.

Mom and I were the first to arrive. Mom gave the maƮtre d explicit instructions to put the dinners on her card (she handed it to him). I was a little surprised and annoyed she would hand over the card. We played musical chairs at first at the table. After we settled in my Nephew Rich and his Girl came. We chatted for a bit ad commented that Liz would be late to her own funeral. Eventually they arrived followed by Bob and Ethel.

For the next hour and half we shared memories, discussions of Facebook, and stories. Some I didn’t remember at all. Like the fact my brother Bob took Liz to the hospital for her appendicitis and for the birth of Chris or Rich. Mom had a hard time hearing most of it not just because of her crappy hearing anyway but because of the cold she has. There was a variety of differ…


Thankful today is Friday.We are celebrating Janet’s first anniversary with us with doughnuts.I first spoke of her last year.We had just gotten a break from the storms that came through and I wrote about work.She has been an awesome co-worker and friend.I have had about four munchkins and a couple pieces of the bliss chocolate.
Lockbox was light and that allowed me to get the postage tallies done from yesterday.After that I worked on re-address mail until the post office mail came.It came after 11:30 and that’s really unusual.According to Jack he had to do a few more runs than usual.
This past week we had two activities go “live”.The Epic system and the new NEMG (external company we do billing for).I haven’t heard any major problems this week but I am sure I will.Epic is supposed to interface with the hospital better (no one seems to find that really so).
At lunch time I went to the bank to get money out for several events coming up. They are for the dinner tonight, dinner tomorrow, t…